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Please remove shader models from edits

Macgovern (talkcontribs)

Per the official documentation, please remove the shader models from the articles you've edited, both because they are useless for the purposes of PCGamingWiki and because they may eventually be removed altogether, potentially breaking any page they're used on.

Dgrdsv (talkcontribs)

I won't add new ones anymore if that's the general consensus but I don't see how removing the existing ones altogether at some point in the future would break anything.

Macgovern (talkcontribs)

I'm not going to get in the person who handles the backend to explain how using shader models right now might break something in the future. Simply put, per the official documentation I linked - which does, in fact, represent general consensus - listing shader models is unreliable due to how games may provide fallbacks, and ultimately are unreliable in the modern age. Thus, for our target audience, it's information they don't need at best and will find confusing at worst.

With that explained, I repeat: please remove the shader models from the articles you've edited.

Dgrdsv (talkcontribs)

Shader models for games where I've added or edited them were taken from graphics API intercepts of shaders which is about as "reliable" as it may be besides the official game programmer input.

Games may "fallback" in cases where a request SM isn't supported by the system but this is usually done via a separate renderer using a different graphics API and/or version of thereof in which case these are listed with a comma separation.

And to get this straight - I'm not a fan of spending a weekend to figure out this information for you to order me to remove it today just because your backend person can't do their work or something. If this is absolutely imperative for you then I'll go over my edits and remove it - but not today.

Aemony (talkcontribs)


It has nothing really to do with the backend and everything to do with the data being unreliable to the point where it doesn't serve its purpose any longer and only encourages incorrect input from editors unable to properly check it. We have made it obsolete because the vast majority of it was incorrect to begin with and would've never been corrected either.

We will eventually remove support for the parameters as well, at which point the data you've inserted into the pages will not be visible any longer at all (nothing will really break though -- it just won't be visible without looking at the source code).

If this is intended for purposes such as what games are applicable to use with RTX Remix, I recommend you create a separate page intended for that express purpose, and covers the games more properly there. See for example the ReShade page as a good example and sample of wikitext to use for such a purpose.


The Backend Guy

Dgrdsv (talkcontribs)

Well, as I've said, what I've added/edited was taken from a debugger output which traces API calls games are making so it's about 99% reliable I'd say - besides some corner cases where games may use some specific shader model only on select levels for example which I didn't trace (a theoretical example; I haven't seen such game yet).

But I do agree that the info on SM itself is of little use to a general user so if you're deprecating it then I just won't add it anymore - no problem.

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