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Cecton (talkcontribs)

No matter if it's a false positive or not, we should remove the link to the FOV changer program: This is damaging for PC Gaming Wiki user's trust. I confirm that my Windows 10 (Windows Defender) detects a Trojan in it. If necessary I can probably provide an Open Source alternative.

Rose (talkcontribs)

Can you prove that the tools are actually malicious, as opposed to getting falsely flagged as every other trainer and patcher of this nature, including a number of others hosted by PCGW?

Open source alternatives are welcome. If you can make apps that cover the Xbox Game Pass, EGS and future versions and will likely work after game updates, I would see no reason in not favoring it over the currently available mod. (talkcontribs)

Its possible that it is a false positive. Try scanning it w/ an online scanner and see what it says.

SojerManLan (talkcontribs)

The downloads are deleted only when publisher/developer/anyone responsible for the game sends C&D request or 25% of VirusTotal's detectors flags the file.

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