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Engine:Adobe AIR

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Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR is developed by Adobe based on Flash. After Flash end of life, AIR is maintenanced by HARMAN.

General information

HARMAN version of AIR will show a splash for free license users.


DirectX Version on Windows

Adobe AIR use DX11, DX9 and software fallback render on Windows.

To use DX11, the game must[1]:

  • Embedded with Runtime version 27 or higher (or using shared runtime 27 or higher from system)
  • Run on Windows 8.0 or higher
  • Have DX11 capable hardware and driver
  • SWF version >= 38
Modify SWF version with JPEXS FFDec
  1. Open the main SWF file (usually the largest one in <path-to-game>) with JPEXS FFDec
  2. Click "header" in left panel
  3. Click "Edit" button in bottom of right panel
  4. Change "SWF Version" to new value
  5. Click "Save" button in bottom of right panel
  6. Click "Save" button in top ribbon toolbar or use "Save as..." button in top-left menu
Change SWF version to 38 or higher works on most games to active DX11 render mode (if runtime version is higher than 27) without negative impact.

Issues fixed

Some games packed with outdated AIR Runtime

Replace AIR Runtime to updated version
  1. Download latest version of AIR SDK from website
  2. Extract runtimes\air\win64(64bit) or runtimes\air\win(32bit) from downloaded SDK archive file
  3. Replace <path-to-game>\Adobe AIR with extracted version
  4. If the game has native plugins in <path-to-game>\META-INF\AIR\extensions and you have replaced AIR Runtime with a different architecture (32bit to 64bit or reversely), replace them with the right architecture version
  5. Copy <path-to-game>\Adobe AIR\Versions\1.0\Resources\CaptiveAppEntry.exe to <path-to-game> and rename it to the original game executable file name (delete original one first)
  6. If the game contains native extensions under <path-to-game>\META-INF\AIR\extensions, ensure all extensions contain native dll files for the target architecture (may need to compile from extension source code for some extensions)
  7. If the game rely Steamworks SDK, you may also need to grab a new steam_api.dll(32bit) or steam_api64.dll(64bit) for the right architecture, these dll can get from Steam Developer website
  8. Now the game can be launched, it should work with performance and compatibility improvements
Don't forget to backup original game in case the game cannot run on updated runtime. Or use verify installed files to restore.

Issues unresolved

No DXGI Flip Model or Exclusive Fullscreen[2]

Currently Adobe AIR doesn't support exclusive fullscreen natively and the fullscreen mode is actually borderless windowed. It also doesn't support DXGI Flip Model so all games run under Copy widh DWM. This brings awful performance and latency even on powerful devices.

Use SpecialK to active exclusive fullscreen
  1. Ensure the game is under DX11 render mode
  2. Install Special K
  3. Copy SpecialK32.dll(32bit) or SpecialK64.dll(64bit) to <path-to-game> as d3d11.dll
  4. Press Ctrl+ Shift+← Backspace to show SpecialK GUI
  5. Under "Display" menu, change "Windowed Mode" to "Fullscreen Mode", some games also need to check "Force Override"
Switch window with Alt+Tab will change it back to borderless windowed
Don't use dxgi.dll for Adobe AIR or the game freeze at startup
SpecialK's Flip Model feature doesn't work for Adobe AIR

Games use Adobe AIR

See List of games that use Adobe AIR