List of games that have full controller support

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This is a list of games known to be fully (or virtually fully) controllable with controllers, meaning that keyboards and mice are not required for any tasks in the game.

Auto-populated list[edit]

Native support[edit]

Total number of games: 7391

GameSeriesDeveloped byPublished byAvailable onRelease date
'90s Football StarsPurple TreeKlabaterWindows30 August 2018
'n Verlore VerstandSkobbejak GamesWindows, OS X, Linux5 April 2016
-KLAUS-La CosaWindows2018
.hack//G.U. Last RecodeCyberConnect2Bandai Namco EntertainmentWindows3 November 2017
0000Alvaro Games, Ratalaika Games S.L.Ratalaika Games S.L.Windows14 February 2018
1 Hit KillDVDavid VecchioneWindows19 July 2018
1 Screen PlatformerReturn To Adventure MountainWindows, OS X7 March 2019
1, 2, 3... Bruegel!Camera Lucida, Glitchr StudioLucid RealitiesWindows19 June 2019
1-Bit Revival: The Residuals of NullAlex Hanson-WhiteWindows, Linux20 March 2019
10 Miles To SafetyTrickjump GamesWindows
10 Second Ninja X10 Second NinjaFour Circle InteractiveCurve DigitalWindows19 July 2016
100$КиКоWindows1 February 2019
1000 StagesLtaoistWindows13 July 2018
1001 SpikesNicalisWindows, OS X, Linux3 June 2014
102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue101 DalmatiansCrystal DynamicsEidos Interactive, Disney Interactive StudiosWindows9 November 2000
103Dystopia InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux21 December 2018
11-11 Memories RetoldAardman Animations, DigixartBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows9 November 2018
12 is Better Than 6Ink Stains GamesHypeTrain DigitalWindows, Linux, OS X20 November 2015
16bit vs RealityWeird Stuff StudioWindows2020
1971 Project HeliosRecoTechnologyWindows9 June 2020
198XHi-Bit StudiosWindows20 June 2019
1993 Space MachineModestyWindows, OS X28 March 2016
200% Mixed Juice!OrangeJuiceOrange JuiceFruitbat FactoryWindows23 October 2015
2000:1: A Space FelonyNational InsecuritiesNational Insecurities, Humble BundleWindows7 July 2017
2064: Read Only MemoriesRead Only MemoriesMidBossMidBoss, AGM PLAYISMWindows, OS X, Linux6 October 2015
20XX20XXBatterystaple Games, Fire Hose GamesWindows16 August 2017
222 HeartsREMIMORYWindows, OS X, Linux20 October 2017
2DarkGloomywoodBigben InteractiveWindows17 March 2017
2URVIVE2BAD GAMESWindows23 August 2017
3 Minutes to MidnightScarecrow Studio
3 on 3 Super Robot HockeyLondon Sports Game StudiosWindows5 April 2019
3 out of 10Terrible Posture GamesWindows6 August 2020
3..2..1..Grenades!BanyangoBanyangoWindows1 June 2017
3000th DuelNEOPOPCORN CorpWindows, OS X
30XX20XXBatterystaple Games
360 No Scope!Rabid Design StudioWindows28 August 2018
39 Days to MarsIt's AnecdotalWindows, OS X, Linux25 April 2018
3dSen VR3dSenGeod StudioWindows
4 for the MoneyLost MarbleWindowsApril 2018
428: Shibuya ScrambleSpike ChunsoftSpike ChunsoftWindows4 September 2018
6soulsBUG-StudioRatalaika Games S.L., GrabTheGamesWindows2019
7'scarletIdea Factory, TOYBOXIntragames Co.Windows12 March 2019
7th DeepG. A. WilliamsWindows9 March 2018
8 DaysSanta Clara GamesBadLand PublishingWindows, OS X22 July 2016
8-Bit Commando2DEngineWindows, OS X, Linux10 July 2011
8-bit Adventure Anthology: Volume IGeneral Arcade, AbstractionAbstractionWindows, OS X, Linux31 October 2017
8Bit FiestaLinus FredrikssonFrozen DevWindows, Linux30 September 2016
8BitBoyAwesomeBladeWindows, OS X6 May 2014
8bit ArenaCouchCompetitiveWindows
99VidasQUByte InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux22 December 2016
A Bird StoryTo the MoonFreebird GamesWindows, OS X, Linux7 November 2014
A Bloody NightEmanuele LeoncilliWindows, OS X23 June 2017
A Boy and His BlobWayForward TechnologiesMidnight City, MajescoWindows, OS X, Linux19 January 2016
A Cat's ManorHappiest Dark CornerWindows4 October 2017
A Dream of Burning SandEldwoodWindows, OS X, Linux4 February 2019
A Feeble Saga: Chapter IAyrikWasatch GamesWindows2019
A Fold ApartLightning Rod GamesWindows, OS X17 April 2020
A Glider's JourneyEmma Franklin, Charlie MarshallEmma FranklinWindows27 September 2019
A Good Snowman Is Hard to BuildAlan Hazelden, Benjamin DavisDraknekWindows, OS X, Linux25 February 2015
A Hat in TimeGears for BreakfastWindows, OS X5 October 2017
A Haunting: Witching HourEnyx StudiosWindows
A Horde Too ManyDigitality Studios, 93Bits StudioDigitality StudiosWindows2019
A Juggler's TaleKaleidoscubeMixtvision
A Knight's QuestSky 9 GamesCurve DigitalWindows10 October 2019
A Little Lily PrincessHanabiraHanako GamesWindows, OS X, Linux19 May 2016
A Magical High School GirlIlluCalabSekai ProjectWindows22 November 2016
A Monster's ExpeditionDraknek & FriendsDraknekWindows, OS X10 September 2020
A Night at the RacesMushy JukeboxWindows2019
A Nova CalifórniaGame e ArteWindows19 November 2017
A Pixel StoryLamplight StudiosChannel 4Windows, OS X30 March 2015
A Place for the UnwillingALPixel GamesWindows, OS X25 July 2019
A Plague Tale: InnocenceAsobo StudioFocus Home InteractiveWindows14 May 2019
A Princess' TaleWarfare StudiosAldorlea GamesWindows20 May 2016
A Purrtato Tail - By the Light of the ElderstarDrunk Robot Games, RedVonixDrunk Robot GamesWindows, OS X, Linux19 November 2018
A Quick DeathAxiomatic GamesWindows11 July 2017
A Quiet MindEitan PrinceWindows, OS X, Linux4 June 2018
A Rip in TimeIV Games
A Robot Named Fight!Matt BitnerWindows, OS X, Linux7 September 2017
A Roll-Back StoryIQuantileWindows, Linux31 August 2018
A Rose in the TwilightNippon Ichi SoftwareNIS AmericaWindows11 April 2017
A Sceptic's Guide to MagicPilgrim AdventuresGrabTheGamesWindows16 August 2019
A Short HikeAdamgryuWindows, OS X, Linux30 July 2019
A Snake's TaleM12yWindows, OS X, Linux6 July 2017
A Sound PlanStudio KumihoWindows, OS X, Linux30 April 2019
A Space for the UnboundA Space for the UnboundMojiken StudioToge Productions
A Story About My UncleCoffee Stain NorthCoffee Stain StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux28 May 2014
A Summer with the Shiba InuQuill Game Studios
A Tofu TailAlchemediumWindows, OS X, Linux12 December 2019
A Valley Without Wind 2A Valley Without WindArcen GamesWindows, OS X, Linux18 February 2013
A Virus Named TOMMisfits AtticWindows, OS X, Linux1 August 2012
A Way OutHazelight StudiosElectronic ArtsWindows23 March 2018
A WonderClass of 2016-2017Campus ADNWindows20 November 2017
A nifty gamePixel with HatWindows, OS X, Linux1 September 2017
A-Vroom!Team3StudioWindows29 September 2019
A.L.A.N.: Rift BreakersMia Blais-CôtéWindows, OS X, Linux5 September 2018
A.N.N.EGamesbymoWindows, OS X, Linux
A.R.E.S.: Extinction AgendaA.R.E.S.: Extinction AgendaExtend StudioOrigo GamesWindows14 December 2010
A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda EXA.R.E.S.: Extinction AgendaExtend StudioOrigo Games, Aksys GamesWindows3 October 2014
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '94The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows9 March 2017
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '95The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows30 March 2017
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '96The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows27 April 2018
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '97The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows31 August 2018
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '98The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows28 September 2018
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '99The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows21 December 2018
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2000The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows29 March 2019
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2001The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows12 July 2019
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2002The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows20 September 2019
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2003The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows29 November 2019
ACardShooterMarkus Brand, Erik Brendel, Fabian Pottbäcker, Wilhelm FriedemannWGStudiosWindows, OS X, Linux2019
ADIOS AmigosCosmic PicnicWindows12 September 2018
AFL Evolution 2AFLWicked Witch SoftwareTru Blu GamesWindows11 September 2020
AI VendettaCatbyte GamesWindows2019
AIR BattlefrontSRS GamesWindows, Linux6 May 2019
ALLTYNEX SecondThe Tale of ALLTYNEXSITER SKAINNyu MediaWindows11 December 2014,.ltd.Windows1 November 2019
ANAREA Battle RoyaleAXC GAMESWindows
AO International TennisAO TennisBig Ant StudiosWindows8 May 2018
AO Tennis 2AO TennisBig Ant StudiosBigben InteractiveWindows9 January 2020
AO Tennis 2 ToolsBig Ant StudiosBigben InteractiveWindows19 December 2019
ARK: Survival EvolvedARKStudio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement, AbstractionStudio WildcardWindows, OS X, Linux29 August 2017
ARTIFICIALSimple GhostWindows, OS X, Linux2019
ASCENT: Crash LandingSPARK GamesWindows9 November 2018
ASH OF WARTwo-WayWindows, OS X2018
AV-17WANZUNGDEVWindows, Linux18 October 2018
AVARIAvsJuncture MediaWindows, OS X9 May 2019
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the AwesomeAaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!Dejobaan Games, Owlchemy LabsWindows, OS X, Linux23 November 2011
AaeroMad FellowsReverb Triple XPWindows11 April 2017
Abduction Episode 1: Her Name was SarahAbductionRed Iron LabsWindows2018
Abduction Prologue: The Story of Jonathan BlakeAbductionRed Iron LabsWindows11 April 2018
Abo KhashemMoving DimensionsWindows23 February 2018
Abomi NationOrange Pylon GamesWindows2020
AboveMighty Moth
Above: The FallenTeam AboveLight Loop GamesWindows19 September 2017
AbrakadaboomArgonauts StudiosWindows2019
Abraxas Interactive's PUSHAbraxas InteractiveWindows23 March 2018
Absolute DriftFunselektor LabsWindows, OS X, Linux29 July 2015
Abstract ArenaCrediciWindows4 August 2017
AbstractismSaddletripDead.teamWindows25 January 2018
Abyss OdysseyACE TeamAtlusWindows15 July 2014
AbzûGiant Squid Studios505 GamesWindows2 August 2016
Acceleration of SUGURISUGURIOrange JuiceRockin' AndroidWindows13 August 2006
AccessSecret Overground LabWindows29 September 2017
Ace Combat 7: Skies UnknownAce CombatProject AcesBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows31 January 2019
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - Enhanced EditionAce CombatProject AcesBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows25 January 2013
Ace of SpaceStarSystemStudiosWindows27 September 2019
Aces of the Luftwaffe - SquadronAces of the LuftwaffeHandyGamesWindows24 July 2018
Achtung! Cthulhu TacticsAuroch DigitalRipstoneWindows4 October 2018
Acid KnifePowerhoof
Across the GroovesNova-boxWindows, OS X, Linux2020
Act It Out XL! A Game of CharadesSnap Finger Click
Action Ball 2Action BallRionixWindows6 February 2020
Action HenkRageSquidWindows, OS X, Linux11 May 2015
Active Neurons - Puzzle gameNikolai UsachevUSANIK STDWindows, OS X, Linux15 October 2019
Actual VolleyballDave MillerAverage GamesWindows, OS X30 November 2018
Adam's AscendingParable WorldsWindows, OS X2020
Adam's Venture OriginsAdam's VentureVertigo GamesSOEDESCO PublishingWindows1 April 2016
Adidas Power SoccerAdidas Power SoccerSCE Studio LiverpoolWindows1997
AdomeTimseaBadLand PublishingWindows2019
AdonisLorenzo Games, Michael L. Fiorentino GutierrezWindows7 September 2018
AdoptionFair Games StudioWindows14 November 2017
Adventure Delivery ServiceMiller TinkerhessWindows, OS X, Linux15 June 2018
Adventure In AellionThe Game Production CompanyWindows, OS X, Linux
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!Adventure TimeWayForward TechnologiesD3 PublisherWindows19 November 2013
Adventure Time: Finn and Jake's Epic QuestAdventure TimeNGD StudiosCartoon Network GamesWindows11 April 2014
Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head GamesAdventure TimeTurbo ButtonCartoon Network GamesWindows5 April 2016
Adventure Time: Pirates of the EnchiridionAdventure TimeClimax StudiosOutright GamesWindows17 July 2018
Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless KingdomAdventure TimeWayForward TechnologiesLittle OrbitWindows18 November 2014
Adventure in King Caries LandMax Robert StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux24 April 2019
Adventures in the Light & DarkMagnus TelekrexProtoria Studios
Adventures of ChrisGuin EntertainmentGraffiti GamesWindows, OS X, Linux8 October 2020
Adventures of DragonTuomo LaineTuomo's GamesWindows
Adventures of Isabelle Fine: Murder on RailsSecret Forest GamesWindows9 July 2019
Aegis DefendersGUTS DepartmentHumble BundleWindows, OS X8 February 2018
AentityARQUOIAWindows14 April 2018
Aeolis TournamentBeyond Fun StudioWindows, OS X, Linux16 July 2020
Aequitas OrbisLudi DoriciWindows, OS X, Linux
Aer: Memories of OldForgotten KeyDaedalic EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux25 October 2017
AerannisEktomarchWindows, OS X, Linux15 September 2015
Aero's QuestSoloweb Studios, Ravens Eye StudioSoloweb StudiosWindows, OS X8 June 2015
Aerofly FS 2 Flight SimulatorAeroflyIPACSWindows20 November 2017
AeryEpiXR GamesWindows, OS X13 September 2019
Aesthetic MelodyAdam DeLeaseWindows, OS X, Linux18 April 2017
AeternumCreaky Lantern GamesWindows18 July 2017
Aether DriftToxic Sasquatch GamesToxic SasquatchWindows27 August 2018
After DeathAfter Death TeamWindows4 October 2017
After GloomHunchback Studio
After the End: The HarvestElushisBlack Shell MediaWindows2 June 2017
Afterbern DemocralypseLeft Turn WorkshopWindows30 November 2019
AfterburnMorfeoDevWindows11 December 2019
Afterfall: InSanityAfterfallIntoxicate StudiosNicolas Entertainment GroupWindows25 November 2011
AfterlightSilent Road GamesWindows1 October 2020
Aftermath Y2KMatthew Willis, Jesse CrespoMatthew WillisWindows10 July 2017
AfterpartyNight School StudioWindows, OS X29 October 2019
Agarest: Generations of War ZeroAgarestIdea Factory, Compile HeartGhostlightWindows17 April 2014
AgelessOne More Dream StudiosTeam17Windows28 July 2020
Agent A: A Puzzle in DisguiseYak & CoWindows, OS X29 August 2019
Agent GirlBCD GAME, TAO GAME STUDIOWindows24 January 2018
Agents of MayhemSaints RowDeep Silver VolitionDeep SilverWindows15 August 2017
Ages of Mages: The Last KeeperYFC gamesWindows
AggelosStorybird GamesPQube Limited, Look At My GameWindows19 June 2018
AgonyAgonyMadmind Studio, AbstractionPlayWayWindows29 May 2018
Agony UnratedAgonyMadmind StudioWindows30 October 2018
AgroundFancy Fish Games, SnöBox StudioFancy Fish GamesWindows, OS X, Linux
AhegalAhegalOppai Reveal StudiosWindows11 October 2018
Ahegal SeasonsAhegalOppai Reveal StudiosWindows23 September 2019
Ahros: One Warrior Chronicle4 I LabWindows
Aim LabStatespaceWindows
AirCalepin StudioWindows30 October 2019
Air Conflicts: Secret WarsAir ConflictsGames Farm, 3DivisionGames FarmWindows15 July 2011
Air Conflicts: VietnamAir ConflictsGames FarmBitComposer InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux2 October 2013
Air MartyMyles JorgensenDipster ProductionsWindows18 November 2019
AirMech CommandAirMechCarbon GamesWindows28 March 2016
Airborne: TrialsStealfyWindows19 December 2019
AircarGiant Form EntertainmentWindows17 August 2017
Airport Simulator 2018Toplitz ProductionsWindows31 May 2018
Airscape: The Fall of GravityCross-ProductWindows, OS X, Linux11 August 2015
Akabeth TacticsDaisu GamesWindows11 April 2019
AkaneLudic StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux10 September 2018
Akane the KunoichiHaruneko EntertainmentWindows2 May 2014
Akash: Path of the FiveTruant PixelWindows, OS X1 October 2019
Akuto: ShowdownHut 90Windows, OS X, Linux28 March 2019
Aladdin in Nasira's RevengeDisney's AladdinArgonaut GamesDisney Interactive StudiosWindows15 March 2001
Alaloth - Champions of The Four KingdomsGamera InteractiveAll in! GamesWindows2020
Alan WakeAlan WakeRemedy EntertainmentRemedy EntertainmentWindows16 February 2012
Alan Wake's American NightmareAlan WakeRemedy EntertainmentRemedy EntertainmentWindows22 May 2012
Alba: A Wildlife AdventureUstwo gamesWindows, OS X11 December 2020
Albedo: Eyes from Outer SpaceZ4G0 and Ivan Venturi ProductionsMerge GamesWindows, OS X10 April 2015
AlchemeleeSkyglow GamesWindows, OS X, Linux13 January 2020
Alchemic CutieVakmanWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Alchemist's CastleKabuk GamesWindows, OS X, Linux3 November 2017
Alcyone: The Last CityJoshua MeadowsWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Alder's BloodShockwork GamesNo Gravity GamesWindows10 April 2020
Aldred KnightBITSTAINSquareRootWindows3 January 2020
Aleesha's TowerPixel vs PixelWindows3 September 2019
Alert: Sector 8Cypress InheritanceWindows27 June 2016
Ales DashCreator StudioWindows23 August 2017
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DXAlex KiddJankenteam, Merge GamesMerge GamesWindows2021
AlexioDuck teamWindows2020
Alfonzo's Arctic AdventureEskimo BobSpoony Bard ProductionsWindows5 November 2019
Alice VRCarbon StudioKlabaterWindows27 October 2016
Alice in WonderlandÉtranges LibellulesDisney Interactive StudiosWindows2 March 2010
Alien Breed 2: AssaultAlien BreedTeam17Windows22 September 2010
Alien Breed 3: DescentAlien BreedTeam17Windows17 November 2010
Alien Breed: ImpactAlien BreedTeam17Windows3 June 2010
Alien CrusaderZydroneWindows2018
Alien EscapeNoFuel Games, Korion GamesKorion GamesWindows18 July 2019
Alien InfectionVice AgeWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Alien Invasion 3D part 2Alien Invasion 3DJim DexWindows28 November 2019
Alien LeagueKraken Ink.Windows1 March 2019
Alien SpidyEnigma SPKalypso MediaWindows, OS X20 March 2013
Alien Splatter ReduxSinclair StrangeWindows31 July 2017
Alien: IsolationAlienCreative AssemblySega, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux7 October 2014
AlienAfterlifeJeremy CouillardWindows1 April 2017
Aliens Are Rude!David RuttanWindows
Aliens: Colonial MarinesAlienGearbox Software, Demiurge Studios, Nerve Software, TimeGate StudiosSegaWindows12 February 2013
All Haze EveXrrawvaWindows, Linux1 October 2016
All That Remains: A story about a child's futureDeadByteDeadByte GermanyWindows1 August 2019
All-Star Fruit Racing3DClouds.itWindows13 July 2018
AllspaceShilohGamesWindows, OS X, Linux
Alluris562 InteractiveWindows11 October 2019
Almost ThereBony YousufThe Quantum Astrophysicists GuildWindows, OS X, Linux19 February 2019
Alone With YouBenjamin RiversWindows, OS X9 February 2017
Alone in the Dark (2008)Alone in the DarkEden GamesAtari, THQ NordicWindows18 November 2008
Alpacapaca Double DashAlpacapacaSynnergy Circle GamesWindows29 January 2020
Alpha DogNocturne GamesWindows, OS X2019
Alpha KingMega Cat StudiosWindows2020
Alpha Version.0Team ScynixWindows, Linux13 March 2020
AlphamanHeartfelt GamesWindows, OS X, Linux29 November 2019
Alt-FrequenciesAccidental Queens, ARTE FrancePlug In DigitalWindows, OS X16 May 2019
Alter ArmyVague PixelsWindows, OS X2018
AlteredGlitchheartWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Altered Beast (2010)Altered BeastTeam ShinobiSegaWindows, OS X, Linux1 June 2010
AlteroSergio SchiavoElectronic Motion GamesWindows, OS X, Linux2018
Altitude0: Lower & FasterGugilaWindows
AltoriusIndustrianWindows6 September 2019
AlucinodThomas PettusWindows30 August 2019
AlvarokStudioGIWZoo CorporationWindows24 August 2017
Alvastia ChroniclesExe CreateKEMCOWindows17 January 2019
Alwa's AwakeningAlwaElden PixelsWindows, OS X, Linux2 February 2017
Alwa's LegacyAlwaElden PixelsWindows, OS X, Linux17 June 2020
Amaze'DRetrover StudiosOdd Branch PublishingWindows, OS X, Linux14 July 2018
AmberskullCharlie BehanWindows13 April 2018
AmbidangerousPaul BischoffWindows2 August 2019
Ambition of the SlimesAltairworksFlyhigh Works, CIRCLE EntertainmentWindows15 February 2018
Ameagari no HanabyHanabyEnigmatic NetworkWindows, OS X22 September 2018
Ameline and the Ultimate BurgerFei, Leo, YangRocket Juice GamesWindows1 August 2017
American FugitiveFallen Tree GamesCurve DigitalWindows21 May 2019
American McGee's Alice (2011)American McGee's AliceRogue Entertainment, Spicy HorseElectronic ArtsWindows14 June 2011
American Patriots: The Swamp FoxCult SoftwareWindows31 October 2018
Amid EvilIndefatigableNew Blood InteractiveWindows20 June 2019
Amnesia: A Machine for PigsAmnesiaThe Chinese RoomFrictional GamesWindows, OS X, Linux10 September 2013
Amnesia: MemoriesOtomate, Idea Factory, Design FactoryIdea FactoryWindows25 August 2015
Amnesia: RebirthAmnesiaFrictional Games, Art Bully ProductionsWindows, Linux20 October 2020
Amnesia: The Dark DescentAmnesiaFrictional GamesWindows, OS X, Linux8 September 2010
Among the SleepKrillbite StudioWindows, OS X, Linux29 May 2014
Amora CrystalRapha ChiavegatiSiamese Cat StudioWindows9 September 2019
An Oath to the StarsHimeki GamesWindows, OS X, Linux3 August 2017
An Occasional DreamItsjusta GamesWindows5 September 2017
An Octonaut OdysseyOcto StudioWindows, OS X3 March 2017
AnamorphineArtifact 5Windows16 January 2018
AnarcuteAnarteamPlug In DigitalWindows12 July 2016
AncederCédric AndreuWindows26 July 2018
Ancestors LegacyDestructive Creations1C CompanyWindows22 May 2018
Ancestors: The Humankind OdysseyPanache Digital GamesPrivate DivisionWindows27 August 2019
Ancient Rush 2Heideland GameWorksWindows4 May 2018
Ancient knowledgeOleg MalyshkoWindows2019
Android HelipadMibongo SoftwareWindows, OS X, Linux27 September 2019
Andromeda WingAdam John AdkinsWindows25 August 2017
Anew: The Distant LightResonator
Angel FlareKuchnier GamesWindows, OS X1 August 2017
AngelShooterDeepChensGamesWindows, OS X21 April 2018
Angelo Skate AwayTeam TOPlug In DigitalWindows26 January 2018
Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a QuestSpecialbit StudioWindows, OS X, Linux27 September 2019
AngerForce: ReloadedScreambox StudioWindows, OS X14 September 2017
Angry Video Game Nerd AdventuresAngry Video Game NerdFreakZone GamesScreenwave MediaWindows20 September 2013
Angry Video Game Nerd I & II DeluxeAngry Video Game NerdFreakZone GamesScreenwave MediaWindows, OS X, Linux30 October 2020
Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilationAngry Video Game NerdFreakZone GamesScreenwave MediaWindows, OS X, Linux29 March 2016
Animal Super SquadDoubleMoose GamesWindows15 May 2019
Animal Up!FobTi interactiveWindows2019
Animated PuzzlesMexondWindows, OS X, Linux16 December 2016
Annie AmberPantumaca Barcelona, @CarlosGameDevTalking About MediaWindows17 June 2016
Anodyne 2: Return to DustAnodyneMarina Kittaka, Melos Han-TaniAnalgesic ProductionsWindows, OS X, Linux12 August 2019
Anomaly Warzone EarthAnomaly11 bit studiosWindows, OS X, Linux11 April 2011
Another Metroid 2 Remake: Return of SamusMetroidMilton "DoctorM64" GuastiWindows, OS X, Linux6 August 2016
Another Rocket GameGames By NemizWindows1 November 2017
Another SightLunar Great Wall StudiosFish EagleWindows6 September 2018
Another Sight - Hodge's JourneyLunar Great Wall StudiosFish EagleWindows14 November 2018
Another WorldEric ChahiDelphine Software International, U.S. Gold, Interplay Entertainment, MacPlay, ElektroGames, IQ Publishing, Akella, The Digital Lounge, Focus Home Interactive, BulkyPixDOS, Mac OS, Windows 3.x, Windows, OS X, LinuxNovember 1991
Answer KnotNaraven GamesWindows2019
AnthemBioWareElectronic ArtsWindows22 February 2019
AntiPodalLiam DehaudtWindows, OS X22 March 2019
AntifluxUAA SoftwareWindows19 May 2016
Antipole DXSaturnine GamesWindows2020
Antiquia LostExe CreateKEMCOWindows6 July 2017
AntirockethAtomic BreathWindows16 August 2018
AnxietyPiFTyWindows25 June 2017
Apartment 327BinaryBox StudiosWindows2019
Ape OutGabe Cuzzillo, Bennett Foddy, Matt BochDevolver DigitalWindows, OS X28 February 2019
Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing InitiativePortalAperture Tag TeamWindows, OS X, Linux15 July 2014
Apex LegendsTitanfallRespawn EntertainmentElectronic ArtsWindows4 February 2019
AplestiaOrbis MythosOrfeas Game StudioWindows19 February 2018
Apocalypse CowMonstersWindows2018
Apocalypse RiderVRMonkeyWindows14 June 2018
ApocryphBigzur GamesWindows, Linux27 April 2018
ApotheonApotheonAlientrap GamesWindows, OS X, Linux3 February 2015
ApparitionMrCiastkuFat Dog GamesWindows
Apple KnightAgelvikWindows2020
AppleSnake2AppleSnakeVerymaxWindows20 December 2017
AppleSnake: Christmas StoryAppleSnakeVerymaxWindows26 February 2018
AppleSnake: Halloween AdventuresAppleSnakeVerymaxWindows12 February 2018
ApplewoodGarrett ThompsonWindows2019
Apsulov: End of GodsAngry Demon StudioWindows8 August 2019
Aqua LungersWarpedCore StudioWindows
Aqua RallyPixelXYZWindows
Aquanox: Deep DescentAquaNoxDigital ArrowTHQ NordicWindows16 October 2020
AquariusIron Stag GamesWindows, OS X, Linux2020
Ara FellStegosoft GamesDANGEN EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux2 June 2016
AragamiLince WorksWindows, OS X, Linux4 October 2016
Araha : Curse of Yieun IslandInigames, PalmsoftPalmsoftWindows10 December 2019
ArayaMAD Virtual Reality StudioWindows24 November 2016
ArborealTeam NomadNomad StudiosWindows
ArboriaDreamplantAll in! GamesWindows2020
Arc SaviorSquid Monkey StudiosWindows2018
Arcade BattlersSylphWindows17 July 2020
Arcade Game Series: Dig DugArcade Game SeriesBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows19 April 2016
Arcade Game Series: GalagaArcade Game SeriesBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows19 April 2016
Arcade Game Series: Pac-ManPac-Man, Arcade Game SeriesBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows19 April 2016
Arcade LoveTRIANGLE SERVICEWindows19 June 2018
Arcade SpiritsFiction Factory GamesPQube LimitedWindows, OS X, Linux12 February 2019
Arcadian AtlasTwin Otter Studios
Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!Arcana HeartExamuArc System WorksWindows29 September 2015
ArchRobo - Robotic AnnihilationAmeet SharmaWindows13 September 2017
Archibald's AdventuresRake in GrassWindows, OS X10 June 2016
Area 51 DefenseGameRealmMadnessWindows22 December 2019
Area 86SimDevsWindows, OS X, Linux15 April 2020
Area of Darkness: SentinelRematch StudiosWindows2019
AreiaGilp StudioWindows31 October 2018
ArenaSurreal GamesWindows
Arena (2019)FX GAMESWindows, OS X17 May 2019
Arena GodsSupertypeWindows, OS X
Argonus and the Gods of StoneZojoiWindows8 October 2019
Arida: Backland's AwakeningAoca Game LabWindows2018
ArielNuclear FictionWindows, OS X
Arietta of SpiritsThird SpiritWindows2020
Arima3D2 EntertainmentWindows2020
Arise: A Simple StoryPiccoloTechlandWindows3 December 2019
Arma TacticsArmaBohemia InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux1 October 2013
Armed with Wings: RearmedSun-StudiosWindows
ArmelloLeague of GeeksWindows, OS X, Linux1 September 2015
Armored Animals: H1N1zDIEDEMOR STUDIO GAMESRhino GamesWindows23 February 2018
Armoured EnginesBounder GamesWindows, OS X2019
ArrangedKabuk GamesWindows, OS X, Linux31 January 2020
Arrest of a Stone BuddhaYeoWindows27 February 2020
ArrowHEILAHWindows26 November 2019
Arrow HeadsOddBirdWindows21 September 2017
Ars FabulaePunk NotionWindows2020
Arson and Plunder: UnleashedArson and PlunderChainsaw SyndicateHeadup GamesWindows25 September 2015
Art of BoxingGold From Straw GamesWindows, OS X
Art of RallyFunselektor LabsWindows, OS X, Linux23 September 2020
Artifact Adventure GaidenArtifact AdventureBluffmanAGM PLAYISMWindows9 January 2018
Artificial Extinction100Hr GamesWindows13 March 2020
ArvaleJaybot7Aldorlea GamesWindows14 August 2015
Ary and the Secret of SeasonsEXiin, Fishing CactusModus GamesWindows1 September 2020
AscendanceONEVISION GAMESWindows2018
Ascending MadnessMoxie Game StudioWindows2018
Ascent SpiritEbim StudioPlug In DigitalWindows1 March 2018
Asemblance: OversightAsemblanceNilo StudiosWindows15 May 2018
Ash of Gods: RedemptionAurumDustAurumDust, WhisperGamesWindows, OS X, Linux23 March 2018
AshenA44Annapurna InteractiveWindows7 December 2018
Ashes CricketAshes CricketBig Ant StudiosWindows16 December 2017
Ashes of OahuWyrmbyteWindows2019
AshworldOrangepixelWindows, OS X, Linux
Askutron Quiz ShowGoldsaucerWindows, OS X, Linux
Aspects of changeLeonardo DelafioriKrimson KoalaWindows2019
Asphalt 7: HeatAsphaltGameloftWindows22 August 2013
Asphalt 9: LegendsAsphaltGameloftWindows25 July 2018
Asphalt XtremeAsphaltGameloftWindows27 October 2016
Assassin's Creed Chronicles: ChinaWindows
Assassin's Creed IIIAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows20 November 2012
Assassin's Creed III RemasteredAssassin's CreedUbisoft Montreal, Ubisoft BarcelonaUbisoftWindows29 March 2019
Assassin's Creed III: Liberation RemasteredAssassin's CreedUbisoft Sofia, Ubisoft Barcelona, VirtuosUbisoftWindows29 March 2019
Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows19 November 2013
Assassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's CreedUbisoft Quebec, Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Singapore, Ubisoft Montpellier, Ubisoft Ukraine, Ubisoft ShanghaiUbisoftWindows5 October 2018
Assassin's Creed OriginsAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows27 October 2017
Assassin's Creed RogueAssassin's CreedUbisoft SofiaUbisoftWindows10 March 2015
Assassin's Creed SyndicateAssassin's CreedUbisoft QuebecUbisoftWindows19 November 2015
Assassin's Creed UnityAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows11 November 2014
Assassin's Creed ValhallaAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows10 November 2020
Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows, OS X17 March 2011
Assassin's Creed: Freedom CryAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows25 February 2014
Assassin's Creed: Liberation HDAssassin's CreedUbisoft SofiaUbisoftWindows15 January 2014
Assassin's Creed: RevelationsAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows
Assault On MetaltronBlue Sunset GamesWindows2019
Assault SpyWazenNIS AmericaWindows2 October 2018
Assault on Hyperion BaseJulian StablesWindows13 November 2018
Assetto Corsa CompetizioneAssetto CorsaKunos Simulazioni505 GamesWindows29 May 2019
Astalon: Tears of the EarthLABSWorksDANGEN EntertainmentWindows2019
AstebreedEdelweissAGM PLAYISMWindows31 December 2013
Asteion NightsSekuharazamuraiKCGWindows1 March 2018
AsterKSCritical BlissWindows10 April 2018
AsterionGlass Bear StudioWindows2020
Asterix & Obelix XXLAsterixÉtranges LibellulesAtariWindows18 June 2004
Asterix & Obelix XXL 2AsterixÉtranges Libellules, OSome StudioAtari, MicroidsWindows, OS X29 November 2018
Asterix & Obelix XXL 3 - The Crystal MenhirAsterixOSome StudioMicroidsWindows21 November 2019
Asteroid BabeHolocardsHolocardsWindows, Linux8 June 2018
Asteroid Bounty HunterJust1337 StudioKupiKeyWindows, OS X, Linux24 February 2016
Asteroid DeathmatchEager AmoebaWindows, OS X, Linux2018
Asteroid HideoutToxicbrainWindows14 March 2019
Astoria: The Holders of Power SagaGolden Unicorn GamingWindows2 August 2017
Astral GunnersSati BrosWindows2019
Astralojia: Episode 1Astralojia StudiosWindows1 September 2019
Astro JoustMutant Entertainment StudiosWindows5 February 2018
Astro: The BeginningBigGame
AstroKillDoomsday GamesWindows, Linux
AstroShiftStudio WHITEROCKWHITEROCK gamesWindows3 October 2017
AstrogDigitalArtefactWindows, Linux
AstroneerSystem Era SoftworksWindows6 February 2019
AsuraOgre Head StudioWindows, OS X, Linux14 April 2017
At SundownMild Beast GamesVersus EvilWindows, OS X, Linux22 January 2019
Atari VaultCode MysticsAtariWindows, Linux, OS X24 March 2016
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious JourneyAtelierGust Co. Ltd.Koei TecmoWindows7 March 2017
AtomegaUbisoft ReflectionsUbisoftWindows19 September 2017
AtomicropsBird Bath GamesRaw FuryWindows28 May 2020
AtomineBroken Arms GamesWindows4 May 2017
AtoneWildboy StudiosOS X7 October 2019
Atonement: Scourge of TimeAtonementAstronomic GamesNew Reality GamesWindows16 July 2015
Atrio: The Dark WildIstoWindows2020
Attack HeroesEjoy GamesEjoy GamesWindows27 April 2017
Attack of the EarthlingsTeam JunkfishJunkfish LimitedWindows, OS X, Linux8 February 2018
Attack of the Mutant FishcrowsWILDLOGICGAMESWindows2019
Attack on I-Ching 进击的易经FSshopBMMWindows23 July 2019
Attack on TitanAttack on TitanOmega ForceKoei TecmoWindows26 August 2016
Attract Fragments 5Maisolo StudioWindows28 June 2019
AttractioGameCoder StudiosBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux18 January 2016
AudiosurfAudiosurfDylan FittererWindows15 February 2008
Audiosurf 2AudiosurfDylan FittererWindows, OS X, Linux26 May 2015
Auf AbwegenKindmanInSaynWindows, Linux9 March 2019
Aura of WorldsCognitive ForgeWindows
Auralux: ConstellationsAuraluxEdward McNeill, War Drum StudiosWindows1 June 2016
Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-OdanKiro'o GamesPlug In DigitalWindows14 April 2016
Aurora - Hidden ColorsAurora - Mídia & GamesWindows, Linux10 December 2019
AutomachefHermes InteractiveTeam17Windows23 July 2019
Automaton ArenaCicada Works SoftwareWindows, OS X
Automobilista 2AutomobilistaReiza StudiosWindows
Autumn's ChorusMega Tiny StudioWindows2020
Avaria: Chains of LustPanic MachineCritical BlissWindows24 July 2020
Avast YeBrigham Young UniversityWindows15 July 2019
AvernusSubsolar EntertainmentWindows2019
Avicii InvectorHello There GamesWired ProductionsWindows10 December 2019
Avis Rapida - Aerobatic RacingTop Lad GamesWindows
AvoCuddleRamez Al TabbaaFistikTechWindows12 July 2019
Away: The Survival SeriesBreaking WallsWindows2018
... further results

Hackable support[edit]

For instance fanmade patches.

Total number of games: 36

GameSeriesDeveloped byPublished byAvailable onRelease date
Age of Wonders: PlanetfallAge of WondersTriumph StudiosParadox InteractiveWindows6 August 2019
Arcania: Gothic 4GothicSpellbound EntertainmentJoWood Productions, THQ NordicWindows12 October 2010
DeathtrapNeocoreGamesWindows, OS X4 February 2015
Deus Ex: Invisible WarDeus ExIon StormEidos Interactive, Square EnixWindows2 December 2003
Doom (1993)DoomId SoftwareGT Interactive, Id SoftwareDOS, Linux, Mac OS, Windows, OS X10 December 1993
Doom 3: BFG EditionDoomId Software, Nerve Software, Panic ButtonBethesda SoftworksWindows18 October 2012
Doom II: Hell on EarthDoomId SoftwareGT InteractiveDOS, Windows, Mac OS, OS X, Linux1995
Duke Nukem 3DDuke Nukem3D Realms, Sunstorm Interactive, Simply Silly SoftwareGT Interactive, MacSoftDOS, Mac OS, Windows, OS X, Linux29 January 1996
Final DoomDoomTeamTNT, Casali brothers, Id SoftwareGT InteractiveDOS, Windows, Mac OS31 May 1996
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD RemasterFinal FantasySquare Enix, VirtuosSquare EnixWindows12 May 2016
Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasGrand Theft AutoRockstar North, War Drum StudiosRockstar Games, Capcom, 1C-SoftClubWindows, OS X1 June 2005
Half-Life 2Half-LifeValve CorporationSierra Entertainment, Valve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux16 November 2004
Half-Life 2: Episode OneHalf-LifeValve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux1 June 2006
Half-Life 2: Episode TwoHalf-LifeValve CorporationWindows, OS X, Linux9 October 2007
Legacy of Kain: Soul ReaverLegacy of KainCrystal DynamicsEidos InteractiveWindows8 September 1999
Little Big AdventureLittle Big AdventureAdeline Software InternationalElectronic ArtsDOS, Windows, OS X10 October 1994
Little Big Adventure 2Little Big AdventureAdeline Software InternationalElectronic Arts, Activision, DotEmuDOS, Windows, OS X31 May 1997
MDK 2MDKBioWareInterplay EntertainmentWindows25 May 2000
Metal Slug DefenseMetal SlugSNK CorporationWindows1 May 2015
Need for Speed: Most WantedNeed for Speed: Most WantedEA Black BoxElectronic ArtsWindows15 November 2005
Need for Speed: UndergroundNeed for Speed: UndergroundEA Black BoxElectronic ArtsWindows17 November 2003
Need for Speed: Underground 2Need for Speed: UndergroundEA Black BoxElectronic ArtsWindows9 November 2004
Payday: The HeistPaydayOverkill SoftwareDaybreak Game CompanyWindows20 October 2011
Quake III ArenaQuakeId SoftwareActivisionWindows, Linux, Mac OS, OS X27 December 1999
RatatouillePixarAsobo StudioTHQWindows, OS X26 June 2007
RaymanRaymanUbisoft MontpellierUbisoftDOS, Windows30 April 1996
Rayman 3: Hoodlum HavocRaymanUbisoft Paris, Ubisoft MontpellierUbisoft, Feral Interactive, Buka Entertainment, Licomp Empik MultimediaWindows, Mac OS, OS X20 March 2003
RollcageRollcageAttention to DetailSCE Studio LiverpoolWindows1999
Shadow ManShadow ManAcclaim Studios TeessideAcclaim Entertainment, Nightdive StudiosWindows, OS X31 July 1999
Stardew ValleyConcernedApeConcernedApeWindows, OS X, Linux26 February 2016
SuperhotSuperhotSuperhot TeamWindows, OS X, Linux25 February 2016
The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionThe Elder ScrollsBethesda Game Studios2K Games, Bethesda SoftworksWindows20 March 2006
The WitnessTheklaWindows, OS X26 January 2016
Tomb Raider (1996)Tomb RaiderCore DesignEidos Interactive, Virgin Interactive, Sold-Out SoftwareDOS, Windows, Mac OS14 November 1996
Tron 2.0TronMonolith ProductionsDisney Interactive Studios, MacPlayWindows, OS X26 August 2003
TyrianEclipse Productions, XSIV GamesEpic GamesDOS, Windows, OS X1995

Limited support[edit]

Total number of games: 17

GameSeriesDeveloped byPublished byAvailable onRelease date
7 Days to DieThe Fun PimpsWindows, OS X, Linux
Alice: Madness ReturnsAmerican McGee's AliceSpicy HorseElectronic ArtsWindows14 June 2011
Armor of HeroesCompany of HeroesThe Eccentric ApeSegaWindows15 October 2020
Dragon's Lair TrilogyDragon's LairDigital LeisureWindows24 July 2018
Golf with Your FriendsBlackLight InteractiveTeam17Windows, OS X, Linux19 May 2020
Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in ParadiseLilo & StitchBlitz GamesDisney Interactive StudiosWindows14 June 2002
One Step From EdenThomas Moon KangMaple Whispering, Humble GamesWindows, OS X, Linux26 March 2020
ReadySet HeroesRobot EntertainmentSony Interactive EntertainmentWindows29 October 2019
RobloxRoblox CorporationWindows, OS X6 April 2006
Split SecondBlack Rock StudioDisney Interactive StudiosWindows18 May 2010
Star Control: OriginsStar ControlStardockWindows20 September 2018
SubterraWarfare StudiosEQ GamesWindows19 September 2017
Super Fancy Pants AdventureBorne GamesKongregateWindows, OS X20 September 2017
Team Fortress 2Team FortressValve Corporation, Bethesda Game Studios DallasWindows, OS X, Linux9 October 2007
Tell Me WhyDontnod EntertainmentXbox Game StudiosWindows27 August 2020
The Bard's Tale IV: Director's CutThe Bard's TaleInXile EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux27 August 2019
Zombie Army 4: Dead WarSniper Elite: Nazi Zombie ArmyRebellion Developments, Flix InteractiveWindows4 February 2020