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Wii Remote
Wii Remote cover
XInput support
GameCube Controller
Wii U GamePad
Wii U Pro Controller
Wii Remote on Wikipedia
Often addressed as Wiimote.
Dolphin emulator can use Wii Remote and its expansions directly with regular bluetooth pairing.[1]
Controllers sensor requires sensor bar. Official wired variant will require power from Wii or Wii U, however wireless versions are available.
Hard to use as regular controller outside Wii emulation.

Use with PC platforms[edit]


Method 1 uses wminput and cwiid to get the wiimotes to connect. Its fairly simple method to follow with easy instructions to follow. Recommended this one for beginners who are new to RetroPie/Linux and don't want to dabble too much with linux. See instruction.
Method 2 uses MoltenGamepad which is described as a flexible input device remapper, geared towards gamepads. This method is also simple to follow along if you can't get the first method working. See instruction.


Can be recognized as Xbox 360 controller but after manual assignment. Controller cannot be found in Supported Controller Database, so Steam recognizes it as standard DirectInput device.

Steam Link compatibility[edit]

Incompatible controller. It's detected, but not working. [2]



Most noticeable feature in Wii Remote is ability to plug in additional expansions to controllers port, which change controllers behaviour.
Most Wii Remote addons, including Racing wheel, Zapper and many third party products, are mostly plastic cases for the controller and doesn't effect controller itself technically.


Features Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward, Backward motion detection.

Motion Plus[edit]

Some later variants of Wii Remote have this feature build into the controller.

Classic controller[edit]

There's also available Classic Controller Pro. These have some design differences to each other, but are technically same outside L and R buttons being digital instead of analog on Pro variant.



8BitDo GBros. Adapter[edit]

Connects original wired Gamecube controller, NES Classic controller, SNES Classic controller or Wii Classic controller just like a Wiimote. Converts analog signal to Bluetooth.
It has built in home and screenshot buttons.
Turbo functionality is available for Windows.
Adapter can work as wired adapter. When it is connected to devices via USB, batteries are not needed.

Support In Games[edit]

Games with button prompts[edit]

This is a list for games that offer Nintendo button prompts.

... further results

Technical information[edit]

Wii Classic Controller:

Controller button Button label and axis
X Button 1
A Button 2
B Button 3
Y Button 4
ZL Button 5
ZR Button 6
L Button 7
R Button 8
- Button 9
+ Button 10
Home Button 11
Left stick Button 9, X-axis, Y-axis
Right stick Button 10, X-rotation, Z-rotation
D-pad up POV up/Button 13
D-pad down POV down/Button 15
D-pad left POV left/Button 16
D-pad right POV right/Button 14

Wii Nunchuk:

Controller button Button label and axis
Z Button 1
C Button 2
Analog stick X-axis, Y-axis