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Regarding Game of Thrones Winter is Coming's Direct3D support

Eddmanx (talkcontribs)

Hello. I'm doing some clean-up regarding D3D support in games. I'd appreciate it if you could help with the following.

Have you tested this game personally? Where's the D3D toggle located? In game settings, launcher, etc?

2A02:A313:4343:100:11C0:BB68:4B20:BB3D (talkcontribs)

Yes, I tested the game myself. It's an Unity game so if I remember correctly you had to use -force-d3d1 to use it, I indeed forgot to mention it in the notes. I uninstalled the game already to make space for other games, but can redownload and retest if needed – it's free to play though :)

Faalagorn (talkcontribs)

It was me, I just forgot to log in ;) The correct switch is -force-d3d12

P.S. In fact, if you want, you can test all the Unity games what switches they accept from this list:

  • -force-d3d11 (Windows only)
  • -force-d3d12 (Windows only)
  • -force-metal
  • -force-glcore
  • -force-glcore32
  • -force-glcore33
  • -force-glcore40
  • -force-glcore41
  • -force-glcore42
  • -force-glcore43
  • -force-glcore44
  • -force-glcore45
  • -force-gles (Windows only)
  • -force-gles30 (Windows only)
  • -force-gles31 (Windows only)
  • -force-gles32 (Windows only)
  • -force-vulkan

Some may not be enabled for Windows and only work on Linux and Mac builds and vice versa. They can get disabled from some game versions too, see Escape from Tarkov for example.

They are all documented on Unity Command line manual, but it seems I can't link to it due to reCaptcha, it might be a good idea to documment them somewhere, probably in Engine:Unity – maybe I'll do it later, but feel free to do it youself if you want!

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