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Blackbird (talkcontribs)
LaserMoai (talkcontribs)

I think the white corners of user privilege status icons should be made transparent if possible so that they look good on best-answer posts like this one.

LaserMoai (talkcontribs)

Also choice of black font color for series table titles on Series wiki pages makes for very low contrast with the background IMO.

Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

Thank you for the suggestion, I'll look into it. I'm not the one who designed them, so I'm not sure how exactly we did that.

Thanks for the work on the new interface!

Tmplt (talkcontribs)

Well done!

Garrett (talkcontribs)

For legacy protection types it would be useful to have two additional icons:

  • A "physical" icon (maybe a book or something?) to encompass games that require checking the manual, code wheel, etc.
  • A floppy icon for floppy games that use a disk check
Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

Added to the TODO List, bother me again in a week if I haven't done it yet, I tend to get caught up in other things.

Articles to move to a "Glossary" namespace

Nicereddy (talkcontribs)
Garrett (talkcontribs)

For reference, here is a complete list of all non-game, non-redirect pages in the main namespace (filtered from Special:Allpages using AutoWikiBrowser).

  1. 4K Ultra HD
  2. AMD (CPU)
  3. AMD (GPU)
  4. AMD VISION Engine Control Center
  5. Amazon
  6. Anisotropic filtering (AF)
  7. Anti-aliasing (AA)
  8. AutoHotkey
  9. BIOS
  11. Beamdog
  12. Blue screen of death (BSOD)
  13. Borderless fullscreen windowed
  14. Bottleneck
  15. Build a PC
  16. Buying PC Games
  17. CD/DVD Check
  18. CPU-Z
  19. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  20. Chrome Web Store
  21. Color blind mode
  22. Command line arguments
  23. Controller
  24. Controller with keyboard-only game
  25. Crowdfunding
  26. Custom resolution
  27. D3DOverrider
  28. DOSBox
  29. Desura
  30. Digital rights management (DRM)
  31. DirectX
  32. Drivers
  33. Dropbox Cloud Saving
  34. Durazno
  35. Emulation
  36. Field of view (FOV)
  37. Frame rate (FPS)
  38. Fraps
  40. GPU-Z
  41. GameFly Digital
  42. GameRanger
  43. GameSave Manager
  44. GameStop PC Downloads
  45. GameStow
  46. Game data
  47. GamersGate
  48. Games for Windows - LIVE
  49. Games re-released using DOSBox
  50. GetGames
  51. Graphics Filtering
  52. Graphics card
  53. Green Man Gaming
  54. HWMonitor
  55. Hamachi
  56. High frame rate
  57. Home/Did you know
  58. Home/Featured article/Previous Featured Articles
  59. Home/Featured article/Suggested Articles
  60. Home/Kickstarter
  61. Home/Notable releases2
  62. Home/Polski
  63. Home/Recently edited
  64. Home/Recently edited/Test
  65. Home/Recently edited2
  66. Home/Social
  67. Home/To do
  68. Home/xkcd
  69. Humble Indie Bundle
  70. Humble Store
  71. IndieCity
  72. Indie Royale Bundle
  73. Indievania
  74. Intel (CPU)
  75. Intel (GPU)
  76. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver
  77. Introduction to PC gaming
  78. Invert Y-axis
  79. Keyboard
  80. Keyboard/Disable Windows Key
  81. Leap Motion Controller
  82. Linux
  83. List of Games for Windows - LIVE games
  84. List of Local Multiplayer Games
  85. List of Low End Games
  86. List of Origin-redeemable games
  87. Low End Gaming
  88. MASGAU
  89. MSI Afterburner
  90. Mac App Store
  91. Mac OS
  92. Microsoft Windows
  93. Mouse
  94. Mouse acceleration
  95. Multi-monitor
  96. Mumble
  97. NVIDIA Control Panel
  98. Nvidia (GPU)
  99. OC Guru
  100. OC Scanner
  101. Oculus Rift
  102. OnLive
  103. OpenGL
  104. Origin
  105. Overclocking
  106. PC gaming glossary
  107. PC gaming on a TV and couch
  108. PhysX
  109. PlayOn
  110. Port forwarding
  111. Precision X
  112. PunkBuster
  113. RAM
  114. RAM Disk
  115. Radeon Profile Tool
  116. Rainbow color problems in older games
  117. Razer Game Booster
  118. Refresh Rate (Hz)
  119. Remapping
  120. RetroArch
  121. Save game cloud syncing
  122. SimCity (2013)/Bugs
  123. Solid-State Drive
  124. Sound
  125. Sound card
  126. Speccy
  127. Steam
  128. Steam/Español
  129. Steam Cloud
  130. Steam Machine
  131. Steam sales
  132. Steamworks
  133. SteelSeries World of Warcraft: Cataclysm MMO Gaming Mouse
  134. SweetFX
  135. SyncToCloud
  136. TeamSpeak
  137. The Big List of 3rd Party DRM on Steam
  138. The Big List of DRM-Free Games on Steam
  139. Tiggit
  140. Touchscreen
  141. TriDef 3D
  142. Troubleshooting games
  143. Troubleshooting hardware
  144. UDP
  145. Ubuntu Software Center
  146. Ultra-widescreen
  147. Update BIOS
  148. Uplay
  149. Useful links
  150. Ventrilo
  151. Vertical sync (Vsync)
  152. Virtualization
  153. Widescreen Gaming Forum
  154. Widescreen resolution
  155. Windows Compatibility Mode
  156. Windows Store
  157. Wine
  158. Wineskin
  159. X360ce
  160. XBCD
  161. Xfire
  162. Xpadder
Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

Updated with pages which have been moved/removed so we can more easily see what pages are still needing separate sections (if they do):

  1. AMD (CPU)
  2. AMD (GPU)
  3. AMD VISION Engine Control Center
  4. Amazon
  5. AutoHotkey
  7. Beamdog
  8. Blue screen of death (BSOD)
  9. Build a PC
  10. Buying PC Games
  11. CPU-Z
  12. Chrome Web Store
  13. Controller
  14. Controller with keyboard-only game
  15. Crowdfunding
  16. D3DOverrider
  17. DOSBox
  18. Desura
  19. Digital rights management (DRM)
  20. Drivers
  21. Dropbox Cloud Saving
  22. Durazno
  23. Emulation
  24. Fraps
  26. GPU-Z
  27. GameFly Digital
  28. GameRanger
  29. GameSave Manager
  30. GameStop PC Downloads
  31. GameStow
  32. Game data
  33. GamersGate
  34. Games for Windows - LIVE
  35. Games re-released using DOSBox
  36. GetGames
  37. Green Man Gaming
  38. HWMonitor
  39. Hamachi
  40. Humble Indie Bundle
  41. Humble Store
  42. IndieCity
  43. Indie Royale Bundle
  44. Indievania
  45. Intel (CPU)
  46. Intel (GPU)
  47. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver
  48. Introduction to PC gaming
  49. Keyboard
  50. Keyboard/Disable Windows Key
  51. Leap Motion Controller
  52. Linux
  53. List of Games for Windows - LIVE games
  54. List of Local Multiplayer Games
  55. List of Low End Games
  56. List of Origin-redeemable games
  57. Low End Gaming
  58. MASGAU
  59. MSI Afterburner
  60. Mac App Store
  61. Mac OS
  62. Microsoft Windows
  63. Mumble
  64. NVIDIA Control Panel
  65. Nvidia (GPU)
  66. OC Guru
  67. OC Scanner
  68. Oculus Rift
  69. OnLive
  70. Origin
  71. PC gaming glossary
  72. PC gaming on a TV and couch
  73. PlayOn
  74. Precision X
  75. PunkBuster
  76. Radeon Profile Tool
  77. Rainbow color problems in older games
  78. Razer Game Booster
  79. RetroArch
  80. Save game cloud syncing
  81. SimCity (2013)/Bugs
  82. Speccy
  83. Steam
  84. Steam Cloud
  85. Steam Machine
  86. Steam sales
  87. SteelSeries World of Warcraft: Cataclysm MMO Gaming Mouse
  88. SweetFX
  89. SyncToCloud
  90. TeamSpeak
  91. The Big List of 3rd Party DRM on Steam
  92. The Big List of DRM-Free Games on Steam
  93. Tiggit
  94. TriDef 3D
  95. Troubleshooting games
  96. Troubleshooting hardware
  97. Ubuntu Software Center
  98. Update BIOS
  99. Uplay
  100. Useful links
  101. Ventrilo
  102. Virtualization
  103. Widescreen Gaming Forum
  104. Windows Compatibility Mode
  105. Windows Store
  106. Wine
  107. Wineskin
  108. X360ce
  109. XBCD
  110. Xfire
  111. Xpadder
Garrett (talkcontribs)

The controller pages you moved to the Controller: namespace seem to have disappeared entirely.

Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

That would be because I deleted them, I have them saved on my computer and will try uploading them ASAP. I want to try to get them all into a general pattern first, though. Should be done by Wednesday~ (2 days from this post).

Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

The following platforms are supported by RetroArch and RetroArch should be added to each of their "Emulator(s)" sections.

  • PlayStation 1 (Emulator: PCSX ReARMed)
  • Super Nintendo (Emulator: SNES9x Next)
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (Emulator: FCEUmm / NEStopia)
  • GameBoy / GameBoy Color (Emulator: Gambatte)
  • GameBoy Advance (Emulator: VBA Next)
  • Arcade (Emulator: Final Burn Alpha)
  • Neo Geo Pocket Color (Emulator: Mednafen NGP)
  • Virtual Boy (Emulator: Mednafen VB)
  • Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (Emulator: Genesis Plus GX)
  • Sega Master System/Sega Game Gear (Emulator: Genesis Plus GX)
  • Sega CD / Mega CD (Emulator: Genesis Plus GX)
  • PC Engine / PC Engine CD (Emulator: Mednafen PCE Fast)

Source: LifeHacker

Question regarding removal of cleanup tag on Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds

Anonymous (talkcontribs)

I had a question regarding your 19:37, 27 December 2013 edit of Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds. Based on my (fallible) interpretation of the cleanup tag's usage, the tag was still needed since the game does not yet have an image for the game box. As I'm still learning the proper usage of tags, among other things about the wiki, an explanation of why, in this instance, the tag was unnecessary would be really helpful.

Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

A stub tag would be more fitting in that case. I apologize for not explaining, I didn't realize you had added it right before I removed it until a little while later.

Generally, a cleanup tag means the page is cluttered, strangely formatted, hard to read/navigate, or otherwise just messy. A stub tag simply means that the article is missing important parts, like the cover, infobox, settings templates, etc. It's also for when the article has these templates, but they aren't filled out.

Hopefully that helps!

Anonymous (talkcontribs)

It definitely does! Thank you, Nicereddy. Based on your response, I made an edit which adds the stub tag as seems appropriate in this case.

Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

Seems correct to me, I'll see if I can find a cover image for it later today. Thanks for the article!

Anonymous (talkcontribs)

Just as an FYI, there's a Playstation game with the same name - and has the same release year and publisher, no less. Also, all the box images for the PC game I could find are all from what seem to be license-incompatible sources (i.e. MobyGames, ReplacementDocs).

Also, you're welcome!

Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

Generally we have the benefit of "Fair Use". As long as the image is used for a relevant reason and as sparingly as possible (e.g. only as the cover image on the page, no where else) we are free to use the covers/logos of games in our articles, regardless of their copyright status.

Anonymous (talkcontribs)

I see! Given that explanation, I've found an image for the box art, added it to the appropriate game, and added a page for the game's developer (as well as updating the audio settings with information which I missed before). I'm going to remove the stub tag since, as far as I can tell, the game's page is now complete.

Thanks for your help, Nicereddy! It's helped greatly in my editing efforts here on PCGamingWiki.

Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

You're very welcome! The contribution is very well-done and appreciated :D

Fix for missing Catwoman controls in Arkham City

4 (talkcontribs)

You are unable to do the quickfire disarm for Catwoman using a kb/m but it works with a 360 pad. to fix this add the following to the UserInput.ini located in "C:\Users\<you>\Documents\WB Games\Batman Arkham City GOTY\BmGame\Config\"

add it after the line "IniVersion=6.9"

Bindings=(Name="Tilde",Command="HoldToZoom | QuickGadgetY", Shift=false, Control=false, Alt=false, bIgnoreShift=false, bIgnoreCtrl=false, bIgnoreAlt=false):META:COM_QUICK_GADGET1,1,-1,-1,"",false,true,CI_QuickWhip

Replace tilde with the desired key

Thanks for adding this in advance

Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

I've added this here.

Thanks for finding this! I reworded some of it so please tell me if there's anything I misunderstood. (talkcontribs)

You should also specify that it must be a key not used for any other function in the game in order to work

FOV screenshots in Source

Chariblaze (talkcontribs)

I recently finished Half-Life: Source, and after doing so, I had the mind to check here to see if there were any interesting nuggets of information to be found... only to find that, much like the game itself, the page was fairly barebones! I couldn't really think of any fixes or whatnot to be posted, but I thought I could easily update stuff like Game Data, Save Game Cloud Syncing, Borderless Fullscreen Windowed, etc. So shadowing my edits to align with the way the Portal and Half-Life 2 pages are done, that's what I did (I neglected to leave summary notes, though :(). And then I got to FOV screenshots...

With my life story out of the way, here's my question to you: How did you capture FOV screenshots for Half-Life 2 without capturing a few pixels worth of movement from Gordon's gun? Is there a command to call in the dev console that stops weapon animations or something? Noob question maybe, but I couldn't find anything in my Googling or Ctrl+F'ing in the Console Command List on Valve's wiki.

Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

Thanks for doing the Half-Life: Source page! I'd have done it myself, but it isn't available on Linux.

In HL2 Gordon's gun doesn't really move unless you're idle for a long period of time, as far as I remember. If the gun moves a bit between screenshots it doesn't matter a whole lot, so I wouldn't worry about that.