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2. Final result

The lost (talkcontribs)

Just noticed that you removed the SSAO mod from this page with a comment that it doesn't work; I have tested it on my machine and it works fine. Did you go into the configuration file to ensure the file paths matched your installation directory, as if not it will have no effect!

AmethystViper (talkcontribs)

For me I mentioned it crashed my game even with AA disabled.

The lost (talkcontribs)

Right, was this with the file paths correctly set in the configuration file? If so I'm not sure what's going on as it works fine on my PC, so I don't think it should be removed from the Wiki.

AmethystViper (talkcontribs)

I tried putting in where the game's executable was, didn't work. I tried fixing the config file, which has it pointing to an E:\ drive for some reason, and correcting it to just use the game's directory, still didn't work. I even tried re-creating the mod with a newer version of ReShade, and for some reason the MXAO shader doesn't work and does nothing for the game, so I can safely say it doesn't work at all whatsoever despite me trying to get it to work.

The lost (talkcontribs)

Oh that's interesting. I'll have another try and see if it works on my machine, wonder if there is a driver issue that causes it to fail now.

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