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Hi Rose, i couldnt find another place to contact you. Just wanted to say thank you for mentioning the (this) wiki on the article! I am an admin there and added a link to your Journey article, since there is some really useful information too. scarfhugs! ravingmadness

Caironomad (talkcontribs)

Hello Rose, Back in June 2019, you confirmed that the game Ephemerid does not support cloud saving. I'm currently looking to edit the Ephemerid page to reflect that it does support it based on my own experience. I thought I'd reach out to you to present my findings rather than simply revise something you confirmed as a more senior member of this website.

As for my findings, after reinstalling the OS on my PC, I reinstalled the game. The game still has my old save. I did some digging in the games discussion forums on Steam and found a response from the dev to a bug question that seems to indicate that they did include cloud saving: Furthermore, on the game's Steam page, cloud saving is listed as a feature, and while that is not always accurate, it does fall in line with my findings.

Please let me know your thoughts about these findings and my plans to alter the game's cloud save status listed on this website. I don't want to change the page to reflect inaccurate information, so if you could tell me how you confirmed that this game does not support Steam's cloud sync and I can verify it, I won't make the edit. I'll wait ~48 hours for a reply before updating the game's page, mainly because I'll probably forget to if I don't act soon.

Respectfully, Cairo

Rose (talkcontribs)


As far as I remember, I set it to false based on what I saw in the Updates tab within the game Properties on Steam on a friend's PC. My summary for the edit also stated that the store page was incorrect about it. The possibility of this is the reason why the wiki has its own field for cloud saving, allowing players to do and document their own testing as opposed to simply trusting developer claims.

You could just set the field to true without thinking if you had combined it with a screenshot of the Updates tab that would outweigh my assessment at the time. I'll check with the friend again as well.

Caironomad (talkcontribs)

Thank you for checking. I was thinking of just updating the page, but I felt that the courteous thing to do would be to contact the person who first established/confirmed the state of the game's cloud saving on Steam.

Rose (talkcontribs)
Caironomad (talkcontribs)

Ok. Thank you for sharing that screenshot. I didn't know what to look for at first until I checked the Updates tab on another game and saw the tickbox for enabling Steam Cloud. I wasn't aware that the feature existed.

This is perplexing, as the only files that carried over from my OS reinstall were the game files on a separate hard drive, and I uninstalled and reinstalled those twice to try and get my save data to disappear. Without being able to locate and erase the actual save file for the game to definitively prove the presence or lack of cloud saving, the only existing evidence supports your past conclusion that the game has no cloud saving, so I won't change the wiki.

Thanks again for being so helpful to a random stranger on this site. I use a lot to confirm whether or not my Steam games have cloud saving as devs don't always list it on the game's store page, so I want it to be as accurate as possible with regard to the tiny sphere of games I own for the sake of others who use it for similar purposes. You've helped me keep on the right track.

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