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Nioh 2: The Complete Edition

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Nioh 2: The Complete Edition
Nioh 2: The Complete Edition cover
Team Ninja
Kou Shibusawa[1]
Koei Tecmo
Release dates
Windows February 5, 2021
Metacritic 86
OpenCritic 85
Monetization One-time game purchase
Modes Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Pacing Real-time
Perspectives Third-person
Controls Direct control
Genres Action, RPG
Art styles Realistic
Themes Fantasy, Japan
Series Nioh
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Nioh 2: The Complete Edition, or Nioh 2, is an action RPG developed mainly by Team Ninja[Note 1] and published by Koei Tecmo.

Nioh 2 serves as both a prequel and a sequel to the first game, with some key differences from its predecessor. These include a character creator, as opposed to a predefined protagonist as seen previously, and the addition of supernatural yōkai spirit forms and abilities.[2] It also sees the return of cooperative multiplayer with the new addition of summoning other players' characters as AI-controlled allies.[3]

The game released on February 5, 2021 and is available from the Steam platform. The PC version was announced via the game's official Twitter account in November 2020, and detailed features such as full keyboard and mouse support, HDR, ultra-widescreen display and high frame rate support. All of the downloadable content available for the original console release is included.

Reviews around the game's release date praised the quality of the game's conversion to PC, however, there was criticism related to instances of poor performance of particle rendering, and little improvement in graphical fidelity over the original console release of the game.[4][5]

The developers indicated that future updates for the game would include keyboard and mouse button prompts and Nvidia's DLSS technology, with the latter arriving in an update in the weeks following the game's release.[6][7]

General information

Steam Community Discussions


Source DRM Notes Keys OS
Epic Games Store
DRM details are not known
Gamesplanet logo.svg
Icon overlay.png
Not available from Gamesplanet USA.
Green Man Gaming
Icon overlay.png
Humble Store
Icon overlay.png
Icon overlay.png
The "Valve" helmet is exclusive to the Steam version of the game, while the Epic Games Store version has an exclusive "Raijin" one.

Game data

Configuration file(s) location

System Location
Windows %USERPROFILE%\Documents\KoeiTecmo\NIOH2\
Steam Play (Linux) <Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/1325200/pfx/[Note 2]

Save game data location

System Location
Windows %USERPROFILE%\Documents\KoeiTecmo\NIOH2\Savedata\<user-id>\
Steam Play (Linux) <Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/1325200/pfx/[Note 2]

Save game cloud syncing

System Native Notes
Epic Games Launcher
Requires enabling backup of the Documents folder in OneDrive on all computers.
Steam Cloud


Graphics settings
Graphics settings

Graphics feature State Notes
Widescreen resolution
Limited to a set of predefined 16:9 resolutions.[8]
Use Nioh 2 Resolution for custom aspect ratios or resolutions.
Use Nioh 2 Resolution
Hor+ gameplay and menus at 21:9 resolutions. Cutscenes are pillarboxed.[9]
Use Nioh 2 Resolution for aspect ratios above 21:9 or any custom resolution.
4K Ultra HD
Field of view (FOV)
Borderless fullscreen windowed
Anisotropic filtering (AF)
See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Anti-aliasing (AA)
See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
High-fidelity upscaling
DLSS 2.1
Vertical sync (Vsync)
No option available in-game to turn Vsync off.
60 FPS
120+ FPS
Capped to 120 FPS in gameplay and 30 FPS in cutscenes.[10]
30, 60 and 120 FPS caps available.
High dynamic range display (HDR)
HDR needs to be turned on in Windows.
Ray tracing (RT)


Keyboard and mouse settings
Keyboard and mouse settings
Camera settings
Camera settings
Controller settings
Controller settings

Keyboard and mouse State Notes
KB/M prompts can be turned on by changing Control Icons to Keyboard/Mouse.
Mouse acceleration
Forced mouse acceleration.
Mouse sensitivity
Separate values for Normal, Aiming and Other.
Mouse input in menus
Disabled when input is set to keyboard only.
Mouse Y-axis inversion
X-axis inversion also supported.
Controller support
Full controller support
Controller remapping
Interact action is locked to B. Confirm and Cancel in menus can be swapped.
Controller sensitivity
Normal Camera and Aiming Camera sensitivity can be changed separately for each axis.
Controller Y-axis inversion
Normal Camera and Aiming Camera y-axis inversion can be set separately. Both also have X-axis inversion.
Controller types
XInput-compatible controllers
Xbox button prompts
Controls Type B.
Impulse Trigger vibration
PlayStation controllers
PlayStation button prompts
Controls Type A.
Light bar support
Adaptive trigger support
DualSense haptic feedback support
Connection modes Wired
V2 tested.[citation needed]
Generic/other controllers
Additional information
Controller hotplugging
Haptic feedback
Digital movement supported
Simultaneous controller+KB/M
Button prompts are locked to one type, can be changed via the Control Icons option.
Steam Input
Steam Input API support
Hook input (legacy mode)
Official controller preset(s)
Steam Controller button prompts


Audio settings
Audio settings

Audio feature State Notes
Separate volume controls
Separate volume sliders available for Master, Music, Sound Effects and Voice.
Surround sound
Up to 7.1 surround sound supported.[11]
Closed captions
Mute on focus lost
On/Off toggle.
Royalty free audio
Language settings
Language settings


Language UI Audio Sub Notes
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Brazilian Portuguese
Latin American Spanish


Online settings
Online settings

Multiplayer types

Type Native Players Notes
LAN play
Online play
3 Co-op
Asynchronous multiplayer
Other players can be summoned as AI-controlled characters as part of a feature separate from the real-time co-op.

Connection types


Protocol Port(s) and/or port range(s)[12]
TCP 27015-27030, 27036-27037
UDP 4380, 27000-27031, 27036
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support status is unknown.

Issues unresolved

Game slows down at low frame rates

The game speed slows down when the frame rate drops below 30 FPS.[13][14]

UI drifts after loading a mission at certain resolutions

The game UI drifts by a small cumulative amount every time a mission is started, until it finally flips and stabilizes. It only happens with the resolution of 3840x1440. A game restart is required to reset it.[15]

Issues fixed

Frame rate drops during combat

Frame rates during combat encounters may see drops depending on the amount of particle effects on screen.[16][17][18]
Set the Effect Quality setting to Low[19]

Mouse inputs randomly swap function in game and menus

This issue is primarily caused by using "order emotes" functionality of the gesture menu. Mouse functions are swapped, light attacks usually also cause dodge whilst heavy attacks trigger Yokai Shift, mouse functions in menus is also altered.[citation needed]
Avoid using "Switch mode" (default MMB/scroll wheel press) while in gesture menu[citation needed]

Low FPS on Nvidia graphics cards

Nvidia GPU users may experience lower frame rates compared to equivalent or weaker AMD GPUs.[20]
Set the in-game frame rate cap to 60[21]

Game crashes to desktop on Windows 7

Create support file[citation needed]
  1. Go to %WINDIR%\System32\.
  2. Create a copy of xinput1_3.dll and rename it to xinput1_4.dll.

Low quality textures when using DLSS

Nioh 2 mistakenly uses the lower DLSS rendering resolution to determine which mips to display
Manually modify LOD bias[22]
  1. Open Nvidia Profile Inspector.
  2. Within the Profiles drop-down menu, select Nioh 2 The Complete Edition
  3. Under the 4 - Texture Filtering section, modify the Texture filtering - LOD Bias (DX) value (by default, 0.0000) to -0.5000 (or any other negative value of your choice).
  4. Modify the Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias value to Allow.
  5. Select Apply changes.

System lockup on ALT+TAB

Some Windows users may have their entire OS freeze when another window is drawn on top of Nioh 2.
Disable Administrator privileges[citation needed]
  1. Navigate to <path-to-game>
  2. Open the Properties of nioh2.exe.
  3. Uncheck Run as Administrator in the Compatibility tab.

Other information

VR support

3D modes State Notes
Nvidia 3D Vision
new Geo-11 3D Driver (RTX3000/4000 compatible)
G3D, Z3D, DirectVR
Officially supported game, see official vorpx game list.
Tobii Eye Tracking
Supports: Extended View - Eye & Head Tracking.


Technical specs Supported Notes
Direct3D 11
Executable 32-bit 64-bit Notes


Middleware Notes
Multiplayer Epic Online Services

System requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS) 8.1
Processor (CPU) Intel Core i5-4460
System memory (RAM) 6 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD) 85 GB
Video card (GPU) Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
4 GB of VRAM
DirectX 11 compatible
Sound (audio device) 16 bit stereo, 48 KHz WAVE file can be played
A 64-bit operating system is required.


  1. Kou Shibusawa helped Team Ninja during the development of the game in some way.
  2. 2.0 2.1 File/folder structure within this directory reflects the path(s) listed for Windows and/or Steam game data (use Wine regedit to access Windows registry paths). Games with Steam Cloud support may store data in ~/.steam/steam/userdata/<user-id>/1325200/ in addition to or instead of this directory. The app ID (1325200) may differ in some cases. Treat backslashes as forward slashes. See the glossary page for details.


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