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Unity games having internal FPS lock[edit]

Unity games having unlocked frame rate, but some elements of the game capped, usually 60 FPS, making it look super stuttery on high refresh rate displays.
Most, if not all, cases usually camera is locked to character in some manner, making stutter even more irritating.
Usually many are complaining about microstuttering, some even with 60Hz monitors.
Seems to be related to DeltaTime. Is fixable, if developer gives some sort of ability to decrease Time.fixedeDeltaTime[1]

Character/camera/both general movement

Mouse movement

Whole game (frame rate not capped, whole gameplay is)

No caps, but other shenanigans to avoid game progress. Usually manual frame rate cap required for single part

  • The Room, one of the end game puzzles where you have to move blue circle trough maze, right before finishing it gets stuck with high frame rate.[5] BETA PATCH FIXES THE ISSUE.
  • Tulpa, at the very beginning, after jumping tutorial and pushing the cart next to wall, can't grab onto ledge with high frame rate.
  • Electronic Super Joy, autoscrolling stage requiring precise jumping. Seems like high frame rates alter jumping just tiny bit, so that requirement of long jump from ledge to ledge seems to fail 90% of time, while with ~60 FPS works flawlessly.

Games pairing with Dualshock 4[edit]

Have Dualshock 4 connected with wire, open one of the following games and controller isn't paired with PS4/Playstation TV anymore.

Games refusing to launch with 144Hz monitor[edit]

Usually games work flawlessly if started with 60Hz monitor and switched back to 144Hz one. Also windowed mode works on most.
Problem seems to be related to use of DVI. It's adviced to use DisplayPort with high refresh rate monitors to avoid these problems.[6][7]

Affected games

As switching to DisplayPort fixed the issue for me personally, I won't be updating this list. It's kept for reference if someone else is also having problems with high refresh rate displays and these games.