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Hi Rose, i couldnt find another place to contact you. Just wanted to say thank you for mentioning the (this) wiki on the article! I am an admin there and added a link to your Journey article, since there is some really useful information too. scarfhugs! ravingmadness

Stuttgart (talkcontribs)

Hi, I saw that you reverted / partly reverted all my edits on the Area 51 games. The issue is that 99% of users that search for Area 51 will want the 2005 game, but currently we send them to the 1995 game. Shouldn't the most popular game be the standard?

Rose (talkcontribs)

Hello. The disambig template is not meant to link to all games with similar titles like you did. We could improve the description of each of the current two but it's the series box that covers all games of the Area 51 series and allows the reader to easily navigate between them.

The naming of the articles is something to discuss within the talk pages of the relevant articles for more users to notice. Personally, I'm not familiar with the games to argue one way or another but it's otherwise consistent to give priority to the first released game.

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Lextra2 (talkcontribs)

"or mention things that hold no value"

In what world do you live in, where telling the user, that you can not disable vignette without also disabling other effects is a "thing that holds no value"?! Maybe next time YOU do the research about what a setting exactly changes so I don't have to come in again and correct it.

Rose (talkcontribs)

There is no added value in repetition within two adjacent sentences. "0 = All off" delivers the same message as "Please note: Setting the tonemapper to 0 will disable all types of tonemapping shaders."

Similarly, the "Look below to see which value has what effect." sentence is unnecessary when the values and descriptions are right below it and impossible to not notice.

Lastly, saying "there is no way to disable those effects individually" holds no value because it provides no solution, which goes against the purpose of fixboxes. The core of your contributions was retained after my edit.

The wiki is a community effort, so you, me, or anyone coming to correct is a part of what it is all about.

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The lost (talkcontribs)

There is no citation for the DRM-free executable change as I just tested out myself this afternoon after noticing there was no dll file in the game directory, and it opened fine without needing Steam running! Not sure if there is something else I need to add to cover this?

Rose (talkcontribs)

You can use the ref template and document the steps taken to have come to the conclusion, similarly to this.

The lost (talkcontribs)

OK, will take a look at that tomorrow then. Thanks!

The lost (talkcontribs)

Done! I have used some of your wording, hope that's ok.

Rose (talkcontribs)

Thanks. That's alright. The reason I asked for a reference is that the game definitely used to have Steamstub DRM across multiple updates, getting in the way of direct file modification. It's good to know that it is no longer the case.

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Simmonsthemad33 (talkcontribs)

If Xbox Play Anywhere is going to be removed from key points because its also listed under Availability, it needs to also be changed on Gears of War 4 for the sake of consistency. Id argue its more of a key point and that the reference was useful information for the user and its removal was a detriment but *shrug*

Edit- I see Xbox Play Anywhere does link to a PCGW glossary entry describing the service so my point about the reference is null but the prior still stands.

Also checked all other Play Anywhere title articles just to ensure consistency .

Rose (talkcontribs)

The wiki is community-created, so the presence of something on a page does not make it valid or in line with the current guidelines. Is the key point in question also applicable to the Steam version of the game, making it universal? Either way, the wiki is focused on PC gaming, and it is not expected that most of its users would find this information of extreme importance that should be delivered from the first paragraph. Moreover, key points in general are to be largely replaced by the relatively new introduction template.

Simmonsthemad33 (talkcontribs)

Key points are easily digestible and don't waste the users time on walls of text. This has been my least favorite change recently. Regardless, not trying to be argumentative. An observation and suggestion, nothing more.

Rose (talkcontribs)

I understand your concern and I think there is value to it, but nothing on the wiki is mandatory unless it's part of the Assignments system. One can contribute as little as a sentence or none at all. That aside, even under the previous revision of the guidelines, I would stick to my argument on the lack of applicability of the information to most or all users to warrant the prominence that it got.

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D0x360 (talkcontribs)

I made a couple edits in Horizon ZD and they were removed. First and most importantly is the games massive memory leak. On 3 systems (2 intel, one Ryzen 3900) that all had 32 gigs of DDR4 the game went from 10% system memory use to 20, 30 and so on over 2 hours until it hit 68% of system memory usage. All memory was free'd upon exiting the game. There is also evidence that it's causing a memory leak on the GPU end. The game uses 98% of the vram on a 2080ti after 2 hours and 8 99% on a 5700xt.

Next is HDR... the image displayed is NOT HDR. It doesn't reach the proper levels to meet the criteria for HDR but even forgetting that fact the game is running with 8 bit color when HDR is enabled and it should be 10bit. I can directly compare HDR with the ps4 version and the colors of completely wrong when HDR is enabled in the PC version. It's like a different game.

Rose (talkcontribs)

Hi. It was not me that undid the edits but I had supported the decision on the wiki Discord.

The statements looked like a forum post - the style was very informal ("mess up", "apparently", etc) and they addressed the reader directly, which is against the guidelines. Moreover, there was a lot of uncertainty from the use of expressions like "more testing is needed", "seems" and "appears". Coupled with the complete lack of references and explanations for what a memory leak is or how one can benefit from the knowledge, it definitely had no place on the wiki in that form.

Shadowstealer7 improved on it by describing the issue as high memory usage, which is easier to understand and harder to contest, especially when backed with references.

As for HDR, there is nothing in the guidelines that suggests it should be compared to that of consoles before setting it either way. It is simply defined as "Support for expanded color space", which was further supported by my screenshots within the reference comment following your questioning of it.

Aemony (talkcontribs)

> Next is HDR... the image displayed is NOT HDR. It doesn't reach the proper levels to meet the criteria for HDR

What criteria are those? I took a couple of screenshots previously today and used HDR + WCG Image Viewer to visualize a heatmap and, uh... I don't see whatever you're seeing.

  • Original image (some details are lost in the HDR-to-SDR conversion -- as seen when compared to the heatmap)
  • Heatmap (blue-green-orange is basically lower than 300 nits)
  • SDR as grayscale

Beyond that, yeah, it sucks that the game doesn't make use of 10-bit at least. Preferably all HDR games should render in 16-bit and then just tonemap it down, but woe betide us. :|

D0x360 (talkcontribs)

First high memory use is different from a memory leak. I don't know how you would like me to create a reference for it since you need tools to test for said leak. I tested on multiple machines multiple times and every single time a memory leak was verified.

As for HDR I'm not comparing it to the console version whatsoever. It doesn't meet the HDR spec in terms of nits. Again tools are needed for testing. I'm using professional calibration tool, a device that sits in front of the display. The display used first was a 65 inch LG CX OLED and the second was a pc monitor, also an LG OLED (IPS). As a side note LG makes OLED panels for essentially all manufacturers except samsung. The only difference is software that runs the panel and LG is considered the best.

Regardless, it's obvious that there is no way I can "win" here so I will stop trying. That doesn't change the fact that I'm right and even the patch today did not fix either issue.

I understand people might not understand what a memory leak means, and this is not the place to explain but acknowledging it's existence would likely drive the user to search memory leak and they would find a layman's explanation on the first page of Google, bing and duckduckgo.

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Dave247 (talkcontribs)

I noticed all the amazing work you've been putting into the Death Stranding page, and I specifically wanted to ask about the screenshots you uploaded for the key assignments. It looks like you've done a scrolling screenshot of some kind which I'm very impressed with, and I'm curious to know what program you used to do it as I'd like to be able to use the same technique myself when uploading screenshots to the wiki. I've looked a bit into it in the past but I've never had much luck with being able to constantly pull it off as there seems to be different methods and I don't see how it would work for a in-game scrolling window.

Rose (talkcontribs)

Hi! Thanks. It's just multiple screenshots taken and manually stitched together. After pasting the next image, I temporarily reduce the opacity of the new layer, zoom in and manually align the pixels with the arrow keys.

Dave247 (talkcontribs)

Ah jeez so you do it the hard way. It did cross my mind that you might of just been manually editing the images yourself, though I should of realised it was the most likely answer. Big props to you then for going to all that extra time and effort!

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Caironomad (talkcontribs)

Hello Rose, Back in June 2019, you confirmed that the game Ephemerid does not support cloud saving. I'm currently looking to edit the Ephemerid page to reflect that it does support it based on my own experience. I thought I'd reach out to you to present my findings rather than simply revise something you confirmed as a more senior member of this website.

As for my findings, after reinstalling the OS on my PC, I reinstalled the game. The game still has my old save. I did some digging in the games discussion forums on Steam and found a response from the dev to a bug question that seems to indicate that they did include cloud saving: Furthermore, on the game's Steam page, cloud saving is listed as a feature, and while that is not always accurate, it does fall in line with my findings.

Please let me know your thoughts about these findings and my plans to alter the game's cloud save status listed on this website. I don't want to change the page to reflect inaccurate information, so if you could tell me how you confirmed that this game does not support Steam's cloud sync and I can verify it, I won't make the edit. I'll wait ~48 hours for a reply before updating the game's page, mainly because I'll probably forget to if I don't act soon.

Respectfully, Cairo

Rose (talkcontribs)


As far as I remember, I set it to false based on what I saw in the Updates tab within the game Properties on Steam on a friend's PC. My summary for the edit also stated that the store page was incorrect about it. The possibility of this is the reason why the wiki has its own field for cloud saving, allowing players to do and document their own testing as opposed to simply trusting developer claims.

You could just set the field to true without thinking if you had combined it with a screenshot of the Updates tab that would outweigh my assessment at the time. I'll check with the friend again as well.

Caironomad (talkcontribs)

Thank you for checking. I was thinking of just updating the page, but I felt that the courteous thing to do would be to contact the person who first established/confirmed the state of the game's cloud saving on Steam.

Rose (talkcontribs)
Caironomad (talkcontribs)

Ok. Thank you for sharing that screenshot. I didn't know what to look for at first until I checked the Updates tab on another game and saw the tickbox for enabling Steam Cloud. I wasn't aware that the feature existed.

This is perplexing, as the only files that carried over from my OS reinstall were the game files on a separate hard drive, and I uninstalled and reinstalled those twice to try and get my save data to disappear. Without being able to locate and erase the actual save file for the game to definitively prove the presence or lack of cloud saving, the only existing evidence supports your past conclusion that the game has no cloud saving, so I won't change the wiki.

Thanks again for being so helpful to a random stranger on this site. I use a lot to confirm whether or not my Steam games have cloud saving as devs don't always list it on the game's store page, so I want it to be as accurate as possible with regard to the tiny sphere of games I own for the sake of others who use it for similar purposes. You've helped me keep on the right track.

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