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Parent company

Atlus is a Japanese video game developer and publisher, and is a subsidiary of Sega.

The company was founded as Atlus Co., Ltd on April 7, 1986, but did not enter the PC gaming market until 1999 with Megami Ibunroku Persona.

Atlus was acquired by Takara in October 2003, but was later sold to Index Corporation (then-Index Holdings) in 2006 and had been a subsidiary until It was merged with Index in 2010, with Atlus becoming its video game development division. In June 2013, Index Corporation had filed bankruptcy and was later acquired by Sega Sammy Holdings and all operations of Index (including Atlus) were transferred to the existing Sega Dream Corporation on November 1, 2013, which was renamed to Index Corporation on the same day.

On February 18, 2014, Sega separate the contents and solution businesses from the company and into the newly established Index Corporation, with the old Index Corporation being renamed to Atlus Co., Ltd. once again.

Games developed

Games published