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Xbox Adaptive Controller
Xbox Adaptive Controller cover
XInput support
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2
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Key points

Many controller expansions.
Includes Xbox Wireless Bluetooth, and USB-C connectivity for gaming on Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs.
Adaptable modular control offers huge flexibility.
Every command on the Xbox controller can be mapped to a specific peripheral.
Xbox Accessories app lets you create and save game-specific controller maps.
Lightweight and durable (552g).
Mains adapter not included in the box. Forcing to buy controller expansions.


Microsoft Store

Use with PC platforms[edit]


Connecting the controller should automatically download and install latest drivers for the controller.

OS X[edit]

Use the 360Controller driver or Xbox One Controller Enabler.


The Xbox Adaptive Controller is natively supported by distros using Linux kernel 3.17 (or later).
Xow is a Linux user mode driver for the Xbox One wireless dongle. It communicates with the dongle via libusb and provides joystick input through the uinput kernel module. The input mapping is based on existing kernel drivers like xpad.

Support in games[edit]

PC games that support the XInput standard are supported.



Most noticeable feature in Xbox Adaptive Controller is ability to plug in additional expansions to controllers port, which change controllers behaviour.

3dRudder Foot Controller[edit]

Sit down, step up, and control your games with easy and effortless movements. This foot-powered gaming, VR, and 3D motion controller’s intuitive software dashboard and durable construction will have you exploring new and immersive worlds for years to come.

PDP One-Handed Joystick for Xbox Adaptive Controller[edit]

This ergonomic joystick for Xbox Adaptive Controller features fully mappable controls and thumbstick buttons with full 𝗔𝗕/𝗫𝗬 controls.

Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit for Xbox Adaptive Controller[edit]

Unleash your full gaming potential with this comprehensive set of buttons and triggers designed to add configurability and flexibility to your Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Micro Light Switch[edit]

Activated by pressing down lightly on the switch, Micro Light provides auditory click and tactile feedback.

AbleNet Specs Switch[edit]

With a 1 3/8-inch activation surface, Specs Switch is small enough to be worn, but is also easily mounted.

Jelly Bean Twist[edit]

The popular Jelly Bean switch features a 2.5-inch activation surface, and is recommended for users who are able to access a smaller target area.

Big Red Switch[edit]

This wired switch featuring a 5-inch activation surface provides auditory click and tactile feedback, perfect for those requiring a larger target area.

Technical information[edit]

Device name: Xbox Adaptive Controller, HWID: 045E:0B0A