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ThatOneReaper (talkcontribs)

Hey there,

Some issues with your recent edits I have to point out:

  • Screenshots of ScummVM and DOSBox options menus are not needed. Such settings are constant from game to game and adding them to every supported game article would just clutter them up. The DOSBox Configuration Tool screenshot is the only exception to this.
    • Screenshots of configuration files are also not required. Such screenshots are more useful when tied with a complicated fix requiring config file modification.
  • Information in all articles should be written up in the context of the original systems they were designed to run on. They should not be written up in context of an emulator/wrapper, as it skews the information given. That is to say: the only settings that should be considered while filling out the tables are the ones that came with the game itself. Don't assume that the reader will be using a specific wrapper/emulator.
  • Related to the previous point, avoid general solutions like the Borderless Gaming app or forcing video settings through drivers. Game articles should only have fixes exclusive to that particular game. General solutions can be given in the relevant table field glossary pages.
  • The directory separator is different between DOS/Windows (\), OS X/Linux (/), and Mac OS (:). It's a minor but critical detail that should always be correct when dealing with multiple paths across OSes.
  • DOSBox-specific paths can be omitted from tables. This ties in with my 2nd main point.
  • For the Afterlife article, I'm not entirely sure if the 70 FPS readout is correct. Is the readout for DOSBox or the game itself?
  • Your screenshots for Enter the Gungeon should be redone if possible.
    • The readout details from MSI Afterbuner/any app overlay should not be visible. They make the screenshots look "busy".
    • The cursor should not be visible in all screenshots. You can hide the cursor by moving it off-screen to the bottom right. If the cursor can't be hidden, move it as far off-screen as possible
  • Just because a table field is not relevant to a game/will never be used, doesn't mean that it can be removed from the article. All non-modular tables must be added to an article in its entirety.
  • Key points like Very easy to run on low-end hardware and Supports the Steam Workshop are not particularly helpful. Key points should be generally game-critical information like multiplayer servers shutting down or a notice about added support for a modern OS (see Diablo II for an example).

Aside from what's on the list, your edits are good overall. Keep it up!

Cptmold (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the feedback!

  • Now looking back, I guess I should have spent a bit more time working on those Enter the Gungeon screenshots, but my first day of a new job was a bit more taxing than I imagined and I probably should have just gone to bed early and messed around with wikis the next morning.
  • In place of ScummVM screenshots, should I simply put down an information bullet saying to go to the engine:ScummVM page for screenshots, or is mentioning ScummVM enough?
  • The Afterlife screenshot was demonstrating the maximum framerate of the game itself. I had some trouble launching the Windows 9x version yesterday, so I figured maxing out the game speed (so that something was happening for every frame) would give you a framerate counter just as accurate. The point was to find what the cap was, and I found that the game could never go above 70 FPS.
  • The error with Mac/Linux format was simply incompetence. I was aware from setting up DOSBox Turbo on an Android phone that Linux based platforms used forward slashes, but I didn't know it actually mattered; for Mac, I had no idea that it used a Colon to divide instead of a Slash.
  • Some areas like Very Easy to run on low-end hardware are, admittedly, something I learned from existing pages of the site. As I used this site a fair amount before having a decent computer, I saw points like these and figured it would be good to have.
  • I'll refrain from deleting template areas from now on. Sorry about that!
ThatOneReaper (talkcontribs)

The best way to handle ScummVM support would be just a small blurb under Key points mentioning said support. The King's Quest articles are a good example of how to denote the support, along with the relevant information.

As for the key points stuff, keep in mind that some articles have not been patrolled and edited since the Editing guide became official. For the longest time, there were no defined rules on what made a good key point.

Better examples of good key points can generally be found in more frequently updated articles.

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