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Garrett (talkcontribs)
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I've discussed it with the IRC channel and the consensus is that the note here is redundant and unnecessary. The glossary page is already linked on the left of the table. Those wanting to know if the game supports borderless fullscreen do not need to know that a random mod happens to be one of the dozens of methods.

I was going to just leave it as you had it, but I recently discovered the game has severe performance issues (on my hardware) in borderless windowed mode. I'll be using the note field to relay that information.

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)


Sadly I do not own the game myself, so I can't deny or confirm any of the information. That's why it would be better to leave this stuff into the games own talk page where others can contribute to discussion who also own the game.

As for table, if it has some method mentioned as hackable, note field MUST have something supplied to it to tell how it's hackable. With borderless fullscreen methods, 99% of the cases the third party tools simply just work, so I personally always just left the field false at that point. Because if I go with third party tools, only handful of games would have that field false, making it less useful and like you said those are already linked on the table by clicking the field. And because those solutions are universal, it's usually really really good idea to at least mention that mod made specifically to that game to address specifically that issue, especially when that mod seems to address other issues as well and are being updated to address even more issues in the future and doesn't need third party software running in the background (the guy who made that mod is actually really fucking good and I know he will do miracles). So in some way like "Use method X or this game specific mod Y." which also leaves choise to user.

There are still some debate over these always working forcing methods still:

But in any way, at least have "Tested with program X.[ref by user Y]" in note field if nothing else.

As for borderless fullscreen mode, how big impact are we talking? Because borderless windowed mode will always have some performance impact, however it highly depents on game, games settings and your hardware how big it actually is. If someone is running the game 300 FPS, they most likely do not notice any drops, while if you have 63 FPS and game already using your whole VRAM, then borderless will have more major impact on performance and I wouldn't doubt this on that new game. At that point it becomes generic information again and pointless to majority of game article viewers.

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RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

Where's the AppData info explained? I didn't see anything else other than the tooltip, the tooltip itself sucks on its own, it's really vague for someone who never did this. Is this stuff spread out over other pages? I wanted to make this clearer at least, or have the info be on the wiki so it's more easily to find on Google. I wish I had more control sometimes but, oh well.

Also I don't do this because it looks really ugly I don't really agree with everything written on the editing guide too much, some of the stuff in there should be changed. The Steam forums are pretty much full of garbage and they have been abbandoned by Valve themselves anyway.

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

OK honest mistake there, it was only explained in the tooltip and only the file explorer method. And yes, those are standard windows variables, so they are used with every single game page (except Metal Gear Rising which uses hard C:\ starting path). But you did make the edit seem like you wanted to explain only that specific games appdata opening.

Editing guide is there to provide standards and standards are prioritized so that everything would be cohesive. If you do have problem with how stuff are in editing guide, then demand the change to editing guide and sample article. I do not care does it look ugly to you, at that point it's your personal subjective matter and if everything would have simply "instructions" it would be hardcoded to the template itself.

Steam users forums are still open and active and because they were open waaay before steam community, for couple years old games they have much more useful conversation compared to steam community forums - some of the fixes are only found there. And again, steam forums are stated in both editing guide and sample article, so if you don't like it being there, then demand the change to standards instead of being subjective and changing it yourself.

RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

I usually replace the Instructions header with a better name though, I just used that as a placeholder mostly.

RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

I'm not even sure if you are still reading this but I usually replace the Instructions headers with better titles like these.

Skip Intro looks prettier than Use replacement Intro_720p.wmv and there's also a certain clarity to it. It's not just about things being pretty, it's also about readability, stuff being pretty is just a bonus though, I don't usually explain my thought process as my posts would probably be never ending, I kinda stopped doing that just so that I could get to the point a bit quicker.

Also I do multiple editing passes over the pages I edit, so I often just kinda end up leaving everything a bit unfinished until I come back to it after a break.

PS: I'm really tired and my post is really half assed, I'm not even sure if the message is clear at all.

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

(I can't even reply as mediawiki says there's change made, updates the page and removes my responce completely)

"Skip intro" is already header of the section, so putting it into fixbox repeats said stuff. Fixboxes header should be fix explained in a nutshell so user gets to know what is being done, so in that case skipping intro requires replacing file, instead of launch parameter, config file editing or removing file. Again, this is explained in editing guide and sample article, which are standards and standards go over personal subjective matters. Of course to be even more cohesive, those should be "replace the file" or "edit configuration file" but that's small difference. That "Use replacement Intro_720p.wmv" was already in that page before I ever touched it.

I do admit that lately I have been simply putting stuff inside fixbox header without the steps, but this is mostly because of my time constrains and/or lack of knowledge/references (I do not personally have the specific problem), because some articles have fixes simply written out as text under header and they should always be inside fixbox. So having them inside fixbox is already step forward.

I know your editing style at this point and I know it's pretty hard to change habits in general, but just as a hint you should try using local text editor when editing stuff. Some of your edits go 100+, which not only gets really negative first reaction from anyone, but also makes it really hard to determine what has being changed (or in your case completely nuked because reasons). Opening one section or whole article in local text editor gives you time to edit it in peace and redo stuff as many times as you want and most likely article won't get touched at that if talking about few years old smaller title. If you leave stuff unfinished and go to eat, of course some may look the edits really funnily and try fixing them (like has happened couple times now).

RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

I could just use the online editor but not save every two seconds so idk.

On the fix box thingy, I don't really put instructions into the header seeing as there's not much point to it, the user has to read the instructions below it anyway, so I just give it a more generic title, often I can't be bothered to come up with unique titles for all my fix boxes so I just pick Instructions, I tried using an external editor once but I ended up not getting as much done, and I don't mind when other wiki editors come in and edit my work anyway, I always doubt myself more than anyone else anyway.

When there are multiple fix boxes I do something like this though, otherwise I don't really bother explaining what the user needs to do in the fixbox title unless I need to make it clear that two solutions are different.

I'm not really sure how to explain this though, if I had some examples I could just show you those and you'd see the idea behind it.

RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)
RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

I suck at explaining what I do in words, it's easier for me to just show you the end result :v I'll try to post more examples instead of more text.

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RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

That's what I wanted him to do, but I couldn't remember what the name of the page was, thanks. I didn't want to tell him to create a new list just in case a new one already existed.

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

I have that thing listed there multiple times, but somebody always keeps changing the high frame rate note and taking it out, similar to skyrim article where 60 FPS cap on high frame rate displays is required to even play the game. As I do not own FO4 I have kept my edits in there bare minimum and according to references.

Also that list needs some cleanup and filling, but at least it does its job of listing the programs.

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PlayaOfGames (talkcontribs)

sorry about that i just checked and you are correct i just thought the edit was made by a noob/troll that was smoking something lol again sorry about that.

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

Don't apologize for me, I'm just regular editor as well. Just make sure to stick with the facts or at least have reference to draw conclusions instead of assuming stuff. And with that edit particular, it was just weird you changed that particular part, when same path was used tons of times with other fixboxes as well.

Also it was about AF, not AA. Almost makes me think you are smoking something :p

PlayaOfGames (talkcontribs)

Well what i meant by aa in the title meaning batman aa=batman arkham asylum and as for me not editing the rest where square enix was put in its cuz i didn't spot those until u mentained it lol

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Garrett (talkcontribs)

It looks like you're making new pages based on an earlier version of the input settings placeholder where the parameter order does not match the order on the rendered page. This has since been corrected in the sample article and editing guide.

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

Thanks for noticing, fixing it to my workflow right away.

...I don't need to manually go trough my edits and fix the order though?

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Suggestions for "Games refusing to launch with 144Hz monitor" section of research page

Expack3 (talkcontribs)

So I don't try (again) to edit a page which I should reasonably understand to be modifiable only by the original author, I'd like to suggest some changes for the Games refusing to launch with 144Hz monitor section of your Research page:

  • Change the wording of the positive point to something more neutral. Maybe something like this:
If your monitor and graphics card support DisplayPort, using DisplayPort avoids this issue.

That way, it keeps your original intent intact while putting it forward in a more neutral way.

  • "Effected" should be "Affected".
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Karasuhebi (talkcontribs)

Hey thanks for updating the Magicka article and adding all the screenshots! I noticed one thing though. In the Graphic Options menu, you have Decal Limit set to 'High'. That makes it so decals go away faster. The setting you really want is 'Off' which makes the decals stick around for a long time. Like this:

RaTcHeT302 (talkcontribs)

I'm not sure why they didn't name it "Decal Decay Time" or something like that. Thanks.

Karasuhebi (talkcontribs)

Thanks for adding it to the article BTW. I meant to do that but then I forgot. XD

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

Well that's counterintuitive as fuck, especially when all other settings are constructed that high is the best option.

Karasuhebi (talkcontribs)

Yeah I know, it's silly. That's why I thought I'd mention it. Cheers guys!

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MetalPlateMage (talkcontribs)

It's a DRM-free title on Steam, so I flipped it back from your large-ish edit - as this convention has stuck for Witcher 3 and other titles and thus seems to be the de-facto norm now. If you are editing with an assistant of some kind you might want to change that - thanks.

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

There has been lot of discussion about this and every time I tried to mark DRM-Free titles on Steam as DRM-Free, someone always changed it to Steam, so I just added them into "DRM-free games on steam" list instead.

I won't be touching the steams DRM from now on to avoid any extra confusion.

MetalPlateMage (talkcontribs)

Yeah, I mean it kind of changed with W3 when people kept changing it back to DRM-free (popularity helps there). It's still an oddly unfinished area, like it would be nice if there was a "Probably Steam DRM icon" until someone verifies it. Thanks for the article update BTW - I also thought for sure my screen shots were 1080p, so thanks for that too!

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A (talkcontribs)

Hi, the last paragraph of your post here says "spoiler warning": and then some other stuff. Since I haven't finished Fez yet I'd like to be able to participate in that thread without reading that part of your note. Could you post it as a Pastebin link, or something, and remove the text itself from the talk page? If not, that's fine too.

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

I put those under collapsed div to hide them. Sorry about that. However it's surprisingly hard to discuss if you haven't finished the game.

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