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For a list of games, see games with TrackIR support.

TrackIR 5
TrackIR camera.png
XInput support
TrackIR 4: PRO
 TrackIR at Wikipedia
Profile and movement scales settings
Profile and movement scales settings
Camera filters and precision settings
Camera filters and precision settings

Key points

Includes the camera, the base and the TrackClip.
A cap or a visor is recommended to attach the TrackClip.
Possible TrackClip mis-tracking by other light sources and reflective materials. (such like the lamps, eyeglasses, windows, TV monitors, ...)
The TrackClip PRO is sold in a separate bundle.
Numerous reports of broken TrackClip PRO and lack of durability.
TrackIR software may need to be launched as administrator for some games.

General information

Official TrackIR Website
Official list of compatible games
Official software download
TrackIR at Wikipedia


Head Tracking[edit]

Six degrees of head movement (Pitch, Yaw, Roll, X, Y and Z) captured via reflective material (TrackClip) or infrared LEDs (TrackClip PRO).

Adjustable movement scale for all degrees.

Adjustable camera settings with light and brightness filtering.

Automatic profile switching by game detection.

Featured alternatives[edit]


A cheaper and more durable alternative for the TrackClip PRO.

They also sell a PlayStation 3 Eye camera with the infrared filter removed that can be used with their own head tracking program.

Official DelanClip website

ED Tracker[edit]

A cheaper head tracking device that uses gyroscopic sensors instead of optical point tracking.

However it only tracks three degrees of head movement (Pitch, Yaw and Roll) and have occasional drifting and misalignment.

Official ED Tracker website


A free face tracking software that only base on your webcam tracking your face.

Official FaceTrackNoIR website


A free head tracking program that can use a webcam to track IR points.

The website also feature a documentation about how to make your homemade IR LEDs mount.

Official FreeTrack website
Official FreeTrack documentation
FreeTrack at Wikipedia


Another TrackClip PRO alternative that sells a cap with infrared LEDs directly mounted on it or the traditional TrackHat Clip mountable on your headset.

They also sell a PlayStation 3 Eye camera with the infrared filter removed that can be used with their own open source program.

Official TrackHat website