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Hellblade 2's black bars "not completely black"

Dgrdsv (talkcontribs)

Could you provide more info on what you mean by that?

According to my testing they are "completely black" as in the game doesn't render them in any way at all. If you enable DLSS overlay then you'll see that DLSS is upscaling to a "letterboxed" resolution and not the full resolution of your display.

Filoppi (talkcontribs)
Dgrdsv (talkcontribs)

So I've checked a dozen of screenshots from the game with letterboxing, and in all of them the bars are #000000 i.e. 100% black. On my OLED they are completely black as well. My guess is that people have their OLEDs setup in a wrong way or are seeing the light reflecting from their screens in case of QD-OLED (a known issue). - this isn't in-game, it's a HDR screenshot viewer which may have its own issues. I'd suggest this notion to be removed from the page as I can't find any proof of it actually being the case.

Filoppi (talkcontribs)

"#000000" is an SDR 8 bit color. The issue doesn't appear in SDR, possibly because in 8bit there's not enough quality and the black bars grey snaps to zero. But in HDR the issue is there: You can use Lilium HDR Analysis to prove it too.

Dgrdsv (talkcontribs)

"#000000" is black which is also black in any color space. From your link above: "EDIT: Fixed this by opening TV settings and changing “fine tune dark areas from 0 to -1.” " which means that it's a display setup issue and not a game one. Feel free to post a screenshot where letterboxing bars won't be black.

Pay more attention to rules and notes before making an edit

Jigen123 (talkcontribs)

Hi, i noticed that you have been editing the "List of PC games with features removed compared to their console versions" article lately. Contributions are appreciated, but can you please pay more attention before publishing an edit? I have warned you multiple times (see edit notes/history of the article) to respect the alphabetical order when adding new games to the list. Also, always check if a game is already listed or you risk ending up adding a game that was already there like in the case of PoP 2008. Thank you.

Filoppi (talkcontribs)

ok, sorry

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