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Due to a bad frame limiter, the game is actually locked to 59FPS and not 60, think it's worth pointing out. This is also the case in Metal Gear Rising and Transformers: Devastation, both from Platinum Games.

Japzone (talkcontribs)

The modder Silent is working on fixing the framelock. Complete framerate unlock isn't possible as it seems the game isn't currently designed to handle 60fps+ but it might be possible to completely remove the frame limiter and then use either V-sync or an external framelimitter like RTSS in order to lock it at a normal 60fps. (talkcontribs)

Saw the updates, Transformers: Devastation's page need to to be updated as well. Bayonetta also a similar issue where fps starts at 60 and then starts to get lower after extended period of play (after about 30 minutes it drops to `59.7fps which causes annoying microstutter and cutscenes rise up to `30.1fps. haven't tested any further as I was to annoyed by this to continue playing, but can only assume it gets worse the more you are playing, just like this case without Silent's fix

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SoloMael (talkcontribs)

When I tried to play on my 1440p monitor in the borderless windowed setting, it appeared that the game was rendering everything at 1080p even though I had set it to the proper resolution, and fullscreen looked improved. I'd need more people to verify if that's what's happening though.

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