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Key points

Used by many games for physics effects.
Hardware acceleration is possible through Nvidia graphics cards in supported games.

Latest version[edit]

For recent games install the NVIDIA PhysX System Software. For older games (~2008 and earlier, using versions 2.7.2 or <2.7.1) install the NVIDIA PhysX Legacy System Software.

If you are using an Nvidia graphics card some PhysX versions may be already included with the drivers.

PhysX v2.5.2 compatibility[edit]

The NVIDIA PhysX Legacy System Software does not include v2.5.2; this is known to affect Infernal and The Void but there may be other affected games.
Download missing DLLs[citation needed]
  1. Install the NVIDIA PhysX System Software.
  2. Install the NVIDIA PhysX Legacy System Software.
  3. Install the AGEIA PhysX Engine v2.5.2.
  4. The game should now start up and play.

Secondary PhysX card with an AMD/ATI video card[edit]

Nvidia only allows a secondary Nvidia card to be used for PhysX if the primary card is also an Nvidia card, or since 372.70 if a monitor is reported attached to it.[1]
  • Windows 7 or Windows XP/Windows 2003 (Windows Vista will not work)
  • AMD/ATI GPU used for your primary display
  • NVIDIA GPU that support hardware accelerated PhysX (series 8 and newer, with a minimum of 32 cores and 256 MB of video memory)
Install necessary files[2]
  1. Install the GeForce driver 256 package. If needed install the latest NVIDIA PhysX System Software.
  2. Use the Hybrid PhysX mod to patch all needed files and registry values automatically.
  3. Windows XP/Server 2003: Extend the display assigned to NVIDIA GPU. Or make sure it is extended already.
  4. Optional: Use command line files to set a desired configuration.


  • If you update PhysX System Software after using the mod, you should use it again to patch the updated PhysX files.
  • It is safe to use the mod several times - all needed files will be patched only once.
  • If you still have problems with fake displays and desktop extension, try to delete a fake display and create it again.
  • To let the mod correctly patch all needed files on x64 versions of Windows XP/Windows 2003, install KB942589 hotfix first.

Issues fixed[edit]

"The program cannot start because PhysXLoader.dll is missing from your computer" error at launch[edit]

Install latest versions of the PhysX System Software

Games prefer private own libraries to system ones[edit]

This only applies to pre-2.8.4 PhysX games[3]
Kill local hack[4]
  1. Open regedit
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\AGEIA Technologies
  3. Delete the enableLocalPhysXCore binary data value (and EpicLocalDLLHack, if present)
  4. On Windows Vista and newer also run from an elevated command prompt: reg flags "HKLM\SOFTWARE\AGEIA Technologies" set DONT_VIRTUALIZE /reg:32


If for some reason you need to run the game as admin (or your user account runs with admin privileges always enabled), also see Shoddy coded applications mess system-wide registry setting.
Delete/move/rename PhysXCore.dll, usually found in game executable directory