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Pages with Repeated Hex Editing Instructions[edit]



Stop using under and say "select" or something else instead under could be confusing

SANIC GENERTION check if the crap can be removed the cap not the crap if the cap breaks the game then don't add any instructions, maybe?

Add instructions on how to lift the cap if possible, if it breaks the game completely, then maybe not.

get mobo manual on pc instead, streamline instructions, find triangle on plastic cover testa eye of dragon win vista merda audio


memetest for test memory test 64 thing ddrescue test gparted for usb fat32 test

stuff to make things safer[edit]


nvidia inspect[edit]

==Games I wish I could Play==Sheep, Dog & Wolf Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

  1. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
  2. Shadowrun 2007
  3. The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces
  5. Planet of Death
  6. rebel moon rising
  7. Sudden Strike 1 and 4
  8. Scythe (Board Game)
  9. mech wariror mercenaries ciu two 2 II
  10. Blaster Master
  11. Until Dawn (PS4)
  12. ring of red
  13. silent bomber
  14. g-police
  15. colony wars
  16. vagrant story
  17. civ 2 ps1
  18. Battle Isle
  19. Mordhau
  20. Earth Defense Force 2025
  21. Kill Switch
  22. wargames defcon 1
  23. Final Fantasy Tactics
  24. SHOX
  25. starsector
  26. alien trilogy ps1
  27. Freedom Fighters
  28. legend of dragoon
  29. Zack and Wiki: The Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure
  30. ExciteBots
  31. Eternal Darkness
  32. Arc Rise Fantasia
  33. Destruction Derby Arenas
  34. test drive Eve of Destruction
  35. driven to destruction (europe)
  36. nfs hot pursuit socom 2 final fantasy x
  37. timesplitters 2 pc remake?
  38. res evil 4
  39. burnout 3
  40. snoopy the red baron
  41. mark of kri
  42. xenosaga
  43. splashdown rides gone wild
  44. shadow hearts covenant
  45. rogue galaxy
  46. time crisis 3
  47. micro machines v4
  48. coldwinter
  49. legend of kay
  50. gungriffon blaze
  51. war of the monsters
  52. klonoa
  53. Tomba

hl1 disable texture filter to make things sharp console command[edit]



Things To Do[edit]

  • A custom DLL, which would trick a game into thinking that a microphone is plugged in, this would solve so many issues on so many games.

Helldivers consoles get all the cool games

diablo 2 local coop

Games I wish to play again[edit]

Need For Speed: Road Challenge - Pursuit Mode Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island


Enemy Territory: Quake Wars black & white dropship united peace force (ps2) battle for middle earth age of mythology (the non crappy steam version)

Stuff to reword[edit]

hitman codename 47

The European Hitman Collection is DRM-free and patched to the latest version.

show comand line arguments[edit]

use WMIC path win32_process get Caption,Processid,Commandline as command line argument

Add UnrealTournament ass commandl ine to UE4-Win64-Test to launch ut4 on steam

Removing stupid Windows 10 Apps[edit]

donut do that because they are part of the system now and shit will break

gta iv for mods[edit]

dsound scripthook

xbox win 10 vsync[edit]

xbox, disable game dvr, could potentially break shit AppCaptureEnabled set to 0 in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameDVR

c:\programdata\microsoft\windows\start menu %appdata%\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs %appdata%\local\microsoft\windows\collegamenti ad applicazioni


DisableLogonBackgroundImage DWORD

set to 1, duh

Rocket League Command Line Arguments[edit]

  1. -ResX=
  2. -ResY=
  3. -OtherSettingsFromIni=

Hex Editing Guide[edit]

Step One[edit]

Calculating the Custom Resolution
  1. Open the Windows Calculator.
  2. Switch to the Programmer mode.
  3. Click on DEC, then write the desired horizontal value.
  4. Copy the value under HEX, 0xABC becomes BC 0A.
  5. Click on DEC, then write the desired vertical value.
  6. Copy the value under HEX, 0xABC becomes BC 0A.
File Editing
  1. Download the Hex Editor, then run it.
  2. On the top left, select File and Open, then find the desired file.

Other information[edit]

Change controller slot[edit]

Xbox 360 Controller Emulator Priority Example.jpg
  1. Select the desired controller, then find the Controller tab, located on the second row.
  2. Find the Priority drop down menu, and set the desired priority level.


replace keys to mouse input eg LButton::Q (attack in MGS2)

Screen is offset ioncorrectly[edit]

incorrect monitor Hz.