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I am from Norway, and love the idea of a site that summarises all available settings and resolution/framerate support.

As I do not buy a whole lot of PC games in my daily life, I did some edits to the TrackMania United Forever and Treasure Adventure World pages anonymously, as I felt I wouldn't have been able to contribute enough to PCGW for it to be worth it to get an account for it. Eventually I finally decided to make an account 9 months later.

After some time I ended up creating a list for macOS 64-bit games, initially as an experiment to see how dramatically Apple had messed up the gaming sphere (They had messed up roughly 80% of it in 2019). Soon afterwards I made lists for PowerPC and ARM games for all OSs, and began looking online for games to fill up the lists with, and the rest is history.

So as of May 2021, I am pretty much PCGamingWiki's guardian of architectures and lists, despite lacking any official recognition as being such.

How I test for certain infoboxes[edit]

OS X 64-bit: Any one of the following three: It was visible on Mac App Store on my now-sold Big Sur 2014 Mac Mini; It's a part of Apple Arcade; It's known to support Metal; Its system requirements mention 10.15 or 11.0 as a requirement or recommendation.

Linux PowerPC/ARM: I look up the official repos of (in order) Debian, openSUSE, and FreeBSD FreshPorts. For some commercial games I google around in the hopes of finding forum threads about trying to run those games.

Windows ARM: Usually I do some google-searching specifically for Microsoft Store, to find games there whose system requirements explicitly mention ARM support.

Generic/Other controllers: I use a Trust GXT 540, which features a flip between XInput and DirectInput and was reasonably cheap.

Surround sound: I use two pairs of USB speakers to emulate 5.1 (Windows allows specifying that one lacks center-speaker and subwoofer when turning on 5.1).

4K Ultra HD: I have an LG 43UH603V-ZE TV, paired with a Yamaha RX-V685, ensuring 4:4:4 (i.e. 4K with HDR at 60Hz).

PC specifications[edit]

Last updated 7th of August 2021:

  • Motherboard: AORUS B550 Pro AC (incl. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, TPM 2.0, and AUX ports for 7.1)
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1050Ti, fanless
  • HDD: Samsung 960 EVO 480GB M.2 PCIe NVMe
  • RAM: G.SKILL F4-3000C16S-16GISB (16 GB DDR4 single-stick, 3000 MHz)
  • Cabinet: Corsair Carbide SPEC-03
  • PSU: Corsair RM650i (Gold-rated)
  • Blu-Ray burner: ASUS BW-16D1HT
  • Capture card: Elgato HD60 Pro
  • Ethernet card: ASUS XG-C100C (10GbE)
  • Main monitor: AOC AGON AG271QG (1440p 160Hz IPS)
  • 2nd monitor: LG 43UH603V (4K 4:4:4 60Hz)
  • Sound: Logitech Z120 + Sweex SP041 (4.0 emulating 5.1)
  • 2nd monitor's sound: Yamaha RX-V685 (7.1 DTS-HD)
  • OS: Windows 11 Pro for Workstations
  • ISP: Telenor Norway, 350/30

Notes to self[edit]

  • To make a list of broken DualShock 4 drilldown values, use Input.DualShock_4_connection_modes HOLDS '%UNIQ%'
  • To make a list of that lack a row entirely, e.g. 'Windows ARM app', use Availability.Windows_ARM_app IS NULL

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Things to add article rows for[edit]

  • Motion blur
  • Metric/imperial units
  • Forte VFX1 VR support
  • Single/multiple difficulty levels
  • Kana/kanji modes in Japanese UI localizations (Turns out Shovel Knight is the only PC game ever made to have such a choice.)

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