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Vive Tracker
Vive Tracker cover
XInput support
Vive Controller
Vive Tracker on Wikipedia

For a list of games, see List of VR games.

Key points
Works exclusively with HTC Vive and no other SteamVR lighthouse based headsets.
Attaches to accessories and allows for motion tracking and controller input from those accessories.

General information

Official website
Tracker Developer Information
HTC Vive on Reddit




Hyperkin Hyper Blaster[edit]

Hyperkin Hyper Blaster
Hyperkin Hyper Blaster
Comes with a copy of Duck Season
Has feature parity to the Vive Controller.

Attaches to the Vive tracker to use as gun in VR.
Features: a trigger, menu button, a grip button, trackpad and haptic feedback.

Racket Sports Set[edit]

Racket Sports Set
Racket Sports Set
Comes with a copy of Virtual Sports
No input buttons

Paddle and racket controllers for the Vive Tracker that allow you to have a virtual tennis racket or table tennis racket in VR, with rubberised grips.

Rebuff Reality TrackStrap[edit]
Comes with a copy of Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing
No input buttons

A strap that allows for tracking of body parts, such as arms and legs.