Viva Piñata

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Viva Piñata
Viva Piñata cover
Windows Climax Group
Microsoft Game Studios
Release dates
Windows November 6, 2007
Metacritic 78
Genres Life sim
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SafeDisc retail DRM does not work on Windows Vista and later (see Availability for affected versions).
For Games for Windows - LIVE on Windows 8 or later, install the latest Games for Windows - LIVE software.


Source DRM Notes Keys OS
Disc check (requires the CD/DVD in the drive to play)
Icon overlay.png
SafeDisc v4.8 DRM[Note 1]
SafeDisc retail DRM does not work on Windows Vista and later (see above for affected versions).
All versions require Games for Windows - LIVE DRM.[Note 2]
This game is no longer available digitally.

Essential improvements[edit]

Play without Games for Windows - LIVE[edit]

Play without GFWL[3]
  1. Download the replacement xlive.dll.
  2. Extract into <path-to-game>.

Game data[edit]

Configuration file(s) location[edit]

System Location
Windows %LOCALAPPDATA%\Saved Games\Microsoft Games\Viva Pinata\pinata.cfg

Save game data location[edit]

System Location
Windows %LOCALAPPDATA%\Saved Games\Microsoft Games\Viva Pinata\Saves\*.Viva


In-game video settings.
In-game video settings.

Graphics feature State WSGF Notes
Widescreen resolution
For unlisted resolutions see Widescreen resolution.
See the WSGF entry.
See the WSGF entry.
4K Ultra HD
See the WSGF entry.
Field of view (FOV)
See Windowed.
Borderless fullscreen windowed
See Windowed.
Anisotropic filtering (AF)
Can be forced in graphics driver settings.
Anti-aliasing (AA)
See Anti-aliasing (AA).
Vertical sync (Vsync)
On by default, can be forced off.
60 FPS
120+ FPS
Frame rate is capped at 60 FPS.

Widescreen resolution[edit]

Set resolution in pinata.cfg[4]
  1. Go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Saved Games\Microsoft Games\Viva Pinata\
  2. Open pinata.cfg.
  3. Set the following lines to your desired resolution.
videoscreenresx = 1920
videoscreenresy = 1080
videowidescreen = 1


Only 4:3, 5:4, 16:9, and 16:10 aspect ratios are supported (other aspect ratios are ignored).
Setting resolutions over 1920x1200 will cause the game to revert to the default resolution of 800x600.


Force windowed mode[citation needed]
  1. Download and run DxWnd.
  2. Click on Edit, then Add.
  3. Set Path to <path-to-game>\Viva Pinata.exe.
  4. Set Launch to <path-to-game>\Startup.exe.
  5. Set the initial window position and size.
  6. Set Desktop for borderless fullscreen windowed.
  7. Click on Input tab, set Cursor clipper to On.
  8. Click OK and start the game.

Anti-aliasing (AA)[edit]

Force anti-aliasing[5]
  1. Download and run Nvidia Profile Inspector.
  2. Search and open the game profile.
  3. Set Antialiasing compatibility to 0x00411245.
  4. Set Antialiasing mode to Override.
  5. Set Antialiasing setting to desired AA (e.g. Multisampling).
  6. Apply changes.


In-game mouse settings.
In-game mouse settings.
You must disable Steam Input or the game will crash on launch.

Keyboard and mouse State Notes
See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Mouse acceleration
Mouse sensitivity
Mouse input in menus
Mouse Y-axis inversion
Controller support
Native Xbox 360 controller support.
Full controller support
Controller remapping
See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Controller sensitivity
Controller Y-axis inversion
Controller types
XInput-compatible controllers
Xbox button prompts
Impulse Trigger vibration
DualShock 4 controllers
Generic/other controllers
Additional information
Controller hotplugging
Haptic feedback
Found in the "Garden Options" before loading the save. Controller must be active to expose the option.
Simultaneous controller+KB/M


In-game audio settings.
In-game audio settings.

Audio feature State Notes
Separate volume controls
Speech, Music, Sound Effects.
Surround sound
Closed captions
Mute on focus lost
Always enabled.


Language UI Audio Sub Notes
US and UK English languages available.
Brazilian Portuguese
Latin American and Castilian Spanish languages available.
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

Issues fixed[edit]

The DVD-ROM cannot be located[edit]

This may happen if the driver's letter is set to either A or B, the SafeDisc DRM will not recognize the disk being inserted although it'll install just fine.
Change your DVD drive letter to something other than A or B[citation needed]
  1. Push Win+R and type diskmgmt.msc
  2. Wait for the list to load, find the respective DVD-ROM at the end of the list.
  3. Right Click on it and pick Change Drive Letter and Paths....
  4. Click Change..., then assign a new letter other than A or B and accept the warning.

Other information[edit]


Executable 32-bit 64-bit Notes

System requirements[edit]

Operating system (OS) XP SP2, Vista
Processor (CPU) 1.8 GHz
System memory (RAM) 1 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD) 10 GB
Video card (GPU) Nvidia GeForce FX 5900
ATI Radeon 9600


  1. SafeDisc retail DRM does not work on Windows 10[1] or Windows 11 and is disabled by default on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 when the KB3086255 update is installed.[2]
  2. Games for Windows - LIVE DRM features: Legacy activation, supports local profiles.


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  6. Verified by User:SojerManLan on 2021-10-24
    Tested with a Xbox One controller (model 1708). Both can be active, but only one input can be entered at once. Going back to KBM input from the controller input requires going back to the Controls settings and switching to the KBM mode.