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Kaede (talkcontribs)

The game seems to require Steam to be launched with admin rights to work, otherwise it crashes to desktop. See Worked for other people and myself. I did install DX9 beforehand, so maybe that was needed too, but definitely not "enough".

That information could probably be added to PCGW's L.A. Noire page.

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Any one have instrutions how to enable the SGSSAA

PlayaOfGames (talkcontribs)

like the title says i was wondering could someone type up instructions on how to enable this sort of like the way this one is explained Please and thank you or does these instructions on wolf among us work just the same on la nore just change 0x204002C1 for wolf among us to 0x004000C0 for la noire

Marioysikax (talkcontribs)

TWAU article instructs how to use given flag in inspector and applying SGSSAA. In my opinion it would be better to simply state flag in AA note section as rest of the instructions are always identical with games, that's nvidia only method and there may be other methods available. Someone should update nvidia article to include nvidia inspector and instructions to apply SGSSAA, then it would be easy to just link given flag into that article.

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