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Hi. I'm a gaming enthusiast who finds useful fixes and solutions to make games work faster and better (or work at all). I share with my and others work on PC Gaming Wiki. Thank you for being the strongest and the most valuable troubleshooting and PC Gaming Wiki community ever, which I'm proud of being part of. My humble 2K of contributions: If you can, please don't remove my contributions without verifying. Use "talk" pages to solve editing issues. I don't use Discord for solving editing issues.

About. In 2009-2011 I was a global moderator of the biggest, now non-existing polish Call of Duty board. Back then, a lot of my activity focused on helping people resolving various issues with the game and generally with computers. Since 2013 I moved to forum, continuing my job in greater extent. I left in February 2021. Meanwhile, in 2017 I started to edit on PCGamingWiki, for even greater extent and preservation of my various experiences with games and also some tests. In 2018, I started to write independent blog articles for - leading IT news site, among which, few articles landed on main page. Sometimes I use them as the source of annotations (which if it's really not necessary, I won't use since pasting Google Translate links gets people mad here). I wrote ~10K posts around the net, mostly as a helpdesk or from private initiatives.
I always knew about EAX and used Creative Alchemy for many years, but scarcely in the end of 2017 I noticed that Alchemy or other dsound wrappers supposed to be used with all old games which uses DirectSound as well, which can restore sound quality and positioning from systems older than Vista. Later I discovered DSOAL wrapper with HRTF, and at some point I noticed I'm a living legend of 3D Sound Discord server xd
If I can "greet" someone, that would be IDrinkLava and all his discord channel members. I love you guys for such special devotion to my person! #greetingstothecougar
Special thanks come also to our PCGamingWiki members: Expack3, Mirh, SirYodaJedi, Pronounced30, HyperL!nk and others who share the love of my person too.

My main fields of interest:

PC hardware / building
GPU/CPU dependencies / bottlenecks
Audio remastering amateur
Audio tuning
3D Audio
Old-gen emu
Music and games gourmet
Reshade/SweetFX presets

My PCGamingWiki main pages of interest:

NFS Rivals (pointing out DRM related performance issues)
NFS Undercover (pointing out game version related issues)
NFS Most Wanted 2005 (enhancing sound quality, music mod)
Rayman 2 (general troubleshooting, Reshade, A3D discovery)
Tonic Trouble (-||-)
MoHAA (-||-)
Crysis 3 (fixes for playing on 32-bit system with 2GB RAM)
GTA SA (mainly extending mods section, troubleshooting)
Forza Horizon 3/4 (numerous days spent on creating comprehensive troubleshooting guide
Necessity of clear marking of games requiring SSE 4.1.
Wolfenstein New Order/Old Blood (FPS issues, esp. on AMD cards older than Polaris, numerous hours spent on testing - really, that game performs like potato on weak CPUs then)
Splinter Cell Conviction (FPS issues on AMD cards, some testing on talk page)
GTA V (CPU FPS issues, RAM issues, texture flickering, downgrader)
Counter Strike: Global Offensive (new FPS issues introduced in 2019 patches, a lot of performance commands, in-depth testing)
Enter The Matrix (fixing FPS issues keeping widescreen)
Beyond Good And Evil (alternative widescreen fix allowing use of ENB or Reshade)
GTA IV (ENB fix for R* Launcher)