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 Cover filenameStub"unknown"ScreenshotsVideo screensInput screensAudio screensNetwork screensVR screens
0 A.D.0 AD cover.jpgfalse9truefalse
007 Legends007 Legends Cover.jpgfalse2truefalse
007: Quantum of Solace007- Quantum of Solace - Cover.pngfalse5truefalse
10 Second Ninja X10 Second Ninja X cover.jpgtrue18truen/a
1001 Spikes1001 Spikes - cover.jpgfalse12truefalse
102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue102 Dalmatians Puppies to the Rescue cover.jpgfalse8truen/a
11-11 Memories Retold11-11 Memories Retold cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
15 Days15 Days cover.jpgtrue23falsen/a
18 Wheels of Steel: Across America18 Wheels of Steel Across America cover.jpgtrue8truen/a
18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul18 Wheels of Steel American Long Haul cover.jpgfalse6truen/a
18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy18 Wheels of Steel Convoy cover.jpgfalse11truen/a
18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker 218 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2 cover.jpgfalse8truen/a
18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin'18 Wheels of Steel Haulin' cover.jpgtrue10falsen/a
18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal18 Wheels of Steel Pedal to the Metal cover.jpgtrue5truen/a
1942: The Pacific Air War1942 The Pacific Air War cover.jpgtrue30falsen/a
1979 Revolution: Black Friday1979 Revolution Black Friday cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
1993 Space Machine1993 Space Machine cover.jpgtrue27falsefalse
2006 FIFA World Cup2006 FIFA World Cup cover.jpgtrue18falsefalse
2064: Read Only Memories2064 Read Only Memories box art.jpegfalse9truen/a
20XX20XX cover.jpgfalse1truefalse
25 to Life25 to Life cover.jpgtrue5falsen/a
2Dark2Dark cover.jpgfalse5truen/a
3 Skulls of the Toltecs3 Skulls of the Toltecs - cover.jpgtrue8truen/a
3030 Deathwar Redux3030 Deathwar Redux cover.jpgtrue23falsen/a
3D Pinball for Windows - Space Cadet3D Pinball for Windows - Space Cadet logo.pngfalse1truen/a
3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures cover.jpgtrue1falsen/a
40 Winks40 Winks cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
428: Shibuya Scramble428 Shibuya Scramble cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
4x4 Evo4x4 Evo cover.jpgtrue24falsen/a
4x4 Evo 24x4 Evo 2 cover.jpgtrue23falsen/a
5 Days a Stranger5 Days A Stranger cover.pngfalsetruen/a
688(I) Hunter/Killer688I Hunter Killer cover.jpgtrue24falsefalse
7 Billion Humans7 Billion Humans cover.jpgtrue9falsen/a
7 Days to Die7DTD pc box.pngfalse11falsefalse
7 Mages7 Mages cover.jpgtrue26truen/a
7 Sins7 Sins cover.jpgtrue20falsen/a
7'scarlet7'scarlet cover.jpgtrue30falsen/a
7th Legion7th Legion cover.jpgfalse5falsen/a
8-Bit Armies8-bit Armies Cover.jpgfalse4truefalse
80 Days (2015)80 Days cover.jpgfalse6truen/a
911 Operator911 Operator cover.jpgfalse8truen/a
99 Levels to Hell99 Levels to Hell Cover.pngfalse8truen/a
99Vidas99Vidas - The Game cover.jpgtrue35falsefalse
9: The Last Resort9 The Last Resort - cover.jpgtrue24falsen/a
A Bird StoryA Bird Story Cover.jpgfalse7truen/a
A Boy and His BlobA Boy and His Blob - cover.jpegfalse5truen/a
A Bug's LifeA Bug's Life Cover.jpgtrue13falsen/a
A Farewell to DragonsA Farewell to Dragons cover.jpgtrue3truen/a
A Fistful of GunA Fistful of Gun - Cover.pngfalse9truefalse
A Game of DwarvesA Game of Dwarves cover.jpgtrue22falsen/a
A Game of Thrones - GenesisA Game of Thrones - Genesis cover.jpgtrue24falsefalse
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Digital EditionA Game of Thrones The Board Game - Digital Edition cover.jpgtrue29falsefalse
A Golden WakeA Golden Wake - cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
A Good Snowman Is Hard to BuildA Good Snowman Is Hard To Build cover.jpgtrue14truen/a
A Hat in TimeA Hat in Time cover.pngfalse1truen/a
A Kingdom for KeflingsA Kingdom for Keflings cover.jpgtrue24falsefalse
A New BeginningA new beginning.jpgfalse10truen/a
A Normal Lost PhoneA Normal Lost Phone cover.jpgfalse10truen/a
A Plague Tale: InnocenceA Plague Tale Innocence cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
A Show of KindnessA Show of Kindness cover.jpgfalse5falsen/a
A Story About My UncleA Story About My Uncle - Cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
A Valley Without WindA valley without wind.jpgfalse13truetrue
A Vampyre StoryA Vampyre Story cover.jpgtrue24falsen/a
A Virus Named TOMA Virus Named TOM - cover.jpgfalse14truefalse
A Way OutA Way Out cover.jpgfalse3truefalse
A World of KeflingsA World of Keflings - Cover.pngtrue24falsen/a
A-10 Cuba!A-10 Cuba! Coverart.pngfalse23falsefalse
A.D. 2044A.D. 2044 cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
A.R.E.S.: Extinction AgendaA.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda - cover.jpgfalse4truen/a
A2 RacerA2 Racer cover.jpgtrue19falsen/a
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '94ACA NEOGEO King of Fighters '94.jpgfalse14falsefalse
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '95ACA NEOGEO King of Fighters '95.jpgfalse14falsefalse
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '96ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '96.jpegfalse14falsefalse
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '97ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '97.jpegfalse14falsefalse
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '98ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '98.jpgfalse14falsefalse
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '99ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters '99.jpgfalse14falsefalse
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2000ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2000.jpgfalse14falsefalse
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2001ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2001.jpgfalse14falsefalse
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2002ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2002.jpgfalse14falsefalse
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2003ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters 2003.jpgfalse14falsefalse
ADOM: Ancient Domains of MysteryADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) cover.jpgtrue25falsen/a
AFL Evolution 2AFL Evolution 2 cover.jpgtrue28falsefalse
AFL LiveAFL Live cover.jpgtrue28falsefalse
AI War: Fleet CommandAI War Fleet Command Cover.jpgfalse6truefalse
AI: The Somnium FilesAI The Somnium Files - cover.pngfalse1truen/a
AO International TennisAO International Tennis cover.jpgtrue23falsefalse
APB ReloadedAPB Reloaded cover.jpgfalse8truefalse
ARK: Survival EvolvedARK Survival Evolved cover.jpgfalse7truefalse
ATOM RPGATOM RPG Post-apocalyptic indie game cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for GravityAaaaaA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity Cover.jpgfalse4truen/a
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the AwesomeAaaaaA!!! for the Awesome Cover.jpgfalse8truen/a
AaeroAaero cover.jpgtrue14falsen/a
AbaloneAbalone cover.jpgtrue14falsefalse
Absolute DriftAbsolute drift cover.jpgfalse7truen/a
AbsolverAbsolver cover.jpgtrue17falsefalse
AbuseAbuse Cover.pngfalse3falsefalse
Abyss OdysseyAbyss Odyssey cover.jpgfalse3truefalse
AbzûAbzu - Cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HDAcceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HD - Steam Cover.pngfalse5truefalse
AccountingAccounting cover.jpgtrue17falsen/a
Accounting+Accounting+ cover.jpgtrue20falsen/a
Ace Combat 7: Skies UnknownAce Combat 7 Skies Unknown cover.jpgfalse1falsefalse
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - Enhanced EditionAceCombatAssaultHorizon.jpgfalse2truefalse
Ace VenturaAce Ventura cover.jpgfalse1falsen/a
Ace of Spades: Battle BuilderAce of Spades Battle Builder header.jpgfalse8truefalse
Aces of the GalaxyAces of the Galaxy cover.jpgtrue22falsen/a
Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943Achtung Panzer Kharkov 1943 cover.jpgtrue26falsen/a
Act of War: Direct ActionAct of War Direct Action cover.jpgtrue14truefalse
Act of War: High TreasonAct of War High Treason cover.jpgtrue11truefalse
Action Man: Arctic AdventureAction Man Arctic Adventure cover.jpgtrue24falsen/a
Actua SoccerActua Soccer front cover.jpgtrue2falsefalse
Actua TennisActua Tennis cover.jpgtrue24falsen/a
AdVenture CapitalistAdVenture Capitalist - Header.jpgfalse12falsen/a
Adam's Venture ChroniclesAdam's Venture Chronicles cover.jpgtrue23falsen/a
Adidas Power SoccerAdidas Power Soccer cover.pngfalsetruefalse
Advent Risingtruen/a
Adventure Fun-PakAdventure Fun-Pak Main Menu.pngfalsefalsen/a
Adventure Pinball: Forgotten IslandAdventure Pinball Forgotten Island cover.jpgtrue21falsefalse
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!Adventure Time Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! cover.jpgtrue25truefalse
Adventure Time: Finn and Jake InvestigationsAdventure Time cover.jpgfalse5falsen/a
Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless KingdomAdventure Time The Secret Of The Nameless Kingdom cover.jpgfalse4truen/a
Adventure in SereniaAdventure in Serenia - cover.jpgtrue22falsen/a
AdvertCityAdvertCity - cover.jpgtrue15truen/a
Aegis DefendersAegis Defenders cover.jpgfalse5truefalse
AfterchargeAftercharge cover.jpgtrue26falsefalse
Afterfall: InSanityAfterfall InSanity cover.jpgtrue6truen/a
AfterlifeAfterlife Coverart.pngfalse3truen/a
AfterpartyAfterparty cover.jpgtrue4falsen/a
Agarest: Generations of War 2Agarest Generations of War 2.jpgtrue32falsen/a
Agarest: Generations of War ZeroRecord of Agarest War Zero Boxart.jpgtrue22falsen/a
Agassi Tennis GenerationAgassi Tennis Generation cover.jpgtrue24falsefalse
Agatha Christie: The ABC MurdersAgatha Christie The ABC Murders cover.jpgfalse4truen/a
Age of BarbarianAge of Barbarian front.jpgfalse6falsen/a
Age of ChivalryAge of Chivalry cover.jpgtrue23falsefalse
Age of Conan: UnchainedAge of Conan Unchained cover.jpgtrue21falsefalse
Age of EmpiresAge of Empires Box.jpgfalse1truefalse
Age of Empires II (2013)Age of Empires II HD cover.jpgfalse1truefalse
Age of Empires II: The Age of KingsAge of Empires II Gold Cover.pngfalse3truefalse
Age of Empires IIIAOE3 Boxart.jpegfalsetruefalse
Age of Empires IVAge of empires iv cover.pngtrue28falsefalse
Age of Empires OnlineAge of Empires Online cover.jpgfalse8truefalse
Age of Empires: Castle SiegeAge of Empires Castle Siege cover.jpgfalse12falsen/a
Age of Empires: Definitive EditionAge of Empires Definitive Edition cover.jpgtrue11truefalse
Age of MythologyAge of Mythology Cover.jpgfalse2truefalse
Age of Mythology: Extended EditionAge of Mythology Extended Edition cover.jpgfalse1truefalse
Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned ShipsSea Dogs City of Abandoned Ships cover.jpgtrue23falsen/a
Age of Pirates: Caribbean TalesSea Dogs Caribbean Tales cover.jpgtrue24falsefalse
Age of WondersAge of wonders.jpgfalse4truefalse
Age of Wonders IIIAge of Wonders III - cover.jpgfalse1truefalse
Age of Wonders: PlanetfallAge of Wonders Planetfall cover.pngfalse3truefalse
Age of Wonders: Shadow MagicAge of wonders shadow magic.jpgfalse10truefalse
Age of WushuAge of Wushu cover.jpegtrue27falsefalse
Agent A: A Puzzle in DisguiseAgent A A puzzle in disguise cover.jpgtrue24falsen/a
Agent Hugo: Hula HolidayAgent Hugo - Hula Holiday - Cover.jpgtrue25falsen/a
Agents of MayhemAgents of Mayhem cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
Agni: Queen of DarknessAgni- Queen of Darkness - cover.jpgfalse4falsen/a
AgonyAgony cover.jpgfalse4truen/a
Agony UnratedAgony AO Cover.jpgfalsetruen/a
Agricola: All Creatures Big and SmallAgricola All Creatures Big and Small cover.jpgtrue20falsefalse
Ai Yori AoshiAi Yori Aoshi cover.jpgtrue7falsen/a
AionAION Free-to-Play cover.jpgtrue12falsefalse
Air Conflicts: Pacific CarriersAir Conflicts Pacific Carriers - cover.jpgtrue29falsefalse
Air Conflicts: Secret WarsAir Conflicts Secret Wars cover.jpgtrue24falsefalse
Air ControlAir Control.jpgtrue13truen/a
Airfix DogfighterAirfix Dogfighter cover.jpegfalse11truefalse
Airline TycoonAirline Tycoon cover.jpgfalsefalsen/a
Airline Tycoon DeluxeAirline Tycoon Deluxe - Cover.jpgfalse2truefalse
Airline Tycoon EvolutionAirline Tycoon Evolution cover.jpgfalsefalsefalse
Airline Tycoon First ClassAirline Tycoon First Class cover.jpgfalsefalsefalse
Airport Tycoon 2Airport Tycoon 2 Coverart.jpgfalse6truen/a
Akalabeth: World of DoomAkalabeth World of Doom cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
Akane the KunoichiAkane the Kunoichi cover.jpgtrue17falsen/a
Akaneiro: Demon HuntersAkaneiro.jpgfalse12truen/a
Akiba's Trip: Undead & UndressedAKIBA'S TRIP.jpgfalse2truen/a
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's MineAl Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine cover.jpgtrue25falsen/a
Al-Qadim: The Genie's CurseAl-Qadim - The Genie's Curse cover.jpgfalse6truen/a
Aladdin Chess AdventuresAladdin Chess Adventures cover.jpgtrue22falsen/a
Aladdin in Nasira's RevengeAladdin in Nasira's Revenge cover.jpgtrue6falsen/a
Alan WakeAlan Wake cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
Alan Wake's American NightmareAlan Wake's American Nightmare cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
Albert and Otto: The Adventure BeginsAlbert and Otto cover.jpgtrue16falsen/a
AlbionAlbion Cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
Alekhine's GunAlekhine's Gun cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DXAlex Kidd in Miracle World DX cover.jpgtrue31falsen/a
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted CastleAlex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle header.jpgtrue12truen/a
AlexanderAlexander cover.jpgtrue22falsen/a
AliasAlias - cover.jpgtrue12falsen/a
Alice in WonderlandAlice in Wonderland cover.jpgfalse5falsefalse
Alice: Madness ReturnsAlice Madness Returns cover.jpgfalsetruen/a
Alien BreedAlien Breed cover.jpgtrue16truefalse
Alien Breed 2: AssaultAlien Breed 2 Assault - cover.jpgtrue11falsefalse
Alien Breed 3: DescentAlien Breed 3 Descent - cover.jpgtrue12falsefalse
Alien Breed: ImpactAlien Breed Impact - cover.jpgfalse3truefalse
Alien Breed: Tower AssaultAlien Breed Tower Assault cover.jpgfalse7truefalse
Alien CarnageAlien Carnage cover.jpgtrue8truen/a
Alien LegacyAlien Legacy Coverart.jpgfalse3truen/a
Alien Logic: A Skyrealms of Jorune AdventureAlien Logic cover.jpgfalse1falsen/a
Alien Rage - UnlimitedAlien Rage - Unlimited header.jpgfalse6truefalse
Alien ShooterAlien Shooter cover.pngtrue7truen/a
Alien Shooter 2: ReloadedAlien shooter 2 reloaded.jpgfalse7falsen/a
Alien Shooter: RevisitedAlien Shooter Revisited - cover.jpgfalse9falsen/a
Alien Shooter: VengeanceAlien Shooter Vengeance cover.jpgtrue21falsen/a
Alien SoldierAlien Soldier header.jpgtrue12truen/a
Alien StormAlien Storm header.jpgtrue11truefalse
Alien SwarmAlien Swarm cover.jpgfalse4truefalse
Alien SyndromeAlien Syndrome cover.jpgtrue7truefalse
Alien TrilogyAlientri.jpgfalse2truefalse
Alien: IsolationAlien Isolation Cover.jpgfalse4truen/a
Aliens versus PredatorAliens versus Predator cover.jpgfalse4truefalse
Aliens versus Predator 2Aliens vs. Predator 2 Box Cover.jpgfalse6truefalse
Aliens vs. Predator (2010)Aliens vs. Predator (2010) cover.jpgfalse6falsefalse
Aliens: A Comic Book AdventureAliens A Comic Book Adventure - cover.jpgtrue6truen/a
Aliens: Colonial MarinesAliens colonial marines cover.pngfalse2truefalse
All Zombies Must Die!All Zombies Must Die.jpgtrue25falsefalse
AllegianceAllegiance Cover.jpgtrue18falsefalse
Alliance of Valiant ArmsAlliance of Valiant Arms Logo.pngfalse10truefalse
Allods OnlineAllods Online cover.jpgtrue24falsefalse
Alone in the DarkAlone in the dark.jpgfalse5truen/a
Alone in the Dark (2008)Alone in the Dark (2008) cover.jpgfalse2falsen/a
Alone in the Dark 2Alone in the dark 2.pngfalse3truen/a
Alone in the Dark 3Alone in the dark 3.jpgfalse3truen/a
Alone in the Dark: IlluminationAlone in the Dark - Illumination Cover.jpgtrue12falsefalse
Alone in the Dark: The New NightmareAlone in the Dark The New Nightmare Cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
Alpha PolarisAlpha Polaris - A Horror Adventure Game cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
Alpha PrimeAlpha Prime cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
Alpha ProtocolAlpha Protocol cover.pngfalsetruen/a
Alter EgoAlter Ego (Choose Multiple) cover.jpgtrue25falsen/a
Alter Ego (2010)Alter Ego (2010) cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
Altered BeastAltered Beast - cover.giftrue4truefalse
Altered Beast (2010)Altered Beast (2010) header.jpgfalse7truefalse
AltitudeAltitude cover.jpgtrue22falsefalse
Alto's AdventureAlto's Adventure - cover.pngtrue22truen/a
Alvin and the ChipmunksAlvin and the Chipmunks cover.jpgtrue24falsefalse
Always Sometimes MonstersAlways Sometimes Monsters.jpgfalse4truen/a
Amazon: Guardians of EdenAmazon Guardians of Eden - cover.jpgtrue22falsen/a
AmericaAmerica cover.jpgtrue4truen/a
America's ArmyAmericas Army Cover.jpgfalse15truefalse
America's Army 3America's Army 3 - Cover.jpgfalse5truefalse
America's Army: Proving GroundsAmericas Army Proving Grounds Cover.jpgfalse2truefalse
American ConquestAmericanConquest-Cover.jpgfalse6truefalse
American Conquest: Divided NationAmerican conquest divided nation.jpgtrue21falsefalse
American Conquest: Fight BackAmericanConquestFBCover.jpgfalse11truefalse
American McGee's AliceAmerican McGee's Alice - cover.pngfalse2falsen/a
American McGee's Alice (2011)American McGee's Alice (2011) - Steam Cover.pngfalse1truen/a
American McGee's GrimmAmerican McGees Grimm - cover.jpgfalse7truen/a
American Truck SimulatorAmerican Truck Simulator cover.jpgfalse3truefalse
Amerzone: The Explorer's LegacyAmerzone.jpgfalse4truen/a
Amnesia: A Machine for PigsAmnesia-a-machine-for-pigs-logo.jpgfalse11truen/a
Amnesia: MemoriesAmnesia Memories - Cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
Amnesia: RebirthAmnesia Rebirth cover.jpgfalse6truen/a
Amnesia: The Dark DescentAmnesia The Dark Descent - cover.pngfalse5truen/a
Among UsAmong Us cover.jpgfalse4truetrue
Among the SleepAmong the Sleep cover.pngfalse8truen/a
Amulets & ArmorAmulets & Armor cover.jpgfalse5falsefalse
An Elder Scrolls Legend: BattlespireAn Elder Scrolls Legend - Battlespire cover.jpgtrue1truefalse
AnachronoxAnachronox cover.jpgfalsetruen/a
Analogue: A Hate StoryAnalogue cover.jpgfalse10truen/a
Anarchy OnlineAnarchy Online cover.jpgtrue20falsefalse
Ancestors LegacyAncestors cover.jpgfalse1truefalse
Ancestors: The Humankind OdysseyAncestors The Humankind Odyssey cover.pngfalsetruen/a
Ancient Land of YsAncient Land of Ys cover.jpgfalse2falsen/a
Ancient Wars: SpartaAncient Wars Sparta cover.jpgtrue18falsefalse
Ancients 1: Death WatchAncients 1 - Death Watch title screen.pngfalse1truen/a
Ancients II: Approaching EvilAncients II - Approaching Evil cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
And Yet It MovesAnd Yet It Moves cover.jpgfalse7truen/a
Angels Fall FirstAngels Fall First Logo.jpgtrue15falsefalse
Angry BirdsAngryBirdsCover.jpgfalsetruen/a
Angry Birds 2AngryBirds2Cover.jpgtrue25falsen/a
Angry Birds FriendsAngryBirdsFriendsCover.jpgtrue25falsen/a
Angry Birds RioAngryBirdsRioCover.jpgfalsetruen/a
Angry Birds SeasonsAngryBirdsSeasonsCover.jpgfalsetruen/a
Angry Birds SpaceAngry Birds Space - Cover.pngfalse2truen/a
Angry Birds Star WarsAngryBirdsStarWarsCover.jpgfalsetruen/a
Angry Birds Star Wars IIAngryBirdsStarWarsIICover.jpgfalsetruen/a
Angry Birds VR: Isle of PigsAngry Birds VR Isle of Pigs cover.jpgtrue6falsen/a
Angry Video Game Nerd AdventuresAngry Video Game Nerd Adventures - cover.pngfalse3truen/a
Anima: Gate of MemoriesAnima Gate of Memories cover.jpgfalse7truen/a
Ankh - Anniversary EditionAnkh - Anniversary Edition cover.jpgtrue17truen/a
Ankh: Battle of the GodsAnkh - Battle of the Gods.jpgfalse13truen/a
Ankh: Heart of OsirisAnkh - Heart of Osiris.jpgfalse5truen/a
Anna - Extended EditionAnna game cover.pngfalse7truen/a
Anno 1404Anno 1404 Cover.jpgfalsetruefalse
Anno 1503Anno 1503 cover.jpgfalse4truefalse
Anno 1602: Creation of a New WorldAnno 1602 Creation of a New World cover.jpgfalse3truefalse
Anno 1701Anno 1701 cover.jpgfalse4truefalse
Anno 1800Anno 1800 cover.jpgfalse7truefalse
Anno 2070Anno 2070.jpgfalse9truefalse
Anno 2205Anno 2205 - Cover.jpgtrue11falsen/a
Anomaly Warzone EarthAnomaly Warzone Earth - cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
Another Metroid 2 Remake: Return of SamusAM2R - Cover.pngfalse5truen/a
Another WorldAnother World box art.jpgfalse7truen/a
AnthemAnthem cover.jpgfalse1truefalse
AntiheroAntihero cover.jpgtrue9truefalse
Antz Extreme RacingAntz Extreme Racing cover.jpgtrue30falsefalse
Anvil of DawnAnvil of Dawn cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the BlueAokana - Four Rhythms Across the Blue cover.jpgtrue24falsen/a
Aoki Ōkami to Shiroki MejikaAoki Okami to Shiroki Mejika cover.jpgtrue23falsen/a
Apache LongbowApache Longbow boxart.jpgfalse7truefalse
Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing InitiativeAperture Tag - cover.jpgfalse8falsefalse
Apex LegendsApex Legends cover.jpgfalse8truefalse
ApocalypticaApocalyptica - cover.jpgfalse2truefalse
ApotheonApotheon - cover.jpgfalse7truefalse
AquaNoxAquanox cover.jpgfalse2truefalse
AquaNox 2: RevelationAquanox2.jpgfalse9truen/a
AquariaAquaria - cover.jpgfalse6truen/a
Arabian NightsArabian Nights - cover.pngfalse4truen/a
AragamiAragami cover.jpgfalse10truefalse
Arcade Game Series: Dig DugARCADE GAME SERIES DIG DUG cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
Arcade Game Series: GalagaARCADE GAME SERIES GALAGA cover.jpgtrue3falsen/a
Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-ManARCADE GAME SERIES Ms. PAC-MAN cover.jpgtrue21falsen/a
Arcade Game Series: Pac-ManARCADE GAME SERIES PAC-MAN cover.jpgtrue3falsen/a
Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!AH3LM.jpgfalse14truefalse
Arcania: Fall of SetarrifArcaniA Fall of Setarrif - cover.jpgtrue22falsen/a
Arcania: Gothic 4ArcaniA Gothic 4 cover.jpgfalse6truen/a
Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick ObscuraArcanum Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura Cover.pngfalse2truen/a
ArchangelArchangel - cover.jpgfalse7truen/a
ArcheAgeArcheAge - Cover.pngtrue11falsefalse
Archimedean DynastyArchimedean dynasty cover.jpgtrue13falsen/a
ArcomageArcomage cover.jpgfalsefalsefalse
Arctic AdventureArctic Adventure title screen.pngtrue13falsen/a
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?: Make the GradeAre You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Make the Grade cover.jpgtrue25falsefalse
Area 51true24falsen/a
Area 51 (2005)Area 51 (2005) cover.jpgfalse1truefalse
Arena of FateArena of Fate Cover.jpgtrue23falsefalse
Arizona SunshineArizona Sunshine cover.jpgtrue7falsefalse
ArkanoidArkanoid IBM PC Front Cover.jpg
Arkanoid: Doh It AgainArkanoid Doh it Again - cover.jpgfalsetruefalse
Arkanoid: Revenge of DohArkanoid 2 IBM PC Front Cover.jpg
Arma 2Arma 2 cover.jpgfalse7truefalse
Arma 3Arma 3 cover.jpgfalse8truefalse
Arma TacticsArma Tactics cover.jpgtrue31falsen/a
Arma: Armed AssaultArma Armed Assault cover.jpgfalse7truefalse
Arma: Cold War AssaultArma Cold War Assault cover.jpgfalse13truefalse
Armada 2526Armada 2526 Gold Edition cover.jpgtrue16falsefalse
Armed and DangerousArmed and Dangerous Cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
ArmelloArmello Cover.jpgfalse5truefalse
Armies of ExigoArmies-of-exigo-windows-front-cover.jpgfalse6falsefalse
ArmikrogArmikrog cover.jpgfalse9truen/a
Armored Hunter GUNHOUNDArmored Hunter GUNHOUND (2009) - Cover.pngfalsetruen/a
Armored WarfareArmored Warfare cover.pngfalse5truefalse
Army Men IIArmy Men II cover.jpgtrue23falsen/a
Army Men: RTSArmy Men RTS cover.jpgfalsetruefalse
Army Men: Toys in SpaceArmy Men Toys in Space cover.jpgtrue18falsen/a
Army Men: World WarArmy Men World War Coverart.pngfalse1truefalse
Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron GameArsenal of Democracy A Hearts of Iron Game cover.jpgtrue13falsefalse
Art of FightingArt of Fighting cover.jpgtrue27falsefalse
Art of Fighting 2Art of Fighting 2 cover.jpgtrue34falsefalse
Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the WarriorArt of Fighting 3 The Path of the Warrior - cover.jpgtrue27falsefalse
Art of Murder - Cards of DestinyArt of Murder - Cards of Destiny cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
Art of Murder - Hunt for the PuppeteerArt of Murder - Hunt for the Puppeteer cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
Artemis Spaceship Bridge SimulatorArtemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator cover.jpgtrue21falsefalse
Arthur and the InvisiblesArthur and the Invisibles cover.jpgtrue7falsen/a
Arthur's Knights II: The Secret of Merlintrue1truen/a
Arthur's Knights: Tales of Chivalrytrue1truen/a
ArtifactArtifact cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
Arx FatalisArx Fatalis Cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
Ascend: Hand of KulAscend Hand of Kul cover.jpgtrue25falsen/a
Ascension to the ThroneAscension to the Throne cover.jpgfalse2falsen/a
Ash of Gods: RedemptionAsh of Gods cover.jpgtrue34falsefalse
AshenAshen cover.jpgfalse5truefalse
Ashes CricketAshes Cricket cover.jpgtrue31falsefalse
Ashes Cricket 2009Ashes Cricket 2009 cover.jpgtrue25falsen/a
Ashes Cricket 2013Ashes Cricket 2013 cover.jpgtrue28falsen/a
Ashes of the SingularityAshes of the Singularity cover.jpgtrue20truefalse
Ashes of the Singularity: EscalationAshes of the Singularity Escalation cover.jpgtrue11truefalse
Asphalt 7: HeatAsphalt 7 Heat.jpgtrue19falsen/a
Asphalt 8: AirborneAsphalt 8.jpgtrue10truen/a
Asphalt 9: LegendsAsphalt-9-Legends.jpgtrue7truen/a
Asphalt XtremeAsphalt xtreme.jpgtrue17falsen/a
Assassin's CreedAssassins Creed cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Chinatruen/a
Assassin's Creed Chronicles: IndiaAssassin's Creed Chronicles India cover.jpgfalse5truen/a
Assassin's Creed Chronicles: RussiaAssassins Creed Chronicles Russia - Cover.jpgfalse5truen/a
Assassin's Creed IIAssassins Creed II cover.jpgfalse5truen/a
Assassin's Creed IIIAssassin's Creed III cover.jpgfalse6truefalse
Assassin's Creed III RemasteredAssassin's Creed 3 Remastered cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
Assassin's Creed III: Liberation RemasteredAssassin's Creed III - Liberation Remastered cover.pngfalse1truen/a
Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagAssassin's Creed IV Black Flag cover.jpgfalse5truefalse
Assassin's Creed OdysseyAssassin's Creed Odyssey cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
Assassin's Creed OriginsAssassin's Creed Origins cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
Assassin's Creed RogueAssassin's Creed Rogue - cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
Assassin's Creed SyndicateAssassins Creed Syndicate cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
Assassin's Creed UnityAssassin's Creed Unity - cover.jpgfalse4truefalse
Assassin's Creed ValhallaAssassin's Creed Valhalla cover.pngtrue11falsen/a
Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodAssassins Creed Brotherhood cover.jpgfalse3truefalse
Assassin's Creed: Liberation HDAssassin's Creed Liberation HD cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
AssaultCubeAssaultCube Logo.pngfalse8truefalse
Assetto CorsaAssetto Corsa - cover.pngfalse13truefalse
Assetto Corsa CompetizioneAssetto Corsa Competizione cover.jpgfalse6truefalse
Asterix & ObelixAstérix & Obélix cover.jpgfalse4truefalse
Asterix & Obelix XXLAsterix & Obelix XXL cover.jpgfalse8truen/a
Asterix & Obelix XXL 2Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Remastered cover.jpgtrue7truen/a
Astro TripperAstro Tripper.pngtrue31falsen/a
AstroPopAstroPop Coverart.pngfalsetruen/a
AstroneerAstroneer cover.pngfalse6truefalse
Atari VaultAtari Vault cover.jpgtrue23falsefalse
Atari: 80 Classic Games in One!Atari 80 Classic Games in One! cover.jpgtrue30falsefalse
Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk DXAtelier Ayesha The Alchemist of Dusk DX cover.pngtrue31falsen/a
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky DXAtelier Escha & Logy Alchemists of the Dusk Sky DX cover.pngtrue31falsen/a
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious JourneyAtelier Firis The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey cover.jpgtrue17truen/a
Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious PaintingsAtelier Lydie & Suelle ~The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings~ cover.jpgtrue9falsen/a
Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of SalburgAtelier Marie The Alchemist of Salburg cover.pngtrue18falsen/a
Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland DXAtelier Meruru The Apprentice of Arland DX cover.jpgtrue32falsen/a
Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland DXAtelier Rorona The Alchemist of Arland DX cover.jpgtrue28falsen/a
Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea DXAtelier Shallie Alchemists of the Dusk Sea DX cover.pngtrue29falsen/a
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious BookAtelier Sophie The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book cover.pngtrue3truen/a
Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland DXAtelier Totori The Adventurer of Arland DX cover.jpgtrue32falsen/a
Athens 2004Athens 2004 cover.jpegtrue28falsefalse
Atlanta 1996Atlanta 1996 cover.jpegtrue24falsefalse
Atlantis EvolutionAtlantis Evolution cover.jpgtrue26falsen/a
Atlantis II: Beyond AtlantisAtlantis 2.jpgfalse4truen/a
Atlantis III: The New WorldAtlantis 3.jpgfalse7truen/a
Atlantis: The Lost TalesAtlantis the lost tales.jpgfalse3truen/a
Atom Zombie SmasherAZS.jpgfalse21truefalse
AtomegaATOMEGA cover.jpgtrue31falsefalse
Atomic BombermanAbombercov.jpgfalse1truefalse
Attack on Pearl HarborAttack on Pearl Harbor cover.jpgtrue23falsen/a
Attack on TitanAttack on Titan - cover.pngfalse2truefalse
Attack on Titan 2Attack on Titan 2 cover.jpgtrue15falsefalse
Attentat 1942Attentat 1942 cover.jpgtrue28falsen/a
AudioshieldAudioshield cover.jpgfalse2falsen/a
AudiosurfAudiosurf cover.pngfalsetruefalse
Audiosurf 2Audiosurf 2 cover.jpgfalse10truefalse
Audition OnlineAudition Online cover.jpgtrue24falsefalse
Aura: Fate of the AgesAura Fate of the Ages cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-OdanAurion Legacy of the Kori-Odan cover.jpgtrue23truen/a
Auto AssaultAuto Assault cover.jpgtrue22falsen/a
Avadon 2: The CorruptionAvadon 2 The Corruption - cover.pngtrue26falsen/a
Avadon: The Black FortressAvadon The Black Fortress.jpgfalse11truen/a
Avatar: The Last AirbenderAvatar The Last Airbender cover.jpgtrue24falsen/a
Aven ColonyAven Colony cover.jpgtrue7falsen/a
Avencast: Rise of the MageAvencast Rise of the Mage cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
AvernumAvernum Logo.pngfalse5truen/a
Avernum 3: Ruined WorldAvernum 3 Ruined World cover.jpgtrue27falsen/a
Avernum IIAvernum2 Logo.pngfalse5truen/a
Avernum IIIAvernum3 Logo.jpgfalse5truen/a
Avernum IVAvernum IV cover.jpgfalse8truen/a
Aveyond 4: Shadow of the MistAveyond 4 Shadow Of The Mist cover.jpgtrue26falsen/a
Aveyond: Gates of NightAveyond 3-2 Gates of Night cover.jpgtrue13falsen/a
Aveyond: Lord of TwilightAveyond 3-1 Lord of Twilight cover.jpgtrue16falsen/a
Aveyond: The Lost OrbAveyond 3-3 The Lost Orb cover.jpgtrue26falsen/a
Aviary AttorneyAviary Attorney - Cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
Avicii InvectorAVICII Invector cover.jpgfalsetruetrue
AwesomenautsAwesomenauts Coverart.jpgfalse6truefalse
Axiom VergeAxiom Verge - cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
Axis & AlliesAxis & Allies (2004) Coverart.jpgfalse11truefalse
AzadaAzada cover.jpgtrue24falsen/a
Azada: Ancient MagicAzada Ancient Magic cover.jpgtrue27falsen/a
Azkend 2: The World BeneathAzkend 2 The World Beneath cover.jpgtrue26falsen/a
AztakaAztaka cover.jpgtrue21falsen/a
AztezAztez cover.jpgtrue3truen/a
Azur Lane: CrosswaveAzur Lane Crosswave cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
Azure Striker GunvoltAzure Striker Gunvolt - Cover.pngfalsetruen/a
B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8thB-17 Flying Fortress The Mighty 8th Coverart.jpgfalse8truen/a
BAJA: Edge of Control HDBaja Edge of Control cover.jpgtrue9falsefalse
BMW M3 ChallengeBMWM3Chall Cover.pngfalsetruefalse
Baba Is YouBaba Is You cover.pngfalse3truen/a
Back to the Future: The GameBack to the Future The Game cover.jpgfalse6truen/a
Backyard BaseballBackyard Baseball - cover.jpgtrue26falsefalse
Backyard Baseball 2001Backyard Baseball 2001 cover.jpgfalse5truefalse
Backyard Baseball 2003Backyard Baseball 2003 - cover.jpgtrue27falsefalse
Backyard FootballBackyard Football - cover.jpgtrue27falsefalse
Backyard Football 2002Backyard Football 2002 - cover.jpgtrue26falsefalse
Bad Boys: Miami TakedownBad Boys Miami Takedown cover.jpgfalse2falsen/a
Bad Day L.A.Bad Day LA cover.jpgtrue8falsen/a
Bad MojoBad Mojo - cover.jpgtrue24falsen/a
Bad NorthBad North cover.pngtrue14truen/a
Bad PiggiesBadPiggiesCover.jpgfalse3truen/a
Bad Rats: The Rats' RevengeBad Rats.jpgfalse5truen/a
BadlandBadland cover.jpgtrue25falsen/a
Badland: Game of the Year EditionBADLAND Game of the Year Edition cover.jpgfalse5truetrue
Baldur's GateBaldur's Gate cover.jpgfalse6truefalse
Baldur's Gate 3Baldur's Gate III cover.jpgfalse2truefalse
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced EditionBaldurs Gate II Enhanced Edition cover.jpgfalse7truefalse
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnBaldur's Gate II Shadows of Amn cover.jpgfalse7truefalse
BallanceBallance cover.jpgfalse1truen/a
BallisticsBallistics Cover.jpgfalse13truefalse
Balls of SteelBalls of Steel - cover.jpgfalse6truefalse
Bandit Kings of Ancient ChinaBandit Kings of Ancient China cover.jpgtrue24falsen/a
Bang Bang RacingBang Bang Racing cover.jpgtrue7falsefalse
BanishedBanished - cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
BarbarianBarbarian cover.jpgtrue3falsen/a
Bargon AttackBargon Attack - cover.jpgtrue22falsen/a
Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: GaidenBarkley, Shut Up and Jam Gaiden cover.jpgtrue2truen/a
BarnyardBarnyard front.jpgfalse1truen/a
BarotraumaBarotrauma cover.jpgfalsetruefalse
Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient CircleBarrow Hill Curse of the Ancient Circle cover.jpgfalse3truen/a
Baseball Stars 2BASEBALL STARS 2 cover.jpgtrue18truetrue
Baseball Stars ProfessionalBaseball Stars Professional cover.jpgtrue27falsefalse
BasingstokeBasingstoke cover.jpgtrue32falsen/a
Batman: Arkham AsylumBatman Arkham Asylum cover.pngfalse2truen/a
Batman: Arkham CityBatman Arkham City cover.jpgfalsetruen/a
Batman: Arkham KnightBatman Arkham Knight - cover.jpgfalse2truen/a
Batman: Arkham OriginsBatman Arkham Origins cover.jpgfalsetruefalse
Batman: Arkham Origins BlackgateBatman Arkham Origins Blackgate - cover.pngfalse6truen/a
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