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Controller:Steam Controller

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For a list of games, see List of games that support Steam Input API.

Steam Controller
Steam Controller cover
XInput support
Connection method
USB-Micro, Bluetooth, Wireless dongle
Steam Deck
Steam Controller on Wikipedia

Key points

Connects via micro USB cable, Bluetooth, or wireless pairing dongle (included with the controller).
Analog dual-stage triggers (similar to the Nintendo GameCube controller's triggers).
Adds full controller support to virtually any game because of Steam Input integration with high customization and being able to use XInput, keyboard and mouse inputs.
Can sync configurations across computers by Steam account.
Does not function as a controller when used without Steam running (shows up as an HID device).[1] It can resolved by using unofficial tools.

General information

Official site
Steam Community Discussions
See Steam Client changelog and Steam Client Beta changelog for controller and controllers firmware updates.
Steam Controller Database for controller configurations outside of Big Picture mode's community configs.


  • Motion sensing: 6 axis motion sensing (3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyroscope)
  • 1 × clickable analog stick: CS
  • 2 × clickable trackpads
  • 2 × clickable dual-stage analog triggers: LT, RT
  • 2 × digital shoulder buttons: LB, RB
  • 7 × digital buttons: A, B, X, Y, sᴛᴀʀᴛ, ʙᴀᴄᴋ, Steam
  • 2 × digital back buttons: LG, RG


Source DRM Notes Keys OS
Steam (unavailable)
DRM details are not known
Delisted in early December 2019, and ceased production around that time.
macOS (OS X)

Use with PC platforms


Install/open the Steam client, go into Big Picture mode, then press the Steam button on the controller to turn it on and begin setup.
Custom application reWASD lets remap whole controller and works without Steam application running. Software gives advanced customization options eg. reassigning paddles to keyboard or mouse actions, macros, activate custom modes etc.
Unofficial standalone driver exists, albeit the functionality is limited comparing to its Linux counterpart or Steam.


Supports Steam controller via Bluetooth adapter, native dongle or cable,
Paddles, touchpads, gyroscope and Steam button can be remapped.
Since reWASD 5.5.1 update, Soft Press and Full Press triggers can be mapped separately.[2]
Can emulate the virtual DualShock 4 to play PS4 Remote Play or PS Now.
Can emulate the virtual Xbox 360 controller to play XInput compatible games.
Global config of Steam controller needs to be hidden from the system and other apps.
Custom configs for Steam controller can be found in official Community Configs Library maintained by reWASD users.


Install/open the Steam client, go into Big Picture mode, then press the Steam button on the controller to turn it on and begin setup.
Is prone to more issues than Windows and Linux.[citation needed]


Install/open the Steam client, go into Big Picture mode, then press the Steam button on the controller to turn it on and begin setup.
Can work standalone without Steam by using custom driver and GUI.
For the Linux kernel version, 4.18 and above, the Steam Controller can be recognized a gamepad without Steam running.


Capable of making full use of Steam Input.

Steam Link compatibility

Native support. Wired or wireless works. All buttons are mapped correctly.
Works without any drivers on any operating system that supports Steam.
Can be used just to send input from a controller to a PC. Go into Streaming options, hit Y and disable video and audio streaming.
Won't work great unless the streaming device is connected to LAN or a low latency Wi-Fi.


Configuration menu.
Configuration menu.
Refer to Controller Configurator on how to configure the controller.

Supported style of input options

Style of Input options in the controller configurator.
Style of Input options in the controller configurator.
Style of Input options are available for both trackpads, the analog stick, and the ABXY face buttons.
  • Mouse - Operates as a mouse. Will control any mouse-based interface such as a cursor or in-game camera.
  • Mouse Region - Use mouse input on a certain area on the screen; for example, moving around the minimap in a strategy game.
  • Touch Menu - Can make a menu that appears to use certain inputs; for example, making a weapon select for a game like Doom.
  • Scroll Wheel - Will operate as a scroll wheel.
  • Directional Pad - Operates as a D-Pad. Any input can be assigned. Allows Diagonal pressing compared to Button Pad, but is missing Turbo options.
  • Button Pad - Operates as a button pad. Any input can be assigned. Doesn't allow Diagonal pressing but allows Turbo buttons (repeat inputs very quickly).
  • Joystick Move - Simulates a joystick. Intended for traditional joystick applications, like a twin-stick shooter.
  • Joystick Camera - Intended to control a camera. Can simulate the left and right joysticks, and also a mouse.
  • Mouse Joystick - Simulates a mouse but with joystick input. Intended for games that don't allow simultaneous mouse and controller input, like Fallout 4.

Support in games

The controller should be compatible with almost every game via its Steam Input integration, although the level of support depends on the game. Refer to supported games for Steam Input for details.
GloSC is an unofficial tool that applies systemwide Steam Overlay. Useful for Microsoft Store games and other cases where Steam Overlay doesn't work properly.

Games with API supports

List of games that support Steam Input API

Games with Steam button prompts

List of games with Steam Controller button prompts
List of games with Xbox button prompts (in regards to face buttons, the left stick, and shoulder buttons)

Games with official controller bindings

List of games that support Steam Input presets

Issues fixed

Games with native support don't work

Opt out of the Steam Client Beta[citation needed]
  1. In the Steam client, go to Settings.
  2. In the General tab, under Beta participation, click CHANGE...
  3. In the drop-down list, select NONE - Opt out of all beta programs and restart Steam.

Other information

Technical information

Installs itself as keyboard and mouse combo device, instead of controller and doesn't appear on Windows "Game Controllers" list.
Device name: Steam Controller (4x HID compliant vendor-defined device), HWID: 28DE:1102 (controller) 28DE:1142 (dongle)

Steam Not Running (aka Lizard Mode)

The Steam Controller can be used as a mouse+keyboard remote for your computer. However, its behavior is very basic if Steam is not running in the background.
Controller button Button label and axis
Stick Arrow Keys
Left pad Arrow Keys (Press)
Right pad Mouse Cursor
A Enter
B Escape
LT Mouse Right Click
RT Mouse Left Click
Back Tab
Start Escape

Steam Running in Background

You can customize these bindings in Settings → Controller → Configurations → Desktop configuration[3]
Controller button Button label and axis
A Enter
B Spacebar
X Page Up
Y Page Down
LB Ctrl
RB Alt
LT Mouse Right Click
RT Mouse Left Click
Back Tab
Start ESC
Left stick Open On-Screen Keyboard (Press), Arrow Keys
Left pad Mouse Wheel (Circular Gesture), Mouse Middle Click (Press)
Right pad Shift (Press), Mouse Cursor
Left grip Browser Back
Right grip Browser Forward
Guide button Guide button

Input lag

Wired connection input lag: 5.9 ms for button press and 8.8 ms for joystick move.[4]
Wireless connection input lag: 11.1 ms for button press and 13.7 ms for joystick move. Bluetooth connection input lag: 13.3 ms.[4]
Connection Input lag
USB (button press) 5.9 ms (± 2.8 ms)
USB (joystick move) 8.8 ms (± 2.7 ms)
2.4GHz Dongle (button press) 11.1 ms (± 3.0 ms)
2.4GHz Dongle (joystick move) 13.7 ms (± 2.9 ms)
Bluetooth (button press) 13.3 ms (± 3.9 ms)