List of games that have full controller support

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This is a list of games known to be fully (or virtually fully) controllable with controllers, meaning that keyboards and mice are not required for any tasks in the game.

Auto-populated list[edit]

Native support[edit]

Total number of games: 7620

GameSeriesDeveloped byPublished byAvailable onRelease date
'90s Football StarsPurple TreeKlabaterWindows30 August 2018
'n Verlore VerstandSkobbejak GamesWindows, OS X, Linux5 April 2016
-KLAUS-La CosaWindows2018
.hack//G.U. Last Recode
0000Alvaro Games, Ratalaika Games S.L.Ratalaika Games S.L.Windows14 February 2018
1 Hit KillDVDavid VecchioneWindows19 July 2018
1 Screen PlatformerReturn To Adventure MountainWindows, OS X7 March 2019
1, 2, 3... Bruegel!Camera Lucida, Glitchr StudioLucid RealitiesWindows19 June 2019
1-Bit Revival: The Residuals of Null
10 Miles To SafetyTrickjump GamesWindows
10 Second Ninja X
100$КиКоWindows1 February 2019
1000 Stages
1001 SpikesNicalisWindows, OS X, Linux3 June 2014
102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue101 DalmatiansCrystal DynamicsEidos Interactive, Disney Interactive StudiosWindows9 November 2000
103Dystopia InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux21 December 2018
11-11 Memories RetoldAardman Animations, DigixartBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows9 November 2018
12 is Better Than 6Ink Stains GamesHypeTrain DigitalWindows, Linux, OS X20 November 2015
16bit vs RealityWeird Stuff StudioWindows2020
1971 Project HeliosRecoTechnologyWindows9 June 2020
198XHi-Bit StudiosWindows20 June 2019
1993 Space MachineModestyWindows, OS X28 March 2016
200% Mixed Juice!OrangeJuiceOrange JuiceFruitbat FactoryWindows23 October 2015
2000:1: A Space FelonyNational InsecuritiesNational Insecurities, Humble BundleWindows7 July 2017
2064: Read Only MemoriesRead Only MemoriesMidBossMidBoss, AGM PLAYISMWindows, OS X, Linux6 October 2015
20XX20XXBatterystaple Games, Fire Hose GamesWindows16 August 2017
222 HeartsREMIMORYWindows, OS X, Linux20 October 2017
2DarkGloomywoodBigben InteractiveWindows17 March 2017
2URVIVE2BAD GAMESWindows23 August 2017
3 Minutes to MidnightScarecrow Studio
3 on 3 Super Robot HockeyLondon Sports Game StudiosWindows5 April 2019
3 out of 103 out of 10Terrible Posture GamesWindows6 August 2020
3..2..1..Grenades!BanyangoBanyangoWindows1 June 2017
3000th DuelNEOPOPCORN CorpWindows, OS X
30XX20XXBatterystaple GamesWindows
360 No Scope!Rabid Design StudioWindows28 August 2018
39 Days to MarsIt's AnecdotalWindows, OS X, Linux25 April 2018
3dSen VR3dSenGeod StudioWindows
4 for the MoneyLost MarbleWindowsApril 2018
428: Shibuya ScrambleSpike ChunsoftSpike ChunsoftWindows4 September 2018
6soulsBUG-StudioRatalaika Games S.L., GrabTheGamesWindows2019
7'scarletIdea Factory, TOYBOXIntragames Co.Windows12 March 2019
7th Deep
7th SectorНосков СергейWindows5 March 2019
8 DaysSanta Clara GamesBadLand PublishingWindows, OS X22 July 2016
8-Bit Commando2DEngineWindows, OS X, Linux10 July 2011
8-bit Adventure Anthology: Volume IGeneral Arcade, AbstractionAbstractionWindows, OS X, Linux31 October 2017
8Bit FiestaLinus FredrikssonFrozen DevWindows, Linux30 September 2016
8BitBoyAwesomeBladeWindows, OS X6 May 2014
8Doors: Arum's Afterlife AdventureRootless StudioNeowizWindows8 April 2021
8bit ArenaCouchCompetitiveWindows
99VidasQUByte InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux22 December 2016
A Bird StoryTo the MoonFreebird GamesWindows, OS X, Linux7 November 2014
A Blind LegendDowinoPlug In DigitalWindows, OS X7 April 2016
A Bloody NightEmanuele LeoncilliWindows, OS X23 June 2017
A Boy and His BlobWayForward TechnologiesMidnight City, MajescoWindows, OS X, Linux19 January 2016
A Cat's ManorHappiest Dark CornerWindows4 October 2017
A Dream of Burning SandEldwoodWindows, OS X, Linux4 February 2019
A Feeble Saga: Chapter IAyrikWasatch GamesWindows2019
A Fold ApartLightning Rod GamesWindows, OS X17 April 2020
A Glider's JourneyEmma Franklin, Charlie MarshallEmma FranklinWindows27 September 2019
A Good Snowman Is Hard to BuildAlan Hazelden, Benjamin DavisDraknekWindows, OS X, Linux25 February 2015
A Hat in Time
A Haunting: Witching HourEnyx StudiosWindows
A Horde Too Many
A Juggler's TaleKaleidoscubeMixtvision
A Knight's QuestSky 9 GamesCurve DigitalWindows10 October 2019
A Little Lily PrincessHanabiraHanako GamesWindows, OS X, Linux19 May 2016
A Magical High School GirlIlluCalabSekai ProjectWindows22 November 2016
A Monster's ExpeditionDraknek & FriendsDraknekWindows, OS X10 September 2020
A Night at the RacesMushy JukeboxWindows2019
A Nova CalifórniaGame e ArteWindows19 November 2017
A Pixel StoryLamplight StudiosChannel 4Windows, OS X30 March 2015
A Place for the UnwillingALPixel GamesWindows, OS X25 July 2019
A Plague Tale: InnocenceAsobo StudioFocus Home InteractiveWindows14 May 2019
A Princess' TaleWarfare StudiosAldorlea GamesWindows20 May 2016
A Purrtato Tail - By the Light of the ElderstarDrunk Robot Games, RedVonixDrunk Robot GamesWindows, OS X, Linux19 November 2018
A Quick DeathAxiomatic GamesWindows11 July 2017
A Quiet MindEitan PrinceWindows, OS X, Linux4 June 2018
A Rip in TimeIV Games
A Robot Named Fight!
A Roll-Back StoryIQuantileWindows, Linux31 August 2018
A Rose in the TwilightNippon Ichi SoftwareNIS AmericaWindows11 April 2017
A Sceptic's Guide to MagicPilgrim AdventuresGrabTheGamesWindows16 August 2019
A Short HikeAdamgryuWindows, OS X, Linux30 July 2019
A Snake's TaleM12yWindows, OS X, Linux6 July 2017
A Sound PlanStudio KumihoWindows, OS X, Linux30 April 2019
A Space for the Unbound
A Story About My UncleCoffee Stain NorthCoffee Stain StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux28 May 2014
A Summer with the Shiba InuQuill Game StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux23 August 2019
A Tofu TailAlchemediumWindows, OS X, Linux12 December 2019
A Valley Without Wind 2
A Virus Named TOM
A Walk in the DarkFlying Turtle SoftwareWindows12 December 2012
A Way OutHazelight StudiosElectronic ArtsWindows23 March 2018
A WonderClass of 2016-2017Campus ADNWindows20 November 2017
A nifty game
A-Vroom!Team3StudioWindows29 September 2019
A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers
A.N.N.EGamesbymoWindows, OS X, Linux
A.R.E.S.: Extinction AgendaA.R.E.S.: Extinction AgendaExtend StudioOrigo GamesWindows14 December 2010
A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda EXA.R.E.S.: Extinction AgendaExtend StudioOrigo Games, Aksys GamesWindows3 October 2014
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '94The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows9 March 2017
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '95The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows30 March 2017
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '96The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows27 April 2018
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '97The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows31 August 2018
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '98The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows28 September 2018
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '99The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows21 December 2018
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2000The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows29 March 2019
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2001The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows12 July 2019
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2002The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows20 September 2019
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2003The King of FightersSNK Corporation, Hamster Co.SNK CorporationWindows29 November 2019
ACardShooterMarkus Brand, Erik Brendel, Fabian Pottbäcker, Wilhelm FriedemannWGStudiosWindows, OS X, Linux2019
ADIOS Amigos
AFL Evolution 2AFLWicked Witch SoftwareTru Blu GamesWindows11 September 2020
AI VendettaCatbyte GamesWindows2019
AIR BattlefrontSRS GamesWindows, Linux6 May 2019
ALLTYNEX SecondThe Tale of ALLTYNEXSITER SKAINNyu MediaWindows11 December 2014,.ltd.Windows1 November 2019
ANAREA Battle Royale
AO International TennisAO TennisBig Ant StudiosWindows8 May 2018
AO Tennis 2AO TennisBig Ant StudiosBigben InteractiveWindows9 January 2020
AO Tennis 2 ToolsAO TennisBig Ant StudiosBigben InteractiveWindows19 December 2019
ARK: Survival EvolvedARKStudio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement, AbstractionStudio WildcardWindows, OS X, Linux29 August 2017
ARTIFICIALSimple GhostWindows, OS X, Linux2019
ASCENT: Crash LandingSPARK GamesWindows9 November 2018
AV-17WANZUNGDEVWindows, Linux18 October 2018
AVARIAvsJuncture MediaWindows, OS X9 May 2019
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the AwesomeAaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!Dejobaan Games, Owlchemy LabsWindows, OS X, Linux23 November 2011
AaeroMad FellowsReverb Triple XPWindows11 April 2017
Abduction Episode 1: Her Name was SarahAbductionRed Iron LabsWindows2018
Abduction Prologue: The Story of Jonathan BlakeAbductionRed Iron LabsWindows11 April 2018
Abo KhashemMoving DimensionsWindows23 February 2018
Abomi NationOrange Pylon GamesWindows2020
AboveMighty Moth
Above: The FallenTeam AboveLight Loop GamesWindows19 September 2017
AbrakadaboomArgonauts StudiosWindows2019
Abraxas Interactive's PUSHAbraxas InteractiveWindows23 March 2018
Absolute DriftFunselektor LabsWindows, OS X, Linux29 July 2015
Abstract ArenaCrediciWindows4 August 2017
AbstractismSaddletripDead.teamWindows25 January 2018
Abyss Odyssey
AbzûGiant Squid Studios505 GamesWindows2 August 2016
Accel World vs. Sword Art OnlineSword Art OnlineArtdinkBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows12 September 2017
Acceleration of SUGURISUGURIOrange JuiceRockin' AndroidWindows13 August 2006
AccessSecret Overground LabWindows29 September 2017
Ace Combat 7: Skies UnknownAce CombatProject AcesBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows31 January 2019
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - Enhanced EditionAce CombatProject AcesBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows25 January 2013
Ace of SpaceStarSystemStudiosWindows27 September 2019
Aces of the Luftwaffe - SquadronAces of the LuftwaffeHandyGamesWindows24 July 2018
Achtung! Cthulhu TacticsAuroch DigitalRipstoneWindows4 October 2018
Acid Knife
Across the GroovesNova-boxWindows, OS X, Linux2020
Act It Out XL! A Game of CharadesSnap Finger Click
Action Ball 2Action BallRionixWindows6 February 2020
Action Henk
Active Neurons - Puzzle gameNikolai UsachevUSANIK STDWindows, OS X, Linux15 October 2019
Actual VolleyballDave MillerAverage GamesWindows, OS X30 November 2018
Adam's AscendingParable WorldsWindows, OS X2020
Adam's Venture OriginsAdam's VentureVertigo GamesSOEDESCO PublishingWindows1 April 2016
Adidas Power Soccer
AdomeTimseaBadLand PublishingWindows2019
AdonisLorenzo Games, Michael L. Fiorentino GutierrezWindows7 September 2018
AdoptionFair Games StudioWindows14 November 2017
Adventure Delivery ServiceMiller TinkerhessWindows, OS X, Linux15 June 2018
Adventure In AellionThe Game Production CompanyWindows, OS X, Linux
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!Adventure TimeWayForward TechnologiesD3 PublisherWindows19 November 2013
Adventure Time: Finn and Jake's Epic QuestAdventure TimeNGD StudiosCartoon Network GamesWindows11 April 2014
Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head GamesAdventure TimeTurbo ButtonCartoon Network GamesWindows5 April 2016
Adventure Time: Pirates of the EnchiridionAdventure TimeClimax StudiosOutright GamesWindows17 July 2018
Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless KingdomAdventure TimeWayForward TechnologiesLittle OrbitWindows18 November 2014
Adventure in King Caries LandMax Robert StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux24 April 2019
Adventures in the Light & DarkMagnus TelekrexProtoria Studios
Adventures of ChrisGuin EntertainmentGraffiti GamesWindows, OS X, Linux8 October 2020
Adventures of DragonTuomo LaineTuomo's GamesWindows
Adventures of Isabelle Fine: Murder on RailsSecret Forest GamesWindows9 July 2019
Aegis DefendersGUTS DepartmentHumble BundleWindows, OS X8 February 2018
Aeolis TournamentBeyond Fun StudioWindows, OS X, Linux16 July 2020
Aequitas OrbisLudi DoriciWindows, OS X, Linux
Aer: Memories of OldForgotten KeyDaedalic EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux25 October 2017
AerannisEktomarchWindows, OS X, Linux15 September 2015
Aero's QuestSoloweb Studios, Ravens Eye StudioSoloweb StudiosWindows, OS X8 June 2015
Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator
AeryAeryEpiXR GamesWindows, OS X13 September 2019
Aesthetic MelodyAdam DeLeaseWindows, OS X, Linux18 April 2017
AeternumCreaky Lantern GamesWindows18 July 2017
Aether Drift
After DeathAfter Death TeamWindows4 October 2017
After GloomHunchback Studio
After the End: The HarvestElushisBlack Shell MediaWindows2 June 2017
Afterbern DemocralypseAfterbernLeft Turn WorkshopWindows30 November 2019
AfterburnMorfeoDevWindows11 December 2019
Afterfall: InSanityAfterfallIntoxicate StudiosNicolas Entertainment GroupWindows25 November 2011
AfterlightSilent Road GamesWindows1 October 2020
Aftermath Y2KMatthew Willis, Jesse CrespoMatthew WillisWindows10 July 2017
AfterpartyNight School StudioWindows, OS X29 October 2019
Agarest: Generations of WarAgarestIdea Factory, Compile Heart, Red EntertainmentGhostlightWindows3 October 2013
Agarest: Generations of War ZeroAgarestIdea Factory, Compile HeartGhostlightWindows17 April 2014
AgelessOne More Dream StudiosTeam17Windows28 July 2020
Agent A: A Puzzle in DisguiseYak & CoWindows, OS X29 August 2019
Agent GirlBCD GAME, TAO GAME STUDIOWindows24 January 2018
Agents of MayhemSaints RowDeep Silver VolitionDeep SilverWindows15 August 2017
Ages of Mages: The Last KeeperYFC gamesWindows
AggelosStorybird GamesPQube Limited, Look At My GameWindows19 June 2018
Agony UnratedAgonyMadmind StudioMadmind StudioWindows30 October 2018
AgroundFancy Fish Games, SnöBox StudioFancy Fish Games, Whitethorn DigitalWindows, OS X, Linux17 April 2020
AhegalAhegalOppai Reveal StudiosWindows11 October 2018
Ahegal SeasonsAhegalOppai Reveal StudiosWindows23 September 2019
Ahros: One Warrior Chronicle4 I LabWindows
Aim LabStatespaceWindows
AirCalepin StudioWindows30 October 2019
Air Conflicts: Secret WarsAir ConflictsGames Farm, 3DivisionGames FarmWindows15 July 2011
Air Conflicts: VietnamAir ConflictsGames FarmBitComposer InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux2 October 2013
Air MartyMyles JorgensenDipster ProductionsWindows18 November 2019
Air Missions: HIND
AirMech CommandAirMechCarbon GamesWindows28 March 2016
Airborne: TrialsStealfyWindows19 December 2019
AircarGiant Form EntertainmentWindows17 August 2017
Airport Simulator 2018Toplitz ProductionsWindows31 May 2018
Airscape: The Fall of GravityCross-ProductWindows, OS X, Linux11 August 2015
Akabeth TacticsDaisu GamesWindows11 April 2019
AkaneLudic StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux10 September 2018
Akane the KunoichiHaruneko EntertainmentWindows2 May 2014
Akash: Path of the FiveTruant PixelWindows, OS X1 October 2019
Akuto: ShowdownHut 90Windows, OS X, Linux28 March 2019
Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge
Alaloth - Champions of The Four KingdomsGamera InteractiveAll in! GamesWindows2020
Alan WakeAlan WakeRemedy EntertainmentRemedy EntertainmentWindows16 February 2012
Alan Wake's American NightmareAlan WakeRemedy EntertainmentRemedy EntertainmentWindows22 May 2012
Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
Albedo: Eyes from Outer SpaceZ4G0 and Ivan Venturi ProductionsMerge GamesWindows, OS X10 April 2015
AlchemeleeSkyglow GamesWindows, OS X, Linux13 January 2020
Alchemic CutieVakmanWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Alchemist's CastleKabuk GamesWindows, OS X, Linux3 November 2017
Alcyone: The Last CityJoshua MeadowsWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Alder's BloodShockwork GamesNo Gravity GamesWindows10 April 2020
Aldred KnightBITSTAINSquareRootWindows3 January 2020
Aleesha's TowerPixel vs PixelWindows3 September 2019
Alert: Sector 8Cypress InheritanceWindows27 June 2016
Ales DashCreator StudioWindows23 August 2017
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DXAlex KiddJankenteam, Merge GamesMerge GamesWindows24 June 2021
AlexioDuck teamWindows2020
Alfonzo's Arctic AdventureEskimo BobSpoony Bard ProductionsWindows5 November 2019
Alice VRCarbon StudioKlabaterWindows27 October 2016
Alice in WonderlandDisneyÉtranges LibellulesDisney Interactive StudiosWindows2 March 2010
Alien Breed 2: AssaultAlien BreedTeam17Windows22 September 2010
Alien Breed 3: DescentAlien BreedTeam17Windows17 November 2010
Alien Breed: ImpactAlien BreedTeam17Windows3 June 2010
Alien CrusaderZydroneWindows2018
Alien EscapeNoFuel Games, Korion GamesKorion GamesWindows18 July 2019
Alien InfectionVice AgeWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Alien Invasion 3D part 2Alien Invasion 3DJim DexWindows28 November 2019
Alien LeagueKraken Ink.Windows1 March 2019
Alien SpidyEnigma SPKalypso MediaWindows, OS X20 March 2013
Alien Splatter Redux
Alien: IsolationAlienCreative Assembly, Lab42Sega, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux7 October 2014
AlienAfterlifeJeremy CouillardWindows1 April 2017
Aliens Are Rude!David RuttanWindows
Aliens: Colonial MarinesAlienGearbox Software, Demiurge Studios, Nerve Software, TimeGate StudiosSegaWindows12 February 2013
AlisaCasper CroesWindows31 May 2021
All Haze EveXrrawvaWindows, Linux1 October 2016
All That Remains: A story about a child's future
All-Star Fruit Racing3DClouds.itWindows13 July 2018
AllspaceShilohGamesWindows, OS X, Linux
Alluris562 InteractiveWindows, OS X11 October 2019
Almost ThereBony YousufThe Quantum Astrophysicists GuildWindows, OS X, Linux19 February 2019
Alone With YouBenjamin RiversWindows, OS X9 February 2017
Alone in the Dark (2008)Alone in the DarkEden GamesAtari, THQ NordicWindows18 November 2008
Along the EdgeNova-boxWindows, OS X, Linux12 October 2016
Alpacapaca Double DashAlpacapacaSynnergy Circle GamesWindows29 January 2020
Alpha Dog
Alpha KingMega Cat StudiosWindows2020
Alpha Version.0Team ScynixWindows, Linux13 March 2020
AlphamanHeartfelt GamesWindows, OS X, Linux29 November 2019
Alt-FrequenciesAccidental Queens, ARTE FrancePlug In DigitalWindows, OS X16 May 2019
Alter ArmyVague PixelsWindows, OS X2018
AlteredGlitchheartWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Altered Beast (2010)Altered BeastTeam ShinobiSegaWindows, OS X, Linux1 June 2010
Altitude0: Lower & FasterGugilaWindows
AltoriusIndustrianWindows6 September 2019
AlucinodThomas PettusWindows30 August 2019
AlvarokStudioGIWZoo CorporationWindows24 August 2017
Alvastia ChroniclesExe CreateKEMCOWindows17 January 2019
Alwa's AwakeningAlwaElden PixelsWindows, OS X, Linux2 February 2017
Alwa's LegacyAlwaElden PixelsWindows, OS X, Linux17 June 2020
Amaze'DRetrover StudiosOdd Branch PublishingWindows, OS X, Linux14 July 2018
AmberskullCharlie BehanWindows13 April 2018
AmbidangerousPaul BischoffWindows2 August 2019
Ambition of the Slimes
Ameagari no HanabyHanabyEnigmatic NetworkWindows, OS X22 September 2018
Ameline and the Ultimate BurgerFei, Leo, YangRocket Juice GamesWindows1 August 2017
American FugitiveFallen Tree GamesCurve DigitalWindows21 May 2019
American McGee's Alice (2011)American McGee's AliceRogue Entertainment, Spicy HorseElectronic ArtsWindows14 June 2011
American Patriots: The Swamp FoxCult SoftwareWindows31 October 2018
Amid EvilIndefatigableNew Blood InteractiveWindows20 June 2019
Amnesia: A Machine for PigsAmnesiaThe Chinese RoomFrictional GamesWindows, OS X, Linux10 September 2013
Amnesia: MemoriesOtomate, Idea Factory, Design FactoryIdea FactoryWindows25 August 2015
Amnesia: RebirthAmnesiaFrictional Games, Art Bully ProductionsWindows, Linux20 October 2020
Amnesia: The Dark DescentAmnesiaFrictional GamesWindows, OS X, Linux8 September 2010
Among the SleepKrillbite StudioWindows, OS X, Linux29 May 2014
Amora CrystalRapha ChiavegatiSiamese Cat StudioWindows9 September 2019
An Oath to the StarsHimeki GamesWindows, OS X, Linux3 August 2017
An Occasional DreamItsjusta GamesWindows5 September 2017
An Octonaut OdysseyOcto StudioWindows, OS X3 March 2017
AnamorphineArtifact 5Windows16 January 2018
AnarcuteAnarteamPlug In DigitalWindows12 July 2016
AncederCédric AndreuWindows26 July 2018
Ancestors LegacyDestructive Creations1C CompanyWindows22 May 2018
Ancestors: The Humankind OdysseyPanache Digital GamesPrivate DivisionWindows27 August 2019
Ancient Rush 2Heideland GameWorksWindows4 May 2018
Ancient knowledgeOleg MalyshkoWindows2019
Android HelipadMibongo SoftwareWindows, OS X, Linux27 September 2019
Andromeda WingAdam John AdkinsWindows25 August 2017
Anew: The Distant LightResonator
Angel FlareKuchnier GamesWindows, OS X1 August 2017
Angelo Skate Away
Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a QuestSpecialbit StudioWindows, OS X, Linux27 September 2019
AngerForce: ReloadedScreambox StudioWindows, OS X14 September 2017
Angry Video Game Nerd AdventuresAngry Video Game NerdFreakZone GamesScreenwave MediaWindows20 September 2013
Angry Video Game Nerd I & II DeluxeAngry Video Game NerdFreakZone GamesScreenwave MediaWindows, OS X, Linux30 October 2020
Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilationAngry Video Game NerdFreakZone GamesScreenwave MediaWindows, OS X, Linux29 March 2016
Animal Super SquadDoubleMoose GamesWindows15 May 2019
Animal Up!FobTi interactiveWindows2019
Animated PuzzlesMexondWindows, OS X, Linux16 December 2016
Annie AmberPantumaca Barcelona, @CarlosGameDevTalking About MediaWindows17 June 2016
Anodyne 2: Return to DustAnodyneMarina Kittaka, Melos Han-TaniAnalgesic ProductionsWindows, OS X, Linux12 August 2019
Anomaly Warzone EarthAnomaly11 bit studiosWindows, OS X, Linux11 April 2011
Another Metroid 2 Remake: Return of SamusMetroidMilton "DoctorM64" GuastiWindows, OS X, Linux6 August 2016
Another Rocket GameGames By NemizWindows1 November 2017
Another SightLunar Great Wall StudiosFish EagleWindows6 September 2018
Another Sight - Hodge's JourneyLunar Great Wall StudiosFish EagleWindows14 November 2018
Another WorldEric ChahiDelphine Software International, U.S. Gold, Interplay Entertainment, MacPlay, ElektroGames, IQ Publishing, Akella, The Digital Lounge, Focus Home Interactive, BulkyPixDOS, Mac OS, Windows 3.x, Windows, OS X, LinuxNovember 1991
Answer KnotNaraven GamesWindows2019
AnthemBioWareElectronic ArtsWindows22 February 2019
AntiPodalLiam DehaudtWindows, OS X22 March 2019
AntifluxUAA SoftwareWindows19 May 2016
Antipole DX
Antiquia LostExe CreateKEMCOWindows6 July 2017
AntirockethAtomic BreathWindows16 August 2018
AnxietyPiFTyWindows25 June 2017
Apartment 327BinaryBox StudiosWindows2019
Ape OutGabe Cuzzillo, Bennett Foddy, Matt BochDevolver DigitalWindows, OS X28 February 2019
Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing InitiativePortalAperture Tag TeamWindows, OS X, Linux15 July 2014
Apex LegendsTitanfallRespawn EntertainmentElectronic ArtsWindows4 February 2019
AplestiaOrbis MythosOrfeas Game StudioWindows19 February 2018
Apocalypse Cow
Apocalypse RiderVRMonkeyWindows14 June 2018
ApocryphBigzur GamesWindows, Linux27 April 2018
ApotheonApotheonAlientrap GamesWindows, OS X, Linux3 February 2015
ApparitionMrCiastkuFat Dog GamesWindows
Apple Knight
AppleSnake2AppleSnakeVerymaxWindows20 December 2017
AppleSnake: Christmas StoryAppleSnakeVerymaxWindows26 February 2018
AppleSnake: Halloween AdventuresAppleSnakeVerymaxWindows12 February 2018
ApplewoodGarrett ThompsonWindows2019
Apsulov: End of GodsAngry Demon StudioWindows8 August 2019
Aqua LungersWarpedCore StudioWindows
Aqua RallyPixelXYZWindows
Aquanox: Deep DescentAquaNoxDigital ArrowTHQ NordicWindows16 October 2020
AquariusIron Stag GamesWindows, OS X, Linux2020
Ara FellStegosoft GamesDANGEN EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux2 June 2016
AragamiAragamiLince WorksWindows, OS X, Linux4 October 2016
Araha : Curse of Yieun IslandInigames, PalmsoftPalmsoftWindows10 December 2019
ArayaMAD Virtual Reality StudioWindows24 November 2016
ArborealTeam NomadNomad StudiosWindows
ArboriaDreamplantAll in! GamesWindows2020
Arc SaviorSquid Monkey StudiosWindows2018
Arcade Battlers
Arcade Game Series: Dig DugArcade Game SeriesBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows19 April 2016
Arcade Game Series: GalagaArcade Game SeriesBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows19 April 2016
Arcade Game Series: Pac-ManPac-Man, Arcade Game SeriesBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows19 April 2016
Arcade LoveTRIANGLE SERVICEWindows19 June 2018
Arcade SpiritsFiction Factory GamesPQube LimitedWindows, OS X, Linux12 February 2019
Arcadian AtlasTwin Otter Studios
Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!Arcana HeartExamuArc System WorksWindows29 September 2015
Arcana Heart 3 LOVEMAX SIXSTARS!!!!!!Arcana HeartExamuArc System WorksWindows13 December 2017
ArchRobo - Robotic Annihilation
Archibald's AdventuresRake in GrassWindows, OS X10 June 2016
Area 51 DefenseGameRealmMadnessWindows22 December 2019
Area 86SimDevsWindows, OS X, Linux15 April 2020
Area of Darkness: SentinelRematch StudiosWindows2019
Arena (2019)FX GAMESWindows, OS X17 May 2019
Arena GodsSupertypeWindows, OS X
Argonus and the Gods of Stone
ArielNuclear FictionWindows, OS X
Arietta of SpiritsThird SpiritWindows2020
Arima3D2 EntertainmentWindows2020
Arise: A Simple StoryPiccoloTechlandWindows3 December 2019
Arkham Horror: Mother's EmbraceAsmodee DigitalWindows23 March 2021
Arma Tactics
Armed with Wings: RearmedSun-StudiosWindows
ArmelloLeague of GeeksWindows, OS X, Linux1 September 2015
Armored Animals: H1N1zDIEDEMOR STUDIO GAMESRhino GamesWindows23 February 2018
Armoured EnginesBounder GamesWindows, OS X2019
ArrangedKabuk GamesWindows, OS X, Linux31 January 2020
Arrest of a Stone BuddhaYeoWindows27 February 2020
Arrow HeadsOddBirdWindows21 September 2017
Ars Fabulae
Arson and Plunder: UnleashedArson and PlunderChainsaw SyndicateHeadup GamesWindows25 September 2015
Art of BoxingGold From Straw GamesWindows, OS X
Art of RallyFunselektor LabsWindows, OS X, Linux23 September 2020
Artifact Adventure GaidenArtifact AdventureBluffmanAGM PLAYISMWindows9 January 2018
Artificial Extinction100Hr GamesWindows13 March 2020
ArvaleJaybot7Aldorlea GamesWindows14 August 2015
Ary and the Secret of SeasonsEXiin, Fishing CactusModus GamesWindows1 September 2020
Ascending MadnessMoxie Game StudioWindows2018
Ascent SpiritEbim StudioPlug In DigitalWindows1 March 2018
Asemblance: OversightAsemblanceNilo StudiosWindows15 May 2018
Ash of Gods: RedemptionAurumDustAurumDust, WhisperGamesWindows, OS X, Linux23 March 2018
AshenA44Annapurna InteractiveWindows7 December 2018
Ashes Cricket
Ashes of OahuWyrmbyteWindows2019
AshworldOrangepixelWindows, OS X, Linux
Askutron Quiz ShowGoldsaucerWindows, OS X, Linux
Aspects of changeLeonardo DelafioriKrimson KoalaWindows2019
Asphalt 7: HeatAsphaltGameloftWindows22 August 2013
Asphalt 8: AirborneAsphaltGameloftWindows, OS X15 January 2014
Asphalt 9: LegendsAsphaltGameloftWindows, OS X25 July 2018
Asphalt XtremeAsphaltGameloftWindows27 October 2016
Assassin's Creed Chronicles: ChinaAssassin's Creed ChroniclesClimax StudiosUbisoftWindows22 April 2015
Assassin's Creed IIIAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows20 November 2012
Assassin's Creed III RemasteredAssassin's CreedUbisoft Montreal, Ubisoft BarcelonaUbisoftWindows29 March 2019
Assassin's Creed III: Liberation RemasteredAssassin's CreedUbisoft Sofia, Ubisoft Barcelona, VirtuosUbisoftWindows29 March 2019
Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows19 November 2013
Assassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's CreedUbisoft Quebec, Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Singapore, Ubisoft Montpellier, Ubisoft Ukraine, Ubisoft ShanghaiUbisoftWindows5 October 2018
Assassin's Creed OriginsAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows27 October 2017
Assassin's Creed Rogue
Assassin's Creed SyndicateAssassin's CreedUbisoft QuebecUbisoftWindows19 November 2015
Assassin's Creed UnityAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows11 November 2014
Assassin's Creed ValhallaAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows10 November 2020
Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows, OS X17 March 2011
Assassin's Creed: Freedom CryAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows25 February 2014
Assassin's Creed: Liberation HDAssassin's CreedUbisoft SofiaUbisoftWindows15 January 2014
Assassin's Creed: RevelationsAssassin's CreedUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows1 December 2011
Assault Android CactusWindows, OS X, Linux
Assault On MetaltronBlue Sunset GamesWindows2019
Assault SpyWazenNIS AmericaWindows2 October 2018
Assault on Hyperion BaseJulian StablesWindows13 November 2018
Assetto Corsa CompetizioneAssetto CorsaKunos Simulazioni505 GamesWindows29 May 2019
Astalon: Tears of the EarthLABS WorksDANGEN Entertainment
AstebreedEdelweissAGM PLAYISMWindows31 December 2013
Asteion NightsSekuharazamuraiKCGWindows1 March 2018
AsterKSCritical BlissWindows10 April 2018
AsterionGlass Bear StudioWindows2020
Asterix & Obelix XXLAsterix & Obelix XXLÉtranges LibellulesAtariWindows18 June 2004
Asterix & Obelix XXL 2Asterix & Obelix XXLÉtranges Libellules, OSome StudioAtari, MicroidsWindows, OS X29 November 2018
Asterix & Obelix XXL 3 - The Crystal MenhirAsterix & Obelix XXLOSome StudioMicroidsWindows, OS X21 November 2019
Asteroid BabeHolocardsHolocardsWindows, Linux8 June 2018
Asteroid Bounty HunterJust1337 StudioKupiKeyWindows, OS X, Linux24 February 2016
Asteroid DeathmatchEager AmoebaWindows, OS X, Linux2018
Asteroid HideoutToxicbrainWindows14 March 2019
Astoria: The Holders of Power SagaGolden Unicorn GamingWindows2 August 2017
Astral GunnersSati BrosWindows2019
Astralojia: Episode 1Astralojia StudiosWindows1 September 2019
Astro JoustMutant Entertainment StudiosWindows5 February 2018
Astro: The BeginningBigGame
AstroKillDoomsday GamesWindows, Linux
AstroShiftStudio WHITEROCKWHITEROCK gamesWindows3 October 2017
AstrodogsDynamic Media TriadDigital TribeWindows8 April 2021
AstrogDigitalArtefactWindows, Linux
AstroneerSystem Era SoftworksWindows6 February 2019
AsuraOgre Head StudioWindows, OS X, Linux14 April 2017
At Dead Of NightBaggy Cat Ltd.Baggy Cat Ltd.Windows19 November 2020
At SundownMild Beast GamesVersus EvilWindows, OS X, Linux22 January 2019
Atari VaultCode MysticsAtariWindows, Linux, OS X24 March 2016
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious JourneyAtelierGust Co. Ltd.Koei TecmoWindows7 March 2017
AtomegaUbisoft ReflectionsUbisoftWindows19 September 2017
AtomicropsBird Bath GamesRaw FuryWindows28 May 2020
AtomineBroken Arms GamesWindows4 May 2017
AtoneWildboy StudiosOS X7 October 2019
Atonement: Scourge of TimeAtonementAstronomic GamesNew Reality GamesWindows16 July 2015
Atrio: The Dark WildIstoWindows2020
Attack HeroesEjoy GamesEjoy GamesWindows27 April 2017
Attack of the EarthlingsTeam JunkfishJunkfish LimitedWindows, OS X, Linux8 February 2018
Attack of the Mutant FishcrowsWILDLOGICGAMESWindows2019
Attack on I-Ching 进击的易经FSshopBMMWindows23 July 2019
Attack on TitanAttack on TitanOmega ForceKoei TecmoWindows26 August 2016
Attract Fragments 5Maisolo StudioWindows28 June 2019
AttractioGameCoder StudiosBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux18 January 2016
Audiosurf 2AudiosurfDylan FittererWindows, OS X, Linux26 May 2015
Auf AbwegenKindmanInSaynWindows, Linux9 March 2019
Aura of WorldsCognitive ForgeWindows
Auralux: ConstellationsAuraluxEdward McNeill, War Drum StudiosWindows1 June 2016
Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-OdanKiro'o GamesPlug In DigitalWindows14 April 2016
Aurora - Hidden ColorsAurora - Mídia & GamesWindows, Linux10 December 2019
AutomachefHermes InteractiveTeam17Windows23 July 2019
Automaton Arena
Automobilista 2AutomobilistaReiza StudiosWindows31 March 2020
Autumn's ChorusMega Tiny StudioWindows2020
Avaria: Chains of LustPanic MachineCritical BlissWindows24 July 2020
Avast YeBrigham Young UniversityWindows15 July 2019
AvernusSubsolar EntertainmentWindows2019
Avicii InvectorHello There GamesWired ProductionsWindows10 December 2019
Avis Rapida - Aerobatic RacingTop Lad GamesWindows
AvoCuddleRamez Al TabbaaFistikTechWindows12 July 2019
Away: The Survival SeriesBreaking WallsBreaking Walls, Game Seer VenturesWindows2021
AwesomenautsRonimo GamesWindows, OS X, Linux2 August 2012
Axiom VergeAxiom VergeThomas Happ GamesWindows, OS X, Linux14 May 2015
Axis Football 2018Axis FootballAxis GamesWindows, OS X, Linux14 September 2018
Axis Football 2019Axis FootballAxis GamesWindows, OS X, Linux27 September 2019
Ayo the ClownCloud M1Windows2020
Ayo: A Rain TaleInklineWindows, OS X9 November 2017
AztezTeam ColorblindWindows, OS X, Linux1 August 2017
Azur Lane: CrosswaveIdea Factory, Compile Heart, FelistellaIdea FactoryWindows13 February 2020
Azurael's Circle: Chapter 1Azurael's CircleJordan AllenWindows3 September 2018
Azurael's Circle: Chapter 2Azurael's CircleJordan AllenWindows3 September 2018
Azurael's Circle: Chapter 3Azurael's CircleJordan AllenWindows29 November 2018
Azure Striker Gunvolt 2GUNVOLTInti CreatesWindows22 June 2020
B-12: Brantisky Mk. 12Brantisky InteractiveWindows
B.C.E.Blue Drop GamesWindows29 August 2017
B.i.t.LockPetorioPeter HofbauerWindows, OS X6 September 2019
BAFL - Brakes Are For LosersOudidonPlug In Digital, Dear VillagersWindows, OS X18 October 2017
BAJA: Edge of Control HD
BALL!Emilios ManolidisWindows23 January 2019
BATTLLOON - バトルーンNoname studioSony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. / UNTIESWindows27 February 2019
BAYANI - Fighting GameRanida GamesWindows
BBB: Vestal (Visual Novel Vol. 1)X-MiGuPLAYWindows6 August 2019
BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic MassacreBig Way GamesWindows10 October 2019
BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre DemoBig Way GamesWindows3 February 2020
BE-A WalkerTequilabyte StudioWindows2018
BEASTFalse Prophet and The Blood MoonsWindows31 January 2020
BH TrialsPico Sacro GamesWindows10 April 2020
BHB: BioHazard BotBrain MachineWindows15 November 2017
BLACK BIRDOnion GamesWindows, OS X30 October 2018
BOMJMANBomjman GamesWindows2020
BOSSGARDSand Sailor StudioWindows2018
BOTSKeyWheelGamesWindows5 December 2019
BPM: Bullets per MinuteAwe InteractiveWindows15 September 2020
BRING IT DOWN!Mirror QueenTriverskeWindows2019
Baba Is YouHempuli OyWindows, OS X, Linux13 March 2019
Back 4 BloodTurtle Rock StudiosWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentWindows12 October 2021
Back to BedBedtime Digital GamesWindows, OS X, Linux6 August 2014
Back to Dinosaur Island Part 2Back to Dinosaur IslandCrytekWindows10 March 2016
BackSlashSkeleton Crew Studio, Thomas OlssonSkeleton Crew StudioWindows31 August 2017
BackboneEggNutRaw FuryWindows, OS X, Linux2021
Backpack Twins
BackworldsLogic Ember LimitedWindows2019
Bad BusinessHut 90Windows2019
Bad NorthPlausible ConceptRaw FuryWindows, OS X16 November 2018
Bad PadHeadbang Games, Oray StudiosHeadbang GamesWindows, Linux8 August 2018
Badland: Game of the Year EditionBadlandFrogmindWindows, OS X, Linux26 May 2015
Bai QuMagenta Factory, ZiX SolutionsMagenta FactoryWindows, OS X, Linux27 July 2017
Bake 'n SwitchStreamline GamesStreamline Media GroupWindows
Balan WonderworldArzest, Balan CompanySquare EnixWindows26 March 2021
Balance Breakers
Balance of KingdomsWoksOnStudiosWindows
BalancelotAnvilBird InteractiveJestercraftWindows15 May 2019
Baldi's Basics in Education & LearningBaldi's BasicsMystman12Windows, OS X, Linux31 March 2018
Ball GrabbersPart Time MonkeyWindows2018
Ball OutForceightWindows
Ball Pit Simulator
BallBoiDaniel Fuller, Cameron BeattieNoneWindows8 August 2019
Ballistic Mini GolfMicrolith GamesWindows
BallisticNGNeognosisWindows, Linux, OS X14 December 2018
Balloon GirlNerdvision GamesWindows25 July 2019
Balloon SagaWindows
Banano BrosProject Purity TeamWindows2 November 2017
Band of OutlawsIndy Lion StudiosWindows22 August 2017
Bang Bang RacingDigital Reality, PlayboxKalypso MediaWindows8 June 2012
BannermanArmitage GamesWindows31 August 2017
Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.1: Ovnifagos Don't Eat FlamingosBaobabs MausoleumCelery EmblemZerouno GamesWindows, OS X6 July 2017
Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.2: 1313 Barnabas Dead End DriveBaobabs MausoleumCelery EmblemZerouno GamesWindows, OS X22 February 2018
Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.3: Un Pato en MuertoburgoBaobabs MausoleumCelery EmblemZerouno GamesWindows, OS X21 November 2019
BarbearianKimmo LahtinenWindows, OS X14 August 2018
Bare MetalMichael McCartneyWindows, OS X1 December 2017
Barn FindersDuality GamesDuality Games, PlayWayWindows2019
Baron: Fur Is Gonna FlyDM Games PtyDM Games Pty, Gamera Game, ORENDA Inc.Windows18 March 2020
Baseball Riot10tonsWindows9 December 2015
BasingstokePuppy GamesWindows, OS X, Linux27 April 2018
Basketball ClassicsNamo GamoWindows, OS X, Linux
BastionSupergiant GamesWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux16 August 2011
Batbarian: Testament of the PrimordialsUnspeakable PixelsDANGEN EntertainmentWindows15 October 2020
Batman: Arkham AsylumBatman: ArkhamRocksteady StudiosWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Feral Interactive, Eidos InteractiveWindows, OS X15 September 2009
Batman: Arkham CityBatman: ArkhamRocksteady StudiosWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X22 November 2011
Batman: Arkham KnightBatman: ArkhamRocksteady Studios, Warner Bros. Games MontrealWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentWindows23 June 2015
Batman: Arkham OriginsBatman: ArkhamWarner Bros. Games Montreal, Splash DamageWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentWindows25 October 2013
Batman: Arkham Origins BlackgateBatman: ArkhamArmature StudioWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentWindows1 April 2014
Batman: Arkham VRBatman: ArkhamRocksteady StudiosWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentWindows25 April 2017
Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale SeriesBatman: The Telltale SeriesTelltale GamesAthlon GamesWindows, OS X8 August 2017
Batman: The Telltale SeriesBatman: The Telltale SeriesTelltale GamesAthlon GamesWindows2 August 2016
Batman: VengeanceBatmanUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows6 September 2002
Battery JamHalseoWindows2018
Battle BoltsShot Second, CroteamCroteamWindows1 September 2017
Battle Bruise 2Battle BruiseZanardi and LizaWindows21 January 2020
Battle Chasers: NightwarAirship SyndicateTHQ NordicWindows, OS X, Linux3 October 2017
Battle Chef BrigadeTrinket StudiosAdult Swim GamesWindows, OS X, Linux20 November 2017
Battle Droid T1Kelly J RutkowskiWindows29 June 2019
Battle ForeverInferno GamesWindows11 June 2016
Battle High 2 A+Mattrified Games, Point5ProjectsMattrified GamesWindows14 December 2017
Battle Planet - Judgement Day
Battle ShapesKawaiisun GamesWindows
Battle Siege RoyaleSkjöld Game StudioWindows, OS X, Linux
BattleBlock TheaterThe BehemothWindows, Linux, OS X15 May 2014
BattlebornGearbox Software2K GamesWindows3 May 2016
Battlefield 4BattlefieldDICE, DICE Los AngelesElectronic ArtsWindows29 October 2013
Battlefield HardlineBattlefieldVisceral Games, DICE, EA Vancouver, DICE Los Angeles, Criterion GamesElectronic ArtsWindows17 March 2015
Battlefield VBattlefieldDICE, DICE Los Angeles, Criterion GamesElectronic ArtsWindows20 November 2018
Battlefield: Bad Company 2BattlefieldDICE, Coldwood InteractiveElectronic ArtsWindows2 March 2010
Battlestations: PacificBattlestationsEidos HungaryEidos Interactive, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Square Enix, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X12 May 2009
BattletoadsDlala Studios, RareXbox Game StudiosWindows20 August 2020
Battlezone (2017)BattlezoneRebellion DevelopmentsWindows11 May 2017
BayonettaBayonettaPlatinumGamesSegaWindows11 April 2017
Beach Buggy Racing 2Vector UnitVector UnitWindows27 February 2020
BeamBinary ImpactWindows2019
Bear With Me - Collector's EditionBear With MeExordium GamesWindows, OS X, Linux8 February 2018
Beard & Axe
Beast Quest
Beasts Shall RisePhil RoweGoblin GamesWindows2019
Beat HazardBeat HazardCold Beam GamesTHQWindows, OS X, Linux15 April 2010
Beat Me!Red Limb StudioWindows2020
Beat Your MeatFox Byte GamesWindows
Beatbuddy: Tale of the GuardiansBeatbuddyThreaksReverb PublishingWindows, OS X, Linux6 August 2013
Beavers Be DammedWallflower GamesWindows, OS X2018
Bebop and TempoBrandon DominguezWindows, OS X19 June 2017
BecalmColorfictionWindows, OS X, Linux17 January 2019
BedlamballEvan Peiperl, Brianna LivesayEvan "Solidplasma" Peiperl
Bee SimulatorVarsav Game StudiosNaconWindows14 November 2019
BeeBeeQPopup AsylumWindows2018
Before the Echo
BeholderBeholderWarm Lamp GamesAlawarWindows, OS X, Linux9 November 2016
Beholder 2BeholderWarm Lamp GamesAlawarWindows, OS X, Linux4 December 2018
Believe: Paranormal Psychic AdventureC. Thomas PinnickNerd OverloadWindows2019
BelowCapybara GamesWindows14 December 2018
Bendy and the Ink MachineJoey Drew Studios Inc.Windows, OS X, Linux27 April 2017
Benjamin JohnsonFrancesco TrovatoWindows24 March 2018
Best Friend ForeverStarcoltAllianceWindows14 February 2020
BetrayerBlackpowder GamesWindows24 March 2014
Between the StarsIsolated GamesIsolated Games, GameClaw, WhisperGamesWindows
BetweensideEd Curtis-SivessYsty GamesWindows2018
Beyond Arm's ReachRound Squares StudiosWindows1 February 2018
Beyond BlueE-Line MediaWindows, OS X17 April 2020
Beyond CriticalDalton FoxLightmass GamesWindows2019
Beyond Enemy LinesBeyond Enemy LinesPolygon ArtWindows, Linux21 February 2017
Beyond Enemy Lines 2Beyond Enemy LinesPolygon ArtWindows8 August 2019
Beyond EyesTiger & Squid, Team17Team17Windows, OS X, Linux11 August 2015
Beyond Good & EvilBeyond Good & EvilUbisoft MontpellierUbisoft, Buka Entertainment, CenegaWindows19 November 2003
Beyond SensesSky Haubrich, Pyxton StudiosPyxton StudiosWindows
Beyond The VeilIncubator CreationsWindows19 April 2019
Beyond The Veil (2019)
Beyond a Steel SkySteel SkyRevolution SoftwareWindows, OS X, Linux26 June 2020
Beyond a Total LossPseudobugWindows2019
Beyond: Two SoulsQuantic DreamWindows22 July 2019
Bibi & Tina - Adventures with HorsesIndependent Arts SoftwareFamilyplayWindows12 November 2018
Bibi Blocksberg - Big Broom Race 3Independent Arts SoftwareFamilyplayWindows19 November 2018
Big Action Mega Fight!
Big Bash BoomBig Ant StudiosWindows20 December 2018
Big Blue - Memory
Big Boot BaseballZero BrainWindows3 March 2019
Big Tower Tiny Square
Billion BeatDronamiWindows, OS X, Linux16 December 2019
Billion RoadBandai Namco EntertainmentActtilWindows16 April 2020
BillyGianni sarmientoGianni SarmientoWindows3 February 2020
Binary DomainRyu Ga Gotoku StudioSegaWindows27 April 2012
Bing Bong XLNickervision StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux14 May 2018
Bio SoupEHTechnologyWindows27 September 2017
BioMechEzekiel RagePlug In DigitalWindows, OS X, Linux2019
BioShockBioShockIrrational Games, 2K Australia2K Games, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X21 August 2007
BioShock 2BioShock2K Marin, 2K China, 2K Australia, Iron Galaxy Studios, Digital Extremes2K Games, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X9 February 2010
BioShock 2 RemasteredBioShockBlind Squirrel Games, 2K Marin2K GamesWindows, OS X15 September 2016
BioShock InfiniteBioShockIrrational Games, 2K Australia, Iron Galaxy Studios2K Games, Aspyr MediaWindows, OS X, Linux26 March 2013
BioShock RemasteredBioShockIrrational Games, Blind Squirrel Games2K GamesWindows, OS X15 September 2016
Biohazard 2 (Sourcenext)Resident EvilCapcomCapcomWindows17 February 2006
Biohazard 3: Last Escape (Sourcenext)Resident EvilCapcomCapcomWindows28 April 2006
Biolab WarsKolibri Game StudioWindows, OS X, Linux2019
BiomassFinal Scene devWindows21 January 2020
BiomutantExperiment 101THQ NordicWindows25 May 2021
Bionic Commando (2009)Bionic CommandoGRINCapcomWindows28 July 2009
Bionic Commando Rearmed
Bionicle HeroesBionicleTT GamesEidos InteractiveWindows14 November 2006
Bios Ex - Yami no WakuseiGogen SoftWindows28 November 2019
BipedNEXT StudiosWindows26 March 2020
Biplane RacerAlix Rocheleau GamesWindows23 April 2019
Bird AssassinSocial Loner StudiosWindows8 February 2011
Bird GameBryan TaborWindows, OS X, Linux19 February 2018
BirdcakesGreen Lava StudiosWindows2018
Birth of a Hunter
Birthdays the BeginningArc System Works, TOYBOXNIS AmericaWindows9 May 2017
Bit Dungeon IIBit DungeonKintoGamesWindows, OS X15 December 2014
Bit Dungeon IIIBit DungeonKinto GamesWindows3 May 2019
Bit Dungeon+Bit DungeonKintoGames, Dolores EntertainmentWindows, OS X10 March 2016
Bit.Trip CoreBit.TripChoice ProvisionsWindows, OS X2 October 2012
Bit.Trip FateBit.TripChoice ProvisionsWindows, OS X11 July 2013
Bit.Trip Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm AlienBit.TripChoice ProvisionsWindows, OS X, Linux26 February 2013
Bit.Trip RunnerBit.TripChoice ProvisionsWindows, OS X, Linux28 February 2011
Bit.Trip VoidBit.TripChoice ProvisionsWindows, OS X19 December 2012
BitBreakerGod As A CucumberWindows, OS X, Linux19 April 2018
BitShift: BattleGridAnimate ObjectsWindows
Bite the BulletMega Cat StudiosGraffiti GamesWindows, OS X, Linux13 August 2020
BitlogicOXiAB Game StudioWindows30 April 2019
Bitter TidesBottom FeedersWindows2019
Bizango BlastOlivier ArcherWindows10 December 2018
Björk Vulnicura Virtual Reality AlbumAnalog StudiosWellhart Ltd / One Little IndianWindows2019
Black & White BushidoGood Catch GamesGreen Man Gaming Publishing, Good Catch GamesWindows, OS X2 October 2015
Black Book
Black ClosetHanako GamesWindows, OS X, Linux16 September 2015
Black Future '88SUPERSCARYSNAKESGood Shepherd EntertainmentWindows21 November 2019
Black LegendWarcaveWindows25 March 2021
Black MirrorBlack MirrorKing ArtTHQ NordicWindows, OS X, Linux28 November 2017
Black MistNyan FortWindows4 August 2017
Black ParadoxFantastico StudioDigerati DistributionWindows, OS X2 May 2019
Black Salt Coreuption
Black SkylandsHungry Couch GamesTinyBuildGames
Black The FallSand Sailor StudioSquare EnixWindows11 July 2017
BlackSite: Area 51Area 51Midway Studios AustinMidway GamesWindows12 November 2007
BlackholeFiolaSoft Studio1C CompanyWindows, OS X, Linux27 February 2015
Blacksad: Under the SkinPéndulo Studios, YS InteractiveMicroïdsWindows, OS X14 November 2019
Blacksea OdysseyBlacksea OdysseyWindows, OS X, Linux1 June 2016
Blackwood CrossingPaperSevenVision Games PublishingWindows5 April 2017
Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle ArenaShiningStudio SaizensenWindows28 July 2016
Blade StrangersStudio SaizensenNicalisWindows28 August 2018
Blades of GoryFortcullis GamesWindows, OS X4 December 2019
Blades of TimeGaijin EntertainmentWindows, OS X20 April 2012
Blair WitchBlair WitchBloober TeamLionsgate GamesWindows30 August 2019
BlasphemousThe Game KitchenTeam17Windows, OS X, Linux10 September 2019
Blast Lander10kbit GamesWindows, OS X17 October 2017
Blast Zone! TournamentVictory Lap GamesWindows
BlastZone 2Matt EdzengaBlack Shell MediaWindows19 February 2015
Blaster Master ZeroBlaster MasterInti CreatesWindows14 June 2019
BlastercellRobot GamesSmokinSkullWindows9 May 2017
BlasteronBunny on CaffeineWindows
BlazBlue CentralfictionBlazBlueArc System WorksH2 InteractiveWindows26 April 2017
BlazBlue: Calamity TriggerBlazBlueArc System WorksH2 InteractiveWindows20 August 2010
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma ExtendBlazBlueArc System WorksH2 InteractiveWindows2 March 2016
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift ExtendBlazBlueArc System WorksH2 InteractiveWindows11 December 2014
BlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleBlazBlueArc System WorksWindows5 June 2018
BlazeRushTargem GamesWindows, OS X, Linux28 October 2014
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWIIBlazing AngelsUbisoft BucharestUbisoftWindows28 March 2006
Blazing BeaksApplavaWindows10 May 2019
Blazing ChromeJoyMasherThe Arcade CrewWindows11 July 2019
Blazing CoreOctoBox InteractiveWindows
BleedBleedBootdisk RevolutionWindows, OS X, Linux28 November 2012
Bleed 2BleedBootdisk RevolutionWindows, OS X, Linux8 February 2017
Bleeding EdgeNinja TheoryXbox Game StudiosWindows24 March 2020
Bleeding KnifeAbdulla Hassan Al-FarsiWindows22 February 2018
Bless UnleashedRound8 StudioNeowiz
Blessed SurfaceCorpse King GamesWindows
BlightboundRonimo GamesDevolver DigitalWindows
BlightmarePlateau GamesWindows, OS X2019
Blind DriveLo-Fi PeopleWindows, OS X10 March 2021
Blind SoulsAtor NebaWindows4 April 2019
Blind Witch: Peek WindowStray RamBlingWindows2 August 2017
BlindMazeAlfa-OmegaWindows, Linux20 April 2018
Blinky's Hasty AdventureBanana Pillar StudiosAngeliGamesWindows1 February 2019
BloXoRTerminal Core GamesWindows27 May 2019
BlobCatBySambWindows31 August 2017
Block BustersArctic Fox Game StudiosWindows
Block Cat Space GolfTinycat GamesWindows2018
Block Pooper 9PopcannibalWindows4 December 2018
Block Survival: Legend of the Lost IslandsInter Pixel ArtsWindows, OS X14 July 2017
BlockGameTyler PomplonWindows5 September 2017
BlockaraHaunted Bees ProductionsWindows, OS X, Linux22 June 2017
Blockey: Block Yeah!Walking Talking Grilling BearWindows27 September 2019
BlockleDavid SchneiderWindows9 May 2017
Blocks (2019)
Blocks That MatterSwing Swing SubmarineWindows, OS X, Linux20 August 2011
BlokdodgeMaxwell Volz, David ZeiserDavid ZeiserWindows20 September 2017
Bloo Kid 2WinterworksWindows6 March 2014
Blood And MeadLost Relic Games
Blood Bowl 2Blood BowlCyanide StudioFocus Home InteractiveWindows, OS X22 September 2015
Blood BrothersMatt Engman, Ford Hash, Dylan Hines, Logan ParmeterBaylor University Game StudiosWindows2019
Blood CityWJLEGAMEWindows30 August 2018
Blood Knights
Blood Opera CrescendoKibou Entertainment
Blood ScrollsAdrien E. BrownSirbrownie GamesWindows1 December 2019
Blood WavesLight Road GamesWindows
Blood and BaconBig CorporationGrunge Games LTDWindows1 February 2016
Blood of the WerewolfScientifically ProvenWindows28 October 2013
Blood will be SpilledDoublequote StudioWindows, OS X29 May 2019
Blood: Fresh SupplyBloodMonolith Productions, Sunstorm Interactive, Nightdive StudiosNightdive Studios, AtariWindows9 May 2019
BloodRayne: BetrayalBloodRayneWayForward TechnologiesMidnight CityWindows30 April 2014
BloodRayne: Terminal CutBloodRayneTerminal RealityZiggurat InteractiveWindows20 November 2020
Bloodbath KavkazBloodbath (Dagestan)Dagestan TechnologyWindows, OS X, Linux20 April 2015
BloodiaGargant StudiosWindows2019
BloodrootsPaper CultWindows28 February 2020
Bloodstained: Curse of the MoonBloodstainedArtPlay, Inti CreatesArtPlayWindows24 May 2018
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2BloodstainedArtPlay, Inti CreatesWindows10 July 2020
Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightBloodstainedArtPlay, DICO, Disruptive Games, WayForward Technologies505 GamesWindows18 June 2019
Bloody Rally ShowGame Hero InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Bloody Spell艺龙游戏Windows
Bloody TraplandBloody Trapland2Play StudiosWindows27 October 2013
Bloody Trapland 2: CuriosityBloody Trapland2Play Studios, Prasius2Play StudiosWindows1 February 2019
Bloody ZombiesPaw Print GamesNDreamsWindows12 September 2017
Blow Up Pieces: UnleashedPrimeMakersWindows, OS X, Linux2019
BlowhardsBabloon StudiosWindows28 February 2017
BludgeonMeticulous MonsterWindows, OS X, Linux2021
Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight SimulatorRortos SrlWindows, OS X16 August 2017
Blue FireROBI StudiosGraffiti GamesWindows4 February 2021
Blue TimeTabula Rasa Game StudioSelfWindows11 May 2020
Blues and BulletsA Crowd of MonstersWindows, OS X, Linux23 July 2015
BlurBizarre CreationsActivisionWindows25 May 2010
Board Quizz Adventure
Bob & Bernard Against The Nazis
Bobo robotSokpop CollectiveWindows, OS X1 August 2019
Body of EvidenceEmpyreanFat Dog GamesWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Boet FighterCalifourwaysWindows2019
Bohemian KillingThe MoonwallsLibrediaWindows, OS X21 July 2016
Boiling BoltPersistant StudiosPlug In DigitalWindows5 December 2017
BokubeFredrick ConceptionConception SoftwareWindows31 March 2020
Bolsomito 2K18BS StudiosWindows28 September 2018
Bomb Bots ArenaTiny RoarWindows, OS X
Bomb ChickenNitromeWindows, OS X16 April 2019
Bomb N' Bats
Bomb SwordersWhatnotory
BombGearsTakain, FliptTakainWindows
Bombastic CarsXOA ProductionsWindows6 November 2017
Bomber BarnLate Leaf GamesWindows, OS X2019
Bomber BotherDareLooksWindows, OS X, Linux9 October 2019
Bomber CrewCrewRunner DuckCurve DigitalWindows, OS X, Linux19 October 2017
Bomberman '94BombermanHudson SoftKonamiWindows1 June 2016
BombfestThe BOMBFEST Team
Bombing BastardsSanuk GamesWindows, OS X, Linux4 December 2014
BombshellBombshellInterceptor Entertainment3D RealmsWindows29 January 2016
Bones 'n' BulletsCosmicCrystal GamesPoppy Works
BonkiesStudio GauntletCrunching KoalasWindows29 January 2021
Boo Boo BananasFlying Baby ProductionsWindows29 May 2018
Boo! Greedy KidFlying Oak GamesFlying Oak Games, Plug In DigitalWindows, OS X, Linux22 February 2018
Boogie BotFrom the end GamesWindows, OS X2019
Book of DemonsBook of DemonsThing TrunkWindows, OS X13 December 2018
Book of Potentia 2SolarByteWindows22 July 2017
Booking RevolutionMDickie
Boom BitsNaughty Children at PlayWindows14 September 2018
Boom FightersCocodrilo Dog GamesWindows, OS X2018
Boomerang FuCranky WatermelonWindows13 August 2020
Boomerang XDANG!Windows2020
Boot Hill BlasterFascimaniaWindows, OS X, Linux28 October 2014
Boot Hill Bounties
Boot Hill HeroesBoot HillExperimental Gamer StudiosWindows10 October 2014
Booty DiverXavier Orion GamesWindows25 March 2017
BootyBuns & 21IngeniousfunWindows17 August 2017
Boratium WarsDatawebWindows
Border ControlTOGWindows14 February 2019
BorderlandsBorderlandsGearbox Software, Demiurge Studios, Shadows in Darkness, Darkside Games2K Games, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X26 October 2009
Borderlands 2BorderlandsGearbox Software2K Games, Aspyr MediaWindows, OS X, Linux18 September 2012
Borderlands 2 VRBorderlandsGearbox Software2K GamesWindows22 October 2019
Borderlands 3BorderlandsGearbox Software2K GamesWindows, OS X13 September 2019
Borderlands: The Pre-SequelBorderlands2K Australia, Gearbox Software2K Games, Aspyr MediaWindows, OS X, Linux14 October 2014
Boreal BladeFrozenbyteWindows
BorosKraken BitWindows, OS X, Linux6 April 2017
Boson X
Bot GaidenSwordSwipe StudiosWindows2019
Botlike - a robot's rampageBinjiWindows
Boulder Dash - 30th AnniversaryBoulder DashTapStar Interactive, First Star SoftwareWindows, OS X14 September 2016
Bouldering Brawl
Bounce KnightCeej GamesWindows2020
Bounce Rescue!BitecoreWindows1 February 2018
Bouncy Bob: Episode 2MadGamesmithUltimate GamesWindows30 October 2019
Bouncy Butter BallYouthcat StudioWindows31 May 2018
Bound To LightBabloon StudiosWindows25 September 2018
Bound by FlameSpidersFocus Home InteractiveWindows, Linux9 May 2014
BoundlessWindows, OS X
Bounty BattleDark Screen GamesMerge GamesWindows10 September 2020
Bowlbo: The Quest for Bing BingOneyWare, Albino Moose Games
Box Kid AdventuresT-Rex InteractiveT-Rex interactive, Kurki.gamesWindows28 January 2020
Boxing ChampsRaz GamesWindows2019
Boxwrecker ArenaJealous DucksWindows12 September 2019
BraidBraidNumber None, Aaron MelcherNumber NoneWindows, OS X, Linux10 April 2009
BrainstormGolden LaughWindows
BrambleLashBytespriteWindows, OS X13 September 2017
BrathianPangakeWindows15 June 2018
Braveland WizardBravelandTortuga TeamWindows, OS X, Linux4 December 2014
Brawlerz: NitroBail! Enemy Jet!Windows, OS X, Linux
BrawlhallaBlue Mammoth GamesUbisoftWindows, OS X
BrawloutAngry Mob GamesWindows21 August 2018
BreachedDrama DriftersNkidu GamesWindows, OS X, Linux22 June 2016
Break The Food ChainTEHO GamesCaffeine OverdoseWindows17 July 2017
Breaking FastTale StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux8 June 2017
Breath of Death VII: The BeginningZeboyd GamesWindows13 July 2011
Breath of Fire IVCapcomWindows2003
BreathedgeRedRuins SoftworksHypeTrain Digital, RedRuins SoftworksWindows25 February 2021
Bricks In The BoxNanite StormWindows11 July 2018
Bridge Constructor PortalBridge Constructor, PortalClockStoneHeadup GamesWindows, OS X, Linux20 December 2017
Bridge Constructor: The Walking DeadBridge Constructor, The Walking DeadClockStoneHeadup GamesWindows, OS X, Linux19 November 2020
Brief BattlesJuicy CupcakeJuicy Cupcake Distributors PTY
Brigador KillersBrigadorStellar Jockeys, GausswerksStellar Jockeys
Brigador: Up-Armored EditionBrigadorStellar Jockeys, GausswerksWindows, OS X, Linux2 June 2016
Brimstone BrawlersAtegigWindows
BroforceBroforceFree LivesDevolver DigitalWindows, OS X, Linux15 October 2015
Brok the InvestiGatorCOWCATWindows2021
Broken Armor
Broken Delusion宅极电BilibiliWindows2019
Broken Sword 5 - The Serpent's CurseBroken SwordRevolution SoftwareWindows, OS X, Linux4 December 2013
Brother BrotherPatrick VanMackelbergNoneWindows2019
Brotherhood UnitedGreedy HollowMyoubouh CorpWindows15 June 2018
Brothers in Arms: Hell's HighwayBrothers in ArmsGearbox SoftwareUbisoftWindows7 October 2008
Brothers: A Tale of Two SonsStarbreeze Studios505 GamesWindows3 September 2013
Brrrainz: Feed your HungerBrrrainz IncorporatedWindows15 March 2019
BrukelLifelong Games
Brut@lStormcloud GamesRising Star GamesWindows9 February 2017
Brutal MooDQuad Damage GamesWindows2018
Brutal ScalesMissiles are MagicWindows2020
Brütal LegendDouble Fine ProductionsWindows, OS X, Linux26 February 2013
Bubbles the CatTeam Cats & BearsWindows2019
Bubsy: Paws on Fire!BubsyChoice ProvisionsAccoladeWindows16 May 2019
Bubsy: The Woolies Strike BackBubsyBlack Forest GamesAccoladeWindows31 October 2017
Buccaneers!Skyward Digital
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Slaps and BeansTrinity TeamBuddy ProductionsWindows, OS X, Linux20 April 2018
Buddinpals - Take One Home With You !!DungeonationWindows23 October 2018
Buddy BashCreated InformedWindows, OS X2020
Bug AcademyJacek PerzanowskiUltimate GamesWindows14 January 2020
Bug Fables: The Everlasting SaplingMoonsprout GamesDANGEN EntertainmentWindows21 November 2019
Buggy BumpMoonShine GamesWindows2019
Bugs 'N Boo HagsAcrid BananaIllustrategyWindows2019
Bugs Must DieDG Games WorkshopWindows2018
BugsnaxYoung HorsesWindows, OS X12 November 2020
Build 'm up, Shoot 'm down!DatadelftWindows29 November 2019
Build a Bridge!BoomBitWindows25 May 2019
Build a Game UniverseWalker Boys StudioWindows, OS X, Linux
Buildings Have Feelings Too!Blackstaff GamesMerge GamesWindows2019
Bullet AgeLiv Games, HalfbotLiv GamesWindows2018
Bullet BeatTERNOXWindows12 November 2019
Bullet Roulette VRFibrum LimitedWindows18 September 2019
BulletlineStudio HKWindows4 June 2018
BulletoriumTrukhan HryhoriiWindows13 August 2019
BulletstormBulletstormPeople Can Fly, Epic GamesElectronic ArtsWindows22 February 2011
Bulletstorm: Full Clip EditionBulletstormPeople Can FlyGearbox PublishingWindows7 April 2017
Bully Store
Bully: Scholarship EditionRockstar VancouverRockstar Games, 1C-SoftClubWindows21 October 2008
Bum SimulatorAlleyway GamesPlayWayWindows, OS X, Linux5 October 2018
Bunny Battle Arena
Bunny MahjoDillyFrameWindows9 November 2018
Bunny MinesweeperDillyFrameWindows2018
Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 DevilsPlatine DispositifRockin' AndroidWindows13 August 2006
Bunny ParkingDillyFrameWindows22 March 2019
Bunny ReversiDillyFrameWindows21 June 2019
Bunny SudokuDillyFrameWindows, Linux29 November 2019
BuoyantNew Star GamesWindows, OS X9 July 2019
Burn It DownTapinator, Max IgnatyevK Bros GamesWindows18 July 2017
Burn Zombie Burn!
Burning KnightRexcellent GamesWindows, OS X, Linux5 June 2020
BurningBridges VRCécile Amstad, James Lennon, Lindsay Orsini, Himanshu Chaudhary, Hunter KyleAmstad DigitalWindows2018
Burnout ParadiseBurnoutCriterion GamesElectronic ArtsWindows5 February 2009
Burnout Paradise RemasteredBurnoutCriterion Games, Stellar EntertainmentElectronic ArtsWindows21 August 2018
Burst DriveNebula HeadWindows2019
Burst FighterMagesoftWindows16 September 2017
Bus Simulator 18Bus SimulatorStillalive studiosAstragon EntertainmentWindows13 June 2018
ButcherTranshuman Design, Phobia Game StudioWindows, OS X, Linux5 October 2016
Button BrosCentrosphere GameWindows, OS X
Buzz Kill ZeroKaleb ParhamKaPa ENTWindows15 November 2019
By Any Means NecessarySure GamesWindows6 November 2017
C O S MDynamoidWindows, OS X
C.Q.C. - Close Quarters Combat
CANDLE UNDER WATERPolytanQWindows6 October 2019
CD-RUNQuack Quack GamesWindows, Linux24 October 2019
CHIP: Rescuer of Kittens
CLASH! - Battle ArenaMason ButterwickWindows20 February 2019
CONTINGENCYMatthew PraterWindows, OS X2018
CONTINUEPixel PineconeKajak GamesWindows7 February 2019
CUBE-C: VR Game CollectionMomoWindows
CW: Chaco War
Cabela's Big Game Hunter Pro HuntsCabela's Big Game HunterCauldronActivisionWindows25 March 2014
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013Cabela's Dangerous HuntsCauldronActivisionWindows1 November 2012
CahertisRedPhial Games
Cake BashHigh Tea FrogCoatsinkWindows14 October 2020
Caladrius BlazeMOSSH2 InteractiveWindows12 January 2017
Calcu-LateBlazing FanfishBack To Basics GamingWindows18 March 2016
CalicoPeachy Keen GamesWhitethorn Digital, Maple WhisperingWindows, OS X15 December 2020
CaligoKrealitWindows22 September 2017
Caliper 2Dima KivaWindows, Linux22 May 2019
Call of CthulhuCall of CthulhuCyanide StudioFocus Home InteractiveWindows30 October 2018
Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareCall of DutySledgehammer Games, Raven SoftwareActivisionWindows4 November 2014
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarCall of Duty: Black OpsTreyarch, Raven Software, High Moon Studios, Beenox, Activision Shanghai, Sledgehammer GamesActivisionWindows13 November 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops IICall of Duty: Black OpsTreyarchActivisionWindows13 November 2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIICall of Duty: Black OpsTreyarchActivisionWindows, OS X6 November 2015
Call of Duty: GhostsCall of DutyInfinity Ward, Raven Software, Certain Affinity, NeversoftActivisionWindows5 November 2013
Call of Duty: Modern WarfareCall of Duty: Modern WarfareInfinity WardActivisionWindows25 October 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign RemasteredCall of Duty: Modern WarfareBeenox, Infinity WardActivisionWindows30 April 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RemasteredCall of Duty: Modern WarfareRaven Software, Beenox, Certain Affinity, High Moon StudiosActivisionWindows4 November 2016
Call of Duty: WWIICall of DutySledgehammer Games, Raven SoftwareActivisionWindows3 November 2017
Call of Juarez: GunslingerCall of JuarezTechlandWindows22 May 2013
Call of Juarez: The CartelCall of JuarezTechlandUbisoftWindows8 September 2011
Call of the SeaOut of the BlueRaw FuryWindows8 December 2020
CallBackWater Temple StudioWindows
Cally's Caves 3Cally's CavesVDO GamesWindows5 January 2016
Cally's TrialsCally's CavesVDO GamesWindows14 June 2016
Camera ObscuraAnteater GamesWindows19 February 2015
CanabaltFinji, Kittehface SoftwareWindows, OS X, Linux30 April 2015
Canadian Robot Racing LeagueZomer GamesWindows2020
CanariPixelBot GamesWindows, OS X
Candice DeBébé's Scandalous SecretsHavishamone GamesWindows, OS X, Linux2 November 2018
CandlelightPixel Maverick GamesWindows15 March 2016
Candleman: The Complete JourneySpotlightor InteractiveZodiac InteractiveWindows, OS X1 February 2018
Candy AdventureJY GamesWindows5 April 2019
CandyVentureStephen MillerCellular BitsWindows14 December 2018
Cannibal ChickensAndrew SimpsonAngry Fist GamesWindows11 June 2019
Cannibal CuisineRocket VultureWindows20 May 2020
Cantrip Cafe
Canyon CapersCrazy Moo GamesKISS ltdWindows25 April 2014, VetronVetronWindows
Capsella The Lights of LucernBravery SoftwareWindows
Captain BonesSaygın KarahanWindows
Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New ChampionsCaptain TsubasaTamsoftBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows28 August 2020
Capy hokySokpop CollectiveWindows, OS X18 January 2019
Car Crash Couch PartyFogboundWindows31 January 2018
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018Car Mechanic SimulatorRed Dot GamesPlayWayWindows, OS X28 July 2017
CarX StreetsCarX TechnologiesWindows5 November 2020
Cardboard GroundMatt Close
CardpocalypseGambrinousVersus EvilWindows, OS X19 September 2019
Cards of ChaosChickens BuildWindows, OS X, Linux3 March 2017
Carmageddon: Max DamageCarmageddonStainless GamesWindows27 October 2016
Carmageddon: Reincarnation
Carnival HuntJester's PlaygroundWindows2020
Carpe Lucem: Seize the LightHammer LabsApplication Systems HeidelbergWindows5 April 2016
Carrier Command: Gaea MissionCarrier CommandBohemia InteractiveWindows28 September 2012
CarrionPhobia Game StudioDevolver DigitalWindows, OS X, Linux23 July 2020
Cars Mater-National ChampionshipCarsRainbow StudiosTHQ, Disney Interactive StudiosWindows29 October 2007
Cars with Guns: It's About TimeNull Reference GamesWindows
CarsteroidsBkdove studiosWindows23 August 2019
CartoSunhead GamesHumble Games, X.D. NetworkWindows, OS X27 October 2020
Case 2: Animatronics SurvivalWalnut
Casey Powell Lacrosse 18Big Ant StudiosCrosse StudiosWindows17 April 2018
Castle CrashersThe BehemothWindows, OS X26 September 2012
Castle KongDrowning Monkeys Games, Prime Time StudioDrowning Monkeys GamesWindows
Castle Of Pixel SkullsJosep Monzonis HernandezWindows19 April 2019
Castle of ShikigamiCosmo Machia, Alfa SystemDegicaWindows15 June 2017
Castle of VeniaClassic Game SoftwareWindows6 August 2018
CastleStormCastleStormZen StudiosWindows29 July 2013
Castlevania: Lords of ShadowCastlevaniaMercurySteam, Kojima ProductionsKonamiWindows27 August 2013
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HDCastlevaniaMercurySteamKonamiWindows27 March 2014
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2CastlevaniaMercurySteamKonamiWindows25 February 2014
Cat Burglar: A Tail of PurrsuitGamers for GoodWindows6 March 2019
Cat Girl Without SaladWayForward TechnologiesHumble BundleWindows3 June 2016
Cat InsideSilver BladeSilverBladeWindows17 August 2018
Cat LadyRose City GamesVIZ MediaWindows, OS X
Cat NotebookNairWindows, OS X, Linux1 March 2019
Cat QuestCat QuestThe GentlebrosPQube LimitedWindows, OS X8 August 2017
Cat Quest IICat QuestThe GentlebrosPQube LimitedWindows, OS X24 September 2019
Cat-o-Combo!Bogiganga Games
Catan VRThe Settlers of CatanExperiment 7Windows21 March 2018
CatastronautsInertia Game StudiosWindows28 September 2018
CatburglarStudio by the BayWindows23 October 2018
Catch a DuckAll Those MomentsUltimate Games
Catch a Falling StarAlister SoftwareBack To Basics GamingWindows30 March 2016
Catch the HeadHoros InteractiveIGEWindows30 August 2019
Catch the Thief, If you can!Star Game StudiosWindows
CathedralDecemberborn InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux31 October 2019
Catherine ClassicAtlusSegaWindows10 January 2019
Catlateral DamageChris Chung, Fire Hose GamesChris ChungWindows, OS X, Linux27 May 2015
CatmazeRedblack SpadeWindows, OS X, Linux2018
Cats Fly HelicoptersFlippflyWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Cattle and CropsMasterbrain BytesMasterbrain Bytes, Toplitz ProductionsWindows, Linux15 October 2020
CatwomanDCArgonaut Games, EA Bright LightElectronic ArtsWindows20 July 2004
CaveDuelHemball StudiosWindows, Linux3 November 2017
Cavern Crumblers
Cavity BustersSpaceMyFriend
CecconoidTriple Eh?Windows, Linux2019
CelesteExtremely OK GamesWindows, OS X, Linux25 January 2018
Celestian Tales: Old North
Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond
CentifeedGhost Lord GamesWindows9 November 2018
Century: Age of AshesPlaywingWindows
Chained EchoesMatthias LindaDeck13 Interactive
Chains of FuryCobble Games, Art Games StudioGaming Factory
Chalo ChaloRedshift Media, SparpweedWindows, OS X
Champions Online: Free For AllCryptic StudiosAtari, Perfect WorldWindows1 September 2009
Chantelise: A Tale of Two SistersEasyGameStationCarpe FulgurWindows29 July 2011
Chaos CavesWazWaz GamesWindows25 January 2019
Chaos Code: New Sign of CatastropheFK Digital, Arc System WorksArc System WorksWindows15 March 2017
Chaos DomainHoly Warp, Black Wing FoundationHoly Warp, KISS ltdWindows1 May 2014
Chaos LegionCapcom, MiCROViSiONWindows14 November 2003
Chaos RebornSnapshot GamesWindows, OS X, Linux26 October 2015
Chaos SoulsVisualnovelerWindows7 November 2017
Chaotic VoidResurgam StudiosWindows
ChapeauSalt Castle StudioWindows2020
Charge KidUSPGameDevWindows, OS X, Linux30 June 2020
ChariotFrima StudioFrima Studio, Microïds IndieWindows12 November 2014
Charlie MurderSka StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux12 May 2017
ChaseAcrylec StudiosWindows16 August 2018
ChasmBit KidWindows, OS X, Linux31 July 2018
Chemical ChimpetIan MazgelisWindows1 January 2020
Chernobyl Liquidators SimulatorLive Motion GamesLive Motion Games, PlayWay
Chernobyl: Road of DeathDiedemor studioWindows26 September 2019
ChernobyliteThe Farm 51Windows
Cherry KissesFloraverseFloraverseWindows, Linux23 March 2019
Cherry Tree High Comedy ClubCherry Tree High773Nyu MediaWindows21 June 2010
Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls!
Cherry in the Sky
Chess Titans
Chess UltraRipstoneWindows21 June 2017
Chessaria: The Tactical AdventurePixel WizardsWindows, OS X8 March 2018
Chex QuestChex QuestDigital CaféGeneral MillsDOS, Windows, OS X, Linux, Windows 3.x2008
Chicken DaddySampsonay, RinkibuSampsonayWindows12 March 2018
Chicken Invaders 5Chicken InvadersInterAction StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux13 March 2015
Chicken PoliceThe Wild GentlemenHandyGamesWindows5 November 2020
Chicken with ChaingunsNuts and Volts ElectronicsWindows10 November 2017
Chickens Madness
Chicks and Tricks VRShapeshift Entertainment ApSWindows26 September 2019
ChickuGatling Goat StudiosWindows5 May 2016
Chicory: A Colorful TaleGreg Lobanov
Chief's QuestGreat Chief StudioWindows
Child of LightUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWindows30 April 2014
Children of ApolloCargo Cult GamingWindows9 November 2017
Children of MortaDead Mage11 bit studiosWindows, OS X3 September 2019
Children of ZodiarcsCardboard UtopiaSquare EnixWindows, OS X18 July 2017
Children of the EclipseNutfarm GamesWindows2020
ChildrenBreakWukimos, Nshow (Noah Clarac)BloodyStudio
Chill Out
ChimeChimeZoë ModeOneBigGameWindows6 September 2010
Chime Sharp Game Composer EditionTwistplay, Camille MeloChilled MouseWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Chimpact 1: Chuck's AdventureYippee EntertainmentYippee Entertainment, KISS ltdWindows11 November 2016
ChippyFacepunch StudiosWindows14 June 2019
Chivalry: Medieval WarfareChivalryTorn Banner StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux16 October 2012
ChoconoaMatthieu GoubyWindows1 February 2019
Chompy Chomp ChompUtopian World of SandwichesKISS ltdWindows16 May 2014
Choo-Choo! Train Rides!SeStudio Game Development TeamSeStudioWindows19 February 2018
ChopClaws Up GamesWindows, OS X, Linux13 September 2019
Chop is dishBoldPixelWindows28 November 2018
Christmas Cats RevengeAnamik MajumdarWindows, Linux13 December 2019
Chroma BlastWilliam CheekWindows, OS X, Linux23 June 2017
Chroma SquadBehold StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux30 April 2015
ChromalocityWrecked Angle StudiosWindows
ChromasiaNexus GamesWindows, OS X, Linux31 August 2017
ChromaticMarc-Antoine JacobMAJ StudioWindows17 July 2017
ChronacOuzWindows3 June 2019
Chronicles of GaldurvaleLuminous GamesWindows, OS X2020
ChroniconSubworldSubworldWindows, Linux21 August 2020
ChronologyBedtime Digital GamesWindows12 May 2014
ChronoraptorStudio 73Windows29 April 2019
ChronosChronosGunfire GamesGunfire Games, Oculus StudiosWindows24 March 2016
Chronos: Before the AshesChronosGunfire Games, THQ NordicTHQ NordicWindows1 December 2020
ChrysalisOWLandFOXWindows, OS X, Linux31 August 2019
Chuckie Egg 2017Downsideup GamesWindows2018
Chuckie Egg 2017 ChallengesDownsideup GamesWindows, OS X2018
CibosI AM A DOG studio
Ciel FledgeStudio NamaapaPQube LimitedWindows, Linux20 February 2020
Cinderella Escape!! RevengeCinderella EscapeHajime Doujin CircleWindows5 October 2017
Cineris Somnia
Circadian CityNowhere StudiosWay Down DeepWindows
Circle Rally PartyYvo GeldhofWindows10 April 2019
Circle of LifeDragon Whisper GameDragon Whisper Game, Gamera Game
Circle of SumoYonder, Strelka GamesStrelka GamesWindows, OS X2019
Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble!Yonder, Strelka GamesStrelka GamesWindows, OS X2019
Circles of HellUrban ghostsWindows14 April 2018
Circuit DudeJonathan Holmes (crait)Windows, OS X3 August 2017
Circuit SuperstarsOriginal Fire GamesSquare EnixWindows2020
Cirno's Perfect Summer VacationChaos Cute SoftWindows, OS X10 February 2020
CirrataAaron Ingersoll
Citadale - The Ancestral StrainCitadaleEzekiel RagePlug In DigitalWindows, OS X, Linux24 October 2018
Citadale: The Legends TrilogyCitadaleEzekiel RagePlug In DigitalWindows, OS X, Linux13 September 2017
CitadelMagisterion, 3DeverMagisterionWindows17 August 2016
Citadel: Forged with FireBlue Isle Studios, Virtual Basement, AbstractionBlue Isle StudiosWindows1 November 2019
Citizens of SpaceCitizensEden IndustriesSegaWindows18 June 2019
CitrouilleLumen SectionPlug In DigitalWindows, OS X, Linux4 November 2018
City Car DrivingForward DevelopmentForward Global GroupWindows3 November 2016
City ZLittle Cloud GamesWindows, OS X, Linux29 April 2016
City of BrassUppercut GamesWindows4 May 2018
City of ChainsAstronomic GamesNew Reality GamesWindows8 December 2015
ClaireHailstorm GamesWindows, OS X7 July 2014
Clan NCreamativeCreamative, Maple WhisperingWindows6 August 2020
Clandestinity of ElsieCole Neumann, Albin BernhardssonCole NeumannWindows8 July 2015
Clash Force
Clash of RobotsTimuz GamesWindows, OS X, Linux19 July 2017
Classic Racers
Claws of FurryTerahardWindows4 September 2018
CleaInvertMouseWindows, OS X, Linux7 June 2019
ClimbrosToucan StudioToucan SystemsWindows19 September 2019
Clinically DeadMogila GamesUltimate Games, PlayWayWindows12 December 2018
Clive 'N' WrenchDinosaur Bytes Studio
Clive Barker's JerichoClive BarkerMercurySteam, Alchemic ProductionsCodemasters, PlayONWindows23 October 2007
Cloak and DasherSpirit Stone StudioWindows, OS X, Linux
ClodhoppersClaymatic Games
Clone HeroStrikeLine TeamStrikeLine TeamWindows, OS X, Linux4 April 2017
Cloning ClydeNinjaBee, Bacon Wrapped GamesXbox Game Studios, NinjaBeeWindows15 March 2011
Close to the SunStorm in a TeacupWired ProductionsWindows2 May 2019
ClosureEyebrow InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux7 September 2012
Clothesline CarnageDerrick Wierzbicki, Ryan RothweilerDWI VideogamesWindows, OS X, Linux
Cloudberry KingdomPwnee StudiosUbisoftWindows31 July 2013
CloudbuiltCloudbuiltCoilworksRising Star GamesWindows20 March 2014
CloudpunkION LANDSWindows23 April 2020
Cloudy with a Chance of MeatballsUbisoft ShanghaiUbisoftWindows11 September 2009
Club Football 2005Kuju EntertainmentCodemastersWindows19 October 2004
ClunkAncient beastHypeTrain DigitalWindows2018
CoLabPixel FederationWindows15 December 2016
CobaltCobaltOxeye Game StudioMojangWindows2 February 2016
Code Name: OriginLatent StudiosWindows27 December 2017
Code ShifterLAND HO! Co.Arc System WorksWindows30 January 2020
Code VeinBandai Namco Entertainment, ShiftBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows27 September 2019
Coffee BreakJasonarioWindows
Coffee NoirDOJI, NAOS SoftwareDOJI
Coffee TalkToge ProductionsWindows, OS X29 January 2020
Coin CryptDumb and Fat GamesWindows, OS X18 November 2013
Cold HeartsOutstar, Memoriesin8bitWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Cold Silence
Colette's Sugar MadnessMark HillWindows5 October 2018
Colin McRae Rally 2.0
Colin McRae Rally 2005Colin McRae RallyCodemastersCodemasters, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X27 September 2004
Colin McRae: DiRTColin McRae RallyCodemastersWindows15 June 2007
CollapseCollapseCreoteamBuka EntertainmentWindows25 September 2008
CollapsedGlaive GamesWindows1 August 2019
Colonies EndRaw Orange Studios Limited 🍊🎮Windows
ColorDual Studios, Sam McGarryDual Studios
Color Cannons+Gage Melton, Matt SlifkaSymptomatic ProductionsWindows21 September 2018
Color JumperTallbeard StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux1 November 2017
Color SymphonyREMIMORYWindows15 September 2014
Colorful LifeOneironaut AcademyWindows17 July 2017
Colossal SagaParaverse GamesWindows2019
Colt CanyonRetrificHeadupWindows16 June 2020
Colum and His FriendsAdam KalbergWindows31 July 2019
Column on the SeaGriffin SnowWindows26 September 2019
ComancheComancheNUKKLEAR, Ashborne GamesTHQ NordicWindows
Combat ForceHaDe Games, Matt SowardsHaDe GamesWindows6 December 2019
Comedy NightLighthouse Games StudioWindows, Linux, OS X24 August 2017
Comet CrasherMika MolenkampWindows2019
CometStrikerIced Lizard GamesWindows, OS X, Linux2018
Comit in Cosmo Knight's RevengeComit the AstrodianLunarCore GamesWindows8 January 2019
Comit in Krater ReturnsComit the AstrodianLunarCore GamesWindows8 January 2019
Comit the Astrodian 3Comit the AstrodianLunarCore GamesWindows2 January 2018
Commander '85The MoonwallsUltimate Games
Commanders of ValorMoonlit Sky GamesWindows31 March 2020
CompliKATedLite MicrosystemsWindows, OS X, Linux5 October 2017
Conan Chop Chop
Conan Exiles
ConariumWindows, OS X, Linux
Concept DestructionThinice GamesRatalaika Games S.L., GrabTheGamesWindows2019
Conception II: Children of the Seven StarsConceptionSpike ChunsoftWindows16 August 2016
ConcluseConcluseStudio Snowspot, T Allen StudiosStudio SnowspotWindows, OS X2018
Concluse 2: The Drifting PrefectureConcluseStudio Snowspot, T Allen StudiosWindows, OS X2019
ConcursionPuubaMastertronicWindows, OS X6 June 2014
Condition RedNervtekWindows
Conglomerate 451RuneHeads1C CompanyWindows, OS X, Linux20 February 2020
Connectionism:Pain ControlMelancholia StudioWindows7 November 2018
Conran - The dinky RaccoonNifty ProductionsWindows13 April 2017
ConscriptCatchweight StudioWindows2021
Constant CInternational Games System Co.Windows7 March 2014
Construction Simulator 2 US - Pocket EditionConstruction SimulatorWeltenbauer.SEAstragon EntertainmentWindows12 September 2018
Constructor PlusConstructorSystem 3Windows, OS X27 May 2019
ContagionContagionMonochrome LLCWindows11 April 2014
ContingentDark Age Studios
Continue?9876543210Jason OdaWindows, OS X, Linux3 December 2013
Contra: Rogue CorpsContraToylogicKonamiWindows24 September 2019
ContraptionsMoragam, Co.Funbox MediaWindows2019
ContrastCompulsion GamesFocus Home InteractiveWindows15 November 2013
ContrastedDan HeadNoneWindows2018
ControlRemedy Entertainment505 GamesWindows27 August 2019
Cook, Serve, Delicious!Cook, Serve, Delicious!Vertigo GamingWindows, OS X, Linux8 October 2013
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!Cook, Serve, Delicious!Vertigo GamingWindows, OS X, Linux13 September 2017
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!Cook, Serve, Delicious!Vertigo GamingWindows, OS X14 October 2020
CopierreTiny Ghost StudiosWindows23 January 2018
Cops Kissing Each OtherHello Vikram
Core RescueHot Zombies GamesWindows21 December 2018
Cornerstone: The Song of TyrimOverflow GamesPhoenix Online PublishingWindows, OS X, Linux26 April 2016
Cornflake CrisisMike LaramanWindows, OS X2020
Cornflower CorbinLarry Martin, Phillip BrossiaAfterthought GamesWindows1 August 2017
Corporate PropertyGames AcademyWindows24 February 2012
Corpse Killer - 25th Anniversary Edition
Corpse MobOrganic Robot GamesWindows2018
Corpse Party: Book of ShadowsCorpse PartyMAGES., 5pb.XSEED, MarvelousWindows29 October 2018
Corpse Party: Sweet Sachiko's Hysteric Birthday BashCorpse PartyMAGES., 5pb.XSEED, MarvelousWindows10 April 2019
Cortex CommandData RealmsWindows, OS X, Linux28 September 2012
CorvetteSteel MonkeysTDK MediactiveWindows10 December 2003
Cosmi-Cave 64Hands!Windows19 July 2018
Cosmic KitesFishmoose InteractiveWindows
Cosmic Star HeroineZeboyd GamesWindows11 April 2017
Cosmo ChaserChoi JaewookRecordset SoftwareWindows20 June 2019
Cosmo's QuickstopBig Sir GamesWindows2018
CosmonautNeon ChasmWindows12 January 2018
CosmosaONEVISION GAMESWindows, OS X2019
CossanoxSteven RaganCossanox GamesWindows, Linux, OS X2019
Costume QuestCostume QuestDouble Fine ProductionsTHQ NordicWindows, OS X, Linux15 October 2011
Costume Quest 2Costume QuestDouble Fine ProductionsMidnight City, MajescoWindows, OS X, Linux7 October 2014
Couch Party Game NightDan HWindows
Couch VersusMubarak AlKhuzaeeWindows, OS X, Linux23 January 2019
CounterspellPunchButton Studios
Country ClubbingLabrodexWindows2 November 2019
Courier of the CryptsEmberheart GamesWindows18 April 2019
Court of AshesCratel StudiosWindows2019
Cow Catcher SimulatorDev4playFat Dog GamesWindows2019
Cozy GroveSpry FoxOS X, Windows19 March 2021
Crackdown 3CrackdownSumo Digital, Red Kite Games, Elbow Rocket, Certain Affinity, Cloudgine, Ruffian GamesXbox Game StudiosWindows15 February 2019
CraftopiaPOCKET PAIR, Inc.Windows4 September 2020
Cranked UpBBlack StudioWindows
Crappy Day Enhanced EditionTeamomegaWindows10 May 2017
Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About TimeCrash BandicootToys for Bob, Beenox, Activision Shanghai, Hardsuit Labs, Heavy Iron StudiosActivisionWindows26 March 2021
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane TrilogyCrash BandicootVicarious VisionsActivisionWindows29 June 2018
Crash Time 2Crash TimeSyneticMeridian4, RTL InteractiveWindows27 November 2008
Crash Time 3
Crash Time 4: The SyndicateCrash TimeSyneticDTP EntertainmentWindows23 December 2010
Crash Time 5: UndercoverCrash TimeSyneticDTP EntertainmentWindows28 September 2012
Crashday Redline EditionCrashdayMoonbyte Games2tainmentWindows10 August 2017
CrashlandsButterscotch ShenanigansWindows, OS X, Linux21 January 2016
Crate PunksChristian VandagriftSkypeakWindows, Linux22 November 2016
CrawlPowerhoofWindows, OS X, Linux11 April 2017
Crawlers and BrawlersUgly Beard GamesWindows, OS X, Linux22 August 2016
Crayola ScootClimax StudiosOutright GamesWindows16 October 2018
Crazy Ball RacingYellow Coat GamesWindows10 December 2021
Crazy Beat's JunctionIndie-duWindows, OS X
Crazy Eights 3D Premium
Crazy JusticeBlack Riddles StudioFig Publishing, Black Riddles Studio PublishingWindows, OS X, Linux2018
Crazy OttoExtend ModeWindows12 June 2016
Crazy Taxi (2011)Crazy Taxi, Dreamcast CollectionHitmakerSegaWindows4 March 2011
Crazy Taxi (Steam)Crazy Taxi, Dreamcast CollectionHitmakerSegaWindows16 September 2014
Crazy Taxi 3: High RollerCrazy TaxiHitmakerSegaWindows26 February 2004
Crazy VR Dance PartyWTF GamesWindows31 January 2020
CreaksAmanita DesignWindows, OS X10 July 2020
Creature in the WellFlight School Studio, MWM InteractiveFlight School StudioWindows6 September 2019
Creatures Inc.Little Beavers GamesWindows
Creeping TerrorNikkatsu Corporation, MebiusAksys GamesWindows31 October 2017
Creepy RoadGroovy MilkWindows, OS X18 May 2018
Creepy TaleDeqaf StudioWindows21 February 2020
Crescent HollowShadowInk DesignsWindows
Crew 167: The Grand Block OdysseyOddbreezeWindows8 April 2020
Cricket 19Ashes CricketBig Ant StudiosWindows30 July 2019
Crime GirlHelixFox GamesWindows, OS X, Linux17 September 2018
Crimsonland10tonsReflexive EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux2003
Crimzon Clover: World IgnitionYotsubaneDegicaWindows6 June 2014
Critter KartJames RoznickWindows, OS X, Linux13 September 2019
Croc 2CrocArgonaut GamesFox InteractiveWindows7 March 2000
CrocoMarsYah ShiRhino GamesWindows2 March 2018
CroixleurCroixleurSouvenir circ., Nyu MediaWindows14 August 2010
Croixleur SigmaCroixleurSouvenir circ.Nyu MediaWindows30 December 2013
Croixleur Sigma - Deluxe EditionCroixleurSouvenir circ., EdelweissAGM PLAYISMWindows19 November 2019
Crome: Before PurgatoryStumphead GamesWindows2019
Crongdor the BarbarianAnton GerdelanRipped WizardsWindows, OS X, Linux6 July 2016
Crookz - The Big HeistSkilltree StudiosKalypso MediaWindows, OS X, Linux25 August 2015
Cross Racing Championship 2005Invictus GamesProject Three Interactive, Graphsim EntertainmentWindows3 June 2005
Cross of the DutchmanWindows, OS X, Linux
CrossCodeRadical Fish GamesDeck13 InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux20 September 2018
CrossTrixJason FreeSteamWindows18 December 2018
Crossbow Warrior - The Legend of William TellMobyDick GamesScherrer MedienWindows, OS X10 December 2015
Crossing SoulsFouratticDevolver DigitalWindows, OS X, Linux13 February 2018
Crossy RoadCrossy RoadHipster WhaleYodo1Windows1 May 2015
Crowd SmashersTetedeBUGWindows
Crowman & WolfboyWither StudiosWindows, OS X2 June 2017
Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of DeceitTag of JoyWindows, OS X2020
CrowntakersBulwark StudiosKasedo GamesWindows, OS X, Linux7 November 2014
Crucial ThrowBrainduckWindows, OS X, Linux
CrumbleBrute ForceWindows, Linux4 December 2020
Crumbling World
Crumple ZoneOutOfTuneWindows2019
CrunchK7Windows17 June 2019
CrunchTimeUmiringo StudioNavila Software JapanWindows10 October 2019
Crusader CrashObadiah D LunaWindows1 August 2017
Crush (Salt & Pixel)Salt & PixelWindows, OS X
Cruz BrothersDCF Studios
Crying Is Not EnoughStoryline TeamWindows19 June 2018
Crypt of the NecrodancerBrace Yourself GamesBrace Yourself Games, Klei EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux23 April 2015
CryptarkCryptarkAlientrap GamesWindows, OS X, Linux20 June 2017
Crypto: Against All Odds
CryptographerFirebelleyWindows, OS X, Linux30 July 2019
CrysisCrysisCrytekElectronic ArtsWindows13 November 2007
Crysis 2CrysisCrytek, Crytek UKElectronic ArtsWindows22 March 2011
Crysis 3CrysisCrytek, Crytek UKElectronic ArtsWindows19 February 2013
Crysis RemasteredCrysisCrytek, Saber InteractiveCrytekWindows18 September 2020
Crysis: Warhead
Crystal Caves HDCrystal CavesEmberheart GamesApogee SoftwareWindows15 October 2020
Crystal CrisisNicalisWindows31 July 2019
Cthulhu Saves ChristmasCthulhu Saves the WorldZeboyd Digital EntertainmentWindows23 December 2019
Cthulhu Saves the WorldCthulhu Saves the WorldZeboyd GamesWindows, OS X13 July 2011
Cube Man
Cube MissionTuwi Michael NanningsNanningsGamesWindows16 January 2019
Cube MonsterARdigitCWindows29 March 2017
Cube ZoneBlazewingWindows
Cult of the Glitch KingJunolWindows2018
CupheadStudio MDHRWindows, OS X29 September 2017
Curious Expedition 2Curious ExpeditionMaschinen-MenschThunderfulWindows28 January 2021
Curse of the Dead GodsPasstech GamesFocus Home InteractiveWindows23 February 2021
Curse of the Great ForestCool Breeze GamesWindows15 April 2017
Curse: The Eye of IsisAsylum entertainmentMicroidsWindows24 October 2003
Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)Maldita CastillaLocomalito, Gryzor87Abylight StudiosWindows20 October 2016
CurvesJY GamesWindows
Cutthroat GunboatMinor FactionWindows15 August 2017
Cyanide & Happiness - FreakpocalypseExplosm, Skeleton Crew StudiosSerenity ForgeWindows11 March 2021
Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior
Cyber HookBlazing StickGraffiti GamesWindows24 September 2020
Cyber ShadowAarne "MekaSkull" HunzikerYacht Club GamesWindows, OS X, Linux26 January 2021
Cyber Surf
Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses OnlineHyperdimension NeptuniaIdea Factory, Compile Heart, TamsoftIdea FactoryWindows27 February 2018
CyberhuntNukGamesWindows19 May 2017
Cyberpunk ArenaAlexey GlinskiyWindows26 January 2018
Cyborg Ninja vs. The Third ReichAnarchy SoftworksWindows11 March 2019
Cycle 28Pill Bug InteractiveWindows2018
Cygni: All Guns BlazingKeelWorks
Cymatically MuffedKelsamWindows
D.R.O.N.E. The GameFive Studios InteractiveWindows
DAMNOSAUREvlanic EntertainmentWindows4 November 2018
DARQUnfold GamesWindows15 August 2019
DASH: Danger Action Speed HeroesBaby DukaWindows, Linux
DC Universe OnlineDCDimensional Ink GamesDaybreak Game CompanyWindows11 January 2011
DCL - The GameDrone Champions AG, Climax StudiosDrone Champions League, THQ NordicWindows, OS X18 February 2020
DCS WorldDigital Combat SimulatorEagle DynamicsThe Fighter CollectionWindows10 October 2008
DCS: A-10C WarthogWindows
DERU - The Art of CooperationInk KitWindows, OS X, Linux7 November 2018
DEXEDNinja TheoryWindows26 September 2016
DIRT 5Colin McRae RallyCodemasters CheshireCodemastersWindows5 November 2020
DLC QuestGoing Loud StudiosWindows, OS X18 March 2013
DOOMTANKUnibear StudioWindows, OS X, Linux12 June 2019
DOUBLE INVASION!!Goose Ladder GamesWindows11 December 2019
DRAGOrontes GamesWindows, Linux
DUMB InfernalBeem MediaWindows14 January 2020
DUNKYPUNGNathan MeunierWindows7 January 2019
DYOTeam DYOWindows14 February 2018
Dab on Darkness!Sigyaad TeamWindows16 June 2020
Dad QuestSundae MonthExcalibur PublishingWindows17 August 2018
Daedalus - The Awakening of Golden JazzNeiloArc System WorksWindows4 July 2019
Dain SquaresStorm Dain ProductionsWindows1 July 2019
Damaged In TransitWyatt Yeong, Diego Garcia, Greg HeffernanEverookWindows, OS X2019
Damascus Gear Operation Osaka HD EditionArc System WorksWindows6 March 2018
Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo HDArc System WorksWindows8 August 2017
Damn!7 Raven StudiosBack To Basics GamingWindows5 September 2017
DamnationBlue Omega EntertainmentCodemastersWindows22 May 2009
Damned DanielRed Mouse GamesWindows1 January 2019
Damned HoursDelusion ArtsWindows31 August 2017
DanCop - Daniela on DutyScrubbySquirrelSascha HopsteinWindows, OS X15 May 2019
Dancing with Anime Girls VRWTF GamesWindows14 February 2020
DandaraLong Hat HouseRaw FuryWindows, OS X, Linux6 February 2018
Dandy & RandyAsteristic Game StudioWindows
Dandy Dungeon - Legend of Brave Yamada -Onion GamesWindows, OS X28 November 2019
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye DespairDanganronpaSpike ChunsoftSpike ChunsoftWindows, OS X, Linux18 April 2016
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair GirlsDanganronpaSpike ChunsoftWindows27 June 2017
Danganronpa V3: Killing HarmonyDanganronpaSpike ChunsoftWindows26 September 2017
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy HavocDanganronpaSpike ChunsoftSpike ChunsoftWindows, OS X, Linux18 February 2016
Danger GazersShotX StudioWindows, Linux3 January 2020
Danger ScavengerPiotr Wolk, Star DriftersStar DriftersWindows, OS X, Linux25 March 2021
Danger ZoneDanger ZoneThree Fields EntertainmentWindows30 May 2017
Danger Zone 2
Dangerous DrivingThree Fields EntertainmentWindows9 April 2019
Dangerous GolfThree Fields EntertainmentWindows2 June 2016
Dariusburst Chronicle SavioursDariusPyramid, Taito, Chara-AniDegicaWindows3 December 2015
DarkRealmforge StudiosKalypso MediaWindows5 July 2013
Dark DataPixelfoot GamesThe IncubatorWindows, OS X24 July 2019
Dark DevotionWindows
Dark EnvoyEvent HorizonWindows2020
Dark LightMirari&Co.Windows, OS X2020
Dark MatterWindows, OS X, Linux
Dark MysteryYash Future Tech SolutionsWindows25 July 2017
Dark Nights with Poe and MunroThe Shapeshifting DetectiveD'Avekki StudiosWindows, OS X19 May 2020
Dark Rose ValkyrieIdea Factory, Compile HeartIdea FactoryWindows10 April 2018
Dark Running
Dark SectorDigital ExtremesAspyr Media, Noviy Disk, CI GamesWindows23 March 2009
Dark Souls IIDark SoulsFrom SoftwareBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows25 April 2014
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinDark SoulsFrom SoftwareBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows1 April 2015
Dark Souls IIIDark SoulsFrom SoftwareBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows12 April 2016
Dark Souls RemasteredDark SoulsFrom Software, QLOCBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows24 May 2018
Dark Tides
Dark Train: CoupeDark TrainPaperash studioWindows, OS X2019
Dark VoidDark VoidAirtight GamesCapcomWindows19 January 2010
Dark Void ZeroDark VoidOther Ocean InteractiveCapcomWindows12 April 2010
Dark Zone DefenseSupernatureWindows31 October 2019
DarkSpaceBlackSpace GamesWindows23 August 2019
Darkblood ChroniclesOmajBlossomsoftWindows30 November 2017
Darkest Depths
Darkest DungeonDarkest DungeonRed Hook StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux19 January 2016
Darkest WaveWindows
Darkness and a CrowdSeth AlbertusWindows14 December 2019
DarkourBrian EganaWindows, OS X, Linux11 November 2019
DarksburgShiro GamesWindows23 September 2020
DarksidersDarksidersVigil GamesTHQ, THQ NordicWindows23 September 2010
Darksiders GenesisDarksidersAirship SyndicateTHQ NordicWindows5 December 2019
Darksiders IIDarksidersVigil GamesTHQ, THQ NordicWindows14 August 2012
Darksiders II: Deathinitive EditionDarksidersVigil Games, Gunfire Games, THQ NordicTHQ NordicWindows5 November 2015
Darksiders IIIDarksidersGunfire GamesTHQ NordicWindows27 November 2018
Darksiders Warmastered EditionDarksidersKAIKO Games, Vigil GamesTHQ NordicWindows29 November 2016
DarkwoodAcid Wizard StudioWindows, OS X, Linux17 August 2017
Darts VR
Darwin's TestWolfalone StudioWindows7 December 2018
Dash BlitzX-Joy GamesWindows
Dashing DinosLost MountainWindows26 October 2016
DashkinBrackenwood Games Pty, Wrong DojoBrackenwood Games PtyWindows
Data Hacker: RebootData HackerNew Reality GamesWindows17 April 2015
Data Jammers: FastForward
Date A Live: Rio ReincarnationIdea Factory, Compile Heart, StingIdea FactoryWindows23 July 2019
DauntlessPhoenix LabsWindows26 September 2019
DavigoRoystan, RobcoWindows
Day of the Tentacle RemasteredManiac MansionDouble Fine ProductionsWindows, OS X, Linux21 March 2016
DaydreamerRoland StudiosAtlusWindows21 August 2015
DaylightZombie StudiosAtlusWindows29 April 2014
Daymare: 1998Invader StudiosDestructive Creations, All in! GamesWindows17 September 2019
Days GoneBend StudioPlayStation MobileWindows18 May 2021
De BlobDe BlobBlue Tongue EntertainmentTHQ NordicWindows27 April 2017
De Blob 2De BlobBlue Tongue Entertainment, BlitWorksTHQ NordicWindows22 June 2017
De Fobos y DeimosAlex redmiauWindows6 July 2018
Dead AgeDead AgeSilent DreamsHeadup GamesWindows, OS X, Linux4 November 2016
Dead Age 2Dead AgeSilent DreamsHeadupWindows, OS X, Linux12 March 2021
Dead AllianceIllFonic, Psyop GamesMaximum GamesWindows29 August 2017
Dead CellsMotion TwinWindows, OS X, Linux7 August 2018
Dead DropEthan WaiteWindows21 April 2017
Dead DungeonAlexey RoenkoWindows, OS X, Linux2018
Dead Dust
Dead Effect 2Dead EffectBadFly InteractiveWindows, OS X6 May 2016
Dead End JobAnt WorkshopHeadup GamesWindows, OS X, Linux7 October 2019
Dead IslandDead IslandTechlandDeep SilverWindows, OS X, Linux6 September 2011
Dead Island: Definitive EditionDead IslandTechlandDeep SilverWindows, Linux31 May 2016
Dead Island: RiptideDead IslandTechlandDeep SilverWindows22 April 2013
Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition
Dead Noir the HeartAundre RogersWindows20 October 2017
Dead Rain - New Zombie VirusTiny devboxWindows8 March 2018
Dead RisingDead RisingCapcomCapcomWindows13 September 2016
Dead Rising 2Dead RisingCapcom VancouverCapcomWindows28 September 2010
Dead Rising 2: Off the RecordDead RisingCapcom VancouverCapcomWindows11 October 2011
Dead Rising 3Dead RisingCapcom VancouverCapcomWindows5 September 2014
Dead Rising 4Dead RisingCapcom VancouverXbox Game Studios, CapcomWindows6 December 2016
Dead Secret CircleDead SecretRobot InvaderWindows, OS X1 May 2018
Dead SpaceDead SpaceVisceral GamesElectronic ArtsWindows20 October 2008
Dead Space 3Dead SpaceVisceral GamesElectronic ArtsWindows5 February 2013
Dead SpawnYZee GamesWindows20 September 2019
Dead StarArmature StudioWindows5 April 2016
Dead Static DriveFanclubWindows2020
Dead by DaylightBehaviour InteractiveStarbreeze Studios, Behaviour InteractiveWindows14 June 2016
Dead by DeathWei Shi, WILLSHWILLSHWindows18 July 2018
Dead in timeZelenov ArtemWindows
Dead or Alive 6Dead or AliveTeam NinjaKoei TecmoWindows1 March 2019
Dead or SchoolStudio NanafushiWindows3 June 2019
Dead6hotChuck ProductionsNew Reality GamesWindows1 February 2016
Deadbeat Heroes
Deadfall Adventures
Deadfall Tropics
Deadhaus SonataApocalypse Studios
Deadlight: Director's CutDeadlightTequila Works, AbstractionDeep SilverWindows21 June 2016
Deadly DaysPixelsplitAssemble Entertainment, WhisperGamesWindows, OS X, Linux19 September 2019
Deadly Kingdom
Deadly Premonition: The Director's CutDeadly PremonitionAccess Games, Corecell TechnologyRising Star GamesWindows31 October 2013
DeadpoolX-MenHigh Moon StudiosActivisionWindows25 June 2013
DeadrindsLone BuckshotWindows2019
Deadstick - Bush Flight Simulator
Dear EstherDear EstherThe Chinese RoomThe Chinese RoomWindows, OS X, Linux14 February 2012
Dear Esther: Landmark EditionDear EstherThe Chinese Room, Robert BriscoeCurve DigitalWindows, OS X14 February 2017
Death Come TrueIzanagiGames, Too Kyo Games, EsquadraIzanagiGamesWindows17 July 2020
Death CrownCO5MONAUTWindows23 August 2019
Death FungeonRitual GamesGrabTheGamesWindows7 August 2018
Death Gasp
Death Gasp VREpiXR GamesWindows13 December 2019
Death GoatTerminal PressWindows, OS X7 June 2016
Death MarkSpirit HunterExperienceAksys GamesWindows4 April 2019
Death MazeKonstructors Entertainment
Death Ray MantaThe Future Of VideogamesWindows17 September 2015
Death Road to Canada
Death SquaredSMG StudioWindows, OS X14 March 2017
Death StrandingKojima Productions505 GamesWindows14 July 2020
Death To The Dragon LordLeft Flank GamesWindows31 October 2019
Death TrashCrafting LegendsWindows, OS X, Linux
Death end re;QuestDeath end re;QuestIdea Factory, Compile HeartIdea FactoryWindows16 May 2019
Death end re;Quest 2Death end re;QuestIdea Factory, Compile HeartIdea FactoryWindows18 August 2020
Death in the WaterLighthouse Games StudioWindows, OS X10 October 2019
Death's GambitWhite RabbitAdult Swim GamesWindows14 August 2018
DeathSpankDeathSpankHothead GamesElectronic ArtsWindows, OS X25 October 2010
DeathSpank: Thongs of VirtueDeathSpankHothead GamesElectronic ArtsWindows, OS X30 November 2010
Deathbulge: Battle of the BandsDeathbulge, Five HousesDeathbulgeWindows, OS X, Linux2020
Deathless DungeonEmber WorksWindows, OS X2019
Deathmatch SoccerTwin SquidWindows
DeathopolisRitual GamesGrabTheGamesWindows2019
DeathsmilesCAVE Interactive CO.DegicaWindows10 March 2016
DebrisMoonray StudiosWindows, OS X2 October 2017
Debris Field
Debris InfinitySVC GamesWindows
Decay of LogosAmplify CreationsRising Star GamesWindows30 August 2019
Decaying WestCrystal Box TeamDagestan Technology
DeceiverHelvetica Scenario
DecoyMexondWindows, OS X, Linux
Deep Black: ReloadedBiartStrategy FirstWindows1 March 2012
Deep BlueIce Code GamesWindows, OS X, Linux17 May 2017
Deep Dark DungeonGlassCatsPsychoFlux EntertainmentWindows, OS X
Deep Diving SimulatorJujubeeWindows27 May 2019
Deep Diving VRJujubeeWindows2019
Deep FearAlexey GlinskiyWindows
Deep HorizonVentura ScienceWindows10 July 2017
Deep Rock GalacticGhost Ship GamesCoffee Stain StudiosWindows13 May 2020
DeepWebImageCodeWindows20 September 2018
Deer Hunter: ReloadedGame Mechanic StudiosGameMill EntertainmentWindows24 October 2017
Defend Home
Defender's Quest: Valley of the ForgottenDefender's QuestLevel Up LabsWindows, OS X, Linux19 January 2012
Defenders of EkronDefenders of EkronIn Vitro GamesWindows15 August 2017
Defenders of Ekron - Definitive EditionDefenders of EkronIn Vitro GamesWindows7 August 2018
Defense Grid 2
Defense Grid: The AwakeningDefense GridHidden Path EntertainmentWindows, OS X8 December 2008
Defense Technica
DefianceTrion WorldsWindows2 April 2013
Defiance 2050Trion WorldsWindows10 July 2018
Definitely Sneaky But Not SneakyBoxedworksWindows23 January 2019
DefragmentedGlass Knuckle GamesWindows, OS X, Linux12 February 2016
DefunctFreshly SqueezedSOEDESCO PublishingWindows29 January 2016
Dega MadnessJason KaldenbachWindows11 October 2018
DegaussFrozenCrateWindows, OS X, Linux3 November 2017
DeilandChibigWindows, OS X9 August 2018
DeleveledToasterFuelThe Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, ToasterFuelWindows, OS X, Linux10 September 2020
Deliver Us The MoonKeokeN InteractiveWired ProductionsWindows10 October 2019
Delta SquadEskemaGamesWindows, OS X29 May 2019
DeltaBlade 2700Handshake FirmDigiPen Institute of TechnologyWindows3 August 2019
DelveYOUR DEAD Videogame ProductionWindows2018
Dementium II HDMemetic Games, Renegade KidDigital TribeWindows17 December 2013
Demon King Domination: Deluxe EditionBelgerumWindows, OS X, Linux30 September 2018
Demon PitPsychic Software, DoomCubeDigerati DistributionWindows17 October 2019
Demon's Tilt
Demoniaca: Everlasting NightAKIValkyrie InitiativeWindows19 September 2019
DemoniconThe Dark EyeSkilltree StudiosKalypso MediaWindows24 October 2013
Demons AgeBigmoon EntertainmentWindows, OS X8 December 2017
DemonsAreCrazyBigbug StudioWindows
DemonsTierDaniel Fernandez ChavezDiabolical Mind
DepartureRG CrewFat Dog GamesWindows2019
DepixtionDepixtionDevHour GamesWindows, OS X17 June 2019
Depixtion: HalloweenDepixtionDevHour GamesWindows, OS X, Linux1 October 2019
DeploymentWhale Rock GamesWindows10 April 2018
Deported 2: Build That WallDeportedCrankage GamesWindows7 December 2018
Deported: Drain the Swamp
Depression QuestThe Quinnspiracy, Patrick Lindsey, Isaac SchanklerThe QuinnspiracyWindows, OS X, Linux14 February 2013
DepthDigital ConfectionersWindows3 November 2014
Depth of ExtinctionHOF StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux27 September 2018
DepthMeraDavid SofWindows, OS X27 July 2017
DerangeDark Gaia StudiosGrabTheGamesWindows2020
Derelict FleetBionic PonyWindows6 July 2017
Derpy CongaGiant DoorWindows2020
Derpy DinosBrandon Rivera-Melo, Joshua Levenson, Qinglin Mao, Andrew Liu, Aaron Desin, Nathan Rivera-MeloDerpy DinosWindows1 November 2017
DescendersRageSquidNo More RobotsWindows, OS X, Linux7 May 2019
Descent (upcoming)DescentDescendent Studios
Desert ChildOscar BrittainAkupara GamesWindows, OS X, Linux11 December 2018
DesolationBenjamin Misko, Calvin Bennett, Dean Cole, Andreucci Agustin, Bryant Salazar, Allan Zhang, David Serfaty, Dillan Gerrard, Micheal Dremo, Liam DyerDesolationWindows
DesolusMark J. Mayers
Desperados IIIDesperadosMimimi ProductionsTHQ NordicWindows, OS X, Linux16 June 2020
Destination Primus Vita - Episode 1: AustinEpsilon GamesWindows, OS X6 February 2018
Destiny 2BungieActivision, BungieWindows24 October 2017
Destiny or FateBlasterGameNetWindows, OS X, Linux5 September 2019
Destroy All Humans!Black Forest Games, Pandemic StudiosTHQ NordicWindows28 July 2020
Destroy Space Aliens
Destroyer: InvasionMFAFB GamesWindows14 July 2017
Destruction PaperLincoln on a Phone ProductionsWindows2018
Detached: Non-VR EditionDetachedAnshar StudiosWindows24 July 2018
DetectivezOsgoode MediaWindows2019
Detroit: Become HumanQuantic DreamWindows12 December 2019
Deus Ex: Human RevolutionDeus ExEidos MontrealSquare EnixWindows, OS X23 August 2011
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's CutDeus ExEidos MontrealSquare Enix, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X22 October 2013
Deus Ex: Mankind DividedDeus ExEidos Montreal, General ArcadeSquare Enix, Feral InteractiveWindows, Linux, OS X23 August 2016
Deus Ex: The Fall
Devil EngineProtoculture GamesDANGEN EntertainmentWindows2018
Devil May Cry 4Devil May CryCapcom1C CompanyWindows8 July 2008
Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition
Devil May Cry 5Devil May CryCapcomWindows8 March 2019
Devil May Cry HD CollectionDevil May CryCapcom, NeoBardsCapcomWindows13 March 2018
Devil's HuntLayopi Games1C CompanyWindows17 September 2019
Devolver BootlegDoinksoftDevolver DigitalWindows9 June 2019
Devolverland ExpoFlying Wild HogDevolver DigitalWindows11 July 2020
DevotionRed Candle GamesWindows, OS X19 February 2019
DexDreadlocks Ltd.Windows, OS X, Linux7 May 2015
DezatopiaHEYHanaji Games GKWindows, OS X, Linux23 January 2020
DiRT 3Colin McRae RallyCodemastersCodemasters, Feral InteractiveWindows, OS X24 May 2011
DiRT 4Colin McRae RallyCodemasters, Behaviour Interactive, Red Kite GamesWindows, OS X, Linux9 June 2017
DiRT RallyColin McRae RallyCodemastersCodemasters, Feral InteractiveWindows, Linux, OS X7 December 2015
DiRT Rally 2.0Colin McRae RallyCodemastersWindows26 February 2019
DiRT Showdown
Dialtown: Phone Dating SimDirectDoggo
Diamo XLNickervision StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux13 October 2017
DiamondBrandon Cassata
Diamond CavesDiamond productionsWindows15 November 2018
Diastone: ConfusionSouluted GamesWindows12 July 2019
Die Young
Die Young: PrologueDie YoungIndieGalaWindows15 June 2019
Die by the BladeToko Midori, Triple HillGrindstoneWindows17 January 2020
Die for Valhalla!Monster CouchWindows, OS X, Linux29 May 2018
Diesel AttackDmitriyMoiseev, BratAndronik, Anna AndreevaMates in Space, Uberbax GamingWindows2 December 2019
Diesel Brothers: Truck Building SimulatorCode HorizonWindows10 May 2019
Dig DogRusty Moyher, Matt GrimmWild RoosterWindows, OS X2018
Digby Extreme3 SprocketsWindows, OS X, Linux16 October 2017
DiggermanDigital MelodyForever EntertainmentWindows14 June 2019
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Complete EditionDigimonMedia.Vision, H.a.n.d.Bandai Namco EntertainmentWindows17 October 2019
DiluvionArachnid GamesGood Shepherd EntertainmentWindows, OS X2 February 2017
Dimension Drive2Awesome StudioWindows, OS X, Linux
DiminutiveBoundless StudiosWindows24 June 2019
Din's LegacyDinSoldak EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux28 August 2019
Diner BrosJAYFL GAMESWindows6 July 2018
Ding Dong VRNickervision StudiosWindows3 August 2018
Ding Dong XLNickervision StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux15 June 2018
Dino Crisis 2Dino CrisisCapcomWindows20 August 2002
Dino DeliveryFossil FriendsDigiPen Institute of TechnologyWindows26 April 2019
Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival
Dino Eggs: Rebirth
Dino gameSokpop CollectiveWindows, OS X18 March 2018
Disassembly LineBumfuzzled GibbonsWindows, OS X, Linux25 December 2017
Disaster Report 4: Summer MemoriesGranzella Inc.NIS AmericaWindows7 April 2020
Disc JamHigh Horse EntertainmentWindows7 March 2017
Disc Room (2016)Disc RoomKitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, DoseoneHumble BundleWindows, OS X, Linux5 August 2016
Disc Room (2020)Disc RoomKitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Terri Vellmann, DoseoneDevolver DigitalWindows, OS X, Linux22 October 2020
Discovr Egypt: King Tut's TombDiscovr LabsWindows11 April 2016
Discs of Steel PartyWombatgamesWindows15 October 2018
Disgaea 4 Complete+DisgaeaNippon Ichi SoftwareNIS AmericaWindows10 September 2020
Disgaea 5 CompleteDisgaeaNippon Ichi SoftwareNIS AmericaWindows22 October 2018
Disgaea PCDisgaeaNippon Ichi SoftwareNIS AmericaWindows24 February 2016
DishonoredDishonoredArkane StudiosBethesda SoftworksWindows9 October 2012
Dishonored 2DishonoredArkane StudiosBethesda SoftworksWindows11 November 2016
Dishonored: Death of the OutsiderDishonoredArkane StudiosBethesda SoftworksWindows15 September 2017
DisintegrationV1 InteractivePrivate DivisionWindows16 June 2020
DisjunctionApe Tribe GamesSold OutWindows28 January 2021
Dismantle: Construct CarnageGreat HelmWindows13 February 2019
Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion KingDisney's Aladdin, Disney's The Lion KingDigital Eclipse SoftwareDisney, Nighthawk InteractiveWindows29 October 2019
Disney Infinity 3.0Disney InfinityAvalanche Software, Blind Squirrel Games, Heavy Iron Studios, Ninja Theory, Sumo Digital, United Front GamesDisney Interactive Studios, LucasArtsWindows29 October 2015
Disney UniverseEurocomDisney Interactive StudiosWindows25 October 2011
Disneyland AdventuresDisney ParksFrontier Developments, Asobo StudioXbox Game StudiosWindows31 October 2017
Disobedient SheepSicklyDove gamesWindows, OS X, Linux2019
DisorientedBrickCreamWindows21 November 2016
DisparityTamationgamesWindows5 October 2017
Disputed SpaceShilohGamesWindows
Dissidia Final Fantasy NTFinal FantasyTeam NinjaSquare EnixWindows12 March 2019
Dissimilated LandAbnormal core studioGgame studioWindows
Distant Space 2Distant SpacePixelMouseWindows2 November 2017
DistortionsAmong GiantsWindows2 March 2018
Distraint 2DistraintJesse MakkonenWindows13 November 2018
Disturbed 2Brad MooreWindows, OS X, Linux2018
Dive: StarpathGravity Well StudiosWindows6 February 2018
DivekickIron Galaxy Studios, One True Game StudiosWindows20 August 2013
DivideExploding Tuba StudiosWindows17 November 2017
Divinia Chronicles: Relics of Gan-TiTeam MonkeyWindows
Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced EditionDivinityLarian StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux27 October 2015
Divinity: Original Sin IIDivinityLarian StudiosWindows14 September 2017
Divinity: Original Sin II - Definitive EditionDivinityLarian StudiosWindows, OS X31 August 2018
DivinoidsCatpadHumble BundleWindows3 April 2020
DivinumSigil GamesWindows2021
DmC: Devil May CryDevil May CryNinja TheoryCapcomWindows25 January 2013
DoDonPachi ResurrectionCAVE Interactive CO.DegicaWindows13 October 2016
Dodgeball RisingAsakusa StudiosHappinetWindows
Dog Fight Super Ultra DeluxeMightyCodeDragonWindows2018
Dog Gone GolfingVagabond DogWindows29 August 2017
Dog-ONooskewlWindows, OS X, Linux2020
Dogfight 1942CI GamesWindows21 September 2012
Doggo Dig DownRoppy Chop StudiosWindows, OS X2018
DogoPixel BaronsWindows21 August 2017
Dogs of Wall StreetTeamSmoothBear
Dogstar2Dog GamesWindows12 December 2017
DoguraiHungry Bear Games
Dollar DashCandygun GamesKalypso MediaWindows6 March 2013
DolmenMassive Work StudioWindows2019
Dolphin UpRawkins GamesWindows, OS X, Linux4 May 2017
Domain DefenseDomain DefenseInclusion StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux14 July 2016
Domain Defense VRDomain DefenseInclusion StudiosWindows11 May 2017
DomiverseHaunted TieWindows, OS X, Linux7 March 2018
Don't Be AfraidBroken Arrow Games, Hydra Games, Limo GamesHydra GamesWindows17 December 2020
Don't Bite Me Bro!MUIFWEGOWindows, OS X, Linux2018
Don't Die, Minerva!XaviantXaviant GamesWindows
Don't Give Up: A Cynical TaleTristan BaronaTaco Pizza Cat GamesWindows, OS X, Linux
Don't Knock TwiceWales InteractiveWindows5 September 2017
Don't MoveStvrWindows, OS X, Linux12 September 2013
Don't Pick On The Fat KidAlmighty GamesWindows
Don't Play With Dolls
Don't SinkSebastian Nigro, Christopher Anselmo, Daniel MarquesSebastian NigroWindows, Linux, OS X13 April 2018
Don't Starve TogetherDon't StarveKlei EntertainmentWindows, OS X, Linux21 April 2016
Don't Tax Me, Bro!TibithWindows5 June 2017
DonDon Busters!!ArtiknappaWindows31 January 2020
Dongo Adventure
DontbegreyFiddenmarWindows, Linux15 August 2017
Donut CountyBen EspositoAnnapurna InteractiveWindows, OS X28 August 2018
Donut ShopRyan BissonnetteWindows31 August 2018
Doodle CreaturesDoodleJoyBitsWindows, OS X, Linux2019
Doodle Derby
Doodle GodDoodleJoyBitsWindows, OS X, Linux23 June 2010
Doodle JamboreeMike LaramanWindows26 September 2017
Doom & DestinyDoom & DestinyHeartbit InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux2012
Doom & Destiny AdvancedDoom & DestinyHeartbit InteractiveWindows, OS X, Linux16 November 2016
Doom & Destiny WorldsDoom & DestinyHeartbit InteractiveWindows18 September 2020
Doom (2016)DoomId Software, Certain Affinity, Bethesda Game Studios Dallas, Bethesda Game Studios AustinBethesda SoftworksWindows13 May 2016
Doom 64DoomMidway Games, Id Software, Nightdive StudiosBethesda SoftworksWindows20 March 2020
Doom 64 EXDoomMidway GamesWindows, OS X10 July 2008
Doom ClassicDoomId Software, Nerve SoftwareBethesda SoftworksWindows9 January 2020
Doom EternalDoomId SoftwareBethesda SoftworksWindows20 March 2020
Doom II ClassicDoomId Software, Nerve SoftwareBethesda SoftworksWindows9 January 2020
Doom VFRDoomId Software, Bethesda Game Studios DallasBethesda SoftworksWindows1 December 2017
Door Kickers: Action SquadDoor KickersPixelShard, Killhouse GamesKillhouse GamesWindows10 September 2018
Doorways: Holy Mountains of FleshDoorwaysSaibot StudiosWindows, OS X, Linux10 August 2016
Doraemon: Story of SeasonsDoraemon, Story of SeasonsMarvelous, BrowniesBandai Namco EntertainmentWindows10 October 2019
Dorifto ChallengePablo Vidaurre SanzPablo Vidaurre SanzWindows
Double Cross13AM GamesGraffiti GamesWindows10 January 2019
Double Dragon NeonDouble DragonWayForward TechnologiesMajesco, Midnight CityWindows6 February 2014
Double Dragon TrilogyDouble DragonTechnōs Japan, East Technology, DotEmuWindows15 January 2015
Double SwitchDigital Pictures, Screaming VillainsWindows11 December 2018
Double TurnInwave LabsWindows, OS X, Linux
Doughlings: ArcadeDoughlingsHero ConceptWindows, OS X8 May 2018
Doughlings: InvasionDoughlingsHero ConceptWindows