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SlimPlay (talkcontribs)

Why is my DirectX 12 Key point to SotTR "Subjective"?

Suicide machine (talkcontribs)

Well optimised keypoints should list references (more than 1), but even then - it's hard to objectively judge, if the game is "well optimised", unless truly exceptional job was done.

SlimPlay (talkcontribs)

truly exceptional job might be overrated but SotTR is praised by critics and tech magazines for their DX12 optimization since many games that support DX12 (like the predecessor Rise of the Tomb Raider) haven't used the full potential of this "new" technology. The game menu also suggest using DX12.

I can see where you coming from but if we put the performance aspect aside would that be subjective?

Jigen123 (talkcontribs)

It's a topic that has already been discussed in the past. All the "great performance"-like key points are considered subjective simply because there are too many variables and because what is "good" is subjective. Someone can consider a game running at 30 FPS "good" and at the same time someone could think that a game running just under 120 FPS is "poor" performance.

SlimPlay (talkcontribs)

Okay, got that for the future! I thought it would be okay because I saw some post having keys like that. (For example Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed). Thanks for clarifying. But what I rather ment with optimized is not necessarily better performance. Performance is more the effect that I can relate is subjective. It's the core usage, I wanted to highlight, that can be recorded as very pleasing because the draw calls are nearly evenly distributed to all cores which is not a common thing for games running with DX 12 showing that Nixxes, who ported the game, has optimized the game for DirectX 12. The game options even suggest using DX12 over DX11. Would that still be considered as subjective?

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