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Template:VR support

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This template defines the table "VR_support". View table.

Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).


Note that Tracked motion controllers and Traditional controller are filled out through the Input section.


==VR support==
{{VR support
|native 3d                   = 
|native 3d notes             = 
|nvidia 3d vision            = 
|nvidia 3d vision notes      = 
|vorpx                       = 
|vorpx modes                 = 
|vorpx notes                 = 
|vr only                     = 
|htc vive                    = 
|htc vive notes              = 
|oculus rift                 = 
|oculus rift notes           = 
|osvr                        = 
|osvr notes                  = 
|windows mixed reality       = 
|windows mixed reality notes = 
|forte vfx1                  =
|forte vfx1 notes            =
|keyboard-mouse              = 
|keyboard-mouse notes        = 
|3rd space gaming vest       = 
|3rd space gaming vest notes = 
|novint falcon               = 
|novint falcon notes         = 
|trackir                     = 
|trackir notes               = 
|tobii eye tracking          = 
|tobii eye tracking notes    = 
|play area seated            = 
|play area seated notes      = 
|play area standing          = 
|play area standing notes    = 
|play area room-scale        = 
|play area room-scale notes  = 

Hidden/removed parameters

The table also supports related GameGrade3D (GG3D) related classifications, but these have been hidden from the template due to the intended link, GameGrade3D, resolving into 404 page not found.

|gg3d name                   = 
|native 3d gg3d award        = 
|nvidia 3d vision gg3d award = 
|tridef 3d gg3d award        = 
|iz3d gg3d award             = 
  • gg3d name - links to the GameGrade3D entry; supply game name used on GameGrade3D, not the full URL.
  • native 3d gg3d award - GameGrade3D award for Native 3D.
  • nvidia 3d vision gg3d award - GameGrade3D award for Nvidia 3D Vision.
  • tridef 3d gg3d award - GameGrade3D award for TriDef 3D.
  • iz3d gg3d award - GameGrade3D award for iZ3D.

Similarly TriDef 3D and iZ3D parameters have been hidden due to cancelled operations.

|tridef 3d                   = 
|tridef 3d notes             = 
|iz3d                        = 
|iz3d notes                  =