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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas cover
Ubisoft Montreal
Unreal Engine 3
Release dates
Windows November 28, 2006
Metacritic 85
Monetization One-time game purchase
Modes Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Pacing Real-time
Perspectives First-person, Third-person
Controls Direct control
Genres Action, FPS, Shooter, Tactical shooter
Art styles Realistic
Themes Contemporary, North America
Series Rainbow Six
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas is a singleplayer and multiplayer first-person and third-person action, FPS, shooter and tactical shooter game in the Rainbow Six series.

General information

Steam Community Discussions


Source DRM Notes Keys OS
Disc check (requires the CD/DVD in the drive to play)
CD key
SecuROM 7 DRM. Russian copies use StarForce 4 DRM[Note 1]. Italian covermount is DRM-free.
Icon overlay.png
Gamesplanet logo.svg
Icon overlay.png
Green Man Gaming
Icon overlay.png
Humble Store
Icon overlay.png
Icon overlay.png
Ubisoft Store
Icon overlay.png
Included with Ubisoft+.
StarForce DRM for this game does not work on modern versions of Windows (see above for affected versions).


DLC and expansion packs

Name Notes
Map Pack Available for free. See Map Pack.

Essential improvements


The latest official patch is v1.06, available from Ubisoft's patch repository and Patches-Scrolls.

Map Pack

The only official map pack for the game. it includes all the content from the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 DLCs (Player's Pack Red Edition and Player's Pack Black Edition, 10 maps total). It can be downloaded from PCGamingWiki.
Ambient noises will not play on the extra maps.
Polish and Russian fonts don't display properly due to the fact that they don't use the proper characters.

Game data

In-game general settings.
In-game general settings.

Configuration file(s) location

System Location
Windows <path-to-game>\Engine\Config[Note 2]
Steam Play (Linux) <SteamLibrary-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/13540/pfx/[Note 3]

Save game data location

System Location
Windows %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Ubisoft\R6Vegas\
Steam Play (Linux) <SteamLibrary-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/13540/pfx/[Note 3]

Save game cloud syncing

System Native Notes
Requires enabling backup of the Documents folder in OneDrive on all computers.
Steam Cloud
Ubisoft Connect


In-game video settings.
In-game video settings.

Graphics feature State WSGF Notes
Widescreen resolution
No native support for 16:10 resolutions, use the resolution patcher.
HUD is centered in 4:3 regardless of setting, see HUD is in the 4:3 middle of the screen on wide resolutions.
Not natively supported. See instructions on Widescreen Gaming Forum.
Not natively supported. See instructions on Widescreen Gaming Forum.
4K Ultra HD
Field of view (FOV)
Use this guide to change the FOV.
See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Borderless fullscreen windowed
See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Anisotropic filtering (AF)
See Anisotropic filtering (AF).
Anti-aliasing (AA)
See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Vertical sync (Vsync)
60 FPS and 120+ FPS
Some aspects of the game are tied to the frame rate. Characters may twitch unnaturally when idling at high frame rates.
High dynamic range display (HDR)
Rendered image uses SDR color space. In-game HDR option refers only to HDR Rendering.

Anisotropic filtering (AF)

Anisotropic filtering[citation needed]
  1. Go to the configuration file(s) location.
  2. Open BaseEngine.ini.
  3. Search and change LevelOfAnisotropy=4 to the desired value.
  4. Save the changes and close the file.

Remove the bloom/haze effects

This removes the bloom/haze but retains the thermal/night vision and other blur effects.
Remove effects[4]
  1. Go to <path-to-game>\Engine\Shaders\HLSL\MegaPostProcess.
  2. Open Blur.hlsl with a text editor.
  3. Find this line:
    return lerp(PreviousColor, BlurColor, Factor) + BloomColor;
  4. Change it to the following:
    return lerp(PreviousColor, BlurColor, Factor);
  5. Find the following lines:
    float3 BloomColor = BlurColor * BlurScreenThresold.g + BlurScreenThresold.r;
    BloomColor = max(BloomColor, 0.0f) * BlurScreenAmount;
  6. Change them to the following:
  7. //float3 BloomColor = BlurColor * BlurScreenThresold.g + BlurScreenThresold.r;
    //BloomColor = max(BloomColor, 0.0f) * BlurScreenAmount;


In-game control settings.
In-game control settings.

Keyboard and mouse State Notes
Enter cannot be bound to commands. Mouse wheel scrolling does nothing and cannot be bound to commands.
Mouse acceleration
Mouse sensitivity
Mouse input in menus
Mouse Y-axis inversion
Controller support
The game always uses the modified bullet collision data adopted for the mouse aim accuracy, see "Issues fixed" section to revert the game to the Xbox 360 version behaviour.
Full controller support
One time prompt to enable controller support, which cannot be answered with a controller.
Controller remapping
See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Controller sensitivity
Controller Y-axis inversion
Uses the same toggle.
Controller types
XInput-compatible controllers
Xbox button prompts
Impulse Trigger vibration
PlayStation controllers
Generic/other controllers
Additional information
Controller hotplugging
Haptic feedback
Digital movement supported
Simultaneous controller+KB/M


Audio feature State Notes
Separate volume controls
Surround sound
Closed captions
Mute on focus lost
EAX support
Royalty free audio


All languages besides English and French must be enabled manually in the Steam version. See Change game language.
Language UI Audio Sub Notes
Retail only.
Brazilian Portuguese
Fan translation; download.
Official localization by Russobit-M.
Fan translation by SyS-team / Spirit Team

Change game language

Edit .ini file[5]
  1. Go to <path-to-game>\Kellergame\Config\PC.
  2. Open KellerEngine.ini.
  3. Locate Language=int and change it to the desired value: fra for French, deu for German, ita for Italian, pol for Polish, rus for Russian, and esp for Spanish.
  4. Save the changes and close the file.
For the Polish version on Steam, this is also needed to have Polish voices in cutscenes.


In-game multiplayer settings.
In-game multiplayer settings.

Multiplayer types

Type Native Players Notes
Local play
2 Only on consoles.
LAN play
16 Versus, Co-op
Co-op: 4 players.
Online play
16 Versus, Co-op
Co-op: 4 players
The official multiplayer service was shut down on March 1, 2021.[6]

Connection types


Protocol Port(s) and/or port range(s)
TCP 80, 3074
UDP 3074-3174
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support status is unknown.

Issues fixed

Game does not start

The game will not start through the launcher on some systems.
Edit configuration file[citation needed]
  1. Go to <path-to-game>\Binaries.
  2. Open runme.dat in a text editor.
  3. Change R6Vegas_Launcher.exe to R6Vegas_Game.exe.
  4. Save the file and run the game.

Controller not recognized

  1. Find the controller in the Device Manager.
  2. Open device properties and navigate to details.
  3. Select Hardware Ids in the dropdown.
  4. Copy VID (Vendor ID) and PID (Product ID)
  5. Use Hexadecimal Converter to convert ids from hexadecimal to decimal
  6. Open the following files in a text editor:


  1. In each file under [Joystick 0], edit VendorID and ProductID to match the converted decimal values for the used controller
  2. Under the ids, add UseXInput=true

Game crashes on startup

Install PhysX Legacy System Software v9.03.0604[citation needed]
It is also highly recommended to remove leftover registry values to avoid issues in other games.

HUD is in the middle of the screen (as if on a 4:3 display) on widescreen resolutions

The widescreen HUD in the fix is a leftover file from the Xbox 360 version and it causes the bugged cover sniper aim along with the UI shift to the left when used.
16:9 fullscreen HUD fix[citation needed]
  1. Go to <path-to-game>\KellerGame\Content\MenusPC.
  2. Delete or rename r6hud.mgb
  3. Go to <path-to-game>\KellerGame\Content\MenusPC\Widescreen.
  4. Copy r6hudWide.mgb to the folder above one level (MenusPC) and rename it to r6hud.mgb.

Restore the original bullet collision configuration

The game uses the modified bullet collision config adopted for the pinpoint mouse aim accuracy even when the controller is active.
No actual gameplay benefits with restoring it when not playing on a gamepad.
Replace the KellerWeaponsConfig.ini file with the original Xbox 360 one[citation needed]
  1. Go to <path-to-game>\Rainbow Six Vegas\KellerGame\Config\PC.
  2. Back up the original KellerWeaponsConfig.ini file.
  3. Download the replacement file and overwrite the original one.

Other information


Technical specs Supported Notes
Direct3D 9.0c
Shader Model support 3
Executable 32-bit 64-bit Notes


Middleware Notes
Physics PhysX 2.5.1
Audio DARE
Cutscenes Bink Video
Multiplayer DemonWare, Rendez-Vous,
Anti-cheat PunkBuster

System requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS) XP
Processor (CPU) Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
AMD Athlon 3000+
System memory (RAM) 1 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD) 7 GB
Video card (GPU) 128 MB of VRAM
DirectX 9.0c compatible
Shader model 3.0 support


  1. This version of StarForce DRM does not work on Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or Windows 11.[1][2] For supported versions of Windows the StarForce driver may need to be updated manually using SFUPDATE.
  2. When running this game without elevated privileges (Run as administrator option), write operations against a location below %PROGRAMFILES%, %PROGRAMDATA%, or %WINDIR% might be redirected to %LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore on Windows Vista and later (more details).
  3. 3.0 3.1 Notes regarding Steam Play (Linux) data: