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This page is for the original game. For the 2019 enhanced version, see Blood: Fresh Supply.

Blood cover
Monolith Productions
Cryptic Passage Sunstorm Interactive
1997-1999 GT Interactive
1999-2003 Infogrames
2003-present Atari
Release dates
DOS May 31, 1997
Windows (DOSBox) April 22, 2010
Linux (DOSBox) May 18, 2015[1]
Metacritic 82
Monetization One-time game purchase, Expansion pack
Modes Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Pacing Real-time
Perspectives First-person
Controls Direct control
Genres Action, FPS, Shooter
Art styles Realistic
Themes Fantasy, Horror
Series Blood
Blood on HowLongToBeat
Blood on MobyGames
Blood on Wikipedia
Blood 1997
Blood II: The Chosen 1998
Blood: Fresh Supply 2019

Blood is a singleplayer and multiplayer first-person action, FPS and shooter game in the Blood series.

General information Community Discussions for game series Support Page
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Source DRM Notes Keys OS
DRM details are not known
Packaged with Blood: Fresh Supply. Also includes the "Plasma Pak" and "Cryptic Passage" expansions. Pre-packaged with DOSBox.[2]
Green Man Gaming
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Windows (unavailable)
DRM details are not known
Windows (unavailable)
Icon overlay.png
Gamesplanet logo.svg (unavailable)
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Steam (unavailable)
DRM-free after installation through Steam client (notes may include more details)
The game can't be bought directly from Steam, but the codes sold at Green Man Gaming still work. Also includes the "Plasma Pak" and "Cryptic Passage" expansions. Pre-packaged with DOSBox.[3]
Free demo versions are available from base game, Cryptic Passage (requires full version of the base game).


DLC and expansion packs

Name Notes
Cryptic Passage
Plasma Pak

Essential improvements


  • The latest official patch 1.20 (3dfx-patch) is available at

Source ports

Name Description
BuildGDX Reverse-engineered gameplay-accurate port written in Java. Adds high resolutions support, OpenGL renderer, improved mouse controls, and fixes for the original game bugs with an option to revert them.

Can run official addon and custom made campaings straight from the main menu without the need to use installers or replace any original files.

Has custom difficulty option that allows to choose different combinations of enemies count and damage dealing or receiving.

macOS (OS X)
NBlood Reverse-engineered gameplay-accurate port of Blood based on EDuke32.

Features original software renderer, improved OpenGL renderer, and OPL3 emulation.

macOS (OS X)
Raze Fork of NBlood to GZDoom architecture. Also supports Duke Nukem 3D, Redneck Rampage, and PC Powerslave/Exhumed.
macOS (OS X)

Improve performance in DOSBox

Edit DOSBox configuration file
  • Change output=surface to output=openglnb
  • Change memsize=16 to memsize=64
  • Change core=normal to core=dynamic
  • Change cycles=auto to cycles=max
  • Change aspect=false to aspect=true
  • Change fullresolution=original to fullresolution=0x0


Blood Launcher

The One Unit Whole Blood Launcher is recommended for the best experience. It includes a large number of optional modifications and custom maps.

Build Game DOSBox Launcher

The Build Game DOSBox Launcher {OBSOLETE} allows installation from both digital release and retail release. It also includes a large number of optional modifications and custom maps.

Mouse fixes


bMouse is a DOS extension which improves mouse looking by removing the mouse filter which causes issues related to both axis not updating properly.

Choose either method to use it:

Declare bMouse as an external device[4]
  1. Unzip bmouse.exe into <path-to-game>.
  2. Run setup.exe through DOSBox and go to Controller Setup, then Choose Controller Type and select Keyboard and External.
  3. Go to Setup External and change the program name to BMOUSE.EXE. Save and exit.
Run Blood through bMouse[4]

Open dosboxBlood_single.conf in a text editor and replace the line containing BLOOD.EXE with bmouse.exe launch blood.exe.

The same can be done with Cryptic Passage by opening dosboxBlood_Addon.conf and replacing CRYPTIC.EXE with bmouse.exe launch cryptic.exe.
bMouse will cause the vertical aiming to be inverted. To fix this just go to Setup Advanced Control Options from Control Setup, then in Advanced Mouse Setup change the Mouse Y Scale to negative number.


Buildmfx is a patch which improves mouse looking. Unlike bMouse, it modifies the game executable.
Patch the executable with Buildmfx[5]
  1. Download the patch.
  2. Unzip the archive where BLOOD.EXE is located.
  3. Enter the command BUILDMFX.EXE BLOOD.EXE
This is a one-time set-up.
Enter the command BUILDMFX.EXE BLOOD.EXE /u to revert the executable to its original state.

Game data

In-game general settings.
In-game general settings.

Configuration file(s) location

System Location
DOS <path-to-game>\BLOOD.CFG
Windows <path-to-game> (mounted in DOSBox)[Note 1]
Linux <path-to-game> (mounted in DOSBox)[Note 1]
Steam Play (Linux) <Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/299030/pfx/[Note 2]
It's unknown whether this game follows the XDG Base Directory Specification on Linux. Please fill in this information.

Save game data location

System Location
DOS <path-to-game>\*.SAV
Windows <path-to-game> (mounted in DOSBox)[Note 1]
Linux <path-to-game> (mounted in DOSBox)[Note 1]
Steam Play (Linux) <Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/299030/pfx/[Note 2]

Save game cloud syncing

System Native Notes
GOG Galaxy
Steam Cloud


In-game video settings.
In-game video settings.


In-game general control settings.
In-game general control settings.
In-game key map settings.
In-game key map settings.

Use mouse wheel to change weapons

Bind up and down keys to the mouse wheel[6]
  1. Get AutoHotkey.
  2. Use this script when playing:
#ifWinActive, ahk_class SDL_app

SendEvent {Up Down}
Sleep 200
SendEvent {Up Up}

SendEvent {Down Down}
Sleep 200
SendEvent {Down Up}


Audio feature State Notes
Separate volume controls
Surround sound
See EAX support below.
Closed captions
Mute on focus lost
For DOSBox change the priority background value in the DOSBox configuration file.
EAX support
Raze and Blood: Fresh Supply[7] support OpenAL Soft for binaural HRTF mixing.
Royalty free audio
Red Book CD audio
MIDI is used when CD audio is not available or not assigned to the current level.
General MIDI audio
Original DOS executable and NBlood include a 3D Audio option that works as crossfeed for headphones.
Older versions of BloodGDX supported OpenAL Soft for binaural HRTF mixing, but newer BuildGDX releases broke support.[8]


Language UI Audio Sub Notes

VR support

A driver for the VFX1 headset can be found here.


Multiplayer types

Type Native Players Notes
LAN play
8 Versus, Co-op
Co-op supports two players.
Online play
For DOSBox use DOSBox IPX/modem emulation.

Issues fixed

HUD flashes

  1. Download the patch.
  2. Unzip the archive where BLOOD.EXE is.
  3. Rename nolfblim.ren2com to NOLFBLIM.COM.
  4. Run NOLFBLIM.COM before launching Blood.
Automate these steps by adding NOLFBLIM.COM before the line calling BLOOD.EXE in the DOSBox configuration file's autoexec section.

Damage scaling changes after loading a save

Use a modified executable[10]

Patch BLOOD.EXE with this patcher.


Freezes damage scaling to the Still Kicking setting, which makes the game easier on higher difficulties.
An alternate but complex workaround can be found here.
This issue is fixed in the source ports and Blood: Fresh Supply re-release.

Other information


Technical specs Supported Notes
OpenGL 1.0 Only available in source ports.
Glide 1.0 Beta patches for 3Dfx support can be found here. Note these patches are largely unstable and never completed.
DOS video modes VGA, SVGA Supports extremely high resolutions for a DOS game (over 1600x1200).


Middleware Notes
Cutscenes Smacker

Mods and source ports installation guides


BloodCM is a Blood remake in the form of a mod for EDuke32, a Duke Nukem 3D source port that provides modern features such as widescreen resolutions and dynamic lighting.

Blood GDX for Build GDX

From the same creator as the aforementioned Blood CM, Blood GDX is a Blood remake made after the libGDX program from Java based on the Blood Alpha source code. It provides modern features such as widescreen, dynamic lighting, mouse freelook, and more. Since March 2019, it has been consolidated into Build GDX alongside other Build engine games remakes and decompilations.
How to play Blood GDX via Build GDX
  1. Download and unfold BuildGDX(_with_JRE).zip on the desired location.
  2. Open your Build GDX folder and create a Blood subfolder.
  3. Copy and paste the following files from your Blood game to the Blood subfolder: BLOOD.INI, BLOOD.RFF, all the CP[number].MAP, CPART07.AR_, CPART15.AR_, all the CPBB[number].MAP, CPSL.MAP, CRYPTIC.INI, CRYPTIC.SMK, CrypticPassage.kpf, GTI.SMK, LOGO.SMK, MAPEDIT.INI, SOUNDS.RFF, SURFACE.DAT, TABLES.DAT, all the TILES[number].ART, and VOXEL.DAT. If you have the original disk or Fresh Supply, you can also copy and paste the blood[number].ogg to play with the original soundtrack.
  4. Open BuildGDX.exe and choose Blood on the left: if no file is found, click on the three dot icon and look for your Blood file, or simply select the vanilla game's location on your PC.
  5. Configure your visual and audio preferences in the settings accessible via the down-right gear icon. If you want to install mods, you can put them in the autoload subsubfolder of the Blood subfolder, then choose to "Enable "autoload" folder" in the settings. Click on Back once you've finished.
  6. Click on Play Blood to launch the game.


All the files are required for the mod to work and no file can be forgotten to play Cryptic Passage.
Blood GDX maintains the autolook feature from vanilla Blood when your character goes upstairs or downstairs.
Once you took all the files from the original game, you can reuse them as many times as you need.
The cutscenes don't play on the latest version without this patch.


Raze compiles and enhances various Build Engine games decompilations by using GZDoom: as explained on the Blood wiki, Raze remakes Blood via NBlood and uses OpenGl to enhance its 3D graphics.
How to play Blood via Raze
  1. Download and unfold raze_[Current Version].zip on the desired location.
  2. Open your raze_[Current Version] folder and create a Blood subfolder.
  3. Copy all files from your Blood game to the Blood subfolder: blood.ini, *.rff, *.art, *.dat, and all the files from the movies subfolder. For the cutscenes, copy the gti.smk and logo.smk from the latter subfolder into your Blood subfolder for Raze. If you want the CD soundtrack, copy all the blood[number].ogg files in the subfolder.
  4. To play Cryptic Passage, copy movies/cryptic.smk, movies/cryptic.wav, cp*.map, cpart07.ar_, cpart15.ar_, cryptic.ini in another folder of your PC, select them all and compress them into a zip file, then put it into the Blood subfolder for Raze.
  5. Open raze.exe, choose BLOOD: One Unit Whole Blood (BLOOD) or BLOOD: Cryptic Passage (cryptic), configure your settings, and launch the game.


All the aforementioned files are required for the mod to work.
Once you took all the files from the original game, you can reuse them as many times as you need.
While the forum gives the instructions for the cutscenes to work, they don't play on the latest version.

System requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS) 6.2
Processor (CPU) Intel Pentium 75 MHz
System memory (RAM) 16 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD) 80 MB
Video card (GPU) VGA 256-colour
Other 4X CD-ROM drive
Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS) XP, Vista, 7, 8
Processor (CPU) 1 GHz
System memory (RAM) 256 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD) 430 MB
Video card (GPU) DirectX 7 compatible


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 File/folder structure within the installation folder reflects the path(s) listed for DOS game data. For the release, file changes in DOSBox are redirected to <path-to-game>/cloud_saves/ even if GOG Galaxy is not used (this folder contains all redirected files, so some files in the cloud_saves folder might be temporary files or other files that do not contain saves or settings).
  2. 2.0 2.1 File/folder structure within this directory reflects the path(s) listed for Windows and/or Steam game data (use Wine regedit to access Windows registry paths). Games with Steam Cloud support may store data in ~/.steam/steam/userdata/<user-id>/299030/ in addition to or instead of this directory. The app ID (299030) may differ in some cases. Treat backslashes as forward slashes. See the glossary page for details.