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<includeonly>{{#if: {{{1|}}} | <tr>
<includeonly>{{#if: {{{1|}}} | <tr>
<td class="template-infobox-type">Perspectives</td>
<td class="template-infobox-type">Perspectives</td>{{#vardefine:currentPerspective|}}
<td class="template-infobox-info">{{#vardefineecho:perspectives|{{#arraymap: {{{1}}} | , | €€€€€ | {{#switch: {{lc:€€€€€}}
<td class="template-infobox-info">{{#arraymap: {{{1}}} | , | €€€€€ | {{#switch: {{lc:€€€€€}}
| audio-based        = {{Glossary:Audio-based|uc}}                                                       [[Category:Audio-based]]
| audio-based        = {{#vardefine:currentPerspective|Audio-based}}
| bird's-eye view    = {{Glossary:Bird's-eye view|uc}}                                                   [[Category:Bird's-eye view]]
| bird's-eye view    = {{#vardefine:currentPerspective|Bird's-eye view}}
| cinematic camera    = {{Glossary:Cinematic camera|uc}}                                                   [[Category:Cinematic camera]]
| cinematic camera    = {{#vardefine:currentPerspective|Cinematic camera}}
| first-person        = {{Glossary:First-person|uc}}                                                       [[Category:First-person]]
| first-person        = {{#vardefine:currentPerspective|First-person}}
| flip screen        = {{Glossary:Flip screen|uc}}                                                       [[Category:Flip screen]]
| flip screen        = {{#vardefine:currentPerspective|Flip screen}}
| free-roaming camera = {{Glossary:Free-roaming camera|uc}}                                               [[Category:Free-roaming camera]]
| free-roaming camera = {{#vardefine:currentPerspective|Free-roaming camera}}
| isometric          = {{Glossary:Isometric|uc}}                                                         [[Category:Isometric]]
| isometric          = {{#vardefine:currentPerspective|Isometric}}
| scrolling          = {{Glossary:Scrolling|uc}}                                                         [[Category:Scrolling]]
| scrolling          = {{#vardefine:currentPerspective|Scrolling}}
| side view          = {{Glossary:Side view|uc}}                                                         [[Category:Side view]]
| side view          = {{#vardefine:currentPerspective|Side view}}
| text-based          = {{Glossary:Text-based|uc}}                                                         [[Category:Text-based]]
| text-based          = {{#vardefine:currentPerspective|Text-based}}
| third-person        = {{Glossary:Third-person|uc}}                                                       [[Category:Third-person]]
| third-person        = {{#vardefine:currentPerspective|Third-person}}
| top-down view      = {{Glossary:Top-down view|uc}}                                                     [[Category:Top-down view]]
| top-down view      = {{#vardefine:currentPerspective|Top-down view}}
| #default            = <div title="Error: '€€€€€' not recognized" class="svg-icon svg-16 os-error"></div> [[Category:Invalid template usage (infobox game)]]
| #default            = <div title="Error: perspective '€€€€€' not recognized" class="svg-icon svg-16 os-error"></div> [[Category:Invalid template usage (infobox game)]]
}}{{Glossary:{{#var:currentPerspective}}|uc}} [[Category:{{#var:currentPerspective}}]] {{#vardefine:perspectives|{{#var:perspectives|}}{{#var:currentPerspective|}}, }}
}} }}</td>

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Category Definition Notes Examples
Audio-based Audio games have no graphical viewpoint and feature only audio. Audio games can have visuals, but can be played on audio cues alone. MobyGames
Bird's-eye view Any view that is above a player character or is an overview of a larger world, often at a small angle. MobyGames
Cinematic camera Fixed camera positions that the player cannot exert control, or exert limited control over. MobyGames
First-person View from the first-person. MobyGames
Flip screen Flip screen divides the game world into fixed screens, displayed one at a time. Commonly found in 2D platform games. MobyGames
Free-roaming camera Player can freely control the camera to scroll, rotate or zoom through a larger environment. MobyGames
Isometric View using isometric 2D assets to create the impression of 3D space. Often incorporates a bird’s-eye view. MobyGames
Scrolling Game world scrolls according to movement of the character. MobyGames
Side view Any view from the side for both scrolling and static environments. MobyGames
Text-based These games have no graphical viewpoint as they are composed entirely of text or spreadsheets. MobyGames
Third-person View from the third-person of a player character, normally behind or over the shoulder. MobyGames
Top-down view A view from directly above facing down, is relatively fixed and does not have much of an angle. Also called an overhead view. MobyGames