Persona 4 Golden

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Persona 4 Golden
Persona 4 Golden cover
Windows Preapp Partners
Release dates
Windows June 13, 2020
Metacritic 87
OpenCritic 86
Modes Singleplayer
Pacing Turn-based
Genres JRPG
Art styles Anime
Themes Detective/mystery, Japan, Supernatural
Series Persona
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Persona 4 Golden is the PC port of the detective/mystery JRPG game of the same name for PlayStation Vita from 2012, itself a remaster of the original Persona 4 released in 2008 for Playstation 2. While the PlayStation Vita version expanded upon the original PlayStation 2 title with new features, story elements, characters, spoken lines, anime cutscenes, and more, the PC version adds the ability to choose between English and Japanese voice acting, and focuses on improving the technical state of the game and features enhanced graphics, upscaled cinematics, and support for an uncapped variable framerate.[1][2] The development of the PC port was led by Atlus with assistance from Preapp Partners.[3]

The game was released on Steam on June 13, 2020 following a surprise announcement on the PC Gaming Show the same day.[4] In a port analysis posted on IGN and written by guest writer and modder Peter "Durante" Thoman of PH3 Games, he described the version as "a fantastic way to play [the] game, with solid graphics options, arbitrary resolution and framerate support, relatively fast loading times, and good support for remappable keyboard controls," and went on to mention that "even the minor online aspects of the 'Golden' version were faithfully ported."[5]

General information

Steam Community Discussions


Source DRM Notes Keys OS
Gamesplanet logo.svg
Icon overlay.png
Digital Deluxe Edition also available.
Humble Store
Icon overlay.png
Digital Deluxe Edition also available.
Microsoft Store (unavailable)
Microsoft Store
Included with Xbox Game Pass for PC.
Icon overlay.png
Digital Deluxe Edition also available.
Uses Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM.

Version differences[edit]

Digital Deluxe Edition includes an 18 page artbook in PDF format and soundtrack containing 9 tracks in 160kbps MP3 format.

Essential improvements[edit]

Special K[edit]

Fixes motion blur, DPI scale and frame pacing issues with the game. For pre-configured standalone version for this game, see here.
Incompatible with newer versions of the P4G mod loader.

Skip intro logos and movie[edit]

Overwrite bytes in P4G.exe[6]

Video tutorial

  1. Open P4G.exe in a hex editor.
  2. Replace the bytes starting at location 0x40234CC with 68 1A AE 7E 25 C3.
  3. Save changes and close the hex editor.

Game data[edit]

Configuration file(s) location[edit]

System Location
Windows %LOCALAPPDATA%\Sega\P4G\P4G.ini
Steam Play (Linux) <Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/1113000/pfx/[Note 1]

Save game data location[edit]

System Location
Windows <Steam-folder>\userdata\<user-id>\1113000\remote\
Steam Play (Linux) <Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/1113000/pfx/[Note 1]
It is possible to unofficially transfer save game data from the Vita version of the game. See using PlayStation Vita save files.

Save game cloud syncing[edit]

System Native Notes
Steam Cloud
Xbox Cloud


Display options
Display options
Graphics options
Graphics options

Graphics feature State Notes
Widescreen resolution
Aspect ratios narrower than 16:9 are letterboxed.
Pillarboxed. See the related WSGF thread or use the related patcher.
4K Ultra HD
Field of view (FOV)
Borderless fullscreen windowed
Anisotropic filtering (AF)
Off, Low and High settings available.
Anti-aliasing (AA)
Post-process AA with an On/Off toggle; SSAA through "Rendering Scale" up to 200%. Adjusting the render scale will also change the resolution of HUD elements.
Vertical sync (Vsync)
60 FPS and 120+ FPS
A small number of effects (such as the health bar) are tied to the frame rate and incorrectly animate at higher than 30 FPS.
Motion blur is tied to frame rate; its effect is reduced as FPS increases.
Exclusive fullscreen forces 60 Hz refresh rate.
Disabling Vsync or playing in borderless fullscreen enables 120 FPS cap.[7]
High dynamic range display (HDR)
See the glossary page for potential alternatives.


Keyboard and mouse State Notes
Left click works as secondary action button, right as secondary cancel, these cannot be rebound. Does not respect Windows primary mouse button setting. Valid key bindings are heavily restricted, generally to the alphanumerical and modifier keys.
Mouse acceleration
Windows cursor used, only usable in menus.
Mouse sensitivity
Camera angle is fixed.
Mouse input in menus
Mouse Y-axis inversion
Controller support
Full controller support
Controller remapping
Controller sensitivity
Referred to as "Camera Speed".
Controller Y-axis inversion
Referred to as "Inverted Camera".
Controller types
XInput-compatible controllers
Xbox button prompts
Impulse Trigger vibration
DualShock 4 controllers
DualShock button prompts
Light bar support
Connection modes V1, V2, Wired, Bluetooth, Wireless adapter
Generic/other controllers
Specific controllers only.[8]
Button prompts
Switch Pro Controller has face buttons reversed to match the controller's button layout.[9]
Additional information
Controller hotplugging
Haptic feedback
The game is based on the PlayStation Vita version which didn't feature any haptic feedback, only the original PlayStation 2 version has haptic feedback support.[10]
Simultaneous controller+KB/M
Controller inputs and prompts prioritized.
Steam Input
Steam Input API support
Hook input (legacy mode)
Official controller preset(s)
Steam Controller button prompts
Steam controller prompts used for all controllers enabled in Steam's controller settings. See here for instructions on how to disable Steam input (or to exclude the game) to get controller specific prompts.
Cursor detection


Audio options
Audio options

Audio feature State Notes
Separate volume controls
Sliders for BGM, SE, and Voice. Can be set in intervals of 1, from 0-10.
Surround sound
FMV cutscenes only.
Referred to as "Anime Subtitles" in Game Options. Toggleable on/off.
Closed captions
Mute on focus lost


Language UI Audio Sub Notes
Traditional Chinese

Issues unresolved[edit]

All-Out Attack causing hitching and FPS drops[edit]

A common issue without a known cause or an always working solution.

Issues fixed[edit]

Lagging videos[edit]

Certain video files' bitrate exceeds 30 Mbps, resulting in hard drive speed related loading stutter.
Set Animation Quality to Low

An Animation Quality setting was added to the Graphics config page in Version 1.1.


Game won't start, saying "Setup Error – System does not meet the Minimum Requirements"
Delete or Rename "d3d11.dll"
  • Go to the game directory
  • Delete or rename d3d11.dll or other directx's related .dll

Video cutscenes being automatically skipped[edit]

Some people had this issue when the game was installed on release date and this issue is fixed by game update.
People running into this issue are running the game on integrated intel GPU. These are not supported by the game.
Use hardware that is listed on games minimum system requirements
  • Use GPUs and GPU features listed as minimum requirement in system requirements.
  • If you are running dual GPU system, make sure that the game is running on dedicated Nvidia or AMD GPU instead of integrated intel GPU.


Game is reported to work on intel GPUs outside this, but there's no knowledge of what exactly is causing the issues with video cutscenes.

Only 1920x1080 resolution available on higher resolution monitors[edit]

The game doesn't appear to be DPI aware and having DPI set to anything other than 100% in Windows triggers this behavior.
Use Special K
Use DPI compatibility setting for the game executable[11]
  1. Navigate into <path-to-game> and open properties of P4G.exe.
  2. Open the Compatibility tab, press Change high DPI settings.
  3. Check Overwrite high DPI scale settings and select Application from the dropdown.
  4. Accept changes by closing open windows with OK.
Run the game in windowed mode and restart
  1. Navigate to Settings > Display and set Screen Mode to Windowed.
  2. Exit the game
  3. The next time the game starts, higher resolutions should be available under Settings > Display > Screen Mode.
After changing to the desired resolution, Screen Mode can be set to borderless or fullscreen without further issues.
Change Windows DPI to 100%[11]
  1. Open Windows Settings appSystemDisplay
  2. Under Scale and layout, change percentage to 100%

Game process silently closes before displaying anything[edit]

For N and KN versions of Windows 10

Install missing media feature pack
  1. In Start menu type in Apps and features and hit Enter.
  2. Navigate to Optional features then Add a feature.
  3. Search for Media Feature Pack and install it.
  4. Restart computer.

Game doesn't launch, immediately closes[edit]

RTSS (RivaTunerStatisticsServer) can be the cause of this problem. It is recommended to close RTSS and launch the game again.

Very low fps on decent specs PC, automatically skipped cutscenes[edit]

NVIDIA Control Panel automatically chooses the integrated graphics setting for this game if you have multiple GPUs.
Change which GPU the game uses in NVIDIA Control Panel
  1. Right-click on the Desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Program Settings in Manage 3D Settings.
  3. Press Add and select the location of Persona 4 Golden executable (it is found in the game installation folder).
  4. From the dropdown menu under the application select High-performance NVIDIA processor.
  5. Press Apply.

Game uses incorrect refresh rate[edit]

The game may default to the lowest supported refresh rate of the monitor.
Override refresh rate with Special K[12]
  1. Download the latest release of Special K.
  2. Copy SpecialK32.dll to the game folder, and rename it to dxgi.dll.
  3. Run the game once, and close it to allow the configuration file of Special K to be created.
  4. Open dxgi.ini, and change RefreshRate=-1.0 to desired hertz; e.g. RefreshRate=120.
Override refresh rate with 3Dmigoto[citation needed]
  1. Download 3Dmigoto.
  2. Open x32 and copy the files to <path-to-game>.
  3. Open d3dx.ini.
  4. Change ;refresh_rate=60 to desired hertz; e.g. refresh_rate=120.
  5. Change hunting=1 to ;hunting=1 by adding a semicolon.

Other information[edit]


Technical specs Supported Notes
Direct3D 11
Executable 32-bit 64-bit Notes


P4G Community Enhancement Pack[edit]

A collection of enhancement mods that improve on the base game in a variety of ways.

Featured websites[edit]

GameBanana - Hosts a large number of user-created mods for Persona 4 Golden.

Featured mods[edit]


No middleware information; you can edit this page to add it.

Using PlayStation Vita save files[edit]

Error game displays when loading Vita version save file for the first time.
Error game displays when loading Vita version save file for the first time.
As the game save data is identical with Vita version of the game, it is possible to copy games save file and use it with PC version of the game with very little work.
This requires a modded Vita in order to decrypt and transfer the save game data to PC!
Transfer save file from Vita to PC[13]
  1. Start the game and create new save files on same slots that are going to be copied from the PlayStation Vita later.
  2. On Vita, open Vitashell, navigate to UX0:user/00/savedata/
  3. Go over folder with games ID (US: PCSE00120, EU: PCSB00245, JP: PCSG00563), hit triangle button and select option open decrypted.
  4. Press select to open FTP server or USB transfer and copy the files from the previous path to the computer.
  5. Navigate into save game data folder and transfer the copied files from Vita into the folder, overwriting the previously made new save files.
  6. Generate MD5 hash of dataXXXX.bin, then open corresponding dataXXXX.binslot in hex editor. Replace the address from 0x18 to 0x27 with generated MD5 hash. (Example, source.)
  7. Open the game and load up the save game file. The information on the save file will be the same as initially saved on PC and there will be a warning window after trying to load the game save file (see image on right). Click OK on warning and Vita game save file should be loaded. Save the game to fix the information of the game save slot.


Fixing the binslot checksum also allows PC save data that has been edited with tools designed for PS Vita save data to work (no Vita required).
If there are issues with generating the MD5 and hex editing files, see this Python program for a command-line utility to automatically apply the necessary changes to binslot files.

System requirements[edit]

Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS) 8.1
Processor (CPU) Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
AMD Phenom II X2 550
System memory (RAM) 2 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD) 14 GB
Video card (GPU) Nvidia GeForce GTS 450
ATI Radeon HD 5770
DirectX 11 compatible
Runs on Windows 7 despite minimum Operating System requirements


  1. 1.0 1.1 File/folder structure within this directory reflects the path(s) listed for Windows and/or Steam game data (use Wine regedit to access Windows registry paths). Games with Steam Cloud support may store data in ~/.steam/steam/userdata/<user-id>/1113000/ in addition to or instead of this directory. The app ID (1113000) may differ in some cases. Treat backslashes as forward slashes. See the glossary page for details.


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