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Engine:CryEngine 3

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CryEngine 3
First release date

Issues fixed

Games set monitor refresh rate to 24hz on launch

With the exception of Crysis 3, games using this engine may set your monitor's refresh rate to 24 hz on launch, resulting in stuttering and poor performance even if the internal GPU render shows a high fps. This can be resolved with a game-specific solution, by manually selecting a higher refresh rate if your monitor has a manual refresh rate selection button, or by disabling fullscreen optimizations in the compatibility settings of the game's .exe file.

FPS issues on AMD cards

Games based on CryEngine have decreased performance on Windows 10 vs 7 on AMD cards[1]. Consider using Windows 7 along with TimerTool set to 0.5ms for the best performance[2] (also on Windows 8). Vega series GPUs also perform worse than RX series on Windows 10 in CryEngine games in comparison to Windows 7[3].