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Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 cover
XInput support
Connection method
USB-C, Bluetooth, wireless dongle
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
Xbox Adaptive Controller
Xbox Wireless Controller (Model 1914)
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 on Wikipedia

Key points

Controller is improved version of Xbox Elite Wireless Controller with interchangeable back paddles, D-pads and adjustable-tension thumbsticks, as well as shorter hair trigger locks.
Controllers can be used wired connections (via USB-C) or wirelessly with the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows (supports up to 8 controllers)[1] or Bluetooth connection.
Internal, rechargeable battery with up to 40 hours of battery life per charge. Battery life varies with usage and other factors.
The controller allows button-mapping using a Xbox Accessories App on both Xbox One and Windows 10.
Natively supported by most modern games.
Custom software reWASD lets use paddles as new buttons which you can assign keyboard and mouse actions or macros.
Physical switch on controller toggles preset moves on the fly. Three configs can be stored locally on controller and 256 configs in the cloud.
Official software allows duplicate existing buttons of the controller and assign them to paddles. For more advanced configuration it's recommended to use third party applications.
Many (most?) units have face buttons misaligned from the PCB (particularly the A button), which can result in button presses being undetected from time to time.[2]. In response, Microsoft has extended the warranty period from 90 days to 1 year[3], but chances of getting a controller without the defect are low.

General information

Official website
Official Guide for PC users
Community configs for Xbox Elite Controller
PC Games with Xbox One Controller Support

Use with PC platforms[edit]


Connecting the controller should automatically download and install latest drivers for the controller.
Configuration is available only in Xbox Accessories tool which is available on Windows 10.
Custom application reWASD lets remap whole controller and works on Windows 7 or newer. Software gives advanced customization options eg. reassigning paddles to keyboard or mouse actions, macros, activate custom modes etc.


Paddles and buttons can now be remapped through Steam controller settings. Hold down the profile select button for a few seconds to select the default profile. Then enable the extended Xbox controller support in Steam and you are able to map the paddles independently.


Paddles and Guide button can be remapped.
Alows to activate Impulse Trigger Vibration.
Allows emulate virtual DS4 controller to play PS4 Remote Play, PS Now or Dualshock 4 compatible games.
Not free of charge. 14-days trial.
Custom configs for Xbox Elite controller can be found in official Community Configs Library maintained by reWASD users.

OS X[edit]

Use the 360Controller custom driver.


The Xbox Elite Controller is natively supported by distros using Linux kernel 4.7 (or later)[4]. Vibration is currently not supported.[5]


Can be recognized as Xbox One controller, however beta version is recognizing controller properly as Xbox Elite Controller.
Steam has ability to bind the Xbox Elite controller Paddles in controller configurations, the ability to bind the Share button in controller configurations and support for Trigger rumble in games using Windows.Gaming.Input API.[6]
Configuration applied by official Xbox Accessories App or reWASD is coexisting with Steam. Steam Input does not overwrite their configuration.

Steam Link compatibility[edit]

Works without any drivers on any operating system that supports Steam.
Can be used just to send input from a controller to a PC. Go into Streaming options, hit 𝗬 and disable video and audio streaming.
Controller connected via USB works as expected.[7]
Won't work great unless you connect it to LAN or a low latency Wi-Fi.

Support in games[edit]

Natively supported by most modern games via XInput. Controller in old games can be recognized as Xbox 360 Controller.

Games with Impulse Trigger Vibration[edit]

For a list of games, see List of games that support Xbox One impulse triggers.

Total number of games: 71.
The impulse triggers of the Xbox One Controller are two independent rumble motors located within each of the triggers, allowing developers to selectively vibrate the trigger when the player is performing an action that warrants such a feedback, such as firing a gun or charging an attack.
The XInput API does not expose this functionality. Games making use of the rumble motors uses the Windows.Gaming.Input API instead.
Xbox Remote Play application allows to play Xbox games with full Impulse Triggers support.[8] See list of Xbox games which supports Impulse Triggers.
The third-party DLL injection-based tool X1nput can be used to convert the normal vibrations of a game to impulse trigger vibration in many single player games.

Games with LED lights support[edit]

Number of games which support LED lights is limited and LED lights support is still not a PC standard. There is no game which supports Xbox Elite 2's LEDs natively.
Aurora, a third party, open source solution for handling RGB lighting is not supporting this controller.
Steam Input configuration is allowing control of the LED lights on this controller.
reWASD application shows battery state and which config is applied by changing LED lights colors (5 presets). All the presets could be changed in Preferences in LED settings tab.


Gyro Support: Brook X ONE Adapter SE[edit]

Xbox Wireless Elite Controller 2 with gyroscope via Brook X One SE Adapter.
Xbox Wireless Elite Controller 2 with gyroscope via Brook X One SE Adapter.
You can use Xbox One controller to play PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One games wirelessly.
Adds Motion Control (Gyro for PC/PS4/Switch and supports Turbo and Remap. For this option Steam has to recognize controller as Switch Pro Controller or DualShock 4
Emulates PS4 touchpad via combo keys (Capture/Touchpad key+Right Analog Stick).
Lets use headset on Xbox One controller for PS4/Xbox one. Battery last up to 10 hours.

Using wirelessly[edit]


Windows 10 with Anniversary update is required.
It's recommended to only connect single controller with Bluetooth connection. Some accessories like headsets and chatpads do not work using wireless connection.
Using controller via bluetooth[9]
  1. Press and hold the controller bind button between shoulder buttons for 3 seconds until Xbox button starts to blink.
  2. On Windows 10, access bluetooth settings (Settings → Devices → Bluetooth), select Xbox Wireless Controller from the list and click Pair.


To shut down the controller, hold the Xbox button for 5 seconds.

Wireless Adapter for Windows[edit]

Wireless Adapter for Windows.
Wireless Adapter for Windows.
Supports up to 8 controllers.
Using controller via Xbox Wireless[10]
  1. Connect the wireless adapter to PC and press the pair button.
  2. On the controller, press the controller bind button between shoulder buttons.


To shut down the controller, hold the Xbox button for five seconds.


In the box of Elite controller you can find:[11]
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
  • Carrying case
  • Set of 6 thumbsticks: Standard (2), Classic (2), Tall (1), Wide Dome (1)
  • Set of 4 paddles: Medium (2), Mini (2)
  • Set of 2 D-pads: Standard, Faceted
  • Thumbstick-adjustment tool
  • Charging dock
  • USB-C cable

Issues unresolved[edit]

Incompatible games[edit]

Some games have issues with the Xbox Elite Controller. If game does not support Xbox One Controller, it will not work on Xbox Elite Controller either. Refer to the individual game pages for details.

Issues fixed[edit]

No force feedback vibration in DirectInput games[edit]

Install Force Feedback Driver for Xbox One Controllers.[12] Some games will still not support vibration even with this installed.

Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)[edit]

Open Windows Update and ensure KB2685811 is installed.[13]

"We can't sign you in right now. Try again later." error when signing into Xbox/Xbox Accessories App to customize controls[edit]

Install the Xbox Identity Provider from the Microsoft Store. While normally preinstalled, it may have been removed at some point. Note that the app's store page cannot be found by searching the Microsoft Store; you must have the direct link that opens in the Microsoft store. To do this, copy and paste this Microsoft Store link into a web browser: ms-windows-store://pdp/?ProductId=9WZDNCRD1HKW. It will automatically launch the Microsoft Store to the page for the Xbox Identity Provider, where you can install it.[14]

Other information[edit]

Firmware updates[edit]

Either Windows 10 PC with the App or Xbox One is required to update controllers firmware.
To update firmware on the controller, install Xbox Accessories App from Microsoft Store and connect the controller either with cable or wireless adaptor.

Technical information[edit]

Device name: Xbox One Elite Controller, HWID: 045E:0B00
Controller button Button label and axis
A Button 1
B Button 2
X Button 3
Y Button 4
LB Button 5
RB Button 6
LT Z-axis positive
RT Z-axis negative
Back Button 7
Start Button 8
Left stick Button 9, X-axis, Y-axis
Right stick Button 10, X-rotation, Z-rotation
Guide button
D-pad up POV up
D-pad down POV down
D-pad left POV left
D-pad right POV right
Upper left paddle A/Button 1
Upper right paddle B/Button 2
Lower left paddle X/Button 3
Lower right paddle Y/Button 4

Input lag[edit]

Wired connection input lag: 7.2 ms for button press and 6.5 ms for joystick move. Values can be improved to 5.0 ms by overclocking controller's polling rate to 1000Hz.[15]
Wireless connection input lag: 7.6 ms for button press and 7.1 ms for joystick move. Bluetooth connection input lag: 11.3 ms.[15]
Connection Input lag
USB (button press) 7.2 ms (± 2.6 ms)
USB (joystick move) 6.5 ms (± 2.6 ms)
2.4GHz dongle (button press) 7.6 ms (± 2.4 ms)
2.4GHz dongle (joystick move) 7.1 ms (± 2.4 ms)
Bluetooth (button press) 11.3 ms (± 5.3 ms)
Bluetooth (joystick move) 9.0 ms (± 2.9 ms)
USB OC 1000Hz (button press) 5.5 ms (± 2.4 ms)
USB OC 1000Hz (joystick move) 5.0 ms (± 2.3 ms)

DualShock4 emulator[edit]

Application emulates the Sony DualShock 4 gamepad using an Xbox controller.
Allows to use Xbox controller for Sony Playstation Now or Playstation Remote Play applications.