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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (commonly called AMD) is a chip making company and known for their AMD Ryzen line of CPUs and APUs as well as the AMD Radeon line of graphics cards. AMD acquired ATI Technologies Inc. (commonly called ATI) in 2006 for their graphics processing units, and up until 2010 AMD still sold graphics cards under the ATI brand name.


Official AMD website - Drivers, tech specs, support, and information for all AMD products and related technologies.
AMD Gaming Technologies and Products
Radeon article on Wikipedia

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AMD Radeon Software
AMD Catalyst Control Center

AMD Radeon Software[edit]

Replaced AMD Catalyst Control Center as the display driver control panel for AMD Radeon graphics cards.
Comes with an in-game overlay called Radeon Overlay that allows access to various features such as capture/streaming (Radeon ReLive), performance monitoring, dynamic power adjustments (Radeon Chill), frame rate limiter (FRTC), variable refresh rate (FreeSync), and more.
Official website

AMD Ryzen Master Utility[edit]

Allows easy overclocking control for all Ryzen CPUs.
Official website

AMD Catalyst Control Center[edit]

The AMD Catalyst Control Center works with systems consisting of an Intel CPU and AMD Graphics.[1]
See the AMD Catalyst Control Center article for more information.
Tool is deprecated in favor of AMD Radeon Software, although it might not be available for older GPUs or products.

The AMD Catalyst Control Center is a tool created by AMD designed to allow you to customize various display driver settings for your AMD graphics card.

AMD Vision Engine Control Center[edit]

The AMD Vision Engine Control Centre is optimized for systems containing an AMD CPU and AMD Graphics.[1]

The AMD Vision Control Center offers additional CPU monitoring options from within the Control Center. All graphics features available in the AMD Catalyst Control Center are also available in the AMD Vision Control Center.


AMD's technology to leverage industry standards, such as DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync, to allow variable refresh rates,[2] and a competitor to Nvidia's proprietary G-Sync solution.
See the Variable refresh rate (VRR) glossary page for more information.