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|no={{#if:{{{1|}}}| and }}a [[Digital rights management (DRM)#Always online|constant internet connection]] for all game modes[[Uses DRM::Always online| ]]{{#vardefine:Always online|true}}{{#vardefine:Warnings|{{#if:{{#var:Warnings}}|{{#var:Warnings}},Always online|Always online}}}}
|no={{#if:{{{1|}}}| and }}a [[Digital rights management (DRM)#Always online|constant internet connection]] for all game modes{{#vardefine:Always online|true}}{{#vardefine:Warnings|{{#if:{{#var:Warnings}}|{{#var:Warnings}},Always online|Always online}}}}

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Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).

This template is for active DRM. For DRM that has been removed from all versions of a game, use Template:Removed DRM.

Common arguments
  • 1 - Primary DRM system used. See below for valid values.
  • 2 - Primary DRM version (optional). DRM methods with no versions (e.g. Origin) will not display this parameter if it has been set.
  • 3 - Secondary DRM system used (optional).
  • 4 - Secondary DRM version (optional).
  • 5 - Tertiary DRM system used (optional).
  • 6 - Tertiary DRM version (optional).
  • offline - Whether the game can be played offline (only needs to be specified for games with always-online DRM).
GFWL arguments (Games for Windows - LIVE games only - see List of Games for Windows - LIVE games for details).
  • SSA - GFWL SSA status
  • ZDPP - GFWL ZDPP status
  • local - GFWL local profile status
Valid values