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This table is meant to contain all information relating to input settings and features. If a setting is hackable or requires additional notes, add the information below the table in a header like so:

=== [[Controller support]] ===
Fixbox here

and make note of it in the table in the following fashion See [[#Controller support|Controller support]]. Any smaller notes can and should be included directly in the table.

Below is a more thorough explanation of each of the possible arguments. Each can be appended with  notes to fill in the information in the Notes column.

  • key remap - Whether the keyboard and mouse buttons are rebindable.
  • acceleration option - Whether the game uses mouse acceleration/smooting. Clarify which in the notes.
  • mouse sensitivity -
  • mouse menu - Whether the mouse can be used to navigate the menu.
  • invert mouse y-axis - Whether the mouse Y-axis can be inverted. This only applies to games with some sort of camera control.
  • touchscreen - Whether the game is optimized for touchscreens.
  • controller support - Whether the game supports controllers.
  • full controller - Whether the game supports using just the controller, aka "Big Picture".
  • controller remap - Whether the controller buttons are rebindable.
  • controller sensitivity -
  • invert controller y-axis - Whether the controller Y-axis can be inverted. This only applies to games with some sort of camera control.
  • xinput controllers - Whether the game supports XInput controllers.
  • xbox prompts - Whether Xbox button prompts are available in-game.
  • impulse triggers - Whether the game supports the Xbox One Controller Impulse Triggers.
  • dualshock 4 - Whether the game supports DualShock 4 controllers.
  • dualshock prompts - Whether DualShock button prompts are available in-game.
  • light bar support - Whether the game supports the DualShock 4 light bar.
  • dualshock 4 modes - What DualShock 4 connection modes are supported by the game (comma-separated).
  • tracked motion controllers - Tracked motion controllers support.
  • tracked motion prompts - Whether the game supports Tracked motion controllers button/gesture prompts.
  • other controllers - Whether the game supports generic/other controllers.
  • other button prompts - Whether generic/other button prompts are available in-game (comma-separated).
  • controller hotplug - Whether the game supports controller hotplugging.
  • haptic feedback - Whether the game has haptic feedback.
  • digital movement supported - Whether the game is completely playable using digital movement controls (such as a D-pad, arcade joystick, or WASD keys), as opposed to analog.
  • simultaneous input - Whether supports using controller and keyboard/mouse inputs at the same time.
  • steam input api - Whether supports the Steam Input API.
  • steam hook input - Whether Steam manages to hook input using legacy mode (only when not using Steam Input API).
  • steam input presets - Whether the game supports official Steam Input presets.
  • steam controller prompts - Whether Steam Controller button prompts are available in-game.
  • steam cursor detection - Whether Steam manages to differentiate between elements of the game where cursor is visible and where its hidden (only for Legacy mode).

|key remap                 = 
|key remap notes           = 
|acceleration option       = 
|acceleration option notes = 
|mouse sensitivity         = 
|mouse sensitivity notes   = 
|mouse menu                = 
|mouse menu notes          = 
|invert mouse y-axis       = 
|invert mouse y-axis notes = 
|touchscreen               = 
|touchscreen notes         = 
|controller support        = 
|controller support notes  = 
|full controller           = 
|full controller notes     = 
|controller remap          = 
|controller remap notes    = 
|controller sensitivity    = 
|controller sensitivity notes= 
|invert controller y-axis  = 
|invert controller y-axis notes= 
|xinput controllers        = 
|xinput controllers notes  = 
|xbox prompts              = 
|xbox prompts notes        = 
|impulse triggers          = 
|impulse triggers notes    = 
|dualshock 4               = 
|dualshock 4 notes         = 
|dualshock prompts         = 
|dualshock prompts notes   = 
|light bar support         = 
|light bar support notes   = 
|dualshock 4 modes         = 
|dualshock 4 modes notes   = 
|tracked motion controllers= 
|tracked motion controllers notes = 
|tracked motion prompts    = 
|tracked motion prompts notes = 
|other controllers         = 
|other controllers notes   = 
|other button prompts      = 
|other button prompts notes= 
|controller hotplug        = 
|controller hotplug notes  = 
|haptic feedback           = 
|haptic feedback notes     = 
|digital movement supported = 
|digital movement supported notes= 
|simultaneous input        = 
|simultaneous input notes  = 
|steam input api           = 
|steam input api notes     = 
|steam hook input          = 
|steam hook input notes    = 
|steam input presets       = 
|steam input presets notes = 
|steam controller prompts  = 
|steam controller prompts notes = 
|steam cursor detection    = 
|steam cursor detection notes = 
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