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Unreal Engine 4
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Key points

Complete suite of game development tools and engine used by over 500 games, see Games.



See Ultra-widescreen.


Unreal Engine games are Vert- by default, unless the developer specifically implements proper Hor+ ultrawide support. See each individual game's entry page for specifics.
If a game is Vert-, FOV can be increased to give a proper 1:1 Hor+ ultrawide image. See the ultra-widescreen glossary page for details.
If a game does not allow FOV to be adjusted, and an external mod to implement it does not exist for the specific game in question, then the game does not support a proper ultrawide experience.
For multi-monitor setups, the resolution may be so wide that the in-game FOV option may not go high enough to achieve a proper 1:1 Hor+ image. See individual game entry pages for work-arounds.

Field of view (FOV)[edit]

The FOV variable name is set individually by each developer and differs from game to game, so unfortunately there is no universal solution for adjusting FOV in games where it is not available as an option.
If the developers of a particular game have implemented FOV as a variable, it can usually be adjusted in GameUserSettings.ini.
For games in which customizable FOV is not supported, a wider FOV can be obtained by changing the FOV scaling from horizontal to vertical.
Change FOV scaling
This results in a tremendously higher FOV than intended, and will likely result in a "fishbowl" effect on anything narrower than a 48:9 triple-monitor setup. Some users may consider this ultra-high FOV to be desirable, while others will find it detrimental to their enjoyment.

Using the guide below, change Engine.ini to include these lines:


Issues fixed[edit]

Smoothed frame rate[edit]

Similar to Unreal Engine 3, many Unreal Engine 4 games (particularly Indie-developed games) use frame rate smoothing with a default value of 62, limiting fps in these games to 62.
Uncapping the frame rate may affect game logic. See each game's individual entry for specifics.
Disable UE4 smoothed frame rate

Using the guide below, change Engine.ini to include these lines:



Streaming stutter/slowdown[edit]

By default UE4 is setup to stream in level assets while playing, which could cause stuttering during gameplay when those assets are loaded.
Fortunately this streaming can be controlled with a console-variable, for people with plenty of RAM & VRAM it might be better to disable it and load in all assets when the level first loads instead.
Changing it this way will cause some stutter/freezing when first loading into the level, but after finished loading it should hopefully let gameplay be more stable.
Disable UE4 asset streaming, and load all assets on map load

Using the guide below, change Engine.ini to include these lines:


Jittery temporal anti-aliasing[edit]

At higher TAA sample counts edges may appear jittery, even when still with no camera movement.
Fortunately it seems there's a way to remove the jitter without compromising on TAA quality/sample count.
This method supposedly could cause more ghosting in some games, though the author couldn't see this happen.
Stop current frame from being considered in TAA

Using the guide below, change Engine.ini to include these lines:


Note that as mentioned above this may cause more ghosting artifacts to appear, likely depends on which UE4 version the game uses as different UE4 versions use slightly different TAA implementations.

Entire game besides the HUD and menu elements are white on Linux[edit]

This bug may occur when using a Vulkan beta driver from Nvidia.
Disable Use Collapsed Arrays option for the game

Run the game with this Launch Parameter:


On Steam that would be:

__GL_GlslUseCollapsedArrays=0 %command%

Native resolution is not available in borderless window modes[edit]

Newer versions of Unreal Engine 4 handles DPI automatically and prevents the use of native resolutions when a borderless window mode is being used. The render resolution will instead be the lower "DPI-aware" resolution.
For example, on a 3840x2160 monitor with 150% DPI scaling set, 2560x1440 will be used instead, as 3840 / 1.5 (150%) = 2560 and 2160 / 1.5 (150%) = 1440.
Allow a game to use the native resolution in borderless window modes[1]
  1. Locate the main game executable (e.g. <internal-project-name>-Win64-Shipping.exe) in a subfolder of the game.
    • This is usually located in <path-to-game>\<internal-project-name>\Binaries\Win64\ (Win32 if 32-bit).
  2. Right-click on the executable and select Properties.
  3. Navigate to the Compatibility tab and click on Change high DPI settings.
  4. Enable the following options:
    • [x] Use this setting to fix scaling problems for this program instead of the one in Settings
    • Use the DPI that's set for my main display when I signed in to Windows
    • [x] Override high DPI scaling behavior.
    • Scaling performed by: Application
  5. Click on OK followed by OK again.
  6. If performed correctly this should result in the borderless window mode of the game using the native resolution of the monitor as its internal render resolution.

Other information[edit]

Enable developer console[edit]

The developer console allows real-time adjustments through various Unreal Engine 4 console variables, along with being able to run debug commands like ToggleDebugCamera that enables a flycam mode. Most games ship with the console disabled, although often retains code related to it that allows for its reactivation through third-party DLL injection.
Independent of custom game code - potential for reliability.
Extract and set up the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker
  1. Download and extract the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker.
  2. Run UuuClient.exe.
  3. Click 'Select' to select the process to inject the DLL into.
  4. Once the injection succeeds, press ~ in game to bring up the UE4 console (one press brings up mini-console, two presses will show the full thing).
  5. Type in desired command, or see this list of default UE4 cvars.[Note 1]


UuuClient.exe needs to be run each time the game is started, as this fix is not permanent. Use the UE4 dev-console launcher to automatically launch games with the console enabled.
If the console doesn't open when pressing ~, try following the instructions in the console unlocker's Readme.txt file.

Permanent console-variable (cvar) changes[edit]

Like most engines that use console-variables UE4 has a config file that it can read these variables values from at startup.
Unlike most engines though the method it uses is a little non-obvious, which resulted in people editing files such as Scalability.ini (which could end up with inputted values being ignored depending on your graphics settings).
Entering cvars into the Engine.ini file instead should ensure the value changes will take place no matter what.
Add cvar name/values to the Engine.ini file

The Engine.ini file will usually accept cvar name/value pairs inside it, but only if they're entered into a [SystemSettings] section.

  1. Open the Engine.ini file inside the games config folder in a text editor.
  2. If the file doesn't have a [SystemSettings] section, add one to the bottom.
  3. Inside that section add any cvar name/value pairs that you want, with the name/value separated with an '=' character, eg: r.MaxAnisotropy=16. Comments can also be added to the file by starting them with a ';' character.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Now when you next start the game, the cvars should hopefully be set as you entered them.


Values set via this method should usually override any value set elsewhere, however some games might store values inside savegames, which may override them when the save gets loaded - the only workaround for these kind of games is to set the value after loading the save via the developer console, and hope that the modified value might be written into the save.
The game may rewrite this file when exiting, usually removing any empty lines and lines containing only comments - any custom cvars should hopefully still be saved however.
You should only make changes to the games config files while it's not running, as mentioned above the game may overwrite the file when exiting.
UE4 uses a hierarchical configuration scheme (on top of the multiple configuration categories previously mentioned), meaning that there can be multiple versions of (e.g.) Engine.ini found in different places, some of which may even be prefixed with 'Default', 'Base', or 'Windows'. In general, it is best to edit the config file in the user configuration directory as this should take priority over all others and will work even if the game ships with encrypted config files. This is usually located in %localappdata%\<Game>\Saved\Config.


Game Developer Publisher First release Available on
103 Dystopia Interactive 21 December 2018
macOS (OS X)
2000:1: A Space Felony National Insecurities Humble Bundle, National Insecurities 7 July 2017
3 out of 10 Terrible Posture Games 6 August 2020
303 Squadron: Battle of Britain Atomic Jelly Movie Games, PlayWay 31 August 2018
404Sight Retro Yeti Games 16 April 2015
A Glider's Journey Emma Franklin, Charlie Marshall Emma Franklin 27 September 2019
A Rip in Time IV Games
A Way Out Hazelight Studios Electronic Arts 23 March 2018
A Writer and His Daughter Dimfrost 30 September 2017
A Year of Rain Daedalic Entertainment 13 March 2020
AFL Evolution 2 Wicked Witch Software Tru Blu Games 11 September 2020
ARK: Survival Evolved Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement, Abstraction Studio Wildcard 29 August 2017
macOS (OS X)
Absolver Sloclap Devolver Digital 29 August 2017
Abzû Giant Squid Studios 505 Games 2 August 2016
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Project Aces Bandai Namco Entertainment 31 January 2019
Adrift Three One Zero 505 Games 28 March 2016
AfterShock Sam Goddard, Calvin Bennett Focus Studios
Agony Madmind Studio, Abstraction PlayWay 29 May 2018
Agony Unrated Madmind Studio 30 October 2018
Alchemy Garden MadSushi Metaboli
Alert: Sector 8 Cypress Inheritance 27 June 2016
Alice VR Carbon Studio Klabater 27 October 2016
All-Star Fruit Racing 3DClouds.it 13 July 2018
Alluris 562 Interactive 11 October 2019
Alone in the Dark: Illumination Pure FPS Atari, THQ Nordic 9 June 2015
Amid Evil Indefatigable New Blood Interactive 20 June 2019
Ancestors Legacy Destructive Creations 1C Company 22 May 2018
Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Panache Digital Games Private Division 27 August 2019
Animal Super Squad DoubleMoose Games 15 May 2019
Apsulov: End of Gods Angry Demon Studio 8 August 2019
Aquanox: Deep Descent Digital Arrow THQ Nordic 16 October 2020
Arise: A Simple Story Piccolo Techland 3 December 2019
Asemblance Nilo Studios 21 June 2016
Ashen A44 Annapurna Interactive 7 December 2018
Assault Spy Wazen NIS America 2 October 2018
Assetto Corsa Competizione Kunos Simulazioni 505 Games 29 May 2019
AstroKill Doomsday Games
Astroneer System Era Softworks 6 February 2019
Asylum Senscape
Atomic Heart Mundfish
Auto Chess Dragonest 2019
Aven Colony Mothership Entertainment Team17 25 July 2017
Axiom Soccer Earthbound Games
Azur Lane: Crosswave Idea Factory, Compile Heart, Felistella Idea Factory 13 February 2020
BIOS PIXYUL 16 December 2016
BPM: Bullets per Minute Awe Interactive 15 September 2020
Backbone EggNut 2020
macOS (OS X)
Balan Wonderworld Arzest, Balan Company Square Enix 26 March 2021
Batman: Arkham VR Rocksteady Studios Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment 25 April 2017
Battalion 1944 Bulkhead Interactive Square Enix 23 May 2019

... further results


  1. This list is for UE4 in general, most games will likely have custom ones not listed here.


  1. Verified by User:Aemony on 2019-10-25
    Used same method now for both Code Vein and The Outer World.