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Origin cover
Electronic Arts
Release dates
Windows June 3, 2011
macOS (OS X) February 8, 2013[1]
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The service is being gradually deprecated in favor of the EA App. The store can only be accessed from both applications at this time (i.e. not through a browser), but not all games have been transferred to the latter. Information on this can change and become obsolete until the transition is complete.

Key points

DRM: Digital distribution platform with accompanying client required for downloading and often playing games as well. Games can also be DRM-Free or contain third party DRM.
Two-factor authentication: App Authenticator or email.
Keys for most games developed or published by EA can be redeemed on Origin; see List of Origin-redeemable games.
Humble Bundle EA games was region locked in Latin America for a limited time; now is no longer locked, however a few games are still locked.

General information

List of games available on Origin
Official Store
Answer HQ for Origin at
List of EA Play games


The latest official version (10.5.122, released in March 2023) will always only show a popup for forced update to EA app[2]
Install an older version and prevent auto-updating[3]
  1. Navigate to %PROGRAMDATA%\Origin\ (create the folder if not existing)
  2. Open local.xml with a text editor (create the file if not existing), and make sure at least the following lines are present:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <Setting key="AutoPatchGlobal" value="false" type="1"/>
  <Setting key="AutoUpdate" value="false" type="1"/>
  <Setting key="MigrationDisabled" value="true" type="1"/>
  <Setting key="UpdateURL" value="" type="10"/>
  1. Download and install version 10.5.119 (make sure to uncheck automatic updates from the installer options).

EA Play

EA Play (formerly Origin Access on PC and EA Access on Xbox One and PS4) is a monthly subscription service that grants access to a catalog of games and content through the Origin store. This subscription services comes in two forms; the default EA Play and the more expensive EA Play Pro tier. While the default tier includes the majority of games and content available through the service, some games and/or content might be exclusive to the Pro tier.

List of EA Play games
List of EA Play Pro games

Client data

Configuration file(s) location

Element Location
Origin DRM activations %PROGRAMDATA%\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License\*.dlf
User settings %APPDATA%\Origin\local*.xml
Global settings %PROGRAMDATA%\Origin\local.xml
Games client settings %PROGRAMDATA%\Origin\LocalContent\
Games launch configuration <path-to-game>\__Installer\installerdata.xml

Issues fixed

Origin can't connect/can't log in

If Origin cannot connect to the internet and won't let you log in, try opening the Command Prompt and running this command: netsh winsock reset

Origin Offline/You must be online the first time you log in

This can happen with Windows/Origin update.
Reset / Repair Host file[citation needed]

Reset the Hosts file back to the default:

Origin can't launch games offline

Start the game from installed folder[citation needed]
Since recent updates, library of installed games isn't available within client while offline.
  1. Start, and sign in to Origin without internet
  2. Either start the game from a desktop shorcut, or alternatively start it directly from root folder, while Origin its open.

Origin client crashes moments after starting

This can be seen in event viewer (event ID 1000) with exception code 0xc0000409
Override high DPI scaling behavior for Origin.exe with scaling performed by system[4]
Make sure environment variable QT_SCALE_FACTOR is not set[5]

Origin UI is completely blank or anyhow glitched

See Origin - Reset to defaults / Clear data cache

Origin cannot install or download games

See Origin - Reset to defaults / Clear data cache

Games activation or login fail despite owning them

This can happen to (current or past) child accounts, when sometimes the linked e-mail of the parental account resets back to the primary one, causing their account status to get disabled
ActivationUI returns Cannot grant license. Account status is invalid. error, and %PROGRAMDATA%\Origin\Logs\<game-id>_OnlineActivation_Log.html likely reports License Request Server HTTP response code=409
Contact EA support desk[6]

Enable Steam overlay in Origin games

The Steam and Origin overlays conflict; to use the Steam overlay, disable the Origin overlay.
This might not work for all Origin games.
Disable Origin overlay[citation needed]
  1. In Origin click the gear symbol in the top right, settings.
  2. Click the in game tab.
  3. Uncheck the box next to "Enable Origin In Game".
  4. Click Done and exit Origin.
  5. In Steam click "Add a Game" in the bottom left, then "Add a Non-Steam Game".
  6. Go to your Origin.exe file (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe).
  7. Select "Add Selected Programs".
  8. There will now be an Origin entry in your Steam Library; you can change the name and icon by right clicking it and selecting Properties.
  9. Launch Origin through Steam, then launch the game you want. The Steam overlay will now work in-game.
  10. To stop showing up as "in-game" on Steam, you have to close your browser and exit Origin.
Use Origin Steam Overlay Launcher

DirectX Setup "An internal system error occurred" error when installing games

Some Origin games may refuse to install due to bundling a corrupted DXSETUP.exe.
Replace corrupted DXSETUP.exe[7]
  1. Download the DirectX End-User Runtimes.
  2. Extract somewhere temporarily.
  3. Cut DXSETUP.exe.
  4. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games.
  5. Go into the game's folder.
  6. Go into __Installer\directx\redist.
  7. Paste the replacement DXSETUP.exe here, replacing the existing file.
  8. Try installing again.
  9. Failing this, attempting a "repair game" (right click on the game tile) may fix the issue. Origin will possibly hang after a first attempt at re-downloading the files; if this occurs, exit and restart Origin. Origin will attempt a re-install when you go back online.

Origin stops downloading after an ungiven threshold

Start Origin in R&D mode[citation needed]
  1. Exit Origin
  2. Create a new empty document on your desktop
  3. Enter the following in the file:

  1. Save the file as EACore.ini.
  2. Now start Origin. Upon start you will be asked if you want to import the file you just created on your desktop. Press Yes. This will overwrite your old config-file.


The EACore.ini file is deleted from your desktop as soon as you import it. If you ever want to leave R&D mode you need to go to the location where Origin is installed and delete the EACore.ini file found there.
It has been reported that having Origin in R&D-mode will increase your download speed.[citation needed]

To quickly skip all the steps above, copy paste the "enter the following in the file" section into EACore.ini located in your main Origin folder - you can quickly open it, right clicking a desktop shortcut of Origin and > Open file location

Add games from a network drive

Disable Origin service and whitelist drive[8]
  1. Make sure your game PC has been granted read and write rights to the shared folder
  2. Navigate to This PC and click on Map network drive
  3. Assign a drive letter to your network share (check reconnect at sign-in for handiness)
  4. Search and run inetcpl.cpl from the start menu
  5. Go in the Security tab and open the Sites proprieties of Local Intranet
  6. Select Advanced and add your new path to the whitelist (eg. Z:\ or \\machine)
  7. Search and run services.msc from the start menu
  8. Find Origin Client Service and open its Properties (stop it if it is started)
  9. Set Startup type to Disabled (at the end you can revert it back to Manual)
  10. Finally start Origin and go to your Library
  11. Right click on your game of interest tile, select Locate Game and provide the right directory.

The game does not appear to be installed

This is caused by missing registry keys.
Edit the registry[9]
  1. Open Registry Editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\EA Games\ or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Electronic Arts\.
  2. Verify the presence and accuracy of the following keys:
    • DisplayName
    • Install Dir
    • Locale
    • GDFBinary

Cloud save conflict

Loss of synchronization may cause a prompt for which set of saves to use.
Choosing Use Cloud Data may result in a rollback of game progress (choose Use Local Data if you are uncertain since that is more likely to be the correct version). Use the steps below to revert the save if necessary.
Restore saves in Origin client[10]
  1. Open the Origin client.
  2. Right click the game.
  3. Choose View Game Details.
  4. Go to the Cloud Storage tab.
  5. Choose Restore Save. The local saves will be restored.


If Restore Save is greyed out the old saves are not available.

"Origin cannot locate games in a root directory" error

Assuming the game files are actually there
Fix folder properties[11]
  1. Make sure you have all permissions to read and write (including no read-only flag)
  2. Make sure the folder has not have the name changed from the original one

Overlays do not work or performance problems

Alt+Tab causing freezes has also been reported[12]
Disable Origin in game
  1. Select Origin and Application settings.
  2. From Origin In Game, uncheck Enable Origin In Game.
Thwart the Origin overlay[13]
  1. Download D3D9 Blank Proxy.
  2. Extract d3d9.dll into whatever folder in <path-to-game> with the game executable.

Other information

Move/backup installed games

Save game folder[14]
  1. Navigate to <path-to-game> and save it somewhere
  2. Copy it in Origin's "Downloaded Games location"
  3. Install the game from the library

Repair game installation

Repair Game
  1. Right-click on a game in the library.
  2. Choose Repair Game.
  3. Wait for verification to complete.

Origin - Reset to defaults / Clear data cache

Clear Origin data cache folders[15]
  1. Make sure Origin is closed, check notification area and exit Origin.
  2. Then delete the following folders (this will not affect downloaded games):
  3. Navigate to %PROGRAMDATA%\Origin and delete all files and folders inside it except for %PROGRAMDATA%\Origin\LocalContent.
  4. Start Origin, it may prompt to update and then be able to login and go online.


Clearing the data caches will make all of your installed games update if available.

System requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS) 7 SP1
Processor (CPU) 1 GHz
System memory (RAM) 512 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD)
Operating system (OS) 10.9
Processor (CPU) Intel Core 2 Duo
System memory (RAM)
Hard disk drive (HDD)
Support for systems predating Windows 7 and macOS 10.9 was retired on January 14, 2020.[16] An older version is still available for download here.