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Category Definition Examples Notes
Boost Allows player to pay to accelerate progress in a game, whether it is faster speed, levelling, level skipping, boosting % chance to find rare items, etc. or to instantly unlock rewards. Changing The Game (Gameplay-Altering DLC)
Cosmetic Cosmetic microtransactions are any paid additional content that are designed to be cosmetic in nature, such as skins, hats, decorative items etc. They are not intended to affect gameplay substantially, and do not alter game mechanics.
  • Apex Legends sell weapon skins, character skins, emotes, dances, etc.
Horse Armor (Cosmetic/Frivolous DLC)
Currency Being able to purchase in-game currency whether it's gold, gems, tokens, crafting materials, credits, V-Bucks, etc. which in turn are used to buy other microtransactions, or can be traded for account credit. Changing The Game (Gameplay-Altering DLC)
Finite spend Finite spend games have a limit to the number of microtransactions that can be purchased. For example, a game could have x5 unlock microtransactions, and after those have been purchased no more can be purchased by the player. If the game has other microtransactions which qualify for Infinite spend then that will overwrite the finite cap category.
  • In The Sinking City the player can purchase the boost microtransaction Extra Skill Point, but after it is purchased no more can be purchased, meaning there is a finite cap on the number of microtransactions.
Infinite Money Hole (No Spending Cap)
Free-to-grind A game's main gameplay unlocks/goals can be achieved through grinding or naturally in gameplay without real money payments. The category is designed to be a rebuttal to the criticism 'The game forces you to buy microtransactions', but for 'free-to-grind' games, 'everything you would want (gameplay) can be unlocked by playing or grinding'. Time Is Money (Pay-To-Skip)
Free-to-grind means you have freedom to choose to grind to unlock content within the game - regardless of whether an initial purchase was required or not to access the game itself.
Infinite spend Infinite cap games have microtransactions that can be purchased over and over again without any limit. This is in contrast to Finite spend games that have a limit. This excludes services that you'd only ever seen once, e.g. character name change, server move etc. If the limit is finite e.g. one can spend over $1,000 US dollars, then for all intents and purposes this is considered an 'infinite cap' on microtransactions. Infinite Money Hole (No Spending Cap)
If the game has a loot box system, then it is likely that for all intents and purposes it is an 'infinite spend' microtransaction game.
Loot box A variation of microtransaction where the player purchases a loot box where there is a chance to receive varying qualities of in-game item, similar to gambling.
  • Overwatch's 'Loot Box' can be earned in-game or purchased, and have a random chance to drop icons, skins, emotes, sprays, credits, etc.
It's Not Gambling, We Swear
No microtransactions Game does not contain any microtransactions. Spotless
Display this as 'None' in the Infobox. Does not apply to any game pre-April 2006.
Player trading In-game items and digital currencies can be traded between players on the game marketplace that allows the developer to receive a cut on transactions that players make.
Time-limited Game sells microtransactions that are exclusive to a specific time-period, promotion or preorder bonus. Once this exlcusivity period is over, the microtransaction cannot normally be purchased again, or if there is at least a year between periods of availability.
  • Team Fortress 2 has had many tie-in promotions that offered cosmetic microtransactions for a limited period for players with Apple Macs.[3]
Unlock Purchase of microtransaction content that affects gameplay and is not solely cosmetic. 'Unlocks' are normally chunks of a game that have been already developed and have been 'locked', and can be 'unlocked' with a purchase. This commonly includes individual characters, maps, levels, weapons, armors, etc. Changing The Game (Gameplay-Altering DLC)
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