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For a list of games, see List of VR games.

General information

Virtual Reality on Wikipedia
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Key points

Virtual reality (VR in short) means simulated enviroment experienced by user, with PC gaming, this means usage of virtual reality headset with games. This replaces monitor as window for the game and places the player inside the game instead.


Current standards that are being utilized by the games are following:

Currently compatibility is up to what standard the game is utilizing and what headsets the standard supports. With compatibility layers, it is possible to make game use another standard or headset to work with another standard, but compatibility is not always quaranteed.

OpenXR is standardization effort to fix this fragmentation. Stable version was released in July 29, 2019, meaning adaptation will take for a while


Official software[edit]


Steam is required to install the software, however Steam is not required to run SteamVR.


Oculus or Facebook account is required.

Mixed Reality Portal[edit]

Windows 10 is required.

OSVR HDK[edit]

Natively supports SteamVR.

Compatibility layers[edit]


Open source.
Compatibility layer to play Oculus games using SteamVR compatible headset.
Supports OpenXR but can can also be used in combination of other compatibility layers e.g. WMR for SteamVR to play Oculus games.

Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR[edit]

Compatibility layer to use any Windows Mixed Reality headset with SteamVR.

RiftCat VRidge[edit]

Allows utilizing mobile VR headsets as SteamVR compatible headset.


Allows using Google Cardboard, Daydream or PlayStation VR headset as SteamVR compatible headset.

VR drivers[edit]

VR drivers mean software which can take games designed to be played with traditional monitor and make them playable with VR headsets, including stereoscopic vision and head movement.


See vorpX page for list of game support.

Vireio Perception[edit]

Currently only games using DirectX 9 are supported.
Has not been updated since 2016, no compatibility with newer headsets.

Other software[edit]

OpenVR Advanced Settings Overlay[edit]

Adds additional settings into the SteamVR environment that allows you to change aspects of games and SteamVR to your liking and convenience.



Allows you to adjust the chaperone boundaries in SteamVR, as well as the available playspace.

List of VR headsets and peripherals[edit]



Windows Mixed Reality[edit]

Open Source VR[edit]

Sony Playstation[edit]