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What is the reason this controller is often not supported by games over BT when at the same time it is supported over wired connection? Thanks.

Aemony (talkcontribs)

The way Windows work with devices is that each device have a unique hardware ID that both identify its vendor as well as product / device model. Windows uses this to match the device to an applicable driver.

Games work the same way, and basically identify recognizable controllers through their unique hardware ID, and this is where the unsupported nature comes from.

You see, when the DualShock 4 is connected using Bluetooth (or even while using the Wireless Adapter), this unique hardware ID differs somehow, and if games aren't developed to take that into account they won't support the controller over the other connections.

Basically, during development the development team _only_ tested and included support for the controller while it was connected using a cable, and didn't test and implement support for the controller when it was e.g. connected through Bluetooth.

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Blackbird (talkcontribs)
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Mirh (talkcontribs)

As can be seen here and here, you need Orbis (now just PS4) SDK include files.

If I hex check libScePad_x64.dll that comes with Dying Light demo, I can indeed see a Orbis_develop\libpad_for_win folder is mentioned.
Intriguingly, nearby libpad.dll and libpadfilter.dll sports a "2008 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc." copyright. I wonder if stuff was done for DS3 too?

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Do the movement sticks get worn out quickly?

RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

Does this happen often with new DS4 controllers? In the future if I'll ever have some money to spend I wouldn't mind getting one, but I keep seeing people saying tha they wear out very quickly, it would be such a huge turn off.

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

I have only heard about this at the launch of playstation 4 and saw many horrifying pictures in 2014. After that sony supposedly changed material and haven't heard of the issue since. My Dualshock 4 is still as good as new and I use it with PC, PS3 and PS4 all the time.

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