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The acquisition method for a game can be changed by its publisher after it has been purchased.[1]
10% of most Humble Store purchases go to a PayPal Giving Fund charity that can be changed in the user settings. However, some games have opted themselves out from such donations.[2]
EA games was region locked in Latin America for a limited time; now is no longer locked, however a few games are still locked.
The store does not disclose if the Steam keys they sell are region-locked or not.[3]

The Humble Store is a digital distribution solution from the team behind the Humble Bundle. On November 11, 2013 the official Humble Store was opened, however not all games sold through Humble widgets have migrated to the store yet.

Useful Links

Humble Bundle Website
Humble Bundle Support
Humble Bundle Library - Must be logged in, contains all the user's games purchased through the service
Humble Store


Games can be purchased via the developer's website (e.g. VVVVVV) or sometimes by going to (e.g.

The Humble Store purchasing widget for Gish
The Humble Store download page for Gish

Content included with a purchase depends on a per game basis. For example, Gish only includes a direct download for the game, whereas Legend of Grimrock contains a Steam key also and Retro City Rampage pre-order contains the direct download, redeemable key, mini-soundtrack, printable NES label, digital manual and a 20% coupon for their store.


Games purchased via the Humble Store widget appear in the Humble Library (available from, alongside any Humble Indie Bundles you have purchased with the same account.

Issues fixed[edit]

Order cancelled[edit]

This can occur when purchasing more than 3 of the same game or bundle using the same payment method. It appears to be an anti-fraud measure.
Use different payment method[4]

Use a different payment method, e.g. after using PayPal for 3 keys, switch to Credit Card or Amazon payments.

Lost Humble email[edit]

Use the Humble Order Resender.


List of games available on Humble Store
List of games delisted from Humble Store

The full list of games that use the store is uncertain, though many can be found by searching for "Humble Indie Bundle, Game" in Google. However, according to Jeffrey Rosen all games in previous Humble Bundles had store pages created for them so that they could see what a widget would be like.[5] This means that some are intended to be private and not used by general consumers.


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