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Category:Controllers with gyroscope

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A gyroscope is a device that measures or maintains rotational motion. It is typically used in navigation and guidance systems, but it has also found applications in video games through gyro sensors that track the movement and orientation of gaming controllers. Gyro aiming is a technique used in first-person shooters and other games requiring precise movements. It allows players to aim by tilting their controller equipped with a gyroscope.

The gyroscope measures the angular velocity of the gun, which can be used to directly calculate the orientation. Gyro aiming can be combined with other methods, such as traditional joystick control or head tracking. It provides a more natural and comfortable way to aim, allowing players to make smaller, more precise adjustments to their aim while using the joystick for gross movements. Gyro controls can bring mouse-like precision to the player’s control.

For general information, see List of games that support tracked motion controllers in non-VR gameplay.