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Do you have any sources on the RAM requirements for Linux desktop environments?

Dandelion Sprout (talkcontribs)

With all DEs being listed as requiring 2 or 4 GB of RAM, there is quite a lot of ambiguity in that column.

Which distro(s) were the RAM requirements tested in? Do the amounts refer to the amount of RAM the DE processes use, or to what the entire distros use? On what page/test did it say that e.g. LXQT require 2 GB of RAM?

My research do indicate that some of the amounts roughly correspond to the requirements of various major Ubuntu 21.4 forks (e.g. Lubuntu), but this doesn't seem like it's dealing a fair hand to more compact (though admittedly much less gaming-oriented) distros who perhaps only need 1 GB RAM for the whole distros.

Vleeth (talkcontribs)

is the minimum amount of RAM in the system to be able to function optimally.

gnome with 700mb? really?

Dandelion Sprout (talkcontribs)

In that case, how do you know that it's specifically 4 GB that is needed for the system to function optimally?

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Rose (talkcontribs)


I think you mean well with your edits to the article, but please ensure that each of your contributions has a summary for others to understand your logic and have an easier time navigating through the edits, especially when they are to undo someone else's contributions. A case cannot be made just by virtue of undoing.

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