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PlayaOfGames (talkcontribs)

Idk how to exactly word it correctly and all on the page maybe someone can figure it out it seems i been having this stutter /freezing issue the big picture fix from the original didn't work but i was useing 360 controller so i was reading this issue occured when xboxone controller is used seems to have the same issue for 360 wired but i have to test out wireless see if it has the issue as well cuz when i switched to key board and mouse the issue is gone

PlayaOfGames (talkcontribs)

ok wireless gives me the issue to but it seems to have return so maybe i am going to trial and error and get back to this on matter

Cptmold (talkcontribs)

I would definitely ask this question on the Steam forums to get some help. I remember getting some light stuttering from time to time while playing in 1440p on my computer at 100 Hz. Going back to my native refresh rate (in most cases, 60Hz) and 1080p fixed any issues with this. My recommendation is to play in either or borderless/windowed mode (disable VSync) or to enable VSync and turn down the settings until you can maintain a constant 60 FPS. More than anything, I found that SSAO can kill performance, so I'd turn that off even if everything else stays at its highest setting.

KAIKO's version of the game seems to be much smoother from my own testing, but it's still the same Darksiders. It runs on a weird custom engine that has plenty of issues you normally wouldn't have to deal with, especially with its SSAO implementation.

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AmethystViper (talkcontribs)

Has anyone found out the save file location for the GOG release of the Warmastered Edition?

Keith (talkcontribs)

Yeah, it's in the folder: %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\darksiders1.exe\

I've added it to the page. Tip: Everything Search Engine is a very useful tool for finding this stuff and in general as well.

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