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Duke Nukem 3D

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This page is for the original release. For the Megaton Edition, see Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition. For World Tour, see Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour.

Duke Nukem 3D
Duke Nukem 3D cover
3D Realms
Life's A Beach & Duke It Out In D.C. Sunstorm Interactive
Nuclear Winter Simply Silly Software
Mac OS (Classic) Lion Entertainment Inc.
Retail GT Interactive
Digital (former) 3D Realms
Digital (current) Gearbox Publishing
Mac OS MacSoft
Release dates
DOS January 29, 1996[1]
Mac OS (Classic) June 6, 1997
Windows (DOSBox) February 26, 2009[2]
macOS (OS X) (DOSBox) December 12, 2012[3]
Linux (DOSBox) September 4, 2013[4]
Metacritic 89
Monetization One-time game purchase, Expansion pack
Modes Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Pacing Real-time
Perspectives First-person
Controls Direct control
Genres Action, FPS, Shooter
Themes Adult, North America, Sci-fi
Series Duke Nukem
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Duke Nukem 3D guide on StrategyWiki
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Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem 1991
Duke Nukem II 1993
Duke Nukem 3D 1996
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project 2002
Duke Nukem Forever 2011
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition 2013
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour 2016
Duke Nukem Forever (2001) 2022
Duke Nukem Forever: Restoration Project (unofficial) Early access


The macOS (OS X) version of this game needs a fix to work on macOS Catalina (version 10.15) or later (see API for details).

Duke Nukem 3D is a singleplayer and multiplayer first-person action, FPS and shooter game in the Duke Nukem series.

General information

Duke Nukem 3D source code was released in 2003. Community Discussions for game series Support Page
Steam Community Discussions
Duke Nukem Fan Community


Source DRM Notes Keys OS
Disc check (requires the CD/DVD in the drive to play)
Atomic Edition (see Play without the CD).
Mac OS
ZOOM Platform
Atomic Edition. Pre-packaged with DOSBox-staging.
Since June 10, 2020, the expansions included with the Megaton Edition are available. Since December 14, 2022, it also includes Duke It's Zero Hour.
macOS (OS X)
Linux (unavailable)
Atomic Edition. Pre-packaged with DOSBox.
macOS (OS X)
Steam (unavailable)
Icon overlay.png
Pre-packaged with DOSBox.
macOS (OS X)
A shareware episode is available.

Version differences

The Atomic Edition includes the Plutonium Pak expansion. All digital distribution versions include the expansion.
The Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (no longer available) included both the DOS Atomic Edition as well as an updated version that includes Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach, Duke It Out In D.C., and Duke: Nuclear Winter.
The version sold digitally by 3D Realms (as part of the Anthology Pack) included the Atomic Edition as well as Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach, Duke It Out In D.C., Duke: Nuclear Winter, and Duke!ZONE II. This version is no longer sold.
The version sold digitally by ZOOM Platform includes the Atomic Edition as well as Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach, Duke It Out in D.C., Duke Nukem's Penthouse Paradise, Duke! ZONE I, Duke! ZONE II, Duke: Nuclear Winter, and Duke, It's Zero Hour.


DLC and expansion packs

Name Notes
Plutonium Pak Included with Atomic Edition and all digital distribution versions.
Mac OS
Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach Included with the Megaton Edition.
Duke It Out In D.C. Included with the Megaton Edition.
Mac OS
Duke: Nuclear Winter Included with the Megaton Edition.
Duke Nukem's Penthouse Paradise Freeware, available here repacked for use with source ports. Included with the Zoom release.
Warning, very NSFW.
Duke!ZONE II Includes all Duke!ZONE content along with 3 new episodes. Included with the Zoom release.
Duke Xtreme Includes 50 new levels.
Duke!ZONE was just a shovelware user map compilation; most maps could be downloaded free online. Included with the Zoom release.
A remake of the PlayStation exclusive episode "Plug and Prey", can be found here.
Many more obscure, unauthorized expansions are available. See here for more info.

Essential improvements


All patches for the retail version can be found here. An old semi-official patch for OS X (PowerPC only) can also be found here. Digital distribution versions are already patched.


bMouse will cause the vertical aiming to be inverted. To fix this, set the mouse Y scale to a negative number in Control Setup and Setup Advanced Control Options.
bMouse is a DOS extension which improves mouse looking by removing an engine limitation which would force to use one mouse axis at a time to aim.

Widescreen Fixes for Duke Nukem 3D

An unofficial patch for Duke Nukem 3D which aims for adding widescreen support.
Supports EDuke32, Rednukem and Raze.
Under active development.
Adds widescreen support for weapons and menu tiles in Duke Nukem 3D and all official addons (Caribbean, DukeDC, Nuclear Winter).
Replaces default menu font from Atomic with redfont from 1.3D.
No widescreen support for user maps.[5]

Play without the CD

The Atomic Edition checks for files on the CD.[6]
Make necessary changes[7]
  1. Copy the CD contents to the installation folder.
  2. Edit <path-to-game>\CDROM.INI
  3. Clear the contents of CDROM.INI
  4. Save the changes and close the file.
  5. If you installed the game from the CD open DUKE3D.EXE in a hex editor, go to offset 00087F93 and change the byte value from 84 to 2A. If you got the game from a digital storefront, this step is not necessary.

Source ports

Name Description
EDuke32 Adds many modern features to Build engine such as high and widescreen resolution, dynamic lighting and shadows and expands the modding capabilities.
It doesn't properly support multiplayer yet.
macOS (OS X)
EDuke32-OldMP A multiplayer branch of an old EDuke32 build.
JFDuke3D Allows for OpenGL rendering. Supports high resolution textures.
macOS (OS X)
Rednukem Branch of EDuke32. Supports games based on Duke Nukem 3D codebase such as Redneck Rampage and Duke Nukem 64.
macOS (OS X)
xDuke Straight port from the original DOS release that only adds a console and the ability to load music packs.
hDuke Based off xDuke. Focused on multiplayer, it features extra parameters such as frag limit and an anti-cheat system.
nDuke Base off xDuke. Similar to hDuke, it also features a team deathmatch mode.
Icculus Duke3D Straight port from the original DOS release for all platforms.
macOS (OS X)
Duke3d_w32 A Windows 32-bit port by Rancidmeat, based on the Icculus port.
BuildGDX Source port based on Java's libGDX framework. Adds high resolutions support, OpenGL renderer, and improved mouse controls. Can run official addon and custom made campaigns straight from the main menu without the need to use installers or replace any original files. Supports multiplayer. Discontinued.
macOS (OS X)
NuBuildGDX Fork of BuildGDX aiming for stability, bug fixing and performance improvements.
Raze Fork of various Build Engine ports to GZDoom architecture. Also supports Blood, Redneck Rampage, and PC Powerslave/Exhumed.
macOS (OS X)
Fusion Fusion is a 32bit OpenGL port of Duke Nukem 3D with a focus on peer to peer network stability and ease of use.
All source ports (except later builds of EDuke32) will require to manually copy DUKE3D.GRP and DUKE.RTS into their root folders.
EDuke32 in particular will automatically recognize an existing Duke Nukem 3D install (either from Steam as the Megaton Edition or 20th Anniversary World Tour, or from and will pull from there.

Roland SC-55 music packs

Soundtrack for Duke Nukem 3D recorded on an authentic SC-55 for use with EDuke32 or the Megaton Edition. Choose either OGG or FLAC; MP3 does not support proper looping.

Multiplayer frontends

Below frontends support both the DOS release and all source ports.
  • NukemNet - An IRC based multiplayer launcher, supports build engine games, both source ports and DOSBox.
  • YANG - Also supports other Build game such as Blood and Shadow Warrior, as well as any DOS games run through DOSBox.
  • Duke Matcher

Game data

Configuration file(s) location

System Location
DOS <path-to-game>\DUKE3D.CFG
Windows <path-to-game> (mounted in DOSBox)[Note 1]
Mac OS (Classic)
macOS (OS X) <path-to-game> (mounted in DOSBox)[Note 1]
Linux <path-to-game> (mounted in DOSBox)[Note 1]
Steam Play (Linux) <SteamLibrary-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/359850/pfx/[Note 2]
It's unknown whether this game follows the XDG Base Directory Specification on Linux. Please fill in this information.

Save game data location

System Location
DOS <path-to-game>\GAME*.SAV
Windows <path-to-game> (mounted in DOSBox)[Note 1]
Mac OS (Classic)
macOS (OS X) <path-to-game> (mounted in DOSBox)[Note 1]
Linux <path-to-game> (mounted in DOSBox)[Note 1]
Steam Play (Linux) <SteamLibrary-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/359850/pfx/[Note 2]

Save game cloud syncing

System Native Notes
GOG Galaxy
Steam Cloud


In-game options menu (DOS).
In-game options menu (DOS).
In-game options menu (Classic Mac OS).
In-game options menu (Classic Mac OS).

Graphics feature State WSGF Notes
Widescreen resolution
See Source ports.
See Source ports.
4K Ultra HD
See Source ports.
Field of view (FOV)
See Field of view (FOV).
For DOSBox toggle with Alt+ Enter (see the glossary page for other workarounds).
Borderless fullscreen windowed
See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Anisotropic filtering (AF)
Supported by EDuke32. See Source ports.
Anti-aliasing (AA)
Use EDuke32 and force using the Nvidia Control Panel/AMD VISION Engine Control Center. See Source ports.
Vertical sync (Vsync)
Supported by EDuke32. See Source ports.
60 FPS
120+ FPS
Use EDuke32 to remove the frame rate cap. See Source ports.
High dynamic range display (HDR)

Field of view (FOV)

Set EDuke32 FOV[8][9]

Open the console (~) and enter r_pr_fov # with the angle to use.


FOV can only be modified in Polymer render mode.
FOV is calculated in Build angles, not degrees; 512 is about 90°, 625 is about 110°, etc. The default is 426.


Control options (Classic Mac OS).
Control options (Classic Mac OS).
Keyboard options (Classic Mac OS).
Keyboard options (Classic Mac OS).
Mouse options (Classic Mac OS).
Mouse options (Classic Mac OS).


In-game audio settings (DOS).
In-game audio settings (DOS).
In-game audio settings (Classic Mac OS).
In-game audio settings (Classic Mac OS).

Audio feature State Notes
Separate volume controls
Sound effects, Music
Surround sound
Supported by BuildGDX and Raze through OpenAL Soft. See Source ports.
Closed captions
Mute on focus lost
For DOSBox change the priority background value in the DOSBox configuration file.
EAX support
Raze supports OpenAL Soft for binaural HRTF mixing and EFX effects.[10]
Royalty free audio
General MIDI audio


Language UI Audio Sub Notes
Available only in local retail stores. Details


Multiplayer types

Type Native Players Notes
Local play
2 Versus, Co-op
See Local play.
LAN play
8 Versus, Co-op
See Multiplayer frontends for extended features.
Online play
8 Versus, Co-op
See Multiplayer frontends for extended features.

Connection types

Local play

Splitscreen mod[11]
  1. Download this script file.
  2. Download the EDuke32 build in this post and follow the instructions.
  3. Execute EDuke32 and set Input Devices to Keyboard Only, then exit. This will avoid mouse look to impede player 2 forward movement while keeping player 1 mouse look functional.
  4. Execute EDuke32 with the splitscreen parameters and remap player 2 keys in Control Settings.

VR support

3D modes State Notes
Native 3D
Red/blue anaglyph support was never finished. Broken in v1.5.[12]
Use DukeVR with the Revive Compatibility Layer
Oculus VR (LibOVR)
Use DukeVR.
Windows Mixed Reality
This game might be playable with the Revive Compatibility Layer, or Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR.
Tracked motion controllers
Traditional controller
See Input for details.
Play area

Other information


Technical specs Supported Notes
DOS video modes VGA
ExecutablePPC16-bit 32-bit 64-bitARM Notes
See Source ports for 64-bit.
macOS (OS X)
See Source ports for 64-bit Intel.
See Source ports for 64-bit and ARM.[13]
Mac OS (Classic)


Duke Nukem 3D mods lists some of the most popular mods.
Most of the mods require Eduke32.

High Resolution Pack

A Graphical enhancement mod that adds high resolution textures and replace the 2D sprites with 3D models
Not to be used with the Duke3D Voxel Pack.

Alien Armageddon

Alien Armageddon is a fan made expansion pack made by some of the best Duke Nukem 3D modders.
Active Development
2nd Playable character
New episodes and game modes
Expanded Gameplay such as new enemies, NPCs and weapons.
Bugfixes and QOL improvements
Not compatible with the Raze source port.[14]

Duke Nukem 3D - Legacy Edition

Adds new levels, weapons, difficulty mode, lots of gameplay rebalances and more.

Duke Plus

DukePlus is a game-enhancer and customizer for the EDuke32 port of Duke Nukem 3D
Provides various enhancements to the game that are optional.

Duke Nukem Forever 2013 Mod

Based on the basic ideas and areas from Duke Nukem Forever (and its 2001 preview).

Duke3D Voxel Pack

An open-source graphic pack that keeps the classic Duke Nukem 3D look while adding some 3D effects using voxels.
Not to be used with the High Resolution Pack.

Urea 51

An mod that brings back the exclusive secret level from the Saturn version

Naferia's Reign: Invasion of the Dark Mistress

A Total Conversion that adds multiple characters with each own gameplay style.
High Resolution Pack can be found here.

Duke Nukem 64 Mod

A Total Conversion of the N64 version that includes new guns such as: Grenade Launcher and Dual SMG's

Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown TC

A Total Conversion of the PS1 version that includes the exclusive episode: Plug "N" Pray and new cinematics

System requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS) 5.0
Processor (CPU) Intel 486DX2 66 MHz
System memory (RAM) 8 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD) 48 MB
Video card (GPU) VGA
Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS) XP, Vista
Processor (CPU) 1.8 GHz
System memory (RAM) 512 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD) 2 GB
Video card (GPU) DirectX 7 compatible
Mac OS
Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS)
Processor (CPU) Motorola 68040
System memory (RAM) 8 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD)
Video card (GPU) 256-color display
macOS (OS X)
Operating system (OS) 10.6.8
Processor (CPU) Intel Core Duo 2 GHz
System memory (RAM) 1 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD) 400 MB
Video card (GPU) 64 MB of VRAM
Supported Sound Devices: Gravis UltraSound, Sound Blaster/Pro/16/AWE32, SoundMan16, Pro Audio Spectrum, SoundScape, WaveBlaster, Sound Canvas, Adlib, Disney Sound Source and General MIDI.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 File/folder structure within the installation folder reflects the path(s) listed for DOS game data. For the release, file changes in DOSBox are redirected to <path-to-game>/cloud_saves/ even if GOG Galaxy is not used (this folder contains all redirected files, so some files in the cloud_saves folder might be temporary files or other files that do not contain saves or settings).
  2. 2.0 2.1 Notes regarding Steam Play (Linux) data: