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Astro C40 TR
Astro C40 TR cover
XInput support
DualShock 4

Key points

Uses regular USB interface and DirectInput standard, making it useable with PC out of the box.
Officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.
It's possible to switch between PS4 mode and PC (Xinput) mode.
Has swappable, replaceable analog stick and D-Pad modules.
Hes remappable paddles, allowing for multiple configurations and increased speed and accuracy for any playstyle and any genre (no PC software required).
Seamless performance in wired or wireless modes with high-fidelity wireless audio.
No Bluetooth; requires USB receiver for wireless control.
Paddles cannot be rebinded by 3rd party software as they are not sending their own signals, just simulate existing ones.
More than 12 hours of battery life.

General information

Official ASTRO Gaming website


Use with PC platforms[edit]


Connecting the controller should automatically download and install latest drivers for the controller.

XInput wrapping[edit]

Acting as native DirectInput controller, it's possible to use any of the generic wrappers. See the controller article for those.


This controller is "Plug and Play" on most distributions of Linux.


Controller can be found in Supported Controller Database and it's recognizable as PlayStation DualShock 4 controller.
Capable of making full use of Steam Input due to many overlapping features with the Steam Controller.

Support in games[edit]

For a list of games, see List of games that support DualShock 4.

Games with generic DirectInput support are supported by the controller, however button placements may be out of place and need to be rebound. Refer to game-specific articles for rebinding support.
Supported natively by a growing list of games, allowing the use of the controller and some/all of it supplementary features without any additional software installed.
Support for some controller features may be only available on certain systems. Refer to game-specific articles for details.

Light bar[edit]

Instead of the large light bar on the back of the DualShock 4, here there is a small light strip built into the touchpad.
Number of games which support light bar is limited and light bar support is still not a PC standard.
Aurora is a third party, open source solution for handling RGB lighting which is extending list of supported games. List can be found in project's Github page.
Steam Input configuration is letting to control light bar.

Games with Light Bar support[edit]

... further results

Games with DualShock button prompts[edit]

Please note, that this is only list for games that offer DualShock button prompts.

... further results

Technical information[edit]

Controller button Button label and axis
Square Button 1
Cross Button 2
Circle Button 3
Triangle Button 4
L1 Button 5
R1 Button 6
L2 Button 7, X-rotation
R2 Button 8, Y-rotation
Share Button 9
Options Button 10
Left stick Button 11, X-axis, Y-axis
Right stick Button 12, Z-axis, Z-rotation
PlayStation button Button 13
Touchpad Button 14
D-pad up POV up
D-pad down POV down
D-pad left POV left
D-pad right POV right