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Emulation:PlayStation 2

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This article is about the emulation of a console or deprecated PC platform on Windows, macOS (OS X), or Linux.
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 2 cover
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DualShock 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 2 on Wikipedia

Key points

Be wary of games that use the DualShock 2's pressure-sensitive buttons, such as the Metal Gear Solid games. You can either use a real DualShock 2 with an adapter or a DualShock 3 if you want real pressure-sensitive buttons.

General information

PlayStation 2 at Emulation General Wiki



Key points

Uses high-level emulation.
Open-source and is still actively updated.
About 98% of PS2 games are considered playable and 1% of games are perfect.[1]
Has a built-in auto-updater in the QT builds.
Requires a PS2 BIOS that can be ripped from the console.
System requirements vary depending on the game. Some are vastly more demanding than others, such as those that require mip-mapping enabled.
Many games have bugs or glitches that require certain settings to fix, but configs can be saved to each game individually in the new QT GUI version.

General information

Nightly builds are highly recommended, as they are more frequently updated and have more features/bugfixes than the stable release which was released on May 07, 2020.
PCSX2 Website
PCSX2 Nightly Builds (Windows)
PCSX2 Daily Launchpad (Linux)
PCSX2 Compatibility List

VR support

3D modes Native Notes
The Emulator can be played with the VR Driver vorpx.
Note:PCSX2 is not listed on the official vorpx game list but has a profile on the factory profile list. 3D is not confirmed yet.You may follow the discussion in the vorpx forum on how this is developing.


Key points

Uses high-level emulation.
Open-source and is still currently in active development (as of May 11, 2022)
Not intended for general use yet; very high system requirements with few games running at full speed.

General information

Play! Website
Play! GitHub
Play! Compatibility List